The Migrants are Coming! The Migrants are Coming!


Recently, the entitled, affluent, white residents on Martha’s Vineyard narrowly avoided a disaster of epic proportions.  Apparently, 50 (that’s f-i-f-t-y) illegal aliens were FedExed by Governor DeSantis.  He didn’t know where they were going, but FedEx guaranteed that they would be there by 10 a.m. the next morning.  There, happened to be an island, located 7 miles off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, populated by the rich and famous.  Panic and a mass meltdown ensued.

Prior to their unwelcome arrival on the island, the Emergency Alert System (ELS) was initiated to warn residents of the impending invasion. Sirens blared, doors were locked, windows shuttered and beloved pets were rushed to safety. Terrified residents, clutching their pearls, immediately fled to the safety of their panic rooms.  In a crime against humanity, they were forced to eat caviar on stale Ritz crackers and drink warm, bottled, COSTCO water!  Oh, the horror!

One brave and intrepid resident, Dicky Dinkins, drove his 2023 Tesla Founders Series Roadster through the neighborhood, yelling “THE MIGRANTS ARE COMING!”  “THE MIGRANTS ARE COMING!”  Dicky desperately wanted to warn rich neighbors playing golf and the swells munching lobster rolls on air-conditioned verandas that the end was nearer than they imagined. Dicky also wanted to showcase his brand new $250,000 Musk machine. Two birds-one stone.

Ironically, Martha’s Vineyard is a proud sanctuary city.  According to their mantra:




Yeah, right. Texas senator, Ted Cruz (R) reacted to the “invasion” of Martha’s Vineyard:

I thought Martha’s Vineyard was a ‘sanctuary city’? I thought they declared themselves a ‘haven’ for illegal immigrants??  Just 50 arrive, and the socialist billionaires send them away-to a military base, no less–in just 24 hours.”

Obama, who owns a 29 acre, 11.75 million dollar property on the island, could have graciously thrown up an enormous tent in the yard (like his 60th birthday bash during COVID) and offered the weary, poor travelers rest, food and a beverage of their choice. Migrants could have gratefully accessed one of  the eight-and-a-half bathrooms in Barack’s mansion to relieve themselves.

It was all a shameless fraud. 

Panicked calls were made.  125 National Guardsmen were immediately activated to relocate the invaders somewhere, anywhere, out of sight and out of mind.  They could have been dumped on a tuna boat in the middle of the Atlantic for all they cared. One tone deaf resident actually said, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” Most of the migrants didn’t even know where here was.  It didn’t matter because within 24 hours (courtesy of the National Guard), the poor, hungry, frightened, migrants were quietly hustled off to some obscure Air Force base and disappeared. All of the residents on Martha’s Island breathed a collective sigh of relief!

In words us simple folk can understand, the poor, hungry, migrants were a problem, but not their problem.  Apparently, contrary to to their posted signage:

Hate does have business on Martha’s Vineyard

Migrants are not welcome on Martha’s Vineyard unless the’re wielding a leaf blower

What a sad commentary on selfish, rich, righteous, pretentious liberals who pretend to care about humanity but only when it serves their interest and doesn’t impact their comfortable, entitled, pampered lives.


Shame on you. At the very least, take down your damn sign!

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Lets send a few bus loads to all those Open Borders Build Bridges not Walls bunch of idiots

I wonder how Ron’s stunt will play with Florida’s 2.5 million Latino voters?

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Smashes Fundraising Record

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Smashes Fundraising Record –

Trump is trying to lock his own down with legal maneuvers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

I wonder how Ron’s stunt will play with Florida’s 2.5 million Latino voters?

Why don’t you ask Oscar Leeser? He fits all your boxes; he’s Hispanic AND Democrat.

I wonder how Ron’s stunt will play with Florida’s 2.5 million Latino voters?

Like most ignorant liberals, you have no idea how Hispanic citizens or legal immigrants think about illegal immigrants. They work hard to shed the stigma illegal immigrant splash upon them. They have pride in their dedication to the United States. They are more opposed to illegal immigration than many whites.

Also, most of Florida’s Latino voters are Cubans. They fled the very socialism, totalitarianism and tyranny that idiot Biden is imposing upon the nation now. There are Hispanics who hope a flood of illegal immigrants will benefit them in turning the US into an Hispanic nation. If you think this benefits YOU somehow, good luck.

They’re probably more angry with the uppity libtards in Martha’s Vineyard

It’s great to see you completely out of gas on this topic. It’s a no-win and all the smoke bomb deflections in the world aren’t going to help.

Newsflash: the 0bamas aren’t white


I’m sure you thought you had a point.

But they are elitists who think they are above being within sight of miserable illegal immigrants. They wouldn’t be in Martha’s Vineyard otherwise.

Actual Central American Migrant at Kamala Harris speech:

“They told me the border was open, so I came and crossed with everyone else.”

Put the two together and apparently the Border is securely open.

08/11/23 – 3-year-old riding one of Texas’ migrant buses dies on the way to Chicago, officials say

It’s the first announced death since Texas started busing migrants last year. So far more than 30,000 migrants have been moved to Democratic-controlled cities across the U.S.

AUSTIN, Texas — A 3-year-old child riding one of Texas’ migrant buses died while on the way to Chicago, officials said Friday, the first time the state has announced a death since it began shuttling thousands of migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border last year.

Texas authorities confirmed a child’s death in a statement Friday but did not say where the child was from or why they became ill. The Illinois Department of Public Health said the child was 3 years old and died Thursday in Marion County, in the southern part of that state.

“Every loss of life is a tragedy,” the Texas Division of Emergency Management said in a statement. “Once the child presented with health concerns, the bus pulled over and security personnel on board called 9-1-1 for emergency attention.”

Texas has bused more than 30,000 migrants to Democratic-controlled cities across the U.S. since last year as part of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s sprawling mission on the border, called Operation Lone Star. The operation has come under a burst of new scrutiny in recent months over additional hard-line measures the governor has authorized in the name of deterring migrants from crossing from Mexico.

The Biden administration is suing Texas over wrecking ball-sized buoys placed on the Rio Grande this summer, saying the water barrier poses environmental and humanitarian concerns. Texas has also begun separating some migrant families on the border in what marks a shift by state police, who have previously said that families should stay together.

Abbott spokesperson Renae Eze referred questions Friday night about the child’s death to the state’s emergency management agency, which has operated the bus program since it launched in 2022…

Bidens open border policy kills many children some abandoned in the desert by the coyotes, some drown, the democrats are to blame.

I wonder why you aren’t posting the stories about those dying crossing the border, drowning in the Rio Grande (greatly reduced thanks to Abbott’s river barrier), or those locked up in cages in the Arizona sweltering heat? How about the girls and women raped on the way in to collect on idiot Biden’s false promises? How about posting stories on how wealthy the cartels are getting as idiot Biden’s human trafficking partners?

You pick out one tragedy that is solely the responsibility of idiot Biden and his open border policy and try to make us think you care about illegal immigrants. I don’t remember you posting THIS story.

Idiot Biden’s border policies results in the deaths of 46 illegal immigrants in a semi-trailer.
Border deaths decreased when Trump was President.
You f**king Democrats don’t give half a shit about any immigrant lives. Why don’t you spare us your stupid bullshit.

Because they are not humans to the Democrat, communists they are simply a means to an end. Ukrainian soldiers again they are not humans, the Ukrainians that were being murdered by their government since the coup and so many millions more.