Elections Have Consequences


Putin apparently learned nothing from Russia’s 9.5 year war in Afghanistan.  During that fiasco, 15,000 Russians were killed and 35,000 were wounded.  The same country that bested Germany in WWII was defeated by the Mujahjideen armed with American supplied surface-to-air missiles. The battered and worn Russian war machine withdrew its forces from Afghanistan.  America said, “Hold our beer,”  while marching merrily to war singing, “The Yanks are coming-the Yanks are coming!” Unfortunately, America ignored the huge sign at the border with flashing red lights that warned:


That didn’t end well for us either.

In 2022, President Putin dreamed of reuniting Russia into one big happy family but got tired of waiting for abused exes to love him again.  Putin invaded the Ukraine to force them to either love Russia or to die horribly; the choice was theirs.

Russian rockets, bombs, missiles and tanks are now killing innocent men, women and children in the Ukraine who just happened to be in the way and couldn’t afford the cost of a train ticket out.  The suffering of innocents was just considered collateral damage.  Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said that the city had not suffered such an ordeal since 1941 “when it was attacked by Nazi Germany.” Pictures are worth a thousand words and thousands of pictures (seen by the world) are documenting the horrific devastation of Putin’s unprovoked invasion.

I always admired the Russians who defeated Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa (June 22, 1941).  The Germans threw 138 divisions plus 36 of their allies and 8 Hungarian brigades against the Russian defenders.  The odds against a Russian victory were staggering.  The Russians didn’t know they were supposed to lose and fought fanatically to defend the Motherland.  The German Wehrmacht suffered over a million casualties and eventually they retreated all the way back to what was left of Germany.

Russia impressed the world and was appropriately “lionized for its heroic role in WWII.”

Putin’s horrific invasion of the Ukraine in 2022, which terrified the residents and shocked the world was not heroic.  The words ugly, repulsive and evil come to mind.  The world is appalled watching Putin randomly and wantonly killing innocent civilians, destroying beautiful cities and possibly starting WWIII.

Putin is now acting like a bully and everyone hates a bully.  Hitler was a brutal, evil bully and look how that turned out.  Sun Tzu, a revered Chinese military strategist and general, once said, “The wise warrior avoids the battle.” Putin was wise during the Trump administration and avoided attacking anyone.  He knew that Trump “tweeted loudly and carried a big stick.” But that was then and this is now.  Elections have consequences and President Lite Biden lacks the courage to even answer questions from the press.  Biden barely speaks without using a teleprompter and carries a big ice cream cone.  Putin knows that Biden is a feeble, inept, puppet, controlled by others and condemned to blindly follow the instructions of the mysterious wizard behind the curtain. Putin laughed at Biden’s sanctions, cried havoc and let slip his tanks and armored divisions against a peaceful nation.

The Russians are a proud people who have survived tough times.  Now they are faced with more casualties from another senseless war.  Body bags will soon journey homeward from the battlefield.  Lost sons, daughters and husbands will be mourned.  Old wounds from  Afghanistan will be remembered anew.  Soon, Putin will be hated by his own people and despised by the entire world.

Enough Russian and Ukrainian blood has already been spilled in this invasion. “Vlad, where lies the honor and valor in killing innocent people who only want to live a peaceful life?”  Russia was once living a peaceful life until Adolf Hitler attacked and killed innocent women and children.  Ringing any bells Vlad?  End this aggression now Vlad or people will start to believe that you have gone mad and need a permanent vacation in beautiful, sunny, Siberia.”

Meanwhile, back in the USA, President Biden is all over this dire situation like flies on a rib-roast.  On Sunday, February 13, “Joe Biden assured Ukrainian leader Zelensky that the US and allies would respond “swiftly and decisively” if Russia invaded the Ukraine.”  Russia invaded the Ukraine and Joe  “swiftly and decisively” advised Zelensky to “Run away, run away.” Zelensky heroically responded, “I need ammunition not a ride!”  Biden, who abandoned 84 billion dollars of our military weapons in Afghanistan, found the armory bare and fled DC.  Joe is now resting comfortably in Delaware.  Going toe-to-toe with Putin was exhausting and poor Joe needs an ice cream cone and a nap.

