About that 10 year old rape victim story- it’s true, but wait until you learn the whole thing



This was another one of those stories I wanted to write about but wanted to wait for the shoes to drop and drop they have.

You might remember the story Biden told about a 10-year-old rape victim (no, Hunter wasn’t involved this time) who became pregnant and had to cross state lines from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion.

“On Monday three days after the Supreme Court issued its groundbreaking decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist, took a call from a colleague, a child abuse doctor in Ohio,” the piece began. “Hours after the Supreme Court action, the Buckeye state had outlawed any abortion after six weeks. Now this doctor had a 10-year-old patient in the office who was six weeks and three days pregnant.”

A good amount of skepticism grew because no one was able to validate the story, which came from a solitary source- Dr. Caitlin Bernard. And you know how Biden lies about everything. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost cagily said that no such case had been reported anywhere in the state.

“There is no case request for analysis that looks anything like this,” Yost said Monday while explaining that there were no cases in the state involving a 10-year-old rape victim which matched the details of this story.

He was careful not to say that it was a false story, just that nothing had been reported.

It turns out that the story is true, but there’s a lot more to it.

  • Abortionist Dr. Caitlin Bernard violated HIPAA laws in leaking the case and will be punished for it.
  • She is accused of not reporting underage abortions as required by statute – another violation of the law. She did not report this case to the state.
  • The young girl did not need to travel outside of Ohio. She could have had the abortion legally in the state

When the story ran, some of us noted that the Ohio law actually does not prohibit abortions after six weeks but after “fetal heartbeat has been detected.” Being three days over the six-week line is not a bar on abortion. More importantly, it also has the exceptions for cases like this one.

Bernard, who performs abortions in Indiana, took the case on a referral from a doctor in Ohio- a doc ignorant of the law. I am wondering about her transport across state lines.

So why was this buried for so long? One guess.

The accused rapist is an illegal f**king alien. He raped her not once, but twice. Gershon Fuentes.

Gershon Fuentes

Remember what Trump said?

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

It’s obviously not just Mexico. There are rapists busy on the trip into invading this country and once they get here. The number of crimes committed by illegals is soaring. 

With the skyrocketing number of illegals being allowed to invade, this is sadly going to become a common event. Immigration is just wonderful.

Thanks, Biden.



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The rape of this young girl is the fault of biden. It was not necessary to transport her to Indiana. She could have terminated the pregnancy in Ohio

This was orchestrated by the left to create a narrative that turned out to be false.

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Bottom line, this was very sloppy on the part of the democrat party. Why was there no report of the rape in Ohio?

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Agreed, the optics of an illegal alien given the current state of affairs at our southern border would be prohibitive. On the second reason, they were using the child to create a narrative and we’re extremely sloppy in their execution

Yesterday Jesse Waters team contacted DeWine, Ohio AG, Ohio Prosecutors, hospitals, Law Enforcement etc AND NO ONE HEARD about it, not a trace of the story. 
All of a sudden they arrested someone on it. 
I smell B U L L S H I T T

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I do not take issue with lack of public disclosure. I agree that an incident such as this must be discreet and only reposted to state officials.

I argue that it should have been reported but due to the illegal status it most likely was not at least as far as we know.

I also believe this was an effort by the worst of the left to selfishly use the incident for political gain. It has failed IMHO

100% B.S. indeed ! It wreaks of democrat fabrication/staging.

Like most leftists, many prefer to be ignorant of the law. That way they can bitch about all the unfairness.

Every detail of the story has turned out to be TRUE, moron. It’s only one example of the consequences of moronic laws imposed by GOP state legislatures now given an Official Seal of Approval by Trump’s Supreme Court appointees, who had to conceal their true intentions at confirmation hearings to gain access to the bench.

Now it looks like the mother is illegal and the rapist is their only source of income.

What kind of income, prostitution?


That a 10 year old gets pregnant is nearly impossible. She would have had to pass through puberty at 8 or 9 which is unheard of.

So, the story is a lie. There is no pregnant 10 year old. That she was raped is probable.

In 1939 Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado, a Peruvian, gave birth at the age of 5 years, 7 months, and 21 days. She was the youngest confirmed mother in history. The case was fully documented.

Reality is what it is, not what we want it to be. List of youngest birth mothers

So, the story is a lie. There is no pregnant 10 year old. That she was raped is probable.

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Absolutely a horror story.

