Dear America



Dear America

I am disappointed. Surprised and disappointed. Yesterday was a litmus test for your intelligence and you failed. 72% of voters said they felt the country was going in the wrong direction and still you voted to stay the course.

Many of us tried to help you. We tried to help you understand what was at stake and how to set the country on a better path but you chose to ignore us. It’s baffling. I never understood why people would vote against their better interests. But you did. What did you vote for?

You voted for violent crime.

You voted for the deaths of innocent people and children in Chicago, NYC, Detroit and Baltimore and other cities.

You voted for criminals to be released without bail.

You voted to continue the flood of fentanyl into this country.

You voted to allow China to profit from that fentanyl.

You voted for Mexican drug cartels who manufacture that fentanyl.

You voted to allow a demented senile old lying fraud not to be held accountable for anything.

You voted for the illegal alien invasion to continue.

You voted for the f**king psychopath who says the border is secure.

You voted for allowing the grooming of school children into a transgender life without their parents’ knowledge.

You voted for more inflation.

You voted for high gas and oil prices.

You voted for high food prices.

You voted for more bad economy.

You voted for this country to be ridiculed worldwide.

You elected Shrek to the Senate.

Now I have to confess to you that, as you don’t care about any of this, I don’t care about you. I’m spent from caring. When you are or someone you know is gunned down in the streets of a major city I won’t care. When you cry over one of your children overdosing on fentanyl, well, I will still care but I won’t feel a shred of sympathy for you. When you whine about the cost of gas, oil and diesel I won’t care. When you whine about the cost of food I won’t care. When you can’t keep your house warm in the winter I won’t care. When one of your family is assaulted, raped or murdered by an illegal alien, sorry. When stores continue to be robbed without consequence and your store is forced to close, suck it up. When you get pushed in front of a subway train, too bad. I hope border towns who voted blue are further inundated with illegals and their crime. I hope your police departments are defunded. That’ll teach us.

Those of you who voted for this deserve what’s coming to you. Enjoy your vote.






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The thing we failed to do was fix the sh!t that went down in 2020, Florida fixed it. No we did not need to overturn the election have a civil war or any of that, just find the loopholes and untie the knots.
Prosecute those to the fullest extent of the law those that are destroying the elections process.
Its too late for MI, PA, CA and NY. Not another conservative penny for them for any seat. Most good people have already moved out of those shit-hole cautionary tales.
Who are those easiest to scare?
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Those who did vote democrat deserve the worst that idiot biden has created in the last 22 months.

The people whose vote was appropriated from their intended candidate do not deserve the mess idiot biden has made.

“rah rah rah” ran into “steal, steal again, stolen”. That’s the bottom line. The voters did not vote. The oligarchs voted for them, through election fraud. DrJohn is making assumptions, wholly not born out by facts.

Fix “steal, steal again, stolen”, and you’ll hear the American voters. However, you’ll have to overcome their Federal guns to do so. Future elections never resolved the problem of a lawless government which steals elections.

That’s the bottom line. That is, ugly as it is, the honest truth. “rah rah rah” just gets the American’s peoples hopes up. What comes next, after TWO consecutive stolen national elections (actually, many more than that, where the Democrats employed the same tactics on a smaller scale, with similar results in 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, and 2010), is American hopelessness. When people have no say in their government, when there is no hope of change, they all hunker down. It’s family and tribe first, and to hell with everyone and anyone else.

That’s just what DrJohn’s reaction demonstrated. That’s where America is headed.

I think that’s what he’s saying John. It was more stolen than Americans just “staying the course.”

Actually, you’re reaction, to wit: “Now I have to confess to you that, as you don’t care about any of this, I don’t care about you. I’m spent from caring.“, was of what I referred to. True, your comment is taken somewhat out of context. However, I do believe American’s will disengage after this election. You will find fewer and fewer willing to give time and money, to use their emotional energy, on “the next election”, because they know the fix is in, that their vote is meaningless, and that the candidates that they have supported, are either collaborating in the Democrat’s Coup, or will stand aside doing nothing (i.e. just as they’ve supported those illegally detained in D.C.). American’s will soon say “I’ll take care of me and mine, and you leave me the hell alone.”