Elections have consequences!

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Biden the Blunder even Carter was’nt as bad as Biden the Blunder Botched the whole thing I wonder his the New York Pravda(Times)feels now?

They just make excuses and blame someone else, then continue ruining the nation.

Except that Bite-me isn’t doing a darn thing, it’s who ever is pulling his strings and I’d bet it’s Barry the fruit, and he gets his orders from Sore-ross.

The current American Biden Regime if very close to the mass-hysterical Third Reich.

Wokeism is the new Nazism, and Conservative “whites” are the new Jews.

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Uh huh. Do you know what all of that sounds like, to any reasonably well-adjusted, well-informed person?

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Hey greg, don’t forget to tune in

comment image
Trump — CPAC — Livestream — 7pm Eastern

Even if he’s reelected, you’ll still have erectile dysfunction and no woman will ever give you a second look.

Is this someone else using the “greg” account?

Usually “greg” gets a blushy and mad about anything vaguely sexual.

And I’d pipe down: you have everyone’s manhood in your big mouth here on a regular basis, acting like a used whore in Moscow.

I think they call that a “Freudian slip”.

Greggie wears slips? How quaint.

Just trot down to the newest we have to murder babies rally in your giant vagina costume and grab up all the chicks for yourself. No condom required.

greg’s just mad because Trump marries and gets with pornstars and models, but Biden has to rape fat chicks and molest kids on camera.

The difference tells you everything you need to know about the Left.

Yeah, isn’t Trump just the perfect role model, that every traditional American conservative admires?

At least he cares for his children instead of forcing a life of drug addition and a bag man for corrupt doings like he did with hunter

biden is a dirtbag

Nah. Trump is a moderate centrist who is part of neither party.

i.e., Trump represents the overwhelming majority of American voters who reject both parties as corrupt and compromised by our enemies.

Being the village idiot must be a comfortable position greggie. I doubt that anyone wants Trump to be an example for anyone. They just appreciate that he knows his job and did it well while under siege by those less capable. No village idiot would understand that intelligent people vote for people for what they can do instead of voting for someone that speaks nice words..

Yeah, isn’t Trump just the perfect role model, that every traditional American conservative admires?

Much more of a role model than “Father of the Year” idiot Biden. Look at HIS achievements. Child molestation, rape, corruption, influence peddling, enabling a drug-addled whore mongering influence peddling scumbag. Plus, he’s ruining the country.

From the left let me introduce you to that model of moral turpitude Bill Clinton. The guy you voted for twice.

Greggie, I have a question, have you asked for them to ship you some of Bite-me’s soiled depends? You’d be in 7th Heaven.

Or his daughter in the shower when she was likely an adolescent

And Greggie will always his his boy toys, until the money to pay them runs out, isn’t that right Greggie?

Nah, he’ll wait until some leftist takes a few sentences totally out of context, then when commanded, repeat them ad nauseum.

Whoopi Goldberg: “I don’t mind white people killing white people” then goes on to say things about Jews.

Nick Cannon “White people have lost the power of the sun” then goes on to talk about Jews.

Darrel Brooks commits a race-based slaughter of white parade goers.

Maxine Waters DEMANDS a jury find Chavin guilty…based on racial motives that are not even brought up in the court itself.

Only a partisan shit-stain would deny there is the growth of the old specter of “collectivist guilt” that killed the Jews and, ironically, the kulaks in Ukraine.

You’re an ill-adjusted, ill-informed moron who is marching towards genocide and you don’t even know it.

Do you know what all of that sounds like, to any reasonably well-adjusted, well-informed person?

It sounds reasonable. Jews were ostracized, vilified for no reason other than being Jews. The woke left vilifies white people for no reason other than being white. In some circumstances, white people are pushed aside so a “person of color” can take advantage, based entirely on skin color. The examples continue. The woke left is little different from fascist Nazis. There is every opportunity, if not interrupted, that this will continue to a similar conclusion. All based on race. Just like the Nazis. You seem comfortable in that community.

