White Pride… Is That a Thing?


Although the first person killed in the American Revolution was a black man with Native American blood – Crispus Attucks – the reality is every man who signed the Declaration of Independence and was involved with the crafting of the Constitution was white.  Simply put, there would be no United States without white men.

After almost 250 years, however, the life of the average American is not directly impacted by what those white men did in Philadelphia.  Indirectly, however, we experience the world building upon their foundations every day… and most of that world was the result of the inventions and innovations of other white men.

If you woke up this morning and did anything other than work on a farm, you can thank Cyrus McCormick.  When he invented the mechanical reaper in 1831 farming hadn’t changed in a thousand years, where one man with a scythe and two helpers could harvest two acres of grain a day.  McCormick’s early reaper allowed a man to double that and his later reapers multiplied that many times.  His introduction of payment plans made his machines the workhorses of a dramatic increase in efficiencies in farming.  At the time of his invention 80% of America’s population was either directly or indirectly involved in farming.  Today that number is closer to 2%.  So in essence Cyrus McCormick freed up almost 80% of the population to go out and do pretty much anything… from becoming entrepreneurs, to florists to baseball players to scientists, to plumbers to Instagram models, and, yes, sadly, professional race grifters and activists.

Another white guy who had an extraordinary impact on America today was Henry Ford.  Many people think Ford invented the automobile.  He didn’t.  But his auto manufacturing production line brought the car from a luxury item only the rich could afford to a product tens of millions and eventually, billions of people around the world could afford.  With that unprecedented access to cars, the universe opened up for Americans.  Transportation limits on where they could work, live or go to school evaporated.  Suddenly they could drive anywhere they wanted, not limited to where public transport went or how far their horse could travel in a day or how far they could walk. Today 250 million Americans drive three trillion miles a year, six times the distance the earth travels around the sun!

There’s also Willis Carrier, the man who invented modern air conditioning.  Every summer as temperatures soar across the country, scorching everything in their path, most Americans can retreat to their homes and relax in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy a movie theater or restaurant that would otherwise feel like a sweatshop. The degree to which the air office spaces changed the face of America is hard to exaggerate.  While manufacturing steel or working on a farm might not be impacted greatly by the invention of air conditioning, many of the things Americans do for work would be much more difficult if not impossible without it.  things like medical research and high-tech manufacturing or more mundane things like computer programming or working in a superstore or busy restaurant.

Then there is Elisha Otis, inventor of the safety elevator.  Take a look at the skyline of any American city and you’ll see buildings that stack 30 or 50 or even 100 floors high.  Of the tallest, skyscrapers of 40 or more floors, New York City alone has 250, and there are almost a thousand across the country.  None of those, or even the tens of thousands of buildings of just 10 or 20 stories high wouldn’t be possible without Otis’s safety elevator.  His presentation at the 1853 New York World’s Fair helped usher in the advent of skyscrapers by giving much of the public the confidence to ride in elevators.

And there are countless more including George Eastman, the personal camera innovator, Charles Goodyear who put tires on our cars, the Wright Brothers and their airplane, Samuel Colt and his guns, Isaac Singer the sewing machine magnate, Levi Strauss, and his jeans, Leo Baekeland who brought us plastic, and thousands of others.  To those historical figures, you can add (for better or worse) contemporary white men Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Andreessen, and in reality, millions of others.

The fact of the matter is that these white men built much of the world we live in today. There’s no group of people in human history who have had a greater impact on mankind than white males in general and American white males in particular.  The world they created may not be perfect, but measured against virtually every culture that came before them the level of freedom and prosperity isn’t even close.

As such, we should celebrate White Male Pride!  Yay!

But here’s the thing, although these white men may have accomplished much, white men have also done extraordinarily bad things… from Jack the Ripper to Hitler to Stalin to Teds Kaczynski and Bundy.

We can’t celebrate white male pride because white men are not monolithic.  Some white men are great and others despicable human beings.  The thing that made America great wasn’t the fact that her Founding Fathers were white, but rather it was the ideas they had and the framework they put in place.

The notion of white pride is simply absurd. But the truth is, so to are black pride and gay pride.  George Washington was no more of a representative of all white males than was Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter.  Equally, MLK was no more a representative of all black males than was Samuel Little, the nation’s deadliest serial killer.

And while celebrating white males is absurd, we should nonetheless be grateful for the things that some of them bequeathed to us that have allowed Americans to live lives that kings couldn’t have imagined just a century ago.

