Great economy? Not so fast


Every day we hear from Biden and democrats about how great the economy is. It’s great for hedge fund traders and illegal immigrants who are replacing American workers but it sure isn’t great for everyday Americans.

Under Biden inflation is up at least 16% and groceries are up 20%. That’s the tip of the iceberg.

Home foreclosures shoot up 10% amid soaring interest rates, job losses and higher grocery and utility bills eating into earnings – here are the states WORST affected

Home foreclosures are on the up across the US as Americans continue to battle against soaring interest rates and rising costs.

Last month, 37,679 properties had a foreclosure filing, according to fresh figures from real estate data provider ATTOM – up 10 percent from the month prior.

Commercial foreclosures increase 97% from last year to near decade-high

Commercial real estate foreclosures in the U.S. increased 97% in January 2024 compared to last year, reaching a high that has not been seen in nearly a decade, according to new data.

With 635 commercial foreclosures in January 2024, foreclosures increased 17% from December 2023 and 97% from January 2023, according to a report last week from property data analyst ATTOM.

The last time that commercial foreclosures were this high was in May 2015, per agency data.

Americans have not spent this much of their incomes on food since the Gulf War: feds

Soaring grocery bills and restaurant tabs are eating up more of Americans’ paychecks than they have in three decades, according to the federal government.

In 2022, US consumers spent 11.3% of their disposable income on food as raging inflation jacked up prices on everything from bacon, eggs and milk at local supermarkets to burgers and burritos at fast-food joints, according to data from the Agriculture Department.

Delinquency rates on credit cards and auto loans spiked to their highest since the Great Recession, according to a New York Fed and Axios:

Graphics show how Americans’ total credit card debt reached record high

Credit card debt, the amount owed by all Americans on their credit cards, rose to a record $1.13 trillion at the end of last year, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported Tuesday.

Card balances increased by about $50 billion, or 4.6%, in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Credit card delinquencies, the amount of time in which cardholders fall behind in making payments, also increased. The percentage of card delinquencies 90 days or more rose to 6.4% from 4% in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Card debt contributed to the rise in total household debt, the amount owed by all members of a household, which rose to $17.5 trillion, an increase of $212 billion in the same period.

JPMorgan warns investors should brace for 1970s-style ‘stagflation’

In an analyst note to clients, the bank’s chief market strategist Marko Kolanovic warned that the economy may turn away from a “Goldilocks” scenario – in which it is not expanding or contracting by too much – and enter a period of stagflation similar to that experienced in the 1970s.

“Going back to the question of market macro regime, we believe that there is a risk of the narrative turning back from Goldilocks towards something like 1970s stagflation, with significant implications for asset allocation,” Kolanovic wrote.

The Great Unretirement: How millions of senior Americans are heading back to work to pay the bills after soaring prices ate up retirement savings

For Joyce, the only option was to return to work, as she realized her fixed retirement income was not going to cut it if she wanted to continue living the same lifestyle.

And she is by no means alone. One in eight retirees plan to return to work in 2024, according to a survey by – amounting to approximately 6.25 million Americans.

Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones warns of America’s ticking ‘debt bomb’ — CBO projections suggest US interest spending is on track to surpass defense and Medicare in 2024

However, Jones warned that the burgeoning debt issue is bound to impact the market sooner or later, stating, “It could be this year, it could be next year. Productivity may mask and it might be three or four years from now but clearly, clearly we’re on an unsustainable path.”

This is not a healthy economy. It’s an economy on the brink.  Biden’s reckless spending is driving us into a fiscal ditch and Congress shows no sign trying to rein him in. Eventually the debt service is going to become a major problem.
By the numbers: Debt service costs were 1.2% of GDP as recently as the mid-2010s and 1.8% in 2019 just before the pandemic. But the combination of higher interest rates and the swell of debt for pandemic relief spending has pushed that much higher.

  • Debt service amounted to 2.4% of the economy last year, CBO said, and is poised to rise to 3.1% this year and 3.9% in 2034.
  • In contrast, the previous record net interest cost for the U.S. government in CBO data that goes back to 1962 was 3.2%, reached in 1991.
  • In dollar terms, net interest is set to cross the $1 trillion per year mark in 2026 and $1.6 trillion in a decade.

You don’t want to hear what happens if the debt is defaulted or the dollar is devalued.

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biden and his cohorts are gaslighting the American people. The American people know through their individual lives experiences that the economy is not good or not forecasted to get better any time soon.

The illegitimate regime has padded the GDP numbers by infusing treasury money into government spending. The illegitimate biden regime creates jobs, but the are obama era part time jobs. Are you smelling what I am cooking?

Yet another issue Trump had fully in hand and was excelling at which Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden purposely and intentionally reversed, upended and wrecked.

End the Fed, print our own money backed by precious metals.
Suddenly multi trillion dollar government budgets vanish. Having multiple agencies for the same thing get consolidated or just go poof.
Control government employees as tightly as they do customer service agencies do the associates that pick up the phone when you press 0 and keep pressing 0.
Hey good job, a one and done call, love the documentation, minimal hold and you only took 2 minutes between calls. That 100 dollar gift card for meeting monthly goals is within your grasp if your attendance holds up.