Well Greggie, that most certainly leaves you out now doesn’t it?

Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

biden was installed not elected and he is illegitimate.

There WAS NO stolen election.

Sure there was; STATE FARM ARENA

With Biden literally destroying the nation, greg forgets how easy it will be for his minority of voters to accept the very real, very evident voter fraud so they don’t have to own his blood and failures in the future.

Want to actually investigate that?

60 “thrown out” cases were done so on technicalities, not on evidence.

You know this.

We listened to Trump/Russia, because if it were true, it would be a problem for everyone.

Compromised elections are a problem for Leftist pigs like you as much as us, but your refusal to look at the evidence is an admission of guilt.

Guess we’ll have to fight about it then, since you won’t apply that “logic” to your own life or party.

You know this.

I know you babble a lot about betas and cucks, when pretty much profiles you. Then we’ve got STATE FARM ARENA, and some other guy who’s mission in life is to post pictures and moronic one-liners to roll any intelligent question or comment away below the Active Discussions event horizon. Retire05 is lost somewhere in the McCarthy era.

What I know is that what you say reveals more than you realize. Adulation of Donald Trump is the common denominator. If you get him back, you’ll deserve what you get.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

If you get him back, you’ll deserve what you get.

Which was in question back in 2016, but now is a FACT in 2024.

We’d get a secure border with kids being released from cages and families not being destroyed by drugs, human trafficking, and guns.

We’d get a real pandemic response that focuses on saving lives, not on making big pharma rich.

Black Americans would be heard again, and the Platinum Plan would go forward.

China would put back in its hole and brough to heel.

Putin would give up his plans.

All of these things we HAD. Biden knowingly and traitorously gave them up for his corporate and globalist donors.


We’ll get this coup sorted and a real leader back at the resolute desk, in time.

Lots of messes to clean up after Democrat insurrectionists, as usual.

Bogus poll
i kicked your as two weeks ago over that

67% of independents think biden is a failure

67% of independents…

No link, as usual.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

No link needed. The percentages you cite are not authoritative, or even remotely true. They are published to influence public opinion for lemmings like you, not to accurately measure public opinion.

Trump will most likely be the winner in 2024. Just get used to that now. He’s popular, he’s been shown correct, and now most Americans reject the cronyism of the Left, as the world descends into war and our loved ones died to line the pockets of Dem donors.

Perhaps you have failed to notice that the overwhelming number of commenters here are pro America and pro President Trump.

Most brain functioning leftists would realize no minds are changed yet you are relentless in pushing your anti Trump propaganda.

something is indeed not right with you

Seek serious psychiatric help. Not that I give two shits for you but hey maybe you are salvageable. Walmart is always in need of the mentally compromised for toilet cleaning etc.

I have a theory that Greg is a failure of Klaus Schwabs school, he flunked out. Now he just repeats the comments of the other flunkies..
I watched President Trumps speech from Florida last night, the attendees gave a standing ovation for pray for Ukraine and their valiant fight.
Not exactly what is being reported, but The MSM job is to divide not unite the Nation.
Zelensky was given a pause in the advance to negotiate, he stalled hoping NATO would come save him. Now I hear he wants to arrange meetings. Dangerous stupid game for a comedian that played the piano with his penis for laughs.

I was on a return flight from Florida and missed the CPAC speech but intend to watch a replay on rumble

greg on the one hand sees himself as a knowledgeable deviant. However, it is beyond rational that one who thinks of one’s self as he does, can be as demented regarding the reality we all see. No one drinks the koolaid to that degree unless they are former Jonestown residents.

I agree with others who have speculated he is paid by the # of comments otherwise the content of said comments would not be as irrational as they are. I have a sense he is monitored by minders. What else would explain his continual presence here?

Wow. 700 people don’t want Trump to be President. Problem is, 80,000,000 do. More every day idiot Biden does his magic.

