Stick a fork in him, he’s done


Game over, man. The Trump Grand Jury proceedings have been suspended for the week. Karma has caught Alvin Bragg, who is giving Joe Biden a run for the personal history embellishment award.

Manhattan’s new District Attorney Alvin Bragg regularly gives speeches about his childhood, recalling that cops and civilians pointed guns at him a half dozen times, and says it’s his hardships growing up in Harlem that make him the right man for the moment.


But critics familiar with his upbringing tell that he actually enjoyed quite a cushy existence and should stop distorting his past to justify reforms that would keep all but the most serious felons out of jail.


Bragg, the first black Manhattan DA, grew up in Harlem but on one of the safest blocks around, an upper middle-class enclave of brownstones known as Strivers Row, and since age 4 commuted to the elite Trinity School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side – details he conveniently leaves out when he makes his case.

But Bragg has bigger problems now. It appears he withheld Brady material.

There are now accusations of prosecutorial misconduct being leveled against Bragg, since he sent the grand jury only six “cherry-picked” emails in the case, instead of hundreds of pages of documents that contained potentially exculpatory evidence, as Costello claimed in an interview.

And then there’s this bombshell.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer makes very clear that Cohen used his own funds to pay off Stormy Daniels and that Trump had no knowledge of it. Couple this with the testimony of Robert Costello and you can stick a fork in Bragg.

He’s done. Maybe well done too. Alvin Bragg is guilty of prosecutorial misconduct and should be disbarred. This “get Trump at any cost” BS has crossed the line.

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Not karma. Just a born and bred NY’er – Trump. Who for decades has played the DC corrupt politicians, let alone the amateur local NY politicians. Trump been building buildings in NTC for decades, who he has to deal with to do this – mafia – for decades. DC and a peon like Bragg? against DONALD J TRUMP? LOL. Bragg go back to local where ever you are from. OWNED.

Cohen paid off the porn star with his own personal funds, without Trump’s knowledge, and without reimbursement? How stupid would someone have to be to believe that?

Its a sworn statement, so who cares who believes it.

How stupid would someone have to be to believe that?

As the physical evidence proves this to be truth, only a nutter would NOT believe it.

Cohen paid off the porn star with his own personal funds, without Trump’s knowledge, and without reimbursement? How stupid would someone have to be to believe that?

You should probably pay attention. Yeah, Trump reimbursed him, but Cohen made the deal without Trump’s knowledge or approval, nor did he tell Trump he did it.

At least that’s what Cohen said in a written statement. So, like with Stormy, which of their statements do you want to assume is a lie?

Idiot Biden said he didn’t know about Hunter’s business deals with the Chinese nor was a part of them; how stupid would someone have to be to believe THAT?

The real point is they tried to use Cohen as a witness so give the jury the paper and then say he is nothing but a liar except now.

For Democrats, Cohen IS a star witness. He has all the credibility and moral standing of any Democrat. Stay tuned for Greg will be on shortly to demonstrate he only believes what suits his prejudices and biases.

Cohen did nothing without Trump’s knowledge and instruction.

That isnt true according to legal documents, even history proves you to be ignorant, Cohen certainly did not tell any of his clients he was recording them, the recording that Trump specified he wanted the enquirer paid in traceable funds for a story.

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Cohen was Trump’s obedient and loyal dog, following his master’s orders. He was even willing to take the fall for Trump, until Trump betrayed him and left him twisting in the wind.

Who cares, Cohen is an asshole. The DA blew his entire case to hell by withholding evidence, he is an idiot and an asshole.
Cohen was told to be truthful as tenative negotiations for a hotel in Moscow was no crime. The whole deal was a Mueller brain fart.

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Actually, his former boss is. Cohen served his time. There’s no reason for him not to tell everything he knows. He’s more credible now than Trump could ever be. Cohen has nothing to gain by concealing or lying for his former master.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

He’s more credible now than Trump could ever be. 

According to what? Cohen (and Bragg) have been caught lying but Trump has not.

 Cohen has nothing to gain by concealing or lying for his former master.

