Those Who Make Peaceful Revolution Impossible Will Make Violent Revolution Inevitable


I will be supporting Donald Trump in 2024. The recent revelations that the Clinton campaign spied on candidate Trump before the election and president Trump after should be enough to see that virtually everything Trump claimed was happening… was actually happening.

So what does this have to do with 2024?  Everything, including the election fraud of 2020.

Every single American with a functioning brain knows that Donald Trump won the election in 2020 and that everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to the mainstream media to the Democrat party to Never Trumper “conservatives” conspired to steal it.  And they did.

Of course the theft of the election comes after four years of continuous attacks.  The genesis of most of those attacks was the activity John Durham laid out on Friday: Hillary Clinton’s funding of the fabrication of data suggesting Trump was colluding with the Russians in order to steal the election.  The entire story was propaganda produced, proffered and peddled by Democrats and parroted and promoted by the media.  And millions of Americans bought it, hook, line and sinker, leading to the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate ties between the Russians and the Trump campaign.  That Special Counsel and the media’s constant promotion of the “Russian collusion” hoax kneecapped Trump’s administration.

And here’s why there is zero chance I will support anyone over Donald Trump.  In 2016 Americans elected the single most revolutionary president in our history.  Not only had he no political experience and no government employment experience, he had more than a half century of business experience, i.e. building things, solving problems, meeting demands of clients and stakeholders of all stripes… in other words, Trump had a lifetime’s experience of getting things done. (Please spare the histrionics about his failures… The only people who never fail are those who never attempt anything.) And so, after more than half a century of creeping government intrusion into their lives, suffering the compounding effects of perpetual government failure and eight years of feckless incompetence from the Obama administration, Americans voted to put in charge of the government not only a man with decades of experience in getting things done, but the candidate who promised to focus on issues of importance to them, i.e. immigration, energy, government overreach and jobs, all under the banner of “America First”.

The kind of revolutionary change Trump promised is almost unheard of in democratic societies.  Typically change of that magnitude occurs as the result of a coup or someone coming to power legitimately and then changing the rules once they get there, as Hitler and Chavez.  Here in the United States the problems were so clear that Americans decided they needed a revolution in policy but could achieve it at the ballot box, which is exactly what they did. But a funny thing happened on the way to that revolution, it was derailed at every point by Democrats and their comrades in high tech, the media and intelligence. Build a wall?  A judge issues an injunction.  Curtail travel from countries from which terrorism emerges?  The Media hypes “Muslim Ban.” Build a pipeline for energy independence?  Indigenous groups pledge mass mobilizations.  When trying to get anything done Trump found himself faced with investigations, document requests, lawsuits, stonewalling by Democrats and sabotage by civil service apparatchiks and establishment Republicans within the administration.  It was literally unceasing.

Yet, despite all of this, Donald Trump was able to accomplish much, making the nation energy independent for the first time since the 1950’s, bringing black and Hispanic unemployment to the lowest points ever, growing GDP faster than it had in 15 years before Covid hit and filling more court vacancies than any president in 40 years.  On top of that, despite Democrat roadblocks, Trump was able to replace 365 miles of dilapidated wall and build another 40 miles of new wall on the southern border.

Donald Trump walked into January of 2020 as a shoe-in for winning in November.  Through everything that had been thrown at him, he was still standing and was beginning to pick up steam.  Then Democrats got a gift from China:  Covid. Covid, essentially a very very bad flu outbreak, was seized upon by Democrats and every element of the cabal aligned against Trump to become the lever with which they ousted him from power.  When he closed travel from China he was called a racist.  When he discussed examining existing inexpensive treatments such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin he was mocked.  When he discussed comments from DHS about different possible cures they accused him of recommending people drink bleach.  When he wanted to balance keeping the economy healthy with keeping citizens healthy they implemented draconian lockdowns. When he implemented Project Warp Speed to streamline regulations to develop a vaccine and promised one by the end of the year, they said it couldn’t be done and regardless, they wouldn’t trust it if one was.  Whatever he did, from making ventilators available to building temporary hospitals to purchasing record amounts of PPE equipment, it was never enough and for good measure they accused him of killing tens of thousands of Americans.

Beyond the personal attacks, the left used Covid as cover for stealing the 2020 election.  From near universal mail in balloting to unconstitutional voting rule changes to outside money using Covid as a cover to infiltrate voting bureaucracies, Covid was the fig leaf behind which Democrats could hide as they ran their coup d’état.

Then, in the midst of the Covid hysteria violent riots broke out across the country in the summer of 2020.  This too was an opportunity to help destroy Donald Trump and the left took full advantage of it, indeed in many cases outright supporting it. The fact that the riots were driven by communist BLM and the fascist “anti – fascists” at Antifa gave the left more opportunities to label Trump a racist and fascist as he sought to quell the violence.

The media, Silicon Valley and big business worked in concert to do everything they could to damage Trump.  From the Russian Collusion, “Fine people” and “Losers & suckers” hoaxes to hiding stories critical of Joe Biden to Pfizer delaying the announcement of their vaccine until after the election, it seems as if the entirety of America’s elite were doing everything they could do to defeat Donald Trump.