New Washington Post-ABC News poll has Biden at 37 percent approval overall, with just 30 percent of independents approving. The president is expected to tout his accomplishments during his first year in office during the State of the Union on Tuesday. https://t.co/0yvG8ikeCQ— Joe Concha (@JoeConchaTV) February 27, 2022

And considering this was a poll by two lefty organizations that always oversamples dems, his approval rating is probably much lower. That same poll also found that only 40% of Americans believe he is mentally fit for the job. And again, given the skew, that number is probably much lower. 54% believe he is unfit. Most likely, it is higher than that. There is no coming back from something like this.

Bullshit. Newsweek is propaganda for the Democrat party and is completely dismissed.

over 70 percent of Americans don’t want Biden. That is very, very true.

What I know is that what you say reveals more than you realize.

Says the irate clown who carries water from CNN in case some of us don’t bow down to the narrative and let the tyrants win.

Look luck, shithead. You’re waste of American citizenship and you should give it to someone from the Ukraine who actually knows what it’s like to live under the kind of dictatorship you opening invite and abet.

Retire05 is lost somewhere in the McCarthy era.

Why would you say that other than your lack of the ability to come up with something original? And why would you drag me into your debate with someone else? Do you not have any remnants of your spine left?

As to the McCarthy “era” you might want to read the book on the Venona Papers. Or perhaps you already know all about your fellow Communists.

What a pathetic dimwit you are, Comrade Greggie.

Last edited 2 years ago by retire05

He hates McCarthy for exposing communists.

lol you just keep saying dumb stuff

Biden battles Putin in Ukraine — and Trump’s GOP in America – Who cares about the global threat Russia poses when you can mock Biden and own the libs?

Early Thursday Moscow time, Russian President Vladimir Putin began what could become the biggest ground conflict in Europe since World War II. With sirens sounding in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and reports of explosions in multiple cities, it’s more important than ever to put politics aside here at home and present a unified front abroad. Yet while some leading Republicans have rightly put country over party, too many, led by the former president (and the party’s current leader), are trying to use this moment to score cheap political points by siding with our adversaries.

This week, we’ve watched former President Donald Trump openly root for Putin, Fox News host Tucker Carlson feed his viewers daily diatribes apologizing for Russia’s autocratic strongman and the House GOP leadership turn a mundane presidential snapshot into a preposterous symbol of purported weakness for America’s president.

Sadly, this is nothing new. Republicans have become masters of the hypocritical art of politicizing national security in recent decades, dating back to at least 9/11.

I know a thing or two about how dangerous politicization of American national security can be. I was a young civil servant in the Bush administration’s State Department when the World Trade Center was attacked. This moment of national unity was sullied somewhat by President George W. Bush and his partisan allies, who used war as a political issue throughout the 2002 midterms.

“We can go to the country on this issue because they trust the Republican Party to do a better job of protecting and strengthening America’s military might and thereby protecting America,” Bush adviser Karl Rove said at the time. This despite the fact that these very Democrats opposed Bush’s misbegotten military strategy to begin with.

Calling Democrats weak on terrorism may have helped Republicans win the elections that year, but positioning themselves as brawny avengers would cost America dearly. In March 2003, America invaded Iraq in what would become one of the country’s gravest strategic mistakes in decades. Thousands of soldiers died, and trillions of U.S. dollars were wasted.

Later, when President Barack Obama took the reins in the White House, in no small part because of his opposition to the Iraq War, Republicans lambasted him for seeking a diplomatic arrangement to withdraw U.S. troops.

The disingenuousness has continued. If Democrats push for diplomacy, they are liable to be labeled enablers of terrorism and corrupt regimes, even if, in reality, unprovoked U.S. aggression has arguably hurt our global standing and created more national security problems than it has solved. But now, we are seeing the opposite dynamic play out, as a Democratic president is being criticized for standing up to a demonstrably despotic autocrat.

As tanks roll through Ukrainian streets, we are once again watching GOP leaders divide instead of unify. For Trump and Carlson, Putin isn’t just a political role model. He is a symbol they can use to troll their “true” adversaries — the current American president and his supporters.

This is almost as reprehensible as it is dangerous. Statements of support for Putin’s “genius” only make sense if the speaker of those words values despots over democrats. Meanwhile, America is fighting to maintain our democracy at home.

