The 2023 Elections Were a Wakeup Call. Is Anyone Listening?


Election night did not go as well as it should have. You don’t need me to recap the many ways that the GOP never fails to fail – it was the easiest thing to do. Because our press is completely dishonest, you probably didn’t realize that the 2023 elections weren’t that bad at all for us Normals. As a Virginia resident I’m naturally more focused on what happens in the Commonwealth. And as The Republican Standard’s Shaun Kenney breaks down, Virginia’s results were not surprising – we just could have done better. For that matter, the Dems might not have won the VA State Senate after all. So how did Virginia (and the GOP nationwide) fail by the Sun Tzu definition of failing to achieve victory? Jazz Shaw breaks it down in one word: Abortion. While Jazz is not wrong, it’s both as simple as that one word and so much more. While this sounds like the opening to one of my 2000 word tirades, I’ll restrict this to a few simple points. So let’s jump in the fire!


Excluding the unmonetized advantage every Democrat gets via favorable press coverage for their candidates versus the negatives every Republican gets, in raw numbers the Democrats wanted Virginia more, and spent accordingly. I don’t remember ever personally liking the GOP establishment. As a young Reagan Normal, I had no problem voting for Ross Perot in ’92 after the “Read my Lips” betrayal. Or for that matter, the wussification of being :kinder, gentler”. Fast forward to Y2K, when the GOPe stuffed McCain to push Dubya (Yeah, that’s a separate post on its own), up to 2013 when the GOPe decided it was better to have the Clinton Crime Family’s bag man Terry McAuliffe as Governor of Virginia, as opposed to one of those uppity Tea Partiers who might actually push for results. Bottom line: In elections like this the Dems will spend whatever it takes, while the GOPe will offer the fewest resources possible to offer plausible deniability.


In the days running up to the election, when every other ad on TV was political, I asked Sister Babe if it was just me or is the only issue Dems are running on is abortion? While she doesn’t pay as close attention to politics as I do, she noticed it too. And you know what? It worked. As the month of October stretched on and the ads became more and more frequent, I couldn’t help but wonder, “The Democrats are blasting every Republican as an abortion extremist. You’d think that the VA Republicans would launch some counter ads.” Yes, I actually thought that – please don’t laugh too hard at my naiveté in thinking that the GOP establishment actually wants to win. The Federalists’ Jeffrey Anderson offers some sound advice on this issue – instead of going for total bans, go for a limitation that is more palatable to the majority of voters. He refers to this as The Lincoln Strategy, mirroring how Abraham Lincoln took on slavery. Of course, I was also a bit surprised that nobody in the GOP races was running counter ads pointing out how many Democrats are fine with abortions at 40 weeks, or in the case of one racist former Governor, even after the baby has been born. Which brings us to the perpetual problem for the GOP…,


Seriously, where were the counter ads attacking the Radical Leftists who were branding us Normals as extremists? As we have learned from Democrats, when they find a disgusting tactic working, they will hammer away at it until it’s used effectively against them (“Both sides need to stop!”). So how about ads showing them as abortion extremists? How about if we show them what an aborted baby looks like? Too grisly and might turn off viewers? OK, how about ads showing babies born at various pregnancy terms and label them as “targeted for death” by radical Democrats. Or how about addressing the organ harvesting? There are many angles here, but the bottom line if Democrats are going to make a barbaric act their cornerstone, how about finding ways to strip away their sanitized version and make abortion the grisly, horrible act that it is? For that matter…

Stop being nice

We’ve tried being civil, and see how that’s worked out. As Dalton would say, it is time to not be nice. I’m tired of watching The Radical Left gin up genuine hatred towards us Normals. If you’re calling me a “book banner” for the offense of protecting grade school children from gay porn books in their libraries, you’re not entitled to nice. If you call me protecting children from creeps who want to normalize pedophilia or promote child mutilation as being anti…whoever, you’re damned right. Sorry, but you’re no longer entitled to civility. Every Republican running for office, and I do mean *every* Republican should hang The Radical Left’s extremist agenda on every candidate they run. It doesn’t matter if they’re actually sensible on most positions; if there is one extremist view they won’t condemn then make it their skin suit. Call me a book banner? Then we run ads depicting blue haired librarians reading p0rn to 6 year olds. Am I guilty of trying to murder “trans” kids (who are most likely victims of Mommy’s Munchausen Syndrome)? Great. You get to explain why you support school girls getting raped in their school bathrooms by creeps wearing a dress. Or how they get hospitalized after getting pummeled by young men on sports field. And don’t get me started on Hamas. You get the idea. But here is the point:

The Democratic Party has gotten so severely radicalized that it is impossible to run for office as a Democrat without supporting  (or being powerless to condemn) some extremist position. It doesn’t matter which one – their platform has become a buffet of positions that disgust any Normals. Or for that matter, many Leftists.

Our Leadership

is garbage. We’ve had enough of the Vichy Republicans. “Cocaine Mitch” McConnell might have done some great work in knowing the parliamentary rules to stifle the Democrats’ extremism, but he’s way past his expiration date. While I don’t have a smoking gun of evidence, I read too many stories of his people undermining campaigns of any GOP candidates not willing to swear fealty to him personally.  While there is no means to dump him now, keep an eye out for when succession happens, and do everything you can to support whoever best represents us Normals.

Likewise, RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel needs to be gone. Again, no current active campaign for removal, but look for opportunities. And we have to face the reality that for some inexplicable reason, President Trump worked to get her re-elected. Not trying to start a food fight here, but pointing out a truth we need to acknowledge. If we Normals are going to unite behind Trump as our candidate when the smoke clears, we have to be honest about his shortcoming in terms of who he hires to support him. For the good of the country, let’s get it right this time.

Let’s get it right on every front.

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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Its time for America to pull out of the United Nations and moved the whole lot to either Moscow or Beijing

Within the last week the Republicans: rewarded the weaponized FBI that targets conservatives with funding for a new headquarters; gave a pass to Mayorkas for keeping our border open, and caved by passing Pelosi’s CR spending bill giving the demokrats and Biden a huge win by giving them everything they wanted. I’m sure the base will be real eager to vote ‘R’ down the ticket. It wouldn’t be surprising if the massive turnout for PT ends with him and the stupid party loses control of the House and fails to get a Senate majority when when the Senate map next year favors them to pick at least 3-5 seats. And they have done nothing to address the voter fraud that took place in 2020 and 2022 because they are chickenshits.

Last edited 25 days ago by another vet

Come on now. The GOP is democrat lite. The GOP is dead and has been since the Reagan days. Unfortunately the America first populists are stuck voting republican. I am not advocating third party. The democrat lites of the party need to be turfed out.

Love the Patrick Swayze clip. Yeah, it’s past time to NOT be nice!