Woot! It’s official. Trump is running!!!!










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The last and perhaps the next duly and lawfully elected President of the United States.

No shock or surprise, we have much work to do. The MSM does not want Trump Murdock wants whomever they choose.

Trump was a great 45th President.

He’ll be a great 47th one, as well. Perhaps even earn “46th” since Biden was a brief unelected hiccup in our venerated history.

From Mueller to sham impeachment to released Covid to rigged election to a never ending series of lies and fake-crimes….

Trump is still alive.

He’s running from the criminal justice system, and you’re gonna try to hang him around the GOP’s neck like an albatross.

Excellent idea.

Greg after they cheated in 2020 took the office from him there were 2 ways for the liberals to go. Keep persecuting the man or just leave him retire with his beautiful wife in his personal resort.
Nope they had to piss him off, they wouldnt quit.
He isnt a milk toast conservative. He feeds on it thrives on it.
Look at photos of before and after men serve as President, they age horribly, not so with Trump he looks the same.

Heres another clue for your research
JUST IN – New York Federal Reserve and multiple global banking giants start a 12-week “digital dollar” pilot.

looks like they see how easy it is to steal peoples earnings and savings.

Crypto is the biggest threat to the authority of most Western nations, especially the WEF.

That’s who greg works for.

Most transactions are done digitally, they want to murder cash, track every penny and be able to control purchases. OOPs you have a dozen eggs you have already had your allotment sorry transaction denied.

Want a fun rabbit hole?
The children that ran the scam with FXT where are their parents, did they set up their kids as fall guys? Agenda before all else even your weirdo spawn.
Watch some interviews these kids really are not right in the head.

There’s simply no evidence of Trump doing anything wrong.


There IS, however, evidence of a corrupt Federal Government forfeiting their authority by staging a fake Russia Collusion scandal, and of rigging elections.

The only albatross in the room is the WEF-feathered one hanging from your feminine neck.

Why so threatened? If Trump is so bad, just beat him in a legal election. Don’t have your FBI censor social media. Don’t give Biden Six Billion. Don’t have Zucks set up an illegal shadow-election ballot harvesting ring. Don’t cheat.

If Trump is so bad, then the will of voters will weigh and measure him.


They already did that in 2020.

If Trump is so bad, then the will of voters will weigh and measure him.

They already did that in 2020.

Really? The only thing done was a fat deep state thumb on the scale of our democracy, destroying an pretense that Biden “won” anything.

From the rigged election to FTX, this regime is rotten…and has no Constitutional Authority.

I wonder if you pigs will actually go full authoritarian before 2024 and do to Trump was all losers do when they can’t win legally.

Be careful. No one believes the 2020 election was legal, and it’s pressing in on your regime in ways you can’t handle.

 No one believes the 2020 election was legal

I wonder if there’s a name for the quirk of mind in which you assume that all other people have the same beliefs you have, the way Nathan does. The closest I can find is the “false consensus effect.”

“false consensus effect” is the only reason most Democrats aren’t in jail, and the Deep State still exists.

Conspiracy theory has rotted the right’s brains. They’ve become a mob of mindless, flag-waving zombies, unaware that they’re being used to attack the very things that Americans should most honor. One of the most telling indicators is falling in line behind the pro-Putin wing of the Republican Party.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

We’re Americans.

You, and those supporting woke ideologies and Communism, are not.

You’re looking for posturing alpha-bullies to identify with and follow. Honor and integrity are what you should be looking for. I can’t respect a man like Trump. No one can command respect. Respect has to be earned. Trump diminished the office he held. He wasn’t worthy of it to begin with; after January 6, he’s even less worthy now. He’s a national embarrassment. He’s also likely to be the end of the Republican Party, if they allow themselves to be manipulated and bullied into nominating him again. They should dump him while there’s still time to redeem themselves before 2024, otherwise the results will be even worse than 2022. What will they be pitching, if recession has come and gone before then?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

What is more bullying than using the power of the federal government to attack law abiding citizens and suppress free speech? Democrats are truly fascist.

Honor and integrity are what you should be looking for. 