Which of course, works fine, until the FBI Bearcat arrives at your front door. Or, perhaps the door of a son, daughter, father, mother, cousin, etc.. At some point, the “ends justifies the means” progressives will take a step too far, and then unintended consequences will act as a catalyst, taking the USA into violent, national confrontation. What does, for example, the governor of Texas or Florida do, if those 30 FBI agents are confronted with arms, and then end up doing a “Branch Dividian” to one of their city’s neighborhoods? What happens when local or state LEO’s step in to protect their citizens lives, and are injured or killed as well. What happens when a madman President sends in the military to reinforce the armed, Democrat party FBI/DHS agents, when they start taking losses during the return fire. Who says that the next armed FBI raid on an unarmed Christian pastor goes quietly, that no neighbor steps up to stop it, or is killed, and then perhaps HIS family engages?

The Democrat’s Federal shock troops are running around like a bull in a China shop, without any regard for the US Constitution and Federal law being violated, or concern for consequences. I’m not talking militia attack type stuff. I’m talking about accidents, unforeseen consequences. Do I, for example, stand aside while my son is cuffed to be sent to a Democrat dungeon, and perhaps my daughter in law is executed with her baby in her arms? Do I then call a lawyer, or my Congressman, or cry to the press. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t, but a capable man intervenes, no matter who’s unjustly attacking his family.

Something will happen. The nation is a tinderbox. But for now, most of us just say “… leave me and mine the hell alone”, and at this point, that includes the mostly corrupt, elected GOP.

… we’re almost there, just hang in a little while longer

oops…duplicate; ignore

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I agree, sailor.

While I do think many Americans on the Right are more quisling than patriot, I also expected the establishment to further perfect is vote rigging operation into something even more stealthly.

You don’t commit high treason by installing a senile puppet in the way of Biden, against the wishes of Americans, and not continue doing that in elections to come.

I’ve been predicting that the Dem Fraud Machine would handle this election just like it did the last one and all I got was criticism about being a downer. Everyone completely ignored… 81 million votes for Joe Biden.

And then walked right into this one with their eyes shut and living in a fantasy world. Either it was the Dem Fraud machine (which I think most likely) or the U.S. population had become enamored of Socialism, Transgenderism and the Left’s Agenda. Not sure which is worse but it really doesn’t matter the result is the same. This was probably the last actual “election” to be held in the U.S.. Future ones will be like those in the old Soviet Union or East Germany… simply ritual approval of the Party’s Agenda.

Welcome to the new Socialist Reality folks.

Most likely. Criminals get better at crime, when they are left uncaught.

In 1959, Congressman Ed Derwinski of Illinois entered an editorial by the Chicago Daily Calumet into the Congressional record, referring to Americans who traveled to the Soviet Union to promote peace as “what Lenin calls useful idiots in the Communist game”.

Bernie Sanders did that, and he’s not even stupid, just sentimental and idealist.
BUT, the Left saw a way to turn the majority of Americans into useful idiots.
They control the American Public School system, its teachers, curriculum, even what standards students must live up to.
So, they dumbed down Americans when they were in school.
Now many of these people are adults and vote.
They never learned HOW to think.
They were indoctrinated as to WHAT to think.
In fact, thinking is being demonized in schools now.

These people can literally be hurt by the Left’s policies but STILL vote dem straight ticket!
Mugging them with reality is difficult, but possible in some cases.

So, you wanna know what Surprised and Disappointed is? It’s being told I’m Stupid, that America is Stewpid. You SAID over 70% believed America was going the wrong direction. Yep,, at least.. And then YOU BELIEVE we went and voted for More of the Same? How fukkin Moronic!
Dude! The elections are RIGGED!

Dr. John, can you prove the elections in question were NOT rigged? Do you know how to program a tabulator? Have you ever been present when the L & A testing of tabulators in your county were done?

There is no such thing as a free and “fair” election anymore. Just watch Georgia, Arizona and PA.

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When one is gripped by fear of a threat, real or imagined, their rational and higher cognitive capacities shut down, making them easily manipulable by anyone that promises safety from the threat. “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear”, wrote the 18th century philosopher Edmund Burke.
Mind control 101. Lock them in the house with constant death tolls rolling. tell them over and over that there is only one way out, we have the experts. There are “others” yes they dont believe, they are a threat to you, you are smarter and better than “they” are.
Not stupid Nolan, conditioned.