Horrific abuse of an infant. The whole family should have been criminally punished at some level. And the perp, put to death.

Of course no one takes data on such a matter in the year 1939 seriously.

Reality is not what ignorant Leftist can world salad their way into.

The story is yet another hoax.

IF true, Democrats used a ten year old rape victim, CAUSED BY DICTATOR BIDEN’S IDIOCY, as a vessel for their demonic ideologies.


You are quoting the NORMAL, the average of many numbers. The average of 49 and 51 is 50. So is 2 and 98.

When a female child has no father, she will mature much faster than the normal, including fertility development. Mostly noticeable because of breasts.

Certain gene pools also develop early.

So, not impossible, at all at age 10. And she can get pregnant before ever having menses.

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“When a female child has no father, she will mature much faster…”. Show me ANY medical evidence for your statement. You can’t because it doesn’t exist.

Everyone has a father, some may not know him, but he exists.

You apparently don’t know what you’re talking about, do your homework before making such broad and sweeping statements. search it: “onset of early puberty” and NO, I won’t be providing links as that’s your job, Mister Know-It-All.

Democrats don’t care about the girl. They don’t care about the rape. They don’t care about the illegal immigrant rapist. They only care about abortion. Like illegal immigration, they love abortion for the divisive issue it is so they can generate votes.

As usual, it turns out to be nothing like the Democrats pictured it. Instead of grandma, this is push 10 year old pregnant little girl off a cliff. They can’t justify any of their policies without massive amounts of lying.

Democrat are now like some of those ads for the mail-order products we see. The “snuggie” or whatever it was… the ad showed people struggling to cover up on a couch with a blanket. STRUGGLING, because it is just IMPOSSIBLE to cover up effectively with a blanket. No one can do it! They need the “snuggie”! That’s the Democrat argument against restricting abortion in any manner; then it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get an abortion! And, people DIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

Just like here in Texas, if you get raped or you have a wild night pulling a train at your local club, you MIGHT be pregnant. Get tested. Get your abortion. Don’t screw around and waste time. There is no reason to wait until the third trimester or the moment of birth. Do it or shut up about it.

Yet there is a Facebook page for Democrats wanting reports of child trafficking that keeps coming up on my feed. It’s all a façade, just another ploy for votes, since idiot Biden is the worlds greatest human traffickeer.

Because so many young girls are married in Islam the Koran has a provision for divorcing a girl before she has even had her 1st period.
The husband must wait a full 3 months just to make sure she isn’t pregnant by him.

As to 10 year olds getting pregnant, I’ve seen it in So Cal a few times.
Back when hormones were commonly fed to chickens, girls who ate chicken would reach puberty earlier than girls who avoided chicken.
I’ve met girls under 11 who needed to wear bras because they were already thru puberty and growing.

Still it is child molestation.
And the joe admin has been trying mightily to normalize sex with children.
The joe admin has also closed its eyes to the crimes by illegals here.
So, they had a vested interest (or two) in publicizing the story but not the details.

Idiot Biden normalized sex with children long ago. Now he wants the normalization to be public.

And here is what is so sick about this. Senile little girl fondling Biden and the rest of the pro-abortion terrorist nut cases are not concerned with doing anything about the illegal alien invader pos rapist who raped this little girl multiple times, their main concern was that she would have to go to another state to get an abortion to kill the baby. Getting the baby killed is much more important than putting this illegal alien invader rapist in jail so he cannot rape again.

This from somebody who likely blew off all the times Trump publicly made inappropriate remarks about his own daughter that make most Democrats cringe…

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

This from somebody who likely blew off all the times Trump publicly made inappropriate remarks about his own daughter that make most Democrats cringe…

He didn’t shower with her, dummy. That was YOUR guy, idiot Biden. While Trump’s kids where making historic peace deals in the Middle East, Hunter was forwarding Porn Hub links to his daddy.

How do YOU know what Trump has done? He and the wife were very cozy with Jeff Epstein, as I recall. Trump has never showed any tendencies toward conventional morality. He’s a known serial adulterer—a CONFESSED serial adulterer. He has actually bragged about it publicly. He has used the Bible as a prop in photo ops, every bit as cringe-worthy as his flag-hugging photo shoots. What do you not understand about this? As with his behavior in office, and his central part in an effort to unlawfully overturn a presidential election, it’s all right in front of your nose.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Trump was correct in questioning an obviously fraudulent election.
J6th was staged to prevent the legal questioning of the election, i.e., a coup by Democrats/FBI.

