The Week in Radical Leftism, 05/05/2023


Welcome back to Day 817 of the Biden* regime! Let’s get straight to the crazy, first with a trip in The Wayback Machine to five years ago:

6/10/18 – An Interview With Tucker Carlson on What Makes Trump a ‘Political Genius’

For all of Trump’s missteps, one can not deny the genius of some of his moves

3/18 – Conservatism’s Unsung Hero

A look at a real hero from 50 years ago.

4/21 – Deagel population forecast of nearly 70 percent fewer Americans by 2025 is starting to look prophetic

Yes, it sounds like a conspiracy theory as you first read this post. And the farther you get into it the more you wonder how well you’re prepared for when the fit hits the shan


Good three minute clip on an underreported story

4/24 – More Proof Subversive Comedy Thrives (But Not on ‘SNL’)

I’m actually OK with The Radical Left signing the death warrant for their hold over the Entertainment Industry

4/26 – Waging War Against The Deep State | Col. (Ret.) John Mills (Podcast)

Longer audio, worth your time to know who our enemy is


I’m semi guilty of this, but living in The People’s Republic of Arlington I can’t say I have actual representation. Even our freakin’ Board of Education race is “decided” by the Democrat’s primary for their endorsement

4/28 – Media says voting threatens democracy

I caught this headline in the Sunday edition of The Washington Compost that Sister Babe insists on getting. I wisely chose not to waste my time on it, as Don Surber was kind enough to read so I wouldn’t have to.

The county last voted for a Democrat presidential candidate in 1864 and it is 90% white. That the county thrives under all these white Republicans sends a message that I doubt the Post intended.

4/29 – Who owns what, anyway?

Great news for personal property ownership.

4/29 – The crime of talking to Tucker Carlson and the Red-pilling of Naomi Wolf

This is part of a much bigger picture as The Radical Left has moved past debate and now simply looks to demonize any who have the audacity to not agree with them

4/30 – Biden Administration Hiring 360 Armed IRS Agents Ready to Use ‘Deadly Force’


4/30 – More of the Media Notices that Women Own Guns


5/1 – Chelsea Clinton Comes Out In Favor Of Porn For School Kids

Whelp, that apple didn’t fall far from the tree. The ratio on her tweet is beautifully ruthless.

5/1 – The Other Hills to Die On

While I agree with the premise that there are far more critical issues than the various fronts in the culture wars, my response is, “How do you think it took just a few generations to get an American population that’s so receptive to ideas as stupid as what you want us to now fight?”

5/2 – Now Progressives are Sneering at Economics


5/3 – ‘Some People Locked Down Something’

Branch Covidians like Fauci and Weingarten lie with impuinity for one simple reason: becasue they can.

5/4 – The U.S. Navy: Rum, buggery, and the lash

Bookworm give a succinct analysis of teh insanity of having drag queens recruiting for The Navy

5/5 – Biden to Put Kamala in Charge of AI

(Obnoxious comment overload)

Have a great weekend!

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6/10/18 – An Interview With Tucker Carlson on What Makes Trump a ‘Political Genius’

Americans were relieved when Trump won because that kept Hillary out of the White House and away from the Supreme Court. We felt we’d get through the next 4 years somehow and on to the next Republican establishment candidate. No one imagined Trump would be the amazing leader and resounding success (even if he was severely obstructed by sore loser, crybaby bitches).

3/18 – Conservatism’s Unsung Hero

We could use more heroes. There are far too many leftist villains.

4/21 – Deagel population forecast of nearly 70 percent fewer Americans by 2025 is starting to look prophetic

Could there be a correlation between mandating US citizens get the COVID vaccination while importing 6 million and more illegal immigrants who have had no such vaccinations and are not required to get one?


It is important to note that Democrats do not necessarily oppose this.

4/24 – More Proof Subversive Comedy Thrives (But Not on ‘SNL’)

Leftist comedians can’t make jokes about the left; it would be too close to the truth. Chase could make fun of Ford for being a bumbling, clumsy fool because it was obviously farce. They could make fun of Bush, Clinton and Bush because they were viable leaders. But, they couldn’t make jokes about Obama; it would look too much like political commentary. Drawing attention to his failures that the consumers of leftist propaganda were unaware of would defeat the purpose of propaganda. It would strike too close to home. And making jokes about idiot Biden? He IS a joke. All they would have to do is report on his words and actions; the jokes write themselves. Any joke about leftist ideology would be criticism of leftist ideology and the left doesn’t allow that.