Nah, just a lucrative career lying for CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the leftist Ministry of Propaganda. Just like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe, Strzok and others.

Someday you are going to have to libsplain how an ex-con is more credible than someone who has never done any time.
Did you see Bidens latest credible statement? Jill is not only first lady but works full time as a college professor. I hope it isnt a parenting or fashion class.

Have you taken a recent count of how many close Trump associates are convicted or confessed felons? They’re ALL liars.

Rep. Tiffany at ATF Hearing: “Why Hasn’t Hunter Biden Been Prosecuted for the Crime That He Committed?” (VIDEO)

12/01/21 – Jeffrey Epstein introduced me to Trump at 14, Ghislaine Maxwell accuser says

Have we seen Epstiens customers get perp walked?

Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex Calls Parents’ Rights Bill “Fascism,” Gets Cooked in the Comments

The FBI is sitting on Epstiens security tapes, video blackmail evidence, if Trump is guilty let him swing with the rest. No paintings of Trump in a blue dress

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More conjecture

Conjecture on your part

Sorry, but you spelled “whiny, crybaby bullshit” wrong.

How about Tuck Frump?

Yeah, how about that? Aside from tucking him out of a fair election, which he won, how’s that working out for you?

How is it working out for the GOP? They missed the fact that wrecking balls swing back. Trump will reduce them to ruins.

How is it working out for the GOP?

If they follow Trump’s example, work for the American people and do what is best for the country (as opposed to enabling the Democrat agenda of destruction), it works out great. Even with Democrat obstruction, Trump had the 4 most productive years of any President in recent history. The only reason the economy, energy, the border, law enforcement and foreign policy are in such chaotic disarray is because idiot Biden undid everything Trump accomplished.

Idiot Biden has a 39% approval now. How’s THAT working out for you? Once the leftist Ministry of Propaganda is finally forced to report on the evidence of idiot Biden’s direct involvement with Hunter’s influence peddling schemes, what do you think his approval be? How will THAT work out for you?

We never hear entire stadiums cheering that.

Nero had cheering stadiums. Hitler had cheering stadiums. Mussolini had cheering stadiums. Mao had cheering stadiums. Saddam had cheering stadiums. Putin has cheering stadiums.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

No stadiums cheering F^ck Trump, lots of them chanting F^ck Joe Biden

Last edited 11 months ago by kitt

Yep. They’re not only stupid; they’re also vulgar.

No stadiums cheering F^ck Trump, lots of them chanting F^ck Joe Biden

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

Obama had cheering stadiums.

Cohen did nothing without Trump’s knowledge and instruction.

So, you are saying Cohen is a liar and we can trust nothing he says?

We already know that’s false.

Why don’t you answer my question? Is Cohen lying?

Cohen was lying when he worked for Trump. Cohen no longer works for Trump. He will no longer lie for him. Cohen has been telling the truth since Trump betrayed and abandoned him.

Biden in Address to Canadian Parliament: “I Applaud China For Stepping Up. Excuse Me, Canada!” (VIDEO)

He just got confused because his CCP direct deposit just landed in his account. My God, this guy is an utter embarrassment. He even f**ked up a quote he was going to use to impress the Canadians. I wish, just oned, this insufferable boob could read a speech as if it’s not the first time he has ever seen it.

EXCLUSIVE: House Republicans Introduce Resolution To Remove Kamala Harris From Role As Border Czar

So, he’s a liar. When is he lying and when is he not lying? How can you tell? He has to do the bidding of the leftist persecutors or they will drum up MORE charges against him. When one lies, they lose credibility. Then, they have to PROVE they are telling the truth. The only proof we have is that Cohen continues to lie and, once again (monotonous, isn’t it?) Trump is telling the absolute truth and you Democrats are lying.

And how about Stormy? Was she lying when she said there was NO affair? Or, did she lie when she said there was? See the corner you paint yourself into when you begin to worship liars? Of course, there is no doubt about idiot Biden; he lies 100% of the time.

