China rehearses an EMP attack. Biden approves it



Joe Biden is a China asset. There’s no other way to interpret this.

A Chinese spy balloon has been loitering over the US for several days now. It first crossed Alaskan airspace, then Canadian airspace and then back again into US airspace. It became public when civilians sighted it over Montana. The Biden regime was not going to tell us.

Theres another one over Latin America.

China initially claimed it was a weather balloon but the Pentagon confirmed that it was a spy balloon. Despite knowing it is a spy balloon Biden decided to allow it to continue on its merry spying way.

Anthony Blinken, the eunuch Secretary of State, had a faux hissy fit and canceled his trip to China.

I heard an argument against shooting the thing down that asserted people on the ground could be injured. Montana is sparsely populated. That thing could have been shot down quite safely. The truth is that this damned thing should have been shot down before it crossed Alaskan airspace and here’s why.

What if this was a test bed for an EMP attack? If so equipped, this device could have taken out a major portion of the country’s electrical grid. Multiple devices could pretty wipe out the entire country. China now knows it can do this with impunity.

Joe Biden would let it happen because he wants to see China rise. Bill Gates said much the same thing.

Think Biden was going to answer any questions about it?


The President of the United States doesn’t want to be bothered answering questions about US airspace being violated by Communist China. To me this indicates Biden is condoning these incursions violating US airspace. After all, he wants to see China rise.

I told you he was a Chinese asset. How long will this be allowed to continue?




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I have seen those weather Balloons overhead some years ago one just up t here in one place another was moving but this is long before Biden a was ever head from and long before traitors to America sold the spy balloon technology to the enemy

Video of something shot out of the sky over Billings, Montana just when this balloon was last seen over the same place:

That’s a hoax, been supposedly debunked.

The mind reels thinking what the outrage would be if the situation was Trump in office instead of the incompetent potato idiot Biden. Just imagine. Hell, they went insane for 4 years simply because there was a guy named Trump and a place called Russia, imagine the reaction if Trump was frozen in space and time, unable and unwilling to react to a hostile foreign intrusion of our security air space?

Of course, that scenario is purely imaginary because Trump is a leader and not only would no nation test him in this way but this aircraft would not have gotten beyond the western coast of Alaska before we were examining the remains on the ground.

The left pretends this is no big deal because, what else can they do? Idiot Biden is incompetent and compromised by the CCP and the leftist media and the few actual human beings that voted for him can do nothing but make excuses for his stupidity, which now bleeds over onto the military.

biden would surrender without any consultation. biden is a traitor.

Idiot Biden HAS surrendered. A Quisling.

The important story here is two-fold. First, the utter stupidity and incompetence of the US military that cannot recognize a common weather balloon when they see it. Has there been no gain in military intelligence since Roswell.

Second is the utter failure of the US air defense system.

Bob that thing is not a weather balloon this is a weather balloon, it isnt controlled as the gigantic one sent by China.

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Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder told reporters at a briefing Friday that the China spy balloon flying over the United States is a “maneuverable craft” but refused to say whether China is controlling the balloon’s movements or how the balloon is moving.

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You’ve mislabeled the idiots. It’s Trump’s dim-bulb base that’s upset because Biden hasn’t attacked a damn BALLOON.

Here you are again defending the CCP.

Major fail, Comrade Greggie. It’s not the ballon we want downed, it’s the ballon’s payload that dimwit Joe has now sunk in the ocean that we wanted downed.

You’re such an idiot.

You’ve mislabeled the idiots. It’s Trump’s dim-bulb base that’s upset because Biden hasn’t attacked a damn BALLOON.

I guess it comes as news to you, but some people worry about our national security. Hillary made thousands of classified documents to our adversaries and you didn’t care. Hillary allowed the Russians to take 20% of our uranium away and you didn’t care. Idiot Biden and Hunter sold US influence and you didn’t care. The Democrats ran a 4 year long seditious coup against the last legally elected President we’ve had, trying to disrupt our government and you didn’t care. Idiot Biden has totally opened our southern border to millions of illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists, human traffickers and enough fentanyl to kill every person in the entire country. Idiot Biden has been caught stealing classified, some Top Secret, documents and allowing his son to peddle them and you don’t care.

If you aren’t simply stupid, then the only other option is that you are treasonous. This is, as you well know, much must than just a f**king balloon.

BIDEN SANCTIONED IT: White House Knew About China Spy Balloon Floating Over Montana – Kept It Under Wraps to Salvage Blinken’s Trip to China

China’s Message to the World – We Own Joe Biden

This nation is in grave danger and that is not hyperbole. biden in his present capacity is an existential threat to the safety of America and Americans.

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Joe Biden Takes Another Vacation While a Chinese Spy Balloon Floats Across America

BREAKING: Pentagon Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon After It Floated Over US with Biden’s Full Approval (VIDEO)

Breaking: FAA shuts down airspace over NC & SC

Watch the video. The F-22 fired and hit the payload, not the balloon itself. The video then shows the payload fallings at a more rapid speed than the balloon. When that hit the water, it sunk like a rock.

We will never know what that balloon was carrying and what kind of information China gleened from it. I promise you, that was Lloyd Austin’s goal all along.

greg is a CCP asset just like biden

I’d like to know if the payload had a destruct circuit. If it did, why would a civilian weather probe need a destruct circuit?

As usual, the Chinese got everything they wanted and the Democrats just let them have it.

Xi called to relay his orders to Biden :
“mission accomplished, all intelligence gathered has been transmitted to Beijing, proceed to destroy the evidence”

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BREAKING: Mexico suspected as sending new balloon over southern border.

