Bumbling Biden Tries to Blackmail the Saudis To Interfere With the Midterms


Just a few short years ago Biden’s son Hunter got a board position at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings for quite the yearly salary and despite having no relevant experience.  Not long after Ukraine’s then-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin began investigating Burisma at which point Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless they fired Shokin. 

Nothing illegal there eh? Just extortion is all.

And it looks like Bumbling Biden is up to his old tricks.

Saudi Arabia says that Bumblin’ Joe is attempting to get them to delay a cut in oil productions for just a month.

A month you say? Hmmm….what’s happening in a month?

Yup, the midterms.

The Saudi’s gave him the old middle finger and Bumblin’ Joe is none to happy.

President Joe Biden will examine all aspects of US ties with Saudi Arabia, including arms sales, as administration officials begin quiet discussions with members of Congress and congressional aides about how the US could impose consequences on the kingdom following the kingdom’s decision to partner with Russia in cutting oil production.
“There is a range of interests and values that are implicated in our relationship with that country,” Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters Wednesday. “The President will examine all of that. But one question he’s going to ask is: Is the nature of the relationship serving the interest and values of the United States and what changes would make it better serve the interests and values?”
It’s the latest indication from the administration that changes to the US-Saudi relationship could be coming after the Saudi-led OPEC+ oil cartel announced last week it would cut output by 2 million barrels per day.

So threatening an ally with cutting off military aid unless they help him politically sure sounds like another Quid pro quo situation.
The lefties lost their collective minds when it was alleged Trump withheld military aid over another Quid pro quo

I’m guessing we won’t see their heads exploding over this one.

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So, idiot Biden realizes that low production is what drives up energy costs. He has the power to solve that problem IMMEDIATELY without having to threaten anyone. All he has to do is assure the oil industry the federal government would cease and desist trying to put them out of business and open up the leases they need. The downside is it would make AOC angry and he wouldn’t get to sniff her hair.

So, he goes and begs the Saudis and Venezuelans. He’s an incompetent, lying, corrupt, thieving shitbag.

We’ve seen the “progressives” move beyond “cognitive dissonance,” to just doing and saying whatever their elite puppetmasters tell them to – no matter how opposite it is from their last opining on an identical situation before.
They had to throw away thinking to be able to do this.
What could possibly be their reward that makes this worthwhile to them?
Mere money?
Some level of power allowed to the puppetmasters’ useful idiots?
I bet some of these useful idiots are “true beleivers,” in their puppetmasters’ tales for the rabbles’ consumption. (Climate emrgency, “peak” oil, eating bugs is good, mRNA spike proteins are good, etc.)

What dose Time think of their Person of the Year now?

Impeach the ba*tard!

Brian Deese gets a good thrashing…

I love how he brags about his quid-pro-quo. Of course the leftists don’t know anything about that video. They’ve never seen it nor heard of it & they’re not interested in doing so. My God! Where are we & where are we headed? If it wasn’t for his insurance policy I would say start impeachment proceedings the day the new Congress is worn-in but, kamala? Can we impeach them both?

What’s the downside? The media will cover his corrupt ass and while Democrats have control of Congress, he can’t be held accountable. It’s for certain that the Democrat-weaponized DOJ won’t go after him. Not only would he lose no support if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue”, but he wouldn’t be prosecuted for it, either.

RAD, Remove All Democrats