Powerful men cheat…with playmates.

Weak men like Biden grope kids.

Trump was one of our finest presidents. So fine you losers released a virus and rigged and election.

Consequences will come from that, unintended ones such as Putin being let lose by a weakened NATO and USA

How do YOU know what Trump has done? He and the wife were very cozy with Jeff Epstein, as I recall. 

I simply don’t assume a bunch of lying garbage simply because it reinforces a prejudiced view of him that is already based on lying garbage. How “cozy” were they? As I recall, Trump kicked Epstein out of his resort the first time he was there. Do you think if Trump’s name was on Maxwell’s client list we wouldn’t have already seen it broadcast, nonstop, 24/7? No, that client list is, I would wager, a Democrat roll call.

No one elected Trump for Saint. He was elected (the last duly elected) President and as such he did a tremendous job. Idiot Biden vindictively (against both Trump and the vast majority of people that voted for Trump) reversed Trump’s successes and the results speak for themselves.

As to the 10 year old girl (a PERSON you leftists care nothing about) it is beginning to appear he abortion was not so much an act of mercy as it was a cover up. Good old liberals.

Biden is on camera groping girls. He also raped Tara Reade and is being protected by the system that installed him.

Trump is a saint compared to this creep, Biden.

You have no leg to stand on.

So stfu. You’re supporting normalized pedophilia.

How many 10 year olds have you raped, to defend this so vehemently?

Ready to confess, sicko?

Comrade Greggie, do you think the latest video of Hunter Biden sliding, buck naked, down a swimming pool water slide and then choaking his chicken once he is in the pool is Academy Award material?

It’s the fault of the DamnoCraps and their bleeding heart supporters.

07/14/22 – Indiana’s Republican AG says he’s investigating doctor who helped 10-year-old rape victim get an abortion
Yeah, let’s investigate the doctor who helped the kid. The AG suggested her license might be pulled.


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We reverse this barbaric slide into catastrophe the backwards, atheistic left has led is into NOW.

Men aren’t women, and conception is life. Leave our country if you think otherwise. The fruits of this madness are historically observable.

They lead to ruin.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

The global population will pass 8 Billion by the end of 2022, yet you want mandate that every conception results in another birth, whether the woman wants to bear a child or not. We’ll see famine an many regions over the next few years. With it will come waves of migration, driven by starvation and war.

Here, we’ll see increasing social instability. We’ll also see the same people who advocate forced birth whining louder and louder about the increasing financial burden of social welfare programs, which are already seriously stressed. Take them away, however, and social instability will become even greater.

There’s no sense in what the right advocates. It doesn’t even make moral sense.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Thank you for admitting your sick, godless, and demonic plans of depopulating the planet.

We’re seeing famine already because of covid-19 and the ESG.

Your Master’s plans are on full display already, as people storm their governments for destroying their own food production.

There is no sense in what you genocidal madmen propose.

You openly call for eugenics, and you are sorely pissed that that was taken away from you when just simple common sense prevailed on abortion.

Only somebody with low intelligence and psychologically compromised would come even close to believing the batshit crazy things that you believe.

I’m afraid your malthusian dreams will never come to pass.

Last edited 1 year ago by Nathan Blue

It is morally good to expect people to take responsibility over their own bodies and live with the consequences.

It is morally corrupt, and inferior, to encourage thinking sentient human beings to act like monkeys with no accountability.

You pigs are counting on this. It’s the reason that you are promoting such lunacy as LGBT. No babies.

The cult of Malthus seems to be alive and well.

The coming famine is 100% caused by a WEF released covid-19 and the economic landscape also caused by the WEF.

Covid-19 was just the beginning.

Under some circumstances, deciding NOT to continue a pregnancy IS taking responsibility.

Individual responsibility can only exist where there is choice.

Freedom can only exists where there is choice.

What YOU advocate effectively eliminates both. It’s fundamentally unAmerican.

It replaces American principles of individual liberty with a new tyranny of the State and Church.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Under some circumstances, deciding NOT to continue a pregnancy IS taking responsibility.

How about taking responsibility by not screwing everyone a woman meets? How about PREVENTING pregnancy? Taking the quick, deadly, irresponsible way out is NOT responsibility.

There IS a choice: the choice to have sex.

I’m supporting our Constitutional government based on Judeo-Christian values.

