“Close the freaking border!”


I have to say that it’s been a long time since I enjoyed watching democrat politicians this much.

New York democrats held a townhall meeting in the New York city today and New Yorkers got a hard lesson in reality- their representatives don’t give a flying f*** about them.

They set upon the airhead AOC and that lying sack of crap Jerry Nadler to voice their anger about the illegal alien invasion of their city. Illegals are arriving daily and New Yorkers have discovered that there is a large bill to pay for the big mouth of their mayor Eric Adams where he declared NYC a sanctuary city and said he’d take all who wanted in. NYC is in chaos and the its citizens are suffering mightily for the presence of the illegals who neither know nor care about American culture and values. What is clear, though, is that the scummy democrats of New York care more for the illegals than they do for their constituents.  Watch as both AOC and Nadler basically tell their voters to f**k off. First AOC

Now Nadler

Ignoring the cries to close the border, both Nadler and AOC plod on, babbling about the American Dream and the need for immigrants. That lie obscures the truth – that illegals are a huge financial burden on cities and towns. In NYC it is estimated that each illegal alien child costs the city $38,000 per year. Illegal aliens suppress wages for lower socioeconomic groups. Illegal aliens bring crime. They’re running amuck in New York City, abusing locals.

They benefit only employers looking for dirt cheap labor. Nadler and AOC are but the tip of this poisonous spear. democrat politicians in general don’t give a damn about Americans. The rot begins with Biden, who dumps the illegal alien burden on Americans day after day.

One might think that citizens of the Big Apple might learn something from this, but it’s unlikely. It’s highly probable that hope and democrat bullsh*t will again triumph over reality come next November, even for notorious NIMBY’s.

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People of New York City, you are a bunch of morons. You care more about abortion, gun control, gay rights, and other liberal drivel.

The last thing on your list was freedom of speech, gun rights and securing the border. You would still be that way if Governor Abbott didn’t ship you your fair share of illegals (which you really haven’t met yet).

So enjoy the pain and suffering you’ve given to small town Texas because it will get worse for you.

This is what you deserve because you didn’t like mean tweets and had to vote for Biden along with Nadler and AOC.

We should lock the border down the moment Trump is on the other side of it.

No doubt. The only thing you want to keep out is whatever is BEST for the country. Let all the crime, disease, guns, drugs and resource-absorbing illegal immigrants possible, but if there was something GOOD for America over there, you can be goddamned certain Democrats would keep it out.

Better yet we should put your worthless commie facist ass on the other side of the world. You and the XI should get along just fine.

A lot of people feel threatened by the strong Latino work ethic and their emphasis on family values.

Well since I’m a Beaner I’m not threatened. Only left wing white soy boys are threatened. You know people who vote democrat.

But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s not just Latinos crossing the border. Maybe you can hook up with one of those Chinese soldiers posing as a refugee and suck on each others asshole.

I’m sure a Hispanic or Latino would refer to himself using the slur “beaner”, fool.

You don’t actually know any Hispanics, do you?

just his Mow & Blow boys and his house keepers.

I do because I’m proud of who I am and not a whiney little soy boy like you. Besides I remember the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

You’re a sock puppet. “Beaner” is a racist slur. Hispanics and Latinos consider it to be highly offensive.

Yeah! To paraphrase Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, if you ain’t supporting wide open borders, unlimited illegal immigrants, crime, disease, guns, drugs, human trafficking and terrorists, you ain’t Hispanic! You better be getting your identity aligned with the leftist Democrat mentality, Mister!


And they aren’t getting anything but a tiny TASTE! Imagine the whine-level if they had 2 million illegal immigrants sucking them dry!

They benefit only employers looking for dirt cheap labor. 

And illegal immigrants can only afford to work for such wages because US taxpayers pay all the expenses. Stop subsidizing this illegal shit and they will stop coming, no matter how open the border is.

I hope those people out on the streets screaming about this stupidity realize this is exactly what they’ve been voting for. Texas, Arizona and New Mexico can take it up the ass for the rest of the country only so long; now they see what the COST is, not just the cheap benefit. I hope Trump’s lawyers ask each jury candidate for fat-ass Bragg’s phony trial, “Do you want an open southern border? Do you support illegal immigration?” They should all be reminded what these fascist anti-American assaults on our Constitution does to the nation, not just some guy named Trump.

Get more buses, Abbott. Keep the sanctuary cities beloved illegal immigrants to them in droves.

Leftists rags like Time have come out in Favor of these Invasion and no one should be surprised this that leftists rag has been pushing false ideas like Evolution and Global Warming/Climate Change as well as Gun Control and named Hitler as their 1938 Person of the Year