I gave you a list of idiot Biden’s statements and asked you if those were lies. You didn’t even have the honor or integrity to answer. You didn’t even have the COURAGE to answer, because they were all obviously blatant lies. So, you KNOW idiot Biden has neither honor or integrity. His dependence upon election fraud and police state power is enough to confirm that.
You accuse Trump of crimes that you KNOW he never committed. In fact, in most cases, you KNOW that Democrats, not Trump, committed the crimes. There’s no honor in that and it is certainly integrity-free.
Who are the bullies? Those who call out the people in power or those who use the power of the federal government to intimidate parents into not challenging the abuse of their children in schools or imprisoning anyone that expresses opposition to the regime?
Idiot Biden has embarrassed the entire nation (all of US) before the entire world. He enabled a dictator to launch a deadly war and is encouraging others to start more wars. He is corrupt and incompetent. Trump has been PROVEN to be corruption-free and his record of accomplishment for this nation stands among the best in history.
And you, of all people, should probably not bring up conspiracy theories rotting brains. 

Nate the Legacy media including Fox has not reported the illegalities at all. The simply screech conspiracy and these persons who do not know how to conduct a simple investigation over the internet actually believe them, they now say election deniers. What the hell there was an election in 2020 it was just done in many cases in ways that break state integrity laws.
2020 this travesty was certified.

80 PERCENT of Early Voting Ballot Transport Statements have defects that violate Arizona statutes

At least 740,000 ballots violated chain of custody requirements
Ballot envelopes “pre-opened”

Ballots moved and counted off site with no independent poll watchers present

Not that they care if laws passed are violated.

You don’t hear democrats alleging election fraud every time they lose. It’s the right’s perennial whine.

It is important to not have any mercy for either her legacy or the rabble that is today’s Democrat Party. As the Republican’s mete out their revenge you will hear a lot of bitching and moaning about how racist and sexist they (we) are. Those days are over and we need to deconstruct them one block at a time.

She has always been touted and praised as having such tight control over her members. That stems from the fact that she was the perfect conduit between the billionaire investors / contributors and the not so well heeled member that came for poor but reliably Democrat congressional districts. She controlled the money which is why such a diverse group of people were always so disciplined. Remove that and they will have chaos. I suspect this is why she held on for so long. It is also why she did not step down in 2010 when the Democrats lost the house. There is no one to take over for her.

The Republicans need to ‘decapitate’ (not literally) the leadership in the Democrat Party from the horde. The first thing I would do is yank Adam Schiff’s security clearance. Turnabout is fair play and that will permanently remove him (and his funders) from every being the speaker. The next thing they need to do is help someone like AOC or Jeffries to become the next minority leader. Get all the liberal baby boomers retire and them replace the leadership with younger and more vibrant Democrats. That is their future.

Schiff is a scurrilous punk and should be removed from Congress.

Geography lessons, perhap a compas?

comment image

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A typically stupid meme for the simple-minded.

Both US and Polish assessments suggest it was likely a Ukrainian air defense missile that failed to intercept one of around 100 missiles Russia launched at civilian targets.

Zelensky Continues to Lie About ‘Russian’ Missiles Hitting Poland in His Continued Attempts to Start WWIII

Democrat House Majority Whip James Clyburn Steps Down From Leadership

Mar-a-Lago Raid Story Falls Apart After Midterms, New Leak to WaPo Reveals Trump Took White House Records as ‘Mementos’

Actually, we do.

Actually, yes, you do.

Trump and his coattail riders have built a national movement around his persecution complex, stolen election bullshit, and crack-brained conspiracy theories. There’s little else to it.

More pablum and meaningless drivel

Democrats are anti-American, Constitution-trampling fascists that have to cheat in elections to appear to win. Idiot Biden is a total and absolute disgrace and embarrassment. Trump is 1000% superior.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

There’s simply no evidence of Trump doing anything wrong.

I’ll wait and see what the Department of Justice has to say about the issue.

Why ask the questions if he’s not going to allow Mayorkas to answer?

Because Mayorkas isn’t answering…

They never do.

He was trying to say something, yet he got interrupted again and again and again.

Nah. All these interviews go the same way. Question, yes or no, and then the Democrat deflects and doesn’t answer the question.