Not all Republicans support Putin, of course. GOP leaders like Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky forcefully condemn Russia’s actions. But rather than unite with President Joe Biden, even the most hawkish Republicans have decided partisanship is the priority.

“Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch a renewed invasion of Ukraine is reprehensible. Sadly, President Biden consistently chose appeasement and his tough talk on Russia was never followed by strong action,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif and other GOP lawmakers.

Such predictable hypocrisy isn’t surprising, given that only a few years ago, many Republicans were defending Trump for making nice with Putin in Helsinki in 2018, just as many protected Trump during his first impeachment — an impeachment that hinged on his allegedly trying to extort Ukraine’s democratically elected president by withholding the military hardware he needed to defend his country from Russia.

Personally, I like living in a democracy. So do, I think, powerful, wealthy and fabulously “elite” men like Trump and Carlson. Both greatly benefit from a country with a free market and a free press. And both apparently would rather coddle dictators and create false equivalencies than admit a Democratic president is right about something. But the year is 2022, when political wins are paramount. National security and global democracy are afterthoughts.

Now, Biden is in a very tough position. He must balance politics at home with principles abroad, and he must do it without many allies across the political aisle. Perhaps nothing sums up the GOP position better than this tweet from the House GOP account Tuesday, as millions of Ukrainians braced for possible catastrophe. It’s a photo of Biden walking away from the lectern, with the caption: “This is what weakness on the world stage looks like.” Of course, this is just what walking away from a lectern looks like. But who cares about facts when you can own the libs?

Idiot Biden, his policies, his agenda, his puppet masters, brought this disastrous situation upon the world. It would never have happened under Trump, as Trump was an actual leader that put the needs of the United States before all else.

Accept it. Live with it. All the lies in the world won’t change the reality.

Your entire right-wing ‘reality’ is a world of lies, and the man you would have as king is The King of Liars.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Your entire right-wing ‘reality’ is a world of lies, and the man you would have as king is The King of Liars.

Russian collusion… the lie of the century. Democrat propagated that lie for 4 years to try and undercut a lawfully elected sitting President (the last one we’ve seen), in addition to endless other lies, one after another, all because Trump proved so competent and capable that Democrats feared they would never win an election against him… which they haven’t.

For four years, you…and I mean you…parroted the Leftwing news and told us Trump wasn’t the president. You echoed every farce, every lie, and every hoax. You mocked him and the GOP. You pretty much lobbied for a one party police state run by the Democrats.

Trump was mocked, opposed, and undermined by people in the government who had NO GODDAMN RIGHT to go against the wishes of the American People.

Now, after all that hate you spew, all that party-line toeing you did, your choice has failed and continued to fail miserably. And you just can’t own it, just can’t admit how wrong your ideas are in practice.

Your Party concocted a non-existent scandal in the way of Russia Collusion. That’s treason. Your party impeached Trump when he investigated Biden’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine. That’s also treason. Then an unbeatable Trump goes into 2020 and suddenly a man-made virus escapes from the one country bent on taking over the world, and Trump was holding at bay?

Honestly greg, fuck you.

We’re pointing out the truth and making sure you pigs don’t get any more of a foothold in our country with the disinformation you’ve become accustomed to.

Most Americans do not want to keep propping up Europe and NATO. Obama and now Biden are paid by Klaus Schwab and George Soros to pursue an agenda that would have the USA as a tool for Geneva, and not a sovereign nation.

The whole mess in Ukraine is completely expected and was completely avoidable. Trump knew that, and certainly didn’t reward Europe for continuing to suck on the American teat.

Rigged elections have consequences. We’re not mocking Biden. We want him OUT, the way you wanted Trump out. We want any politician out who is paid by others for their agenda, and not serving ours. Biden doesn’t belong there, hasn’t earned the right to be there according to the mandates of our Constitution.

And now he is fulfilling a foreign list of goals that no one in their right mind would possibly support.