Lots of folks , ESPECIALLY LAWYERS WISHING TO ingratiate themselves with a potential POTUS and get a plumb job in a new administration would do exactly that. You have a lack of logic and of human nature.

This guy is as genuine as Barry
comment image

Wow, Braggart is right up there with Schiff now, proclaiming to have the goods on Trump while knowingly hiding the REAL evidence that proves Trump’s innocence. Bragg’s higher office ambitions may be going the way of presidential shoe-in, Avenatti.

Yeah, we have Santos. But you Democrats have Bragg, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Garland, Swalwell, Blumenthal, Mayorkas, Britton and, of course, idiot Biden. The Democrat party is the party of pieces of shit.

Bragg is one of those classic American leftist DAs who assumed that they’d always have dumb and poor defendants using overworked public defenders.
Remember the Zimmerman case about the death of Trayvon Martin?
Zimmerman’s law team, after the trial, pointed out how unserious the DAs were… weak their case was.
Public scrutiny and great lawyers throw DAs for a loop.
Of course President Trump would have great lawyers.

“Michael Cohen’s lawyer makes very clear that Cohen used his own funds to pay off Stormy Daniels and that Trump had no knowledge of it.”

The letter doesn’t say that at all. It says that neither the Trump organization or the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction.

Trump has admitted that the funds came from him personally:

Yes, Trump reimbursed Cohen’s expenses. But Cohen made the deal and payment on his own with his funds, without Trump’s knowledge. Unless you think Cohen is lying.

I certainly don’t believe Trump. On Air Force One, he said he didn’t know anything about the transaction, then later on, admitted he did which is in the link that I posted to you.

And since there’s audio tape of Trump and Cohen talking about hush money, I certainly believe Cohen and not Trump.

You believe Cohen when he says he did it all on his own, with his own money, or do you believe Cohen when he says it was Trump’s deal? Sounds like you simply want to pick what you want to regard as the truth.

The tapes were reportedly discovered

Maybe you should wait until you actually hear a tape and can verify it is authentic. If there was such a tape, don’t you think it would have surfaced by now? Perhaps it is Russian disinformation?

But, regardless, it wasn’t illegal and the statute of limitations has expired.

Last edited 11 months ago by Just Plain Bill

Its another very old story recycled up a true nothing burger. Trump wanted to pay by check so the funds could be traced…Yawn. The enquirer sold the rights of a story to Trump.

The left is simply desperate. Pathetically desperate.

Trump, on Friday:

“What kind of person can charge another person, in this case a former President of the United States … and leading candidate (by far!) for the Republican Party nomination, with a Crime, when it is known by all that NO Crime has been committed, & also known that potential death & destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic for our Country?”

He’s the catastrophe that must be averted. His own threatening words demonstrate just how true that is.

Trials with sworn testimony and credible evidence presented to a jury establish whether formal charges are true or not. He’s is doing everything in his power to avoid that sort of orderly presentation and process.

Last edited 11 months ago by Greg

No matter what the truth is, no matter what the facts say, you cling to your version of “reality”. Democrats have no hope of winning fairly contested elections, so they cheat wherever they can. If they can take Trump out as a candidate, they will have to use an unprecedented amount of election fraud, probably twice as much as in 2020, to defeat him in 2024. So, using a non-crime with statute of limitations that has expired, with witnesses proven to lack any credibility, with violations of due process by suppressing exculpatory evidence, they try to prosecute Trump on a totally phony charge. How much more banana republic can Democrats get?

Republicans definitely need to find out if there is any coordination between idiot Biden’s White House, his fascist DOJ and that fat tub of shit Bragg to eliminate the most formidable candidate the Republicans can field, because that is EXACTLY the kind of fascist bullshit the Democrats are capable of and famous for.

You can “believe” anything you want.

But objectively, there’s no case and Trump will not be indicted.

Looks like the deep state realized they’d lose the country if they went full Putin and jailed a political rival.

What happened to “Marty Paul”? Was he another clone?

An obvious and pathetic act of desperation. Yet another Democrat false flag to distract attention from another Democrat failure. It seems they are constantly creating distractions for a continuous string of failures and disasters.