Clay Higgins is a boss. These bastards like Mayorkas need to answer for the crimes they committed, and the outright TREASON they continue to push.

Watching a weak chairman try to re-define the proceedings, then get wrecked by Higgins.

Pricesless. He put that idiot man in his place.

Mayorkas knows DAMN well what’s being asked.

Clay Higgins is a boss.

Nah. He’s just an asshole.

Masculine men intimidate you because you are a puffer

I don’t know what that means.

Nah. He’s just an asshole.

Nah, he’s just fed up with fascists and liars.

Like a few hundred million other Americans. 100,000 rounds and 87,000 trans-friendly “agents” won’t be of much help.


He was repeating the lie that the border was secure, which is about as goddamnable lie as can be uttered. But, Democrats never hesitate to speak the boldest of lies.


Here is another from who I believe should be in charge of an oversight committee.

The DOJ, after years of engineering false-evidence on Trump and targeting political/ideological opponents…and staging false-flags like J6th and Witmer kidnapping, no longer have authority or credibility regarding charges or Justice.

They won’t lay a finger on Trump if they want to keep their jobs.

Youve been waiting for 6 years. When do you think you might be convinced Trump hasn’t committed any crimes? Why don’t you demand idiot Biden be investigated for influence peddling and threatening our energy security?

He’s been a civilian for 2 years. What seems to be the hold up in charging and arresting him for one of these numerous crimes you find him guilty of?

But, it’s illegal to investigate a candidate for President though, right? Might affect the outcome, huh?

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

President Trump has called their bluff. They were never going to indict and arrest him for any of the fabricated charges.

But, it’s illegal to investigate a candidate for President though, right? 

No. Who told you that?

Democrats. It was illegal to investigate idiot Biden in 2016 because he was a candidate. So, time to apply that rule to Trump. Off limits. Besides, you’ve investigated him for 6 years and can’t find a damned thing, so give it up.

“It was illegal to investigate idiot Biden in 2016 because he was a candidate.”

Nobody who is actually in charge of determining the legality or illegality of anything said that.

Yes they did.

Yes they did.


Trump was impeached for it, dumbass. Trump asked Zelensky to complete the investigation of Burisma and that was accused of investigating idiot Biden vis a vie investigating the money laundering going on with Hunter and Burisma.

MSNBC Host Laughably Claims House Democrats Never Investigated The Trump Family

Trump was impeached for it, dumbass. 

That doesn’t mean that it was illegal. There’s no statute saying that candidates cannot be investigated.

I agree. Now go back in time and restore our Republic from when evil Democrats illegally “impeached” Trump for investigating corrupt Biden after he admitted to a crime, on camera.

Glad you’re coming around, son.

That they impeached him for investigating a political rival is public fact.

“The Trump–Ukraine scandal revolves around efforts by U.S. President Donald Trump to coerce Ukraine and other foreign countries into providing damaging narratives about 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary candidateJoe Biden, as well as information relating to the origins of previous political attacks against him, such as the claims investigated by Robert Mueller. Trump enlisted surrogates within and outside his official administration, including his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Attorney General William Barr, to pressure Ukraine and other foreign governments to cooperate in investigating conspiracy theories concerning American politics”

Haha. “Conspiracy theories.”

That the basis for the sham impeachment was Trump investigating a political rival, one that the Deep State was primed to install via a rigged election on the back of a released Covid-19 crisis, is common knowledge and empirically proven as fact.

As you watch your false gods fail and your ideologies implode, is the “just pretend nothing happened” tact really going to serve you?

That the basis for the sham impeachment was Trump investigating a political rival, one that the Deep State was primed to install via a rigged election on the back of a released Covid-19 crisis, is common knowledge and empirically proven as fact.

That doesn’t mean that a statute was violated. Did you sleep through Impeachment 101?

is the “just pretend nothing happened” tact really going to serve you?

The word you’re looking for is “tack.”

You’re still missing the reality part of this. No, it ain’t illegal to investigate someone just because they happen to be running for office. However, that is exactly what Democrats impeached Trump for and, I might add, gave Hillary a pass on committing perjury and violating security rules on handling classified information in 2016.