We stopped pumping our own oil and natural gas? WHAT? We literally opened a southern border and encouraged an influx of people from other nations and the guns, germs, and drugs they bring….without keeping them safe and our own people safe? WHAT??? We just got into massive debt with Covid, then pass pork bills for Democrats to promote trans b.s. in Pakistan? WHAT?????

Biden IS a coup. And that coup has failed.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

Excellent summary

Thanks, Curt.

Rigged elections have consequences. We’re not mocking Biden. We want him OUT, the way you wanted Trump out. 

But for different reasons. They wanted Trump out because they feared his success and leadership would render Democrats irrelevant and keep Republicans in charge indefinitely. We want idiot Biden out because he seems to INTENTIONALLY do everything that harms this nation and increases global tensions.

Agreed. It’s like Biden was installed to destroy America’s agenda in favor of European Globalist agendas.

Because he was.

Honestly, what if the coup was to make us extremely weak, much like Greggie, so that we couldn’t respond. We have a bunch of fruit cakes and traitors ruining our military, we have a fake virus destroying the military and our economy. A Federal Reserve that is either inept or traitorous personally I’m thinking both. Our Air Force is on the brink of collapse, it’s readiness is horrible, without our heavy lift capabilities we are toast.

I could not agree more



Ad while you are at it;


Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

Well put.

At least the retarded article wasn’t from CNN this time. By pointing out the mistakes of both the EU and Democrats, especially thier grifting we are cheering on Putin. Theres a word for that its STUPID!

Here is another one of the voluminous examples o fraud in the 2020 election. The fraud you claim to not exist. When this dirtbag pig goes to jail will that be fraud in existence?

comment imagecomment image
Macomb County Nursing Home Employee Sentenced to Jail for Forging Signatures of Mentally Disabled on Absentee Ballot Applications

That’s 2 dozen, not exactly an example of mass fraud. I assure you that in any given election year there are at least 2 dozen fraudulent votes for members of every party.

comment image

That’s 2 dozen, not exactly an example of mass fraud.

Yeah, actually it is. In cases where a few thousand votes can turn an election, that is MASSIVE. And, it actually happened. Further, Democrats want to make the methods of fraud LEGAL. The intent is clear.

Much more has been uncovered since, but this was the initial compilation of all the known cases of election fraud.

Navarro Report Vol 1, “Immaculate Deception”
Navarro Report Vol 2, “Art of the Steal”
Navarro Report, Vol 3

How many of Trump’s cases saw victories in court?

I provided you all the links and citations on the other thread. Read them.

if these links are real evidence how come no case ever saw a victory?

You don’t appear to be paying attention. Your mind is made up; the basement-dwelling, no-campaigning, bumbling twit idiot Biden received 81 million legitimate votes and 6 months later has the lowest approval ratings in history. Votes can be accepted without signatures or without verifying signatures, but all are legit. “Mail in” votes are received unfolded, but all are legit. More votes than registered voters are cast in numerous precincts, but all are legit.

For a variety of reasons, many simply didn’t WANT to see the evidence. But, the disastrous results of fraudulently installing an incompetent idiot puppet is more than apparent.

So you are saying that dozens of judges just refused to see the evidence? All in all what’s more likely, that the information you are posting is either propaganda or based on misunderstandings and that’s why it never succeeded in court even though dozens of cases were filed before many Trump appointed judges? Or, that all of these Trump appointed judges decided to cheat the system?

Thanks for posting your propaganda instead of listening, Bea.

If you were for investigating Russia/Trump collusion, you’d be for investigating the oceans of evidence of voter fraud in 2020.

Unfortunately, most Leftists DON’T WANT TO KNOW, and favor the propaganda they get from CNN and the rest because it makes them feel safe.

It’s in your interest to lie and explain away all the evidence, and now question the fact that the evidence WAS NOT seen in court.

The election was rigged, and those who rigged it definitely are not going to look into it….as are those who don’t want their lives ruined, as everyone who signed their affidavits about the fraud they observed did.

So you are saying that dozens of judges just refused to see the evidence? 

We are pointing out a fact. It’s not a “saying”. It’s reality.