And eventually they did.  Not honestly of course, but on January 20th his successor, Joe Biden was sworn in nonetheless.  All of this adds up to the American elites deciding that Donald Trump was too much of a threat to their power to ever allow him to succeed.

In 1962 JFK said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”  In 2016 Trump promised a revolution in governance and the American people voted him into office.  For the next four years the petrified elites threw everything they had at him yet he persevered.  In 2020 they stole his election victory and installed their puppet in the White House.

That’s not how America works, or at least it’s not how it’s supposed to.  Which is why I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in 2024.  If pleas to decertify the 2020 election fall on deaf ears, we’re left with the 2024 election as the last opportunity to set things straight.  Donald Trump promised the country a peaceful revolution and deserves a real chance to bring it about. The elite have shown themselves to be fascist tyrants who are ready and willing to disregard the Constitution on a whim, and if their extermination of his peaceful revolution is allowed to stand then our future looks as grim as the one Hitler brought to Germany or Chavez brought to Venezuela.  That will not happen.  There too many Americans are not willing go quietly into that good night as their Republic is transformed into an elite driven totalitarian state.  Kennedy was right.

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Excellent article.


Imagine that one party would be so in opposition to the things he did which were positive for Americans and America. What kind of thinking does it take to oppose things that are good?

It is my firm hope that the democrat party is completely destroyed at the ballot box in the midterms this November. The democrat party must cease to exist as a party of influence in order to reform America as it was intended.

Perhaps 03/11/2020 was providential in that it has become necessary to know who the real enemy of America is. It is the democrat party.


Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

Is energy independence bad for America?

Is a strong southern border bad for America?

Is low inflation bad for America?

Is a strong economy bad for America?

And on and on…

 What kind of thinking does it take to oppose things that are good?

Well, see, there’s good for the nation and the people and there’s good for the ruling elite. Democrats and the rino’s choose what’s good for the ruling elite.

“I always thought we were dealing with someone who was very logical. But I now begin to wonder if he is. But of course, he’s had nothing to fear, has he? The worst American president in the history of this nation. No question. I am not allowed to say ‘Let’s go Brandon’ because it is too rude, so let’s go Brandon.”

“I am in no doubt that if Donald Trump had still been president, that invasion of Ukraine would not have happened. I’m in no doubt about that. But it has happened. And if something’s gone wrong with Putin, if he’s lost logic and reason, it’s not impossible to think he’ll want to go back to the days of Catherine the Great and the czarist empire.” — Nigel Farage

Even our allies in the world know this war is because Biden was installed. A duly elected Trump would have prevented Putin’s actions, and saved lives.

Democrats are war criminals for this.

Vince, this is perfectly said. It’s a good article. I’d add that Covid was intentionally released for many reasons, chief among them to take down a duly elected and very accomplished President Donald Trump, but of course we can’t really say that.

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Decertification is absolutely nessasary this is a constitutional crisis. Not going anywhere because the MSM is not reporting on the investigations revelations.
They broke our elections processes on purpose.
Imagine if you will depositing 100 million dollars in the bank, then the bank gives you a 75 million dollar deposit slip, whoa where did that money go? The banks answer, its gone, really just accept it. Also tells you that they dont have to be audited, fights tooth and nail to hide all the data.
You see this must be remedied as soon as possible. You have security film of them destroying evidence of your 25 million being deposited into an embezzlers account.
It has never been painful to cheat in an election, that needs to be changed. DA and AGs that wont enforce the laws need to have a truck convoy up their streets.

I fear the next election will literally be fighting in the streets. I’m not calling for that or hoping for that, but if people think the Stacy Abrams and Eric Coomers of the nation are cheating again, like we plainly saw last election, they are going to fight.

It’s inevitable. Vince nailed it:

In 1962 JFK said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” 

1st thing each voting precinct must count its own votes not be sent to some huge central processing center of fraud. All on paper, not a single counting machine has a router. Make election day a national holiday and the only day you can vote.

2024 should be an unguarded layup for any Republican.

2020 should have been too. 2024 will be rigged as well, but it will be open civil war at that point.

My concerns.

It has to be. Democrats have no choice. It’s cheat or be wiped out.

Just like 2020.

Great writing!
In an ABC interview before the 2020 election, Nancy Pelosi said on live TV that Trump would not be reelected “one way or another”. The video is still out there as far as I know. I have it saved somewhere…

Right on the F**KIN’ MONEY.

Russia says it’s blocking access to Facebook
Does this mean Putin’s phony Facebook trolls promoting disinformation and division will go away?

Nope. It means the Russian people will hear nothing put Putin’s tale of the “deNazification” of Ukraine.

He doesn’t only intend to steal a nation. He intends to kill or drive out all who resist.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Just like Big Tech and the liberal media blocking the truth about masks, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, the vaccines, the COVID death counts, Democrat policies that put the elderly in nursing homes in dire danger and the treatment of children. Putin’s actions are no different from what your ideological brethren are doing here. Putin is simply more HONEST about it.

Yeah, they feel only THEY should decide what is “misinformation” and censor it.