I know I keep harping on this, but I think it IS the root cause; the corrupt leftist liberal media is the ultimate culprit. While Democrats were claiming a vote for Republicans would destroy democracy, journalists should have been asking “How, exactly?” When Democrats claim Republicans have banned abortion, journalists should have been asking, “Where, exactly, has abortion been banned?” When that ultimate idiot Biden claims Republicans are fascists, journalists should have been asking, “How so? What are your examples?” When Democrats claim the border is secure, journalists should have been asking, “If it is secure, how did 5 million illegal immigrants and enough fentanyl to kill everyone in the entire country several times over get into the country?”

But they don’t. The allow, and even repeat, the lies of the Democrats, which gives the false impression that the lies are fact. The lying, corrupt, leftist propaganda promoting media is the greatest threat to our representative government. Democrats merely benefit from it.

The democrat media is the left arm of the democrat party. They bastardize journalism because of the obvious bias they have against not just the Republican Party but the grassroots populist people of this country.

The democrat party and the media are the enemy of the people and the country.

When did operation mockingbird stop? How about MKUltra it has many monkiers in FOIA documents. There are terms mass hypnosis and conspiracy theorist, the first dont believe your lying eyes, the second we might just have to change to spoiler alert.
Spoiler alert it is rare for a republican to win if the counting of votes is delayed/extended for any reason.
I have little confidence for Lake or any of the republicans in races to close to call.

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These people, Doc, cannot face up to the failure they support. If any of the above happened to them (it never seems to; it seems to always inflict those who oppose the policies), they would find something external to blame. It’s NEVER their decisions or those they elect.

Fecalman is the perfect example of how brain-dead and totally indoctrinated the left is. This guy was defective and deficient BEFORE his brain checked out, supporting drug use (which leads to mental problems which leads to homelessness which leads to MORE crime), emptying prisons, no-bail release of criminals, no prosecution for crimes, more attacks on the 2nd Amendment, keeping the border open and ignoring all the problems that produces. Simply add to that the fact he is a walking vegetable and who in the HELL would want that as a representative? Well, someone just as flawed as Fecalman.

If she cant run an election, with 2 years to prepare, how is this failure going to run the whole state?

It is being done on purpose. There are 650,000 game day votes yet to be counted.

If the machines are the way to go, would not the game day votes from the machines tabulate the Election Day results?

I was a precinct judge for two presidential elections in Franklin county Ohio, 2004 and 2008. We had machine then but had the results the night of Election Day.

Kari Lake crushed the valley girl Hobbs and the rest of the ticket won big as well. They are purposely slow walking the results to deny all republican candidates the opportunity to share their victories with their teams and the people who voted for them

Third world countries have more sound elections than maricopa county.

UPDATE: Breakdown of the Remaining 621,856 Ballots Left to Count in Arizona Via Kari Lake’s Senior Advisor – “No Mathematical Path for Katie Hobbs” (VIDEO)


They “ran out of ink”. REALLY? Ran out of f**king INK? People in charge need to STOP this denying the existence of election fraud bullshit.

All of it has been done purposely. The 30% non functioning tabulators was intentional republican voter suppression. The election officials knew game day voting would be significant. How better to suppress the vote than to have all alleged nonfunctional equipment.

How many voters not trusting the voting system left the polling location not dropping their ballot into box three and perhaps not returning to vote? No one knows.

Now in Nevada the live stream last night goes dark and guess what, minutes later a van with ballots conveniently shows up.

The problem is thatte 72% didn’t have confidence that the GOP would be any more successful and could be worse. The GOP offered well deserved blame but little in the way of solution.

Maybe. I think after you publicly rig an election for Democrats like they did in 2020, the opposition doesn’t think their vote matters anymore.

Regardless, the narrative that people just didn’t vote isn’t something I believe.

Those who think current day elections and for that matter previous elections are fair, honest and transparent learned nothing from 2020.
The vast majority of Americans oppose the direction the country has been going and will continue to go. It is irrational to believe they would vote for their own suicide.
Until votes matter more than ballots we are destined for ruin.

 The GOP offered well deserved blame but little in the way of solution.

The solution was right before our eyes; just as idiot Biden reversed everything that was working, creating this catastrophe we are currently living in, the solution is to reverse everything idiot Biden is doing and restore the pre-pandemic conditions. Nothing is broken, nothing needs overhaul, it simply needs to be put back aright.

Remember just three short years ago where we were as a country. America first and enormous strength thanks to policies of President Trump. Now the opposition to President Trump should tell all, the DC swamp does not want America to be in the position we were in 2019 again.
And they will steal as many elections as necessary to keep the people of this country from chartering their destiny.