Joe Biden is Putin lite




Vladimir Putin is a bad guy. No question about it. He’s seen any number of his political opponents die under “mysterious circumstances.”  He crushes dissent. He weaponizes government against the opposition. He has a soulmate in the US.

Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is the nearest thing to Vladimir Putin we’ve ever seen. He’s got the FBI targeting churches and PTA moms, he’s censoring conservatives and dissidents on Twitter and Facebook, he’s lied to us repeatedly about COVID, and has shoved climate change down our throats. Biden is trying to cut off advertising money to conservative companies.

House Small Business Committee Republicans have continued to request grant records from the State Department’s Global Engagement Center for an inquiry into “government censorship and revenue interference of American small businesses by proxy,” which the committee launched after a series of Washington Examiner reports on the interagency group funding the Global Disinformation Index, a British think tank blacklisting conservative media from advertising dollars. Now, the Biden administration is asserting it may resort to letting the GOP-led panel review documents solely under in camera supervision, which lawmakers say is a “veiled threat to further impede” their investigation, letters show.

Little by little Biden is attempting to crush his political opponents. Harsh sentences are being doled out to even non-violent Jan 6 protesters. Biden’s FBI is framing some J6 protesters, like Tim Hale:

Case in point. While everyone in costumes was racing up the stairs to breach the Capitol building, I can be seen turning around and heading in a different direction. I turned around again and moved with the crowd. I still didn’t go up the stairs. The government claimed I was tampering with doors. Wrong. Video shows people could already open the doors on the staircase. I was picking up a small American flag someone left on the ground. I cleaned it off, stuffed it in my suit, and can be seen brushing my hands clean. The flag is visible as I finally walked into the Capitol through the Senate Wing Door which was already opened to protestors. Yet another example of me having no intent to do anything once I got away from the cops spraying people and lobbing flash bangs. Maybe I shouldn’t have walked into the Capitol building, but the government’s case rested on character assassination and inuendo. And it happens to every defendant, more or less. They’ll do the same to President Trump.

The Jan 6 prisoners are being held in wretched conditions

The detainees list several issues. The conditions allegedly include no religious services or visitations, “black mold” and “worms” on the jail’s walls and in food, abuse by guards, and vaccine requirements for visits and other services. They also say their clothing sent to laundry is returned covered in “brown stains, pubic hair and or reeking of ripe urine.” And they say they’ve lost eyesight and hair because of “malnourishment.

Some have requested a transfer to Gitmo.

Some have been imprisoned not for entering the Capitol, but for social media posts. Biden’s DOJ denied treatment to a jailed cancer patient.

Biden’s ruthless treatment of imprisoned Jan 6 protesters has led to at least of them committing suicide. Matthew Perna was one of Biden’s victims.

January 6 defendant Matthew Perna has reportedly taken his own life after his family said he was “bullied to death” by the Department of Justice despite having not committed a violent crime.

American Greatness senior writer Julie Kelly tweeted Sunday morning that she heard reports that a Jan. 6 defendant had committed suicide.

“If confirmed, this defendant committed no violent crime and walked through an open door with Capitol police present,” Kelly wrote. “Biden’s DOJ has tried to destroy so many lives over the past year–they may have another victim.”

Kelly called the Jan. 6 prosecutors “sadistic” and said, “At least one other Jan 6 defendant has committed suicide.”

More here from Julie Kelly’s article “Bloodlust.”

So, who is to blame for this insatiable bloodlust? Is it Joe Biden, who claims Trump supporters and those involved in the events of January 6 “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic?” Is it federal judges and line prosecutors who routinely compare January 6 to terror attacks such as 9/11, Pearl Harbor, and the Boston Marathon bombing? Is it members of the press who relentlessly pursue these individuals and their families, fueling shame and hatred on a daily basis?

The answer, of course, is all of the above. But adults ultimately are responsible for their own behavior—and the sad, alarming truth is that millions of our countrymen will shed no tears for Jord and his family. They won’t consider the ramifications of branding Americans with whom they disagree politically as “terrorists.” They don’t care that this soulless ruling class is rapidly tearing away the boundaries of the law, the Constitution, fairness, and human decency.

And more


Biden is determined to not only mete out harsh punishment but to destroy the lives of the J6 political prisoners and their families. They’re being held for up to 24 months without bail or trial in order to be certain that they suffer before their convictions are vacated.

Here is a summary of how Biden’s DOJ and federal judge of BOTH parties torment political dissidents:

• Enlist the most powerful government agencies and the private sector to investigate Trump supporters

• Use a grand jury of Dem voters in DC to hand down indictments

• Send armed FBI agents to raid their homes even on minor offenses

• Bastardize vague laws to create crimes incl felonies

• Deny bail for nonviolent or even violent offenses like assaulting police that has no comparison

• Partner with national and local media to add to public humiliation

• Force defendants to spend money they don’t have on private counsel or, more often than not, get an appointed public defender who hates them

• Face the Hobson’s choice of taking a plea (under threat of more serious charges) or take their chances before a DC all-Dem jury

• Watch DC judges repeatedly rubber stamp whatever DOJ wants including concealment of evidence and testimony

• Await a quick conviction before DC jury—not one jury in 100+ trials has fully acquitted A SINGLE J6 defendant

• Wait for an excessive prison sentence and tongue lashing by a deranged DC judge who lies about the circumstances of J6 including police fatalities or compares it to 9/11 and Boston bombing.