And that legacy isn’t due to skin color, it’s due to a culture that developed individual rights, freedom, and representative government over more than two millennia, and happened nowhere else on earth. Those basic elements, when combined with free markets and limited government, found their apex in the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution.  Today the nation built on those foundations is the most robust and prosperous in history.

But that prosperity can only survive if the fundamental tenets of its culture remain strong. Sadly they’re not, and that’s why America is fraying.  The Democrats’ balkanization of Americans by race and sex has taken Americans’ focus off of creating more prosperity and instead put the focus on tribalization and redistributing wealth, with the full weight of the government, media, and academia driving the transition.

No nation in history has prospered by redistributing wealth.  It’s against human nature and a recipe for tyranny.  The key to prosperity is creating more wealth and the Democrats have undermined that as they vilify whites, both past and present, for the crime of being white.  The truth is, we don’t need black or gay or white pride. What we do need however is pride in the successes America has achieved and the building blocks of freedom that made that success possible.

Just as comparison and envy are the roots of evil, gratitude, and conscientiousness are the fount of prosperity. Although it’s verboten to mention in Woke 2023, the reality is that white men built much of the world we live in today. We can be grateful for their efforts without making them gods or denigrating anyone else.  The beauty of America, particularly in the 21st century is that anyone can succeed.  We should look to history with curiosity seeking to find inspiration in what those men (most of whom happened to be white) accomplished, not with scorn and disdain for their sin of being men of their times.

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To me, the main thing that being “white” stands for is Calvinistic Protestantism. In colonial America, young people learned their grammar from the New England Primer, which contained the mighty Westminster Catechism — thoroughly Calvinist. Triune JEHOVAH’s Ten Commandments were the basis for all family and civil law.
But America’s so-called U.S. “Supreme” Court removed God’s Ten Commandments from the government school classrooms, and now those “schools” are producing masses of race-conscious statist morons — just as today’s “Democrats” want it. (Most of today’s “Americans” don’t realize it, but Triune JEHOVAH’s Ten Commandments are foundational to private property rights and free market capitalism. Marxist Socialism makes the secular humanist state the “god” and slave master of the people, which is why “America” has the blood of over 50 million babies on its hands and has embraced the abomination of homosexual “marriage” — sins that send men down into Hellfire forever.)
Popery is another factor in America’s free fall from grace. It too is a form of Liberalism. Satan’s philosophy of Liberalism is the ideology of the insane and the religion of the eternally damned.
For America to have any chance of survival, its people must reject every form of Marxist Socialism and Statism… and return to the Triune God of the King James Bible, while acknowledging Christ as Lord and King. (Each one of us can start by keeping the Lord’s Day — Sunday — holy, His 4th Commandment.)
Secular humanism turns nations into living Hells, and it is happening right before our eyes: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17) “Calvinism is the Gospel, and nothing else.” – Charles Spurgeon

One more thing. As magnificent as the U.S. Constitution is, it does contain one major flaw. It failed to acknowledge Christ as Sovereign King, and God’s perfect Law Word as the supreme governing Law of the Land.

Last edited 4 months ago by Chris McMorrow

Only the other hand, all the Protestant denominations, even the Calvinist ones, have fallen into pagan heresy, and none preach Jesus or the Bible anymore. The only Christian church left standing is the Russian Orthodox Church.

Those that do hate sin and the humanistic acceptance of sin are told they are not being very Christian-like, well what would Jesus do?
Maybe flip tables and take a whip to some and call the church members a den of thieves.

Kitt, I don’t know much about the Russian Orthodox Church, but I do have strong reservations about ministers dressed in Popish robes. Can you imagine the fearless, rugged, intrepid evangelist— the Apostle Paul — dressed up in one of those outfits? And any denomination that stresses ritualism and tradition over the preaching of God’s Word and His pure worship (acappella Psalm singing) is open to error. It has often been said that America’s Revolutionary War was, at its roots, a Presbyterian revolt. And some historians have claimed that America was, in fact, a product Calvinist theology. This is probably true. For example, because our great Founding Fathers believed in the Biblical, Calvinist Doctrine of Total Depravity (all men are the fallen children of Adam), they repudiated the notion of being ruled by kings and instead gave us a system of LIMITED GOVERNMENT and checks and balances. (Our Constitution’s 10th Amendment has been ignored and trampled under foot by armies of bureaucrats and traitorous power-hungry, liberal politicians. Individual Sovereign States should have the right to be Christian Republics.)

