The Biden Rope-A-Dope policy



Of course it’s Hunter’s cocaine. Everyone knows it, especially the Biden’s. It was odd that the 53 year old Hunter Biden suddenly became a dependent resident of the White House as details of his tax evasion poured out. It’s absolutely and totally incredible to suggest that we may never know who the culprit is. KJP won’t flat out deny that the coke belongs to the Bidens, instead making some idiotic reference to the Hatch Act. KJP then went on to invoke a lie when calling a question about the presence of the Bidens in the White House “incredible irresponsible.”

But they were there on Friday- until 6:34 pm.

Substack writer Kate Hyde wrote: “KJP has just convinced me that the cocaine belongs to the Biden Family,”

No kidding. Arguably the most secure building in the world, with a million security cameras and no one can ascertain whose stash it is?


Hunter Biden is basically under the protective custody of the Secret Service. But this is emblematic of how Joe Biden handles the Biden family crimes- with the Rope-A-Dope: lie, deny, and delay.

We’ve seen it with the Hunter laptop, with Biden’s handling of classified documents, and the IRS. Did you know that Hunter Biden made $8.3 million between 2014 and 2019? He reported little to none of it. He paid almost no taxes on any of it.

Yet he Bidens were able to stymie the IRS investigation until the statute of limitations expired on the worst of the charges. This is how it goes with everything- lie, deny, delay. Biden does it with questions about the economy, inflation and the cost of eggs. When the press asks him questions in White House, he just puts on that Alzheimer’s grin as the reporters are ushered out.

It’s meant to wear out the pursuers and the left wing sycophantic press is the first to abandon the chase.

Watch how he deals with the question of cluster bombs. He used to oppose them, but “we’ve run out of ammunition.”

Dear China, this would be a good time to take on the US. Too clever by half, Biden is the Dope in Rope-A-Dope

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The Democrats and M.S. Media are all In a total state of shock now that Biden and become Americas #1 Worst Presidents in American History

biden has replaced Clinton as a total embarrassment to America and the world.

Drug addicted hunter is living at the WH because he can evade police while snorting his brains out.

Let’s see…Who was in the West Wing that weekend? Who is stupid enough to leave incriminating evidence laying around, like a discarded gun or a laptop with kiddie porn on it? Who is the only known coke addict in the White House? Hmmm…No, it couldn’t be Hunter. KJP said so.

Conservatives in media and politics are like dogs, “LOOK!, a squirrel!” when it comes to joe’s distractions.
So, what needed to be distracted from?
*We are “out of ammunition,” and it could take five years to restock, if we start building up our stores right now.
*The Supreme Court stopped joe’s student loan forgiveness program BUT joe’s puppet masters created a workaround that allows “repayment requirements,” to remain ZERO for between 20 and 25 years!
*joe called up over 5,000 National Guard Reservists for FOREIGN service!
At this rate, perhaps joe planted the coke.