The POINT being that you Democrats have two definitively different concepts of justice, one for Republicans that is harsh and strict and one for Democrats, that is lenient and forgiving.

The argument isn’t about your pedantic, and worthless, inclusion of the word “statute”.

Investigation a political rival was the basis for the sham impeachment of Trump. That’s what you are arguing against, as your ass gets nailed to the wall and you pathetically try to redefine the argument, like a toddler.

“The word you’re looking for is “tack.” ”

It seems my you and my voice text have something in common: you’re both limited-use tools.

Something can only be illegal if it violates a statute. You’re claiming that Democrats have said that it’s illegal to investigate a Presidential candidate. Nobody with any legal power has made that claim because there’s no law to that effect.

That’s not pedantry; it’s a simple explanation of the facts.

That doesn’t mean that it was illegal. There’s no statute saying that candidates cannot be investigated.

You definitely have a point there, scooter, since the Democrats impeached merely because they had the votes to do it and the political will to turn impeachment into a political weapon. Nevertheless, they declared that Trump investigating a political opponent was a “high crime or misdemeanor” and, therefore, illegal.

Democrats don’t need a statute or even a crime to prosecute, as we have clearly seen.

Who told you that?

You did. The entire Democrat/Deep State Apparatus said that during the sham impeachment when idiot Biden admitted to committing a crime by withholding aid to Ukraine for favors, and Trump legally was investigating it.

It was the basis for the illegal impeachment.

You twit.

The idea the candidate Biden couldn’t be investigated was the basis of Trump’s impeachment?

Nah. You have your head up your ass. Again.

That was precisely the basis for the sham impeachment.

That was precisely the basis for the sham impeachment.

There’s no statute saying that candidates cannot be investigated.

Thank you for admitting the “impeachment” of Trump was illegal.

Now go back in time and let everyone know this Truth you’ve finally come to, and restore our Republic by stopping this illegal and tyrannical attack on Trump and our Rule of Law.

You’re coming around, son. I’m pleased.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

Thank you for admitting the “impeachment” of Trump was illegal.

Nah. Impeachments don’t have to be for violation of a specific statute. This was explained in exhaustive detail by innumerable sources at the time of Trump’s multiple (not illegal) impeachments.

Last edited 1 year ago by Michael

No one said that the impeachment was for a violation of a specific statute.

Only you.

That’s you trying to worm your way out of the fact that you’re wrong.

There hasn’t been any sources regarding any criminal activity or misconduct that would remotely be the basis for impeaching Trump.

He won the election from a Deep State controlled election system that got sloppy.


That’s his only offense.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

The new Congress should expunge both impeachments because neither rose to the level specified by the Constitution.
Neither impeachment by the radical democrats in the House were for either high crimes or misdemeanors.

biden on the other hand has engaged in high crimes and misdemeanors.

Also Michael, I need to remind you you are a child of God, and if you defended the Gospel the way you defend obvious falsehoods, the Kingdom of Heaven would grow…so incredibly.

Praying for you…for real.

When he’s finally dragged into a courtroom, testifies under oath, the evidence is deliberated, and the jury finds him not guilty.

I saw what he did on January 6. I’ve heard what dozens of insiders have said under oath. I’ve watched him lie repeatedly, most recently when he announced his 2024 candidacy, and I’ve watched his followers blow every lie off, no matter how obvious.

There is no evidence, period.

Sure. That’s why he has teams of lawyers fighting tooth and nail to evade giving sworn testimony, and to keep all documents locked down.

If he runs in 2024 millions will turn out just to vote against him, exactly as they did in 2020. Add them to the those who would vote for a Democratic Party alternative to begin with, and to all the young voters angry about republicans taking away women’s control of their own bodies.

In 2016, no one believed Trump could win. People were too polite even to call him a liar. Don’t expect that again.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

and to all the young voters angry about republicans taking away women’s control of their own bodies.

That happens at State level not Federal. The children now cant even figure out XX or XY once they reach college, why? to fit in its a damn fad to be one of 12000 different genders many poor confused young adults medicated since early childhood.

comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

It was state republicans and republican-appointed Supreme Court justices. The common denominator is “republican”. They’ll be held accountable at every level.