• Watch your family, finances, and reputation be destroyed

Biden has become a big fan of SWATting political opponents. He the FBI put both Roger Stone and Peter Navarro in shackles for defying a subpoena while Hunter Biden was free to show up at the Capitol and thumb his nose at Republicans. Biden’s FBi tried to convict Mark Houck for his pro-life views, also sending a SWAT team to shackle him as well.  Houck was acquitted of charges.

Biden has put in place one lunatic after another as experts on everything, climate change chief among them:

Thinking about this video some more, and as a registered Democrat for 15 years, I don’t think I’ve been nearly as insulted by this party as much as I am now.

In a speech worthy of Adolf Hitler Biden declared half the country to be a “clear and present danger.”

Without question the worst has been directed at one man with the sole intent of destroying him. Never in the history of this country have we ever seen such a concerted, directed and plotted effort to ruin a single individual.

The conspiracy against Trump began before Trump became President. John Brennan used the CIA to fabricate the Russiagate hoax with Hillary Clinton commissioning a phony dossier. Biden was a participant in that infamous Jan 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting in which the participants conspired against Donald Trump.

The White House is coordinating with Fulton County DA Fani Willis in her absurd pursuit of a RICO case against Trump.

NY AG Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engeron worked together and slammed Trump with a $450+ million fine for a victimless crime. The penalty is obscene:

That is a punishment so out of line with the behavior alleged in this case that it boggles the mind. It is made possible by two factors: a bad law and a hyper politicized attorney general. On the bad law, New York’s Executive Law 65(12), the former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote: “The law doesn’t require a showing of harm. The state need not prove the defendant even intended to defraud anyone, much less actually defrauded someone. It need not be established that any creditor or financial institution even relied on the defendant’s misrepresentations, that those misrepresentations were material, or that anyone was actually fooled by them.” There need be no victim — after all, in this case, no bank or financial institution is suing Trump for cheating them, nor does there need to be any crime involved — in fact, prosecutors looked at the same evidence and declined to charge Trump.

New York has placed a target on the backs of business in the city, but Gov. Kathy Hochul dismissed those fears by admitting this was strictly a political prosecution:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) addressed New York business owners in a new interview and told them there was “nothing to worry about” after former President Trump was hit with a $355 million fine and the inability to conduct business in New York for three years.

Hochul joined John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on WABC 770 AM where she was asked if other New York businesspeople should be worried that if “they can do that to the former president, they can do that to anybody.”

“I think that this is really an extraordinary unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior,” Hochul responded.

James has never brought such a case in her life and won’t ever again bring one. In fact, no one else has either.

An Associated Press analysis of nearly 70 years of civil cases under the law showed that such a penalty has only been imposed a dozen previous times, and Trump’s case stands apart in a significant way: It’s the only big business found that was threatened with a shutdown without a showing of obvious victims and major losses. (emphasis mine)

And you can bet your life this has the support of Joe Biden as James has visited Biden in the White House.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin. Both have the blood of their countrymen on their hands. Both weaponize government. Both crush political opponents. Biden has one on Putin, though. Biden has a Supreme Court that he ignores.

Biden is really not far removed from Vladimir Putin.

He’s Putin lite.


BONUS: Biden putting a pause on LNG (liquid natural gas) exports pushes Europe to buy from Russia.

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I can s till remember everybody was going for Gorbachev back in the 1980’s when we had Reagan

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden is Mussolini to Putin’s Hitler.

Joe Biden. The son of an used car salesman who became a Union recruiter (some promotion) is a low rent neighborhood blowhard and a bully under only favorable conditions. He is a corrupt alderman who somehow managed to lie his way into the Senate and outvof the 1987 primary.he currently is hard at work creating an embarrassing blot on American History. The facts of the 2020 electoral heist are slowly coming out. It would be fitting that upon finding his sorry was guilty of corruption and participating in the 2020 fraud driven coup he is stripped of AP perks from public office and placed under house arrest in Philladelphia. A living, breathing monument to craveness and pettiness for all to see.

Uh oh… now Greg is going to turn on him.

Gregs a Pathetic little So and So

Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov disappointed Western journalists on Monday who asked him about Russian dissident Alexei Navalny’s death in prison in Siberia. Budanov confirmed the Kremlin’s claims that Navalny died of a blood clot. Navalny was not murdered.

This is a narrative-wrecker for the American media.

Alexei Navalny and his brother Oleg were convicted of embezzling 26 million Rubles from French cosmetics firm Yves Rocher, with whom they had a Russian distribution deal 2008 to 2011.
~1/4 million in dollars of that time.

Last edited 1 month ago by Nan G

Kudos to Budanov for having the guts to be honest. A real rarity nowadays.