You’re supplanting it, and setting up a woke theocracy that pretends it’s “science”.

Reason requires one to admit a conception is a life. Religion would require a woke adherent to dent this, and to believe a man can get pregnant.

Science largely came from and was made possible by Christianity.

You fools made a play for the heart of this country, but lost.

The First Amendment specifically prohibits the State from imposing laws based on religious precepts. It was the FIRST commonly occurring issue of oppressive tyranny that the nation’s founders addressed.

I’m supporting our Constitutional government based on Judeo-Christian values.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

The Constitution is WRITTEN based on Judeo-Christian values, scooter. Are you completely ignorant of EVERYTHING?

I’m fully aware of the long history of religious oppression in Europe, and the express intention of the Founders to separate the power of government from the doctrines of religion. When they got to the Bill of Rights, that was their FIRST order of business.

Your own ignorance of history and the Constitution starts with the First Amendment, so spare me the absurdity of the lecture.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

You are completely ignorant on this one.

It is the doctrines of today with Christianity that allowed for America to exist.

These doctrines continue to allow all Americans to believe what they want and live how they want. That is unique to Christianity.

Everything is based on choice, not a perversion of choice as morons like you seem to push.

Separation of Church and State stops the state from infecting the Church to use it as a political tool.

It does NOT prevent citizens from public ally professing and living their faith.

That concept of “not imposing laws based on religious precepts” is uniquely Christian to begin with.

Atheist religion leads to genocide.




Glad you are old. Your 20th Century backwards ideas will die with you.

 We’ll see famine an many regions over the next few years. 

We certainly will, thanks to globalist leftist’s idiotic “climate change” policies. In fact, we are already seeing it develop. I guess mass starvation is just another “population control” measure of your barbaric ideology.

First they claimed the story was fake. IT WASN’T. Then they publicly threatened the doctor’s license for failure to report, apparently without first checking. THE REPORT WAS PROPERLY FILED.
07/14/22 – Indiana doctor who provided abortion services to 10-year-old rape victim reported procedure to health department, documents show

First they claimed the story was fake.

The story WAS fake, dummy. The story that the girl HAD to travel to Indiana for an abortion was totally fake. The fact that the left tried to cover up a CRIME led to doubts about a pregnant 10 year old altogether (because the left has destroyed the credibility of the leftist media).

Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an Indianapolis-based Ob-Gyn, reported the abortion procedure to the Indiana Department of Health on July 2, three days after the abortion was performed, as required by the department, according to documents obtained from the agency by CNN.

That’s not proper reporting; that’s covering your illegal tracks. And I would want to see an examination of those documents, as it wouldn’t be the first time liberals doctored documents to cover up crimes.

CNN is not a reputable source.

The mom of the girl is claiming the entire story is fake.
She was interviewed by a Spanish language reporter.
She said the man never raped her daughter.
She also said the daughter has never been pregnant.
Who can you believe?
Mom might be illegal, too and think lying serves her better to keep staying here.

The entire escapade is suspect.

Bizarre Twist And More Suspicion Over 10 Year Old Ohio Rape Victim Story As Mother Defends Rapist

Why did the doctor refer the girl to Indiana when an abortion under these circumstances is legal in Ohio? Because it was an opportunity to grandstand. .. illegal alien rapist, 27, was listed as a minor in the abortionist’s report to the state .

The story is fake,

Verified fake.

Glad we cleared that up.

Yeah, let’s investigate the doctor who helped the kid. The AG suggested her license might be pulled.

Let’s investigate the “doctor” that put her own interests before her oath and the law. Her license should be pulled and she should be in jail. She tried to cover up a heinous crime.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita plans to open an investigation into Caitlin Bernard, the doctor who said she provided care to the 10-year-old girl. “We’re gathering the evidence as we speak, and we’re going to fight this to the end, including looking at her licensure if she failed to report. And in Indiana, it’s a crime … to intentionally not report,” Rokita said on Fox News. “This is a child, and there’s a strong public interest in understanding if someone under the age of 16 or under the age of 18, or really any woman, is having an abortion in our state. And then, if a child is being sexually abused, of course, parents need to know. Authorities need to know. Public policy experts need to know.”

This comes from the Open Borders polacy letting in all those crinimals its going t o make things worst and all the Democrats care for is all those new voters(They sign up at the Democrat Voter Registration booths)and vote for more Democrats