One of the most successful ways to throttle birth rates is to sink an economy.

Think of our national situation as a feature instead of a bug that globalists, like joe’s puppet masters, use to do two things: kill our birth rate and give them plenty of skimming cash.

Nutball Ehrlich wants them to put Sterilant in our food and water

Not necessary. The plastics industry is doing that already.

Only if you read the fake stuff from Greenpeace. And other Nations using the Oceans as a Dump are the problem

if only we didnt use money on war they could engineer a fix for these real issues of the USA shipping its garbage so a third world shit hole can allow it in their rivers to get to the ocean. recycling plastics is a scam.

Converting Plastic Waste into Fuel

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‘Biden’s DEI rules are worse than HAMAS’: Top microchip makers are postponing US expansion and instead expanding in dangerous Israel and Russia because American grants come with so many ‘equity’ caveats

  • Companies including Samsung and Intel are backing out of using the US as a hub to build semiconductor microchip makers 
  • An opinion piece in The Hill points the finger at the diversity, equity and inclusion necessary in government subsidies as the main reason for the exodus
  • The subsidies are paid for by the CHIPS and Science Act, a $280 billion bill to fund semiconductor chip manufacturing and boost competitiveness with China 

Top microchip makers are postponing their expansion into the U.S. and setting up shop in Israel and Russia due to equity caveats that are required for them to receive grants from the U.S. government.

The Biden administration promised earlier this year that they would be handing out $39 billion in grants to encourage semiconductor manufacturing in the U.S.

Shortly after the announcement however, Intel announced they would be holding off on their Columbus factory, while Samsung also delayed their facility in Texas

Despite the billions in subsidies, two experts believe the tech companies’ decision to back out of building manufacturing facilities in the U.S. stems from the diversity, equity and inclusion policy.

In an opinion piece for The HillCEO of Strive Asset Management Matt Cole and head of research at the company, Chris Nicholson, say the subsidies are so ‘loaded with DEI that it can’t move.’

More examples of how ideological leftists cannot comprehend how business works. DEI is threatening national security.

I am on the NW side of Columbus OH. This is MAGA country and Jim Jordan is my representative. Trust me when I say that this will not help biden here in Ohio. And, it is possible that Bernie Moreno if he is the Republican nominee for Senate, we might flip that seat.

03/11/24 – The US is pumping more oil than any country in history – and it’s unlikely to be surpassed any time soon

US crude production has surpassed every record in history for six years in a row, the US Energy Information Administration wrote on Monday. Its latest peak reached in 2023 is unlikely to be broken by any near-term competitor, it said.

Including condensate, last year’s US crude production averaged 12.9 million barrels per day, eclipsing the 2019 global record of 12.3 million barrels per day.

A monthly record also occurred in December, at over 13.3 million b/d…

So, what happened to “peak oil”? I remember you claiming we had run out of oil.

BTW, they have yet to replace the the Strategic Oil Reserves that biden depleted, wonder why.

03/13/24 – Companies paid top executives more than they paid in US taxes – report

Top bosses at some of America’s largest companies have received more in pay than their companies paid in federal taxes, according to a new report.

Senior executives at 35 different firms – from Tesla to T-Mobile US – received compensation worth more than the net tax payments of their respective employers between 2018 and 2022, the research found. All the companies generated billions of dollars in profit over the same period.

Analysis by Americans for Tax Fairness (ATF) and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) found the collective net federal income tax bill of all 35 companies was negative $1.72bn over the five-year stretch – meaning they collectively received more money back from the government in refunds than they paid.

Over the same period, executive compensation for senior executives at these firms – including salaries, bonuses, perks, benefits, stock options and stock awards – stood at $9.49bn…

Its all lobby taxation set up by the uniparty. It has nothing to do with percentage as they dont pay taxes thats just part of factoring in prices of products or services the consumer pays those taxes. Increase the taxes paid cause inflation on the buyers, or citizens. Its all made legal by the uniparty, how about a nice flat tax no loopholes no write offs for everyone big and small. With a simple flat tax, the IRS could shrink in size and save loads of money.

Have you ever heard that “corporations and companies don’t pay taxes”? They just pass them on to the consumers as expenses. Why don’t we get the Biden’s to pay THEIR taxes?

B.P. has donated to The Nature Conservancy Clorox donated to the Sierra Club. Eat my Tailwind Muck Ball Skreeet Skreet Skreeeeeeee

YouGov Poll Asks Question: When Were Things Better, Under Trump or Biden?

This is the polling question that triggers more concern than all others.

1,400+ people were asked when were things better? Under Donald Trump or Joe Biden. The results are transparently obvious:

comment image

[Poll pdf, page 22 of cross tabs]

Better off with Joe Biden 33%. Better with Donald Trump 45%.  Trump +12

With independent voters the margin jumps to Trump +22 (25/47)

If this type of sentiment holds true through November (it should), this puts the election vote result beyond the reach of the AME Church Network election and polling officials to change them.

