Ireland Prime Minister outraged by outrage over immigrant stabbing children. The actual stabbing not so much


An Algerian immigrant in Ireland stabbed 4 people, including 3 children.

A woman and a five-year-old girl he allegedly stabbed are in a serious condition in hospital. A 43-year-old Brazilian Deliveroo driver, Caio Benicio, was widely praised for jumping off his moped and knocking the man over the head with his helmet. Other people rushed forward to grab the knife.

Siobhan Kearney, who witnessed the stabbing, said the scene was “absolutely bedlam.”

“Without thinking, I just took across the road to help out,” she told Irish national broadcaster RTE. “We got another young man, disarmed [the attacker] with the knife, another man took the knife and put it away for the [police] to find it.”

The Irish have become fed up with cultural enrichers.

The anger and frustration with migrant crime caused an eruption

You might think that Ireland’s Prime Minister would be concerned with the stabbing and the crime.

You’d be wrong.

PM Leo Varadkar sprang to the defense of criminal migrants:

The PM of Ireland, named Leo Varadkar, is responding to yesterday’s stabbing by a migrant in Dublin by saying he will pass hate speech laws to criminalize those who insult the migrant community. He says he will also pass laws to better use facial recognition to identify anyone who protested against the stabbings. He has also stated that “Ireland is a country of migrants. Our public services wouldn’t operate without migration. There’d be nobody to look after the sick or to care for the old, certainly not enough people.” He’s far more angry at the protestors than at the man who stabbed the Irish children. He clearly hates the Irish people.

Free speech will be crushed

Ireland’s PM Leo Varadkar vows to crack down on free speech in response to the outrage over a migrant stabbing attack CJ Bill (22) will make it a criminal offense in Ireland to possess “hate speech” on your phone or computer

He added:

“We need to reclaim Ireland, take it away from the cowards behind masks & terrify us with their violence.”

Varadkar does hate the Irish people, but he loves the cultural enrichers.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says the government is “very white” and that it “very much needs to change” to be more “diverse.” Ireland is 94.1% white.

Ireland is getting a good taste of what a lesser white government looks like. Citizens should stop electing people like this.

This is the same Leo Varadkar

This is disgusting. Prime Minister of Ireland says an Irish-Isareli child was “lost” and has been found and returned to her family.

While we’re at it…

The Washington Post said this about the immigrant

Online rumors claimed the perpetrator of a stabbing attack was an immigrant. The BBC found that the man was an Irish citizen who had lived in the country for 20 years. Police blamed a “lunatic faction driven by a far-right ideology” for the riot in Dublin.

FYI, WaPo, he’s still an immigrant.

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Irish fighter, Conor McGregor, came out against migrant criminality and violence with a statement online.
The Irish authorities have slapped him with a “hate crime” arrest.
But the Algerian perpetrator of the stabbings had been caught with a knife a few months ago and charged.
The charges were dropped.
It is illegal to go around in public brandishing a knife and threatening people, apparently only if you are white, tho.

I’m wondering, what is the part of “far right ideology” that promotes stabbing innocent women and children? There’s only one ideology we deal with that believes that is brave and religious.

And some Pea-Brain called Islam the Religion of Peace. What a Joke

Sort of like how there was more outrage over the Nashville shooter’s manifesto getting released than over all of the mental poison it was fed that led to the massacre