Nah. Republicans followed the Law and Constitution. Democrats tried to subvert it.
They’ll be held accountable at every level.
Abortion is barbaric and no civilization that wants to survive would encourage it.

It wasnt Trump that made an experimental and deadly injection mandated, you want to talk about control over ones body?

If he runs in 2024 millions will turn out just to vote against himexactly as they did in 2020.

But they didn’t vote against him. We know that know. Millions of votes were fraudulent that went to Biden.

and to all the young voters angry about republicans taking away women’s control of their own bodies.

No, we just stopped them from killing the bodies of unborn children, and rejected their post-modern mental gymnastics that conveniently define “the point of personhood” as anything they want it to be.

Barbaric, to the extreme.

Birthrates in the US are already going up, thank God.

In 2016, no one believed Trump could win.

No, you useless cuck in the Deep State got arrogant and didn’t think he could win.

Now we know who you are and are taking back the power we gave you.

No more.

Not among the GOP’s base: Total fertility rate in the United States in 2020, by ethnicity of mother

Birthrates in the US are already going up, thank God.

Birth rates in the US are already going up, thank God.
I think you don’t understand what it is to be American.
And you are also clearly racist.

 The U.S. birth rate has fallen by 20% since 2007
02/15/22 – The Mystery of the Declining U.S. Birth Rate

Meh. Give it time. Women are learning that pursuing a dead-end career and acting like a man is not a good way to end your life.

More babies are being born due to roe v Wade being overturned, thank God.

We’re talking about 2022, not 2007.

Boy you people don’t know how to do anything objectively do you?

The world is going to be a better place with more people on it.

Some people would understand that an article written in 2022 stating “since 2007” refers to the current situation.

The declining birth rate might not be the fault of women. Globally, male fertility has been declining for decades. Environmental toxins are thought to be a possible cause. We’re all loaded with micro-particles of plastic and who knows what else.

11/15/22 – Male fertility crash accelerating worldwide: study

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

And some people would understand the historic victory of striking down Roe v Wade was a few months ago, and how it’s increasing birthrates NOW. Not 2007 or before.

Your efforts to deny reality and literally cheer on global genocide are noted.

That said:


Women are now more careful about contraception, have unrestricted access to morning after meds, and are more likely to make early decisions to use them, all because sexually insecure, marginally impotent male republican weenie dogs have taken away their right to choose.

For that reason, the elimination of choice has most likely DECREASED birth rates.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

If there is a recent crash its the Jab. Not Roe.

Women have always had the right to choose, and continue to have the choice to have sex or not.

The result of sex is a baby. Birth control is not perfect.

The fact that more women have had the woke scales fall from their eyes and BIRTHRATES HAVE DEMONSTRABLY BEEN INCREASING SINCE THE OVERTURNING OF ROE V WADE is something the followers of Moloch are furious about, that’s for sure.

The Left is comprised of men who pretend to be women, and LITERALLY have their “weenie” removed…followed by the despair of those women as they die alone with cats and boxed wine.


Thank God that fate is being forfeited for a righteous one, with family, love, and strength with real men who know how to protect and fight for a woman.

Christian Men. For sure. Christian Men are not worshiping the gods behind the “live your truth,” “you’re the opposite gender” and “sacrifice your baby for your career” madness that is merely Paganism, by any other name.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

And you obviously don’t understand that white women are the Democrats base.

I find it hilarious when you show how much you hate the human race and how much you want all of us to die.

That must pose a problem for republican males. It probably explains the anger, resentment, and obsession with disempowering women.

And you obviously don’t understand that white women are the Democrats base.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I’m afraid “empowering” women is just the latest excuse for the usual societal decay.

Women are certainly being empowered now to be responsible for their actions and to be mothers in wedlock.

It’s just as God intended.

So working for your boss is empowerment but raising your children has no power? Is it powerful to be a lonely shriveled up cat lady, alone on holidays?

That’s what greg wants.

Dead people, and never-born babies.

Why do democrats always drag race into the issue? You use race to try to convince us we should be for murdering the pre born? You are one racist sick individual.