The fact that American Republican government was the product of Calvinist Protestant thought has applications for our foreign policy. Truth be told, the tender plants of Liberty and Freedom best grow and thrive on Protestant soil. Trying to plant “democracy” in Roman Catholic or Mohammedan countries has been a fantastic failure and delusion drenched in rivers of blood and trillions in wasted money.

The whole Bible — all 66 Holy Spirit-inspired books — is Christianity. Christ, the Creator of the Universe (John 1:3) and the Judge of all of fallen mankind (John 5:22;27) is the Founding Father of Western Civilization. Dr. John Robbins’s book, Christ and Civilization, makes this case very well. (Available at trinity foundation.org) On many levels, no comparison between in the past between Protestant nations and those of Roman Catholic or Mohammedan. But, when previously Protestant nations depart from Christianity, as was the case with Nazi Germany and now “America”, disaster and destruction were and are now waiting in the wings. Triune God’s Laws should rule and govern all nations. (After all, He created EVERYTHING in six literal, 24-hour days.) Rioters and looters should be shot, all private property protected, and convicted rapists should all be quickly executed. Only Bible-believing confessional Protestants should be allowed to serve as judges in the Sovereign States that make up the United States. Triune JEHOVAH’s Ten Commandments should be posted in every court room and inside of every classroom.

The best definition of what Christianity actually is can be found in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Belgic Confession, the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort.

Civilizations are composed of individuals. All men everywhere, unless they repent of their sins and are covered by the precious blood of Christ, will spend eternity in Hell. And this fact especially applies to politicians and civil magistrates who legitimize such wickedness as homosexuality, Marxist Socialism and infanticide.

Last edited 4 months ago by Chris McMorrow

The Democrats’ balkanization of Americans by race and sex have taken Americans’ focus off of creating more prosperity and instead put the focus tribalization and redistributing wealth, with the full weight of the government, media and academia driving the transition.

No nation in history has prospered by redistributing wealth. It’s against human nature and a recipe for tyranny. The key to prosperity is creating more wealth and the Democrats have undermined that as they vilify whites, both past and present, for the crime of being white. 

Key point, Vince.
The underlying premise to the entire idea of “wealth redistribution being a solution,” is that the “pie” is static in size.
This fallacy is why socialist/communist redistribution plans always fail.
You added in an askance way our modern-day white billionaire tech club members, but, one thing they all did was prove the pie can be enlarged thru new, risky ideas, even by working with SAND.
Killing motivation and initiative seem to be more important to dems than American success.

Race-based redistribution ideas are killing CA and San Fran.
But, worse than that, it destroys the self esteem of POC.
Blacks are beclowning themselves to make it look like they “deserve” reparations.

America’s blacks have decades-longer lifespans than their African relatives.
They have a per capita income that dwarfs their African relatives.
During black pride month we almost always hear myths, like “Cleopatra was black.”
Then, the rest of the year we hear victimization stories about all our “poor me” blacks who would never trade places with their relatives in Africa whose ancestors avoided being captured (by blacks and arabs) to be sent here.
All races have men and women who were great, all have some who were monsters.
Pride should be in one’s own accomplishments, not those of past, long dead ancestors.

If being white and the civilization that we built was so terrible why do they flock to it?
Even saying its “ok to be white” is seen as a hate crime now.
No one should hate the way they were born, or their culture, nor allow anyone to teach their children to do so.
This is racism if it isnt offered for all children no matter how they were born
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Last edited 4 months ago by kitt

White pride is primarily “a thing” for white people who haven’t individually accomplished very much.

Describes joe biden to a T.

Last edited 4 months ago by TrumpWon

BIDEN CRIME FAMILY CAUGHT! – IRS Whistleblower – Gay, Democrat, Joseph Ziegler – Confirms that Biden Family Received Approximately $17 Million in Payments from China, Romania and Other Countries (VIDEO)

Newsmax viewers can watch the GOP’s Hunter Biden circus while Trump appears in multiple courtrooms, but the final outcome won’t be determined by polls or cable ratings.

Off topic…color me shocked.

You should talk to your little buddy TrumpWon about that.

There it is…Trump…bwahahahahahaha

I was shocked when Marjorie Taylor Greene displayed porn photos of Hunter Biden during a public hearing today—but not surprised. Hopefully she’ll be prosecuted under DC’s laws against revenge porn.

Last edited 4 months ago by Greg

She never had sex with him, you twist the purpose of the law.
Still you are off subject did Green move in with Trump to live rent free in the vast emptiness of your brain?
You guys ever find that peepee tape, you would be first to post that.

