Do I want Trump to exact revenge? Damn right I do



Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination for President of the United States, defeating Nikki Haley handily in South Carolina. The left wing media continues to furiously pump out highly negative articles as that eventuality approaches. A significant part of that effort involves the “threat” of Trump seeking revenge.

Alexander Vindman, who stabbed Trump in the back, says his wife is saving money in case they need to flee the US. Stephanie Grisham says she’s “terrified.” Mark Zaid, lawyer to other Trump back-stabbers, said

“I know of many prominent ‘never Trump’ advocates, including many Republicans, who are considering their options to leave the country were Trump to win in November,” Zaid said.

“It would be foolish of me, and others similarly situated, not to be concerned of what a second, more emboldened, vindictive and lawless Trump administration would look like.”

CNN breathlessly writes of a potential Trump second term:

A massive operation to detain and deport undocumented immigrants.

A purge of the federal workforce of anyone deemed disloyal.

Wielding the power of federal law enforcement against political enemies.

The first two are highly appropriate. The third sounds very, very familiar. We could begin with Biden all but demanding that Garland prosecute Trump.

Politico jumps in:

An increasingly detailed picture of former President Donald Trump’s second-term agenda is emerging — one that would make the near-daily shocks of his norm-shattering first White House tenure look tame.

What exactly was so bad about his first term? The lack of war? Low inflation? Low gas prices? An economy on the rapid rise emerging from a pandemic?

Some of the particulars have already blown up into campaign furors, thanks to Trump’s public remarks about abandoning NATO allies and serving as a “dictator” on “day one,” as well as leaks of his private musings on a 16-week abortion ban.

First, the NATO threat was a means of compelling laggard NATO members to pay their fair share. Second, what Trump said was

Donald Trump said Tuesday he will not be a dictator “except for day one” if he returns to office in 2025.

…when asked a second time said he would only be a dictator on the first day of his second term. He emphasized that it would be for two specific issues. “I want to close the border and I want to drill, drill, drill,” Trump said. “Other than that, I am not a dictator.”

Thirdly, nearly half of America supports a 16 week abortion ban. The rest probably haven’t seen the results of late term abortions while the left continues to cheapen life in support of it.

His supporters’ policy manifestos have yielded headlines predicting that Trump 2.0 would bring mass deportations of immigrants, overt use of the Justice Department to punish his political enemies, and — as POLITICO reported Tuesday — an embrace of “Christian nationalism” to guide federal policies.

They pin on Trump what his supporters want. What are any of the media pinning on Biden? Let me tell you about Chris Kuehne:

Biden is violating the 6th and 14th Amendment rights of thousands of Americans and coming after journalists while at the same time importing and releasing murderers. Let me tell you about Jose Antonio Ibarra. Ibarra is an illegal alien who broke into the country in 2022 but was set free for lack of detention space. He then was arrested in September 2023 for molesting a child in New York City. Ibarra would then move to Athens, GA where he would be arrested three times between Sept 2023 and December 2023. Then he would go on to kill U of GA student Laken Riley.

Laken Riley is the newest murder. Let us not forget Kayla Hamilton and Lizbeth Medina and so many others. A vote for Biden is an endorsement of those murders.

Illegal aliens are set loose to prey upon Americans while Americans are being deprived of their Constitutional rights. Biden has taken 64 specific steps to undermine border security and make sure this continues. That pretty much sums up the Biden administration.

Trump is facing financial ruin (which was always the goal) for taking out loans and paying them back in full. A victimless crime. No one has yet explained why the bankers and real estate people who were in this together with Trump are not being similarly charged. Trump could not have gotten those loans without them. In Georgia Fani Willis brought charges against Trump so she could sleep and vacation with her investigator who she paid far in excess of reason. and in turn he paid for her.

Biden waived Trump’s executive privilege.

Biden routinely brags about breaking the law. He ignored the Supreme Court’s rulings when it came to moratoriums, vaccine mandates and student loan bailouts. He said he’s happy to break the law.

I’m also sick of US Attorneys dragging out cases to the benefit of those whose names rhyme with Hiden while seeking enhanced sentences for non-violent offenses for those who aren’t so named.

So do I want Trump to exact revenge?

Damn right I do. I want revenge for those whose rights Biden is trampling. I want revenge for those murdered and violated by the illegal aliens Biden sets free in the US. I want to see revenge for the ridiculous prosecutions. Most Americans see them as politically motivated.

I want justice, but hey if Biden can happily break the law, why not Trump?

I want them all treated as they treated Trump. Indictments galore.

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Revenge maybe. I think it could be phrased as seeking out those in the obama/biden regime who violated law. Prosecute, convict and incarcerate them. Also, any in the three letter agencies and bureaucrats as well.
Restore law and order that currently is vacant in America.