4/26 – Waging War Against The Deep State | Col. (Ret.) John Mills (Podcast)

Actually, I do and I write them on occasion.

4/28 – Media says voting threatens democracy

Obviously the left believes citizens casting their own votes is bad for democracy* (*a totalitarian police state regime that controls every aspect of citizens’ lives). It’s just best for everyone to let the Democrat political elite do the voting. The last thing Democrats want is a Republican-run city to compare against the failed shit-holes Democrats turn every city into.

4/29 – Who owns what, anyway?

Aside from needing the proper components, farmers and ranchers can fix just about anything. They HAVE to be able to.

4/29 – The crime of talking to Tucker Carlson and the Red-pilling of Naomi Wolf

Carlson kept repeatedly striking a nerve. It’s not Carlson the left wanted to silence, but any of the views he had and could promote. Even though we have young, fit people dropping dead right and left for absolutely no apparent reason, the left doesn’t want anyone to discuss the only foreign substance these people have had in their bodies. But, gee, who knew that if you bypass the left wing propaganda machine and see things for yourself, you’d find a completely different reality?

4/30 – Biden Administration Hiring 360 Armed IRS Agents Ready to Use ‘Deadly Force’

When they are investigating income and taxes due, will they be taught the secret notices of “CAUTION! Democrat elitist! Do Not Proceed! Nothing to see HERE!“? Are they allowed to use choke holds? What if they find a black person that owes taxes; are they allowed to pursue it (see exception above) or is that racist? Maybe cheating on taxes is “reparations”. And, “US citizens only” is absolutely racist. Millions of illegal immigrants have risked life and limb to come here and have the opportunity to be a trigger-happy IRS agent.

4/30 – More of the Media Notices that Women Own Guns

In Democrat cities, no one is there to protect the citizens but the citizens. Making it more dangerous is that the criminals are smart enough to understand this as well.

5/1 – Chelsea Clinton Comes Out In Favor Of Porn For School Kids

Maybe Hillary read these to Chelsea as a kid? Probably brings back old memories.

5/1 – The Other Hills to Die On

Actually, this is no hill. There has been no rallying of boycotters to hurt AB and force them to change their direction. All that happened was that a few voices at AB decided it was more important to wear their wokeness on their sleeves than to show respect for their customers. I doubt they even consume their own product of know those who do for, if they did, they’d know very few of them would want to be caught dead with a can of Bud Light in their hand. It would be as an endorsement of stupidity.

5/2 – Now Progressives are Sneering at Economics

They sneer at it because they don’t understand it. When was the last time Nobel winner Krugman was right about anything? Most of these dipshits have never had a real job. They’ve certainly never done manual labor. Their concept of economics is throwing money around and if things go tits-up, they’ll just go to the revenue creators and get more money. Or, just print more. They don’t know anything like losing everything and having to start over.

5/3 – ‘Some People Locked Down Something’

“I didn’t do it. I just told those with the power to do it to follow the science… and THEY did it.”

5/4 – The U.S. Navy: Rum, buggery, and the lash

I know how the competing services like to poke fun at each other, but I would recommend they hold fire. I doubt this sickness is an anomaly

5/5 – Biden to Put Kamala in Charge of AI

I’ve commented before that I would love to see the looks on the faces of those who deal with inventers, programmers and innovators the first time Kamala opens her stupid mouth.


I never watch SNL anymore, but a few years ago my brother-in-law had it on at his house. Alec Baldwin was doing his Trump impression and I was shocked by how utterly un-funny it was. In stills, Baldwin DOES look like Trump, but live, his mannerisms and voice is a poor performance. There were no actual jokes or humor; the “gag” was just someone dressed like Trump looking stupid. Yet, the left ate it up.

For once, Baldwin wasn’t killing it.

Well gosh while I was watching the Kentucky Derby this shit happened.
My bet didnt win, but it didnt drop dead or need to be euthanized after the race.