Last edited 4 months ago by kitt

Those laptop photos were all over the web for months, maybe years.
And, nothing was shown that was worse than what grammar and secondary school libraries carry for schoolchildren to see.
In a few cases, school assignments are worse than what she showed!

That doesn’t mean the idiot should show them at a televised hearing from the nation’s Capitol. What doesn’t she get about decorum?

And showing more raunchy pictures than this to 2nd graders is a lie.

Last edited 4 months ago by Greg

And those degenerates called that pride.

Most of you type of people think hunter is as pure and clean as the wind driven snow in the arctic continent.

It is important for all Americans to see the nature of the despicable biden family that resembles pack of feral dogs.

The biden family is the most embarrassing representation of a family today in America.

The patriarch is a serial rapist and child predator. The rest of the family are low life scumbags.

Last edited 4 months ago by TrumpWon

False. YOU PEOPLE threw decorum out the window, and promote porn and LGBT to kids.

She’s just throwing it in your face, as she should.

BREAKING: FBI Document Alleging Joe Biden’s $5 Million Bribery Scheme Released To The Public, Read It For Yourself

On Thursday, the House Oversight Committee, through Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), made FD-1023, the notorious FBI document alleging then-Vice President Joe Biden accepted $5 million in a bribery scheme, available to the public.

FD-1023 allegedly shows that then-Vice President Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from Ukraine in exchange for potential policy changes pushed by Biden. Making matters worse for the aging Democrat, his son Hunter was currently employed by the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings during the same period that the bribe allegedly took place.

Upon a closer examination of the document, those allegations seem to be a reality. The document explains that the Burisma CFO Vadirm Pojarskii told an FBI asset that Hunter Biden was hired onto the board of directors to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems.”

The FBI asset then asked the CFO about an upcoming merger with a US-based company and why Hunter Biden was not involved. Pojarskii replied, “that Hunter Biden was not smart, and they wanted to get additional counsel.”

The document also recounts a meeting in Austria in 2016 where the FBI asset met with Burisma CEO and founder Mykola Zlochevsky to discuss the US merger. During the discussion, the asset notified the Ukrainian businessmen that then-Vice President Joe Biden had recently made remarks about wanting to see Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma, removed from office.

In response to this, Zlochevsky responded, “Don’t worry Hunter will take care of all of those issues through his dad.”

The informant and the Burisma heads then went on to discuss how Hunter advised them to merge with another US-based company rather than making a new US-based firm, with Zlochevsky explaining that Hunter advised the group to pursue a merger given that the investigation into Burisma by the prosecutor general would dissuade investment.

As that conversation went on, the men discussed potential legal avenues that could be used to overcome the criminal investigation into the company. During this discussion, Zlochevsky said that “it cost 5 {million) to pay one Biden, and 5 (million) to another Biden.

Making matters worse, Zlochevsky explained that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden pushed the Burisma official to get the Biden son on the Burisma board with Zlochevsky saying “they both did” when pressed on who pushed Hunter onto the board.

The document then discusses a phone call made following the 2016 presidential election that resulted in Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. During the call Zlochevsky told the FBI informant that he was not happy with the results. The informant asked Zlochevsky if he was worried about Burisma’s involvement with the Biden’s to which the CEO explained that he “didn’t want to pay the Biden’s and he was ‘pushed to pay’ them.”

The two also discussed the recent firing of Ukrainian Prosecutor General Shokin, whom Biden said should be removed from office for not going after corruption in 2016, when Zlochevsky stated that “nobody would find out about his financial dealings with the Bidens.”

Zlochevsky also explained to the informant that he has multiple text messages to back up his claim that he was being forced to pay the Bidens.

The document then focuses on a telephone call in 2019 in which the FBI informant spoke with Zlochevsky about the investigation into the Biden family and Burisma Holdings. During the discussion, the CEO explained that he was not worried since it would take investigators 10 years to find the “illicit payments to Joe Biden.”

The CEO explained that he did not send payments directly to the “Big Guy,” which the informant explains is Joe Biden, but that the money was sent through various shell companies.

You can read the full document below:


Seems it is the entire clan through multiple shell companies, foreign bank accounts and treasonous power brokering.

Like the Gay Pride crap?

Excellent article. It’s why when identifying a group you should never use the genitive. People of color emphasizes color, not people. Despite its racist overtones colored people is a far better and more inclusive term.

Everyone is “colored.”

The point of America is to get rid of that as a definition, but mostly so-called white Democrats and their pet so-called “POCs” have caused civil war by imposing segregation.