By no means would I want to go easy. Give them mandatory sentences and no leniency.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

It is not revenge, if they broke the law.
Every government shut down shows how useless the government is, that is why they call it a threat.

I think some internment at devils island is appropriate for the criminal democrats.

Minister warns evangelical Christians that Trump is an antichrist, and explains why:

A self ordained snake oil salesman minister.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

“Have Bible, Will Travel”

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Have Communists Manifesto, Will Travel. Pea-Brain

Brandan Robertson is a gay writer, activist, minister, and TikTok religious influencer. He has written on the subjects of millennials, social justice, and Progressive Christianity, and he is an LGBTQ activist. Robertson serves as the Pastor of Sunnyside Reformed Church in Queens, New York.
Preaches about anti-christ while seriously in denial the mental gymnastics this guy does to apply his own understanding, desires, and attitudes to justify his own sin, and then LEAD others to do so.
AkA wacko you see a rainbow flag on a church it been infiltrated by Satan.

About half of that paragraph seems factual. None of it has much to do with what the guy’s saying.

Gay man speak truth, Kemosabe. Orange man is wooden nickel in offering plate.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Its all factual, he does not compare what the Biden administration is actually doing. He is twisted does not realize he himself is an anti-christ, for the reasons in my post.
Churches of Satan are nothing new, early christians had to deal with his ilk. Rev2:9,  Romans 1:27
Dont try your luciferianism bullshit with me, first the very rich and famous baptist now the abomination Brandan.

There is admittedly a whiff of sulfur in the air, but it’s not coming off Rev. Robertson.

You find the most weird people to give your respect to.
The smell is rotting corpse writhing with maggots for your new mentor rev. bundle of sticks.
Good night Greg.

Last edited 1 month ago by kitt

Why would those who don’t believe in Christ worry about the antichrist?

Many people who follow Christ don’t worship the Republican Jesus or believe Trump was sent by God to save America.

Oh look, greg is here again.

Is Jesus Too Woke For Modern Christianity?

Fani Willis may withdraw from case to avoid disqualification, and perjury charges.

Last edited 1 month ago by TrumpWon

Well, maybe you’re on to something. Christians follow Christ, not some idol on earth. You leftists idolize a number of things: Obama, pedophilia, abortion, hate, violence, corruption and lying.

Nobody who follows Christ actually “worships” anybody else but him, you worthless dipshit.

Sorry, but IMHO this is utterly appalling.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Yeah, same, a real fruitcake.

He merely offers straws to grasp at. Democrats are desperate for that.

Its a mental thing, look a preacher, all you Trump supporters like preachers, look what this one says.
Yup they have said it about every President, king, PM and Pope. Hey what about them end of the world predictions, Ive lived through dozens of end of the world dates from Al Gore their most high Priest of Climate ,Notradamus and the Mayans, Fauchi, numerous false profits ect.
Greg finds some dude that looks like a Howdy Doody puppet to promote. He says bad things about Trump and the ol TDS goes into overdrive.
comment image

Didn’t Greg tell us Putin was dead or dying? His record of accuracy is not exactly one to be proud of.

And on the bright side
And when the wicked perish, there is jubilation. Proverbs 11:10

Lord Jacob Rothschild: Financier dies aged 87

Mortimer Sherd(Edgar Bergan)looks more intelligent then Biden

Yeah, anyone that f**ked over President Trump and, thus, the nation, should consider themselves traitors and get out now, for several reasons. First, you won’t like it here when the nation begins to get back on its feet and becomes prosperous and respected again. Second, you might find yourself being prosecuted. Third, you don’t belong here and no one that loves this country f**king wants you here.

I want vengeance for the abuses to the Constitution and this country. That’s not ILLEGAL vengeance, that’s JUST vengeance. It’s vengeance that HAS TO BE because it warns others. The nation needs to be re-civilized and law and order restored and that can’t happen without those who have sought to take power by any and every means possible being publicly punished.

So, really, if you disagree, it’s just best if you leave.

“When small men begin to cast big shadows, it means that the sun is about to set.”

~Lin Yutang~

“Man who shower with daughter will NEVER be clean.”

~Anyone with an actual conscience~

Consequences to the fullest extent of the law not revenge.

Which law? The law that existed before Obama weaponized the DoJ or the one we are seeing today?

Steve Sadow is teaching a masterclass. Judge seems intrigued by dishonesty arguments.

‘We have legitimate concerns about her honesty. Fani brazenly lied to the court, on multiple occasions.’

Steve Sadow gets his turn before Judge McAfee. Fani’s church speech violated prejudicial rules for attorney conduct.

Fani blamed racism during church speech. ‘This is an extreme violation of her office.’

Watch Live | Closing arguments begin in Fani Willis hearing. Happening right now.

Raheem Kassam | Democrats are having a (really) bad week.

This case is history.