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So, the govt. shot it down over the ocean, AFTER it flew across half the country and had time to transmit data back home. But they said they couldn’t shoot it down because it was “too high.” Did it come down so it could be shot down? That would be kind of dumb. Yet we shot it down. There was also the “debris” could fall excuse. So, it wasn’t enough of a threat so shoot down over land but they shot it down after the threat was over and it was about to enter international waters.

Nothing these idiots do makes any sense.

At first, it was reported that the balloon was sailing across Montana at approx. 35,000 feet. Northern Montana would have been the perfect place to take it out as it is sparsely populated unless you count cows, and prairie dogs.
Then it was being reported it (caused a problem because it) was sailing at 60,000 feet but even that doesn’t make sense because a) pilots were reporting it to be at between 35-37,000 feet and b) the F-22 is comfortable in heights more than 60,000 feet.

Biden said he told the military to shoot it down Wednesday but the military said “Oh, no, Mr. Dumass, we can’t do that. Civilian harm, you know.” and Biden, having no military experience or any functioning brain mass, said “OK, do what you want” and Lloyd Austin, another national disgrace said “We will.”

Maybe our resident expert on everything, Comrade Greggie, can tell us the ocean depth 12 nautical miles off the coast of the Carolinas.

Once the payload was taken down by the F-22, it fell into the ocean in hundreds of pieces. Good luck retrieving them.

Getting the parts isnt important its technology they stole from us anyway, they are still stealing technology. For the right price some traitor would sell it to them anyway or they buy the company that has the tech.

Even that isn’t as important as China showing the world their supremacy over the United States of America, floating a spy aircraft across the entire length of the nation, from Alaska to N. Carolina, without interference. This was a massive propaganda victory for them. Of course, they will de-emphasize how easy it is to outsmart the idiot Biden regime.

It’s reported the ocean depth where the balloon went down is 47 feet.

The will circle the area for a week then decide there are aggressive fish,too dangerous.
NORAD had a fix on it before it ever got over Alaska! They could have shot it down before it went across our nation! But Joe the compromised illegal fucking president, let the fucking balloon complete its mission before he made a big show of shooting it down you know as well as I do that the fucking spy satellite/balloon was probably sending live feeds with ground penetrating radar and all kinds of shit 

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Probably have to get an environmental study done before they can dive. Divers that check the proper boxes will have to be recruited (who cares if they know how do dive and search?). It could take a while.

According to intercepts, the Chinese were collecting data on our gender affirmation and equity efforts in the military. They don’t want to fall behind up in respecting gender-confused military personnel and want to try and steal our gender-equity technology. Otherwise, when they invade Taiwan, their soldiers will be sad and not be referred to by their preferred pronouns.

Hah! Good one, DM.

Shooting it down over the ocean was too little, too late. The damage has been done even if its payload was scrap metal. They have succeeding in penetrating our airspace with an airborne object and flying over a large portion of the country unscathed with no repercussions. It makes the U.S. look weak and incompetent. A laughing stock for the whole world to see yet again just like the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. You’d think the Communists in China would have a little more sympathy for the Communists who are running this country and not embarrass their comrades like this.

Here is a List of the US Military Bases in the Path of the China Spy Balloon As it Traversed Across the Continental United States

Here is a list of the US Military bases in the path of the China Spy Balloon.

** Malstrom Air Force Base – Montana
** Ellsworth Air Force Base – South Dakota
** Joe Foss Field ANG – South Dakota
** Sioux City ANG – Iowa
** Offutt Air Force Base -Nebraska
** Camp Ashland – Nebraska
** Lincoln ANG – Nebraska
** Whiteman Air Force Base – Missouri
** Fort Leonard Wood – Missouri
** St. Louis Army Human Resources – St. Louis, MO
** Scott Air Force Base – Illinois
** Fort Campbell – Tennessee
** Nashville ANG – Tennessee
** Smyrna ANG – Tennessee
** Houston Barracks – Tennessee
** McGhee Tyson ANG – Tennessee
** Pope Air Force Base – North Carolina
** Fort Bragg – North Carolina
** MCAS New River – North Carolina
** Camp Lejeune – North Carolina
** US Coast Guard Station Fort Macon

This was an unprecedented national security threat.

Under Joe Biden and Democrats we have an open southern border and now we have China floating spy balloons across the continental United States without any fear of recourse by the Biden regime.

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Are you unaware that detailed satellite photos of all these places are available in a matter of seconds on Google Earth maps? A low earth orbit spy satellite can read the license plates on cars in the parking lots. China has satellites.

How clueless can the Trump base be?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Pull us up a high-resolution, real time photograph of Malstrom AFB. Quickly.

Don’t be ridiculous. A drifting balloon isn’t a platform for high-resolution, real-time photographs on demand. China has more than 260 spy satellites in orbit. Look up the word “Yaogan”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Again, where are your Google real-time, high resolution photos of bases? That balloon is maneuverable, unless you think your own regime is lying to you. It’s a stable platform that can take detailed photos. What do you think would be sharper, a photo from 200 miles or the same camera taking photos at 50,000 feet? I wonder how much money the Biden Crime family made off the information the balloon collected?

You need to look at your own excuses. They grow weaker and weaker. Weak bullshit. VERRY weak.

Ground penetrating radar? Air samples radiation detection, telecommunications on base, none can be done by high sky spy in outerspace.
Or maybe they were checking for current registration stickers on the license plates 😉

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JOE MUST GO – The American People Lost All Trust in Biden Due to His Connections with China – The Spy Balloon Proved It