Munchausen Syndrome by President?


Dark clouds are ahead. We are being browbeaten by liberals about Trump being a dictator to distract you from Biden actually being a dictator. It is one of the current dog whistles on social media. There is a reason for it.

Today Joe Biden launched into a bizarre speech in Pennsylvania in which he pounded on his newly discovered issue of crime and the perennial issue of gun control. It was really weird and often, dishonest. Crime is rampant across the country, Pennsylvania included. Philly has seen over 300 homicides this year. Philly is far more dangerous than the rest of Pennsylvania despite Philly DA Larry Krasner asserting that Philly does not have a crime crisis. But Biden did not bring that up. Instead, he began whispering and shouting in fits and starts.

He shouted about funding the police.

That’s not going to go well with The Squad

House ‘Squad’ members unveil bill to defund police and give reparations

It wasn’t just them

Biden himself said he would “absolutely” divert some funds from the police

Joe Biden said in an interview Wednesday that some funding should “absolutely” be redirected from police, amid calls from some in his party to “defund the police” in the wake of the protests across the country.


Then it was guns and this is where it got really weird

Huh? I don’t know about an F15 but I do know where $7 billion in US weapons was abandoned.

But this one…

Biden is and always has been an inveterate liar. Some things never change

“…killing several police officers in the meantime.”

Utter bullsh*t. Two people died that day- Ashli Babbit and Roseanne Boyland, both at the hands of the Capitol Police.

The weirdness continued unabated

Well he could, but Joe has not once gone to Eagle Pass, let alone the border, to witness the sheer human tragedy he’s created. Biden has combated every effort to secure the border and had the gall to bring up fentanyl.

Rainbow fentanyl is the new rage. It is designed to be attractive to children.

Rainbow fentanyl can sometimes come in the form of counterfeit M30 oxycodone pills. 

Fentanyl is killing 100,000 Americans per year. China is sending fentanyl precursors to Mexican cartels with whom China is doing business. The cartels make the finished product. Biden has presided over this for 19 months but only in the face of the midterm elections does he have an epiphany. Biden’s handpicked Chief of Border Patrol lays the blame at Biden’s feet.  A more cynical person might even wonder if Biden has been keeping open the borders to maximize the damage and deaths so that he can assume the mantle of the country’s savior. You might call Biden the Munchausen Syndrome by President- killing young Americans so he can then save them.

All of this is prelude for what I expect to follow: harsh extra-Constitutional Presidential executive orders coming down on Trump, his supporters and Republicans. Eventually the Supreme Court will rule them unconstitutional but not until after the election. That will be his anti-crime policy. 87,000 IRS agents are just the tip of the spear.

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Those cops would still be alive if it weren’t for Trump’s Big Lie. Babbitt would still be alive if she didn’t buy into Trump’s Big Lie and if she hadn’t ignored a lawful order. So would Boyland.

Tell us, shit for brains, how many cops and by name were killed in the US Capital on January 6, 2021?

«According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day.

The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvellous day today”!

The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful.

They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well.

The Lie tells the Truth: “The water is very nice, let’s take a bath together!”

The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it, indeed, is very nice.

They undress and start bathing.

Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away.

The furious Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back.

The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage.

The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein, its shame.

Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbours no wish at all to meet the naked Truth.»

@Matt Jackson

Those cops would still be alive if it weren’t for Trump’s Big Lie.

Um… WHAT cops? Those that didn’t die? As it turns out, they ARE still alive, speaking of “Big Lie”.

Babbitt would still be alive if Michael Byrd had not panicked and killed her for no reason. Boyland would still be alive if Capital Police had not beaten her to death. 100,000 US citizens a year, mostly young people, would still be alive if idiot Biden hadn’t opened our border and allowed MILLIONS OF DOSES of fentanyl to be smuggled into the country.

The 2020 election was rigged, clearly.

The resulting false-flag conducted by the FBI/CIA by baiting a small number of protestors, attacking them then letting them into the Capitol on purpose, is a textbook “regime change” move we run in other countries…Ukraine being one.

The Big Lie is that Biden is the president.

He won nothing. Democrats defunded police and fomented violence and crime.

They are the enemies of our country. No one was killed by Trump supporters at the J6th farce.

No one.

25 people were killed during the antifa/BLM insurrections, by comparison.

I’d grow a conscience, “Matt Jackson.” Your paycheck from the Bureau isn’t worth the stain on your soul to attack your own fellow Americans.

pffft, total Fu*ktard…keep drinking the kool aid and maybe you will come to realization

Isn’t it ironic how joe claims that guns wouldn’t be enough to take on the gov’t (“….you need an F-15. You need something more than a gun.”) while he says the Jan 6th protestors were taking over the gov’t altho NOT ONE of them was armed!!!

@Nan G
Well, logic and keeping his lies straight are not among idiot Biden’s strong points. While we are developing artificial intelligence, idiot Biden displays RS (real stupidity).

Idiot Biden has got to be the biggest liar in US history. But, why not? The media does not hold him accountable for his blatant and easily exposed, so idiot Biden is free to lie all he wants.

The left defunded police, no the right. The left encourages crime with no-bail release and refusal to prosecute, not the right. The left commits political violence, not the right. The left opened the border and ignores the fentanyl plague, not the right.

I guess it’s a bit encouraging to see that idiot Biden at least recognizes all the horrific threats to US society. What is pathetic that instead of reversing his policies and actually trying to solve those problems, he simply politicizes them and blames Republicans for what he and Democrats have done to this country.

The only way to describe this is that idiot Biden is a goddamn f**king liar.

This latest incoherent, lied filled rant is Just further proof he has dementia and that it’s getting worse. Now he can go on his weekly vacation so they can hide him. That’s the pattern. Remember, his handlers only let us see him when he’s at his best. Imagine what he’s like when we don’t see him.

@another vet
I wonder why idiot Biden mention harsher penalties actually enforced for falsifying a federal background check for buying a handgun?

Biden: “For those brave right-wing Americans who say [the 2nd amendment] is all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something more than a gun.”

Just like Viet Nam and Afghanistan? He’s really up to speed on military history.

And just who flies those F-15’s? The overwhelming majority of people in the military are right of center as are us Veterans.

Does this fool honestly believe those pilots are going to bomb their family and friends?

Does this fool honestly believe that the rank and file Soldiers and Marines are going to invade their former neighborhoods and kill their family and friends because he tells them to?

Does this fool honestly believe that the aforementioned military members would not defect in large numbers and turn against him and his crony, woke generals who would order them into battle to kill their family and friends?

Does this fool honestly believe that the governors of the states he would invade would sit back and let what’s left of our federal forces after the mass defections come into their states to kill their citizens and not call up their National Guard which has the same types of weapons?

Does this fool honestly believe that militia groups wouldn’t spring up all across the country to augment the regular forces to repel his cronies?

This tantrum of his was provocative, dangerous, and irresponsible. Fortunately, no one is really taking him seriously anymore and recognizes he is a demented idiot.

It’s past his bedtime.