Hey greg. Let’s talk about puppets Biden and Trudeau getting axed by the King of Walmart, Xi, and not allowed to be at the table at the g20 because they are not “major countries.”

All that after these clowns wore Mao-murder jackets?

Yeah, you morons are getting your asses handed to you…daily.

Bland pablum.
In 2020 he got more votes than idiot biden.
biden got more ballots than President Trump’s votes.
The j6 commission failed in their unconstitutional effort to criminalize Trump.
You have nothing left but what you wish will happen that will not happen.

Summary Of The Essential “Mainstream News Media” Political Coverage For The Past Two Years

The only people who get the quote-unquote whistleblower title are the people who advance the political interests of the US media and the Democrat Party which is the same thing. … [T]he media is an arm of the Democrat Party.  I never used to believe that but since 2015 its impossible to deny that.
Glen GreenwaldUnfiltered with Dan Bongino, Oct. 1, 2022

Last edited 1 year ago by TrumpWon

You’ve seen Trump commit no crimes, you’ve heard him tell no lies. You work all this up in your atrophied brain that is programmed to hate based on lies. You can wait for the rest of your life for Trump to be convicted of an actual crime and never see it.

Idiot Biden, on the other hand…

Fact check: 20 false and misleading claims Trump made in his announcement speech

“Global warming. … The oceans are going to rise. One-eighth of an inch within the next 250 years, we’re going to be wiped out!”

He lies with every other breath. He makes no distinction between truth and lies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Nah. Biden lies for real.

You in the media just lie about what Trump says.

The climate death cult is being defeated on every level all across the planet.

CNN… you just never learn, do you? I went through the first 3… all bullshit. Trump didn’t lie.

I have a massive list of idiot Biden’s lies that I will present for you to answer for as soon as I can post it without that “invalid email address message”. Stand by, scooter.

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

Please tell us is NY under water? how many fear mongering predictions have come true?

CNN… you just never learn, do you? I went through the first 3… all bullshit. Trump didn’t lie.
However, your quote IS a lie. There is no global warming and we WON’T be wiped out. Of
course, that was sarcasm, which is a form of humor, something you leftists don’t comprehend.
You just skipped over my previous, very short list of idiot Biden lies, so I took the effort to make a more comprehensive list based on the links I myself have kept. I made this list on a Word document so I can easily ask it repeatedly until you finally address idiot Biden’s massive lies.
Did idiot Biden lie when he said:
… the Afghanistan withdrawal went perfectly?
… the southern border is secure?
… Border Patrol mounted agents whipped illegal immigrants?
… inflation is transient?
… gas was $5 a gallon when he took office?
… Putin caused all the inflation?
… there was no vaccine when he took office?
… he has traveled 17,000 miles with Xi?
… that there are no background checks at gun shows?
… that the Georgia election law suppresses the ability to vote?
… the “surge” of illegal immigrants he caused happens every year?
… that he would only serve one term?
… that the disaster at the border is Trump’s fault?
… that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign business deals?
… the Supreme Court had decided election fraud cases?
… that he hasn’t taken lobbyist money?
… that he vaccinated (at the time) 70% of the population?
… he has driven an 18-wheeler?
… that he was a coal miner?
… he was a civil rights activist?
… he was arrested in the Capital?
… he was arrested in S. Africa?
… 350 million Americans had been vaccinated?
… no foreign leaders had criticized him?
… about nation building and putting soldiers in Afghanistan?
… about not leaving Afghanistan until all Americans were removed?
… that the collapse in Afghanistan “caught him by surprise”?
… he visited the Tree of Life synagogue after an attack on it?
… that he was going to end COVID?
… he was working “around the clock”?
… he had an opportunity to go to Annapolis and play football?
… that the 2nd Amendment banned weapons?
… the .223 and 9mm round were the most powerful rounds?
… told union members that since he took office, they have more money, more savings?
… that he was responsible for a planned Social Security cost of living increase?
… he would fire anyone on his staff that showed disrespect to anyone?
… there was no action on COVID19 “for months” under Trump?
… Officer Sicknick was murdered at the Capital?
… Republicans were defunding police, not Democrats?
… the economy was “in a tailspin” when he took office?
… the Capital riot was the worst incident of violence since the Civil War?
… the trillions of dollars Democrats were spending would cause inflation?
… Trump said white supremacists were “fine people”?
… there were Russian bounties?
… Democrat spending would not increase the deficit?
… no one making less that $400,000 would see tax increases?
… his infrastructure bill was “paid for”?
… the majority of illegal immigrant families are sent back?
… no family members of his or staff would get government jobs?
… the government was going to “buy American”?
You go on and on and on about all the
“lies” Trump has told, but you seem to actually ADMIRE liars and
lies. Explain why all the ABOVE lies are OK yet you make contortions to turn
Trump’s words into lies and condemn him for them?