Brutal Honesty – Illegal alien names and registered identities will create fraudulent 2024 ballots. However, a voting margin of more than +6% for Donald Trump makes the ballot harvesting operation of BLM and the progressive activists very difficult. As a consequence, when they hand off the unlawful ballots to the AME group at the precincts, even double and triple counting Biden ballots in high density urban areas cannot offset this scale of Trump vote.

comment image

comment image

Overall result of poll (Trump 45% – Biden 33%) is even more impressive
when partisan breakdown of polling universe is considered:

D 38.41%
R 32.50%
I 29.08%

In other words…Biden started with a built-in advantage of +5.91%, democrats over sampled…
With being spotted nearly a 6% advantage, biden finished with a deficit of -12%.
If party ID’s were even…DJT would have been +17.91%

This poll reflects Americans “lived” experiences. The economy that everyday Americans live is atrocious when compare to 2018-2019. President Trump gave us four years of peace and prosperity. President Trump receiving 74+ million votes in 2020 is far and away more believable that pudding brain biden receiving 81 million “legal” votes.

Nevertheless, election fraud needs to be uncovered and stomped out. We need to see the actual dimensions of a Trump victory, not just that he was barely able to overcome the opposition AND election fraud. We also don’t need the fraud to adversely affect local and Congressional races.

The democrats thought they could prevent Trump from returning to the WH by using lawfare. It appears that strategy has and will fail. democrats read the tea leaves like Republicans. They know in a head to head election Trump wins. They told us that when the plan to not certify electors was revealed. democrats know the level of cheating they did in 2020 will not be believable should they try that again in 2024. Without question, the key is the House. Republicans heretofore have yet to give the electorate faith in their control in the house and in particular, the purse strings. democrats will try to steal the House using fraud, that IMO is a given.
The Senate is a different animal. Prospects look good for a potential Republican majority but that is yet to be determined obviously.
The revamped RNC had better get prepared for what is coming in terms of the democrats efforts to steal the House. The recent Buck departure and his signaling of other rinos who may abandon the House where the Republican majority is compromised and may lead to democrat control. This smells of a mccarthy revenge for having been the only Speaker in the History of the House to be removed. Notice, those who are jumping ship are some of his lieutenants. Buckle up, turbulence ahead…

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Economy still sucks, inflation not under control. Unaffordable housing for youngsters. The Jobs given to invaders. Interest rates nutz.
This admin fighting tooth and nail to continue the invasion.

BORDER CRISIS: Texas Rancher Says Migrant Invasion Of His Border Property Has Cost Him $400k

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Philadelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000

The first red flags emerged in the summer of 2022: that’s when the Biden Labor Department started well and truly rigging the labor market data.

Regular readers may recall that it was back in July of 2022, when we first warned that something had “snapped” in the labor market: that’s when a striking discrepancy emerged between the number of US Payrolls (as measured by the BLS’ Establishment Survey, a far more crude and imprecise, yet much more market-moving data series), and the number of actual Employed Workers (as measured by the BLS’ far more accurate Household Survey) . As we showed then, after the two series had tracked each other tick for tick for years, a wide gap opened in March 2022 which quickly grew to 1.5 million jobs in just 3 months…

comment image?itok=EdyZPn-u

… one which has since exploded to a whopping 5 million “employed workers” that apparently do not exist.

comment image?itok=dB4JJdQn

And while some of this discrepancy could be explained with the record surge in multiple jobholders, which increased by 1 million since March 2022 to an all time high of 8.6 million at the end of 2023 (as a reminder, the Establishment Survey counts 1 worker have 2 or 3 (or more) multiple jobs as, well, 2 or 3 (or more) separate jobs, even if it is just one worker trying to make ends meet under the roaring inflation of Bidenomics), most of the gap remained unexplained.

There was more: it was around the summer of 2022 that the Biden labor department – in its zeal to show job growth no matter the cost, or quality of jobs – also started fooling around with the composition of the labor market, with most of the monthly gains going to part-time workers, even as full-time workers stagnated or declined. The culmination, as we reported earlier this month, is that in February 2024, the US had 132.9 million full-time jobs and 27.9 million part-time jobs. Which is great… until you look back one year and find that in February 2023 the US had 133.2 million full-time jobs, or more than it does one year later! And yes, all the job growth since then has been in part-time jobs, which have increased by 921K since February 2023 (from 27.020 million to 27.941 million).

Philadelphia Fed Admits US Payrolls Overstated By At Least 800,000 | ZeroHedge

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04/16/24 – US to grow at double the rate of G7 peers this year, says IMF

The US is on track to grow at double the rate of any other G7 country this year, according to IMF forecasts, as the strength of the world’s biggest economy rocks international markets.

Strong household spending and investment will help propel US growth to 2.7 per cent this year according to the fund’s latest World Economic Outlook.

The figure is higher than the 2.5 per cent estimated for 2023 and represents a 0.6 percentage point upgrade on the previous forecast.

The projections highlight the US economy’s role as the driver of global growth, as investors across the world scale back their expectations for Federal Reserve interest rate cuts…

Their prediction suck ass. Even when they publish reports, they always revise them down later, when no one is looking. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s economy is a disaster and HE made it that way. Why are Democrats registering illegal immigrants to vote?