Last edited 1 year ago by Just Plain Bill

When he’s finally dragged into a courtroom

…then the fake regime we are tolerating will be ripped from their fake offices by the only legal Authority in this country:

The People.

I saw what he did on January 6.

He did nothing. Video evidence both exonerated Trump, and incriminates our own government in staging a false flag.

Why did Hunter Biden receive over 150 Suspicious Activity Reports?
The government traces transactions over 10K especially if incoming from a foreign country.

Because he’s an international hedge fund, venture capital, and private-equity fund investor. International transactions exceeding $10,000 routinely generate such reports—unless you’re talking about the Trump organization and Deutsche Bank, of course.

Why did Hunter Biden receive over 150 Suspicious Activity Reports?

Nah. A fake Democrat regime just got caught laundering money through Ukraine and feeding it back to its candidates via cryptocurrency.

That’s a real scandal.

They already debunked Trump Deutsche Bank hoax…

… isn’t.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

You cant possibly be serious
Report when they detect a known or suspected violation of Federal law or a suspicious transaction related to a money laundering activity or a violation of the Bank Secrecy Act.
They are not simply created willy nilly in a global economy.
A few could be explained such as 900K to one of these shell companies marked out payment for Lobbying by the VP of the US for a Ukrainian gas company where Hunter was employed.(The Vice President also a lobbyist, nothing to see there)

Well, Greggie will be thrilled, his miserable existence will have some meaning.

Greggie the ftx is a scandal beyond your feeble comprehension

The MSM cant hide tens of billions of dollars just vanishing

Are we having fun yet?

Last edited 1 year ago by kitt

expect the usual banter from the M.S. Media bottom feeders and gutter dwellers in the M.S. Media we know the reaction we get when you some into the kitchen in the morning to make Breakfast turn on the lights and the Cockroaches scurry for cover

I know Rush Limbaugh has only been gone a couple of years, but he exposed certain antics from the uniparty on his shows.
One antic was pretending you were a strong Trump supporter BUT this one act, X, or Y, or Z was the straw that broke the camel’s back and now you just could not support any tea party candidate, or Trump.
It was all lies from callers who never supported any tea party candidates or Trump.
And it’s being trotted out now.
All these globalists in the uniparty are pretending they have the country’s best interests at heart.
They do not.
There’s not a hairbreadth difference between what joe’s puppet masters are doing to American and what a globalist republican would do.

It’s going to be a very very very long 2 years and quite likely bloody or at least somewhat messy. Trump needs desperately to contain his natural nature of calling fellow travelers names. I don’t care what he calls the Dims, they deserve it but it’s better to crush with facts. We NEED Trump 2.0.

He hopes presidential candidacy and the threat of mob violence will complicate his criminal prosecution.

There is no criminal prosecution nor will there be one in the future. Put down hunters crack pipe.

Nah. Trump isn’t involved in a SINGLE instance of mob violence. Not one.

He has successful rallies with actual attendees…like they pretended Obama did.

Careful what you wish for. The cardboard cutout puppet Obama’s circus allowed for the real deal, Trump, to become the FOREVER 45th President of the United States.

The threat and execution of mob violence comes from the left.

It worked for Biden, didn’t it?

House Democrat proposes Trump be disqualified from office as an ‘insurrectionist’
Rep. David Cicilline argues he should be barred under the 14th Amendment.

Another moron democrat. This will never happen.