Trump was democratically elected. Hillary was installed by the DNC. It’s fact. Then she lost an election against a Trump using half the money.

They machine came together to rig the election….even after a released virus to prevent Trump from successfully perusing policies that the overwhelming majority of Americans want.

Hope you’re heart swelled with pride when Biden stumbled through his teleprompter and let us know he really really cares about the “Uraniums”.

Our democracy has been hijacked and they use low-thinking rubes like you to do it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

Provide proof that it was never seen by a judge. I was for an investigation and the investigation found no evidence of fraud. The investigation for the Russian thing also found no evidence of collusion so I don’t believe there was collusion either.

where in this article does it show proof that they found fraudulent votes for 2020?

What kind of “proof” are you expecting? They have the findings, forensics and sworn affidavits. Denying there was fraud is simply denying rationality, reason, logic and fact.

Deplorable Me. I am still waiting for answers. Where is the link the website of the company that created the so called “New Fractal Voter Registration System”? And what is the name of the group in Texas that is “successfully exposing the numerous flaws”? I asked this question a few days back, decided to wait for a while, and when I got no response I decided to ask again. I am waiting.

Where are the court victories?

Also what’s the link to this company’s website?

Well… what does it say? I guess what it says is what it is.

There is not only no link to any company, they don’t name the group either. I Googled the group mentioned in this article and only found 4 other articles that were identical in text. Doesn’t seem like a real news story.

Then you didn’t look at the links. I realize that requires courage and an open mind, so no surprise.

if these links are real evidence how come no case ever saw a victory? Are you not capable of answering the question?

I told you before there’s nothing in your links that I haven’t already seen debunked. And if they were real evidence they would have had success in court. They didn’t.

Again where are the court victories? I won’t stop asking until you answer. Where are the court victories?

I showed you why there have been few. I wonder, are you capable of reading and understanding things? Is this why you are a leftist?

What are the case numbers of the victorious cases? and which states? And do you think that anybody who doubts that there was massive fraud in 2020 is a leftist?

I am not a fan of Biden either, nor Clinton, nor Obama, in fact, my favorite candidate in recent times was one of the most dedicated public servants in United States History, a man who chose to stay in Vietnam, a man whom Arizona sent back to the Senate several times over, a man who had the respect of Saxy Chambliss, George W. Bush, and countless others, John McCain. Who are some of my favorite Presidents? Well a couple are on Mount Rushmore, and deservedly so, Teddy Bear and Abe Lincoln.

I am not a fan of Biden either, nor Clinton, nor Obama

Yet you accept the fact that they cheat in elections and install the most disastrous catastrophe in office this nation has ever seen.

Would that be the same McCain that, out of spite, undercut the repeal of Obamacare and left that stain on the American people? I, too, supported McCain, but the shine has long worn off of that. It is a documented fact that Trump was the best President we have had in decades and he was kicked out through fraudulent means.

I will believe that they cheated when courts prove something. How was Trump the best in decades? He shook hands with Kim Jong Un, created a horrible swamp (despite a promise to drain), brought a crude manner into the White House (he was far from a gentleman) and removed protections for clean water. I personally like having safe drinking water.

I will believe that they cheated when courts prove something. 

Well, here’s a little bulletin for you: no one cares what you believe. Idiot Biden is in office destroying the nation directly due to election fraud whether you believe it or not.

He shook hands with Kim Jong Un, created a horrible swamp (despite a promise to drain), brought a crude manner into the White House (he was far from a gentleman) and removed protections for clean water. 

He also stopped Kim from testing nuclear weapons and firing missiles dangerously close to Japan.

Explain how he “created” the swamp that tried to take him out of office.

What kind of “crude manner” did he bring to the White House? The Clinton’s sold stays in the White House to the Chinese, not to mention what Bubba did to the Oval Office. Obama had the racist Sharpton there dozens of times. Idiot Biden, a corrupt pedophile, LIVES there now. “Father of the Year” candidate he is not. All Trump did was speak frankly and honestly.

No “protections” for clean water were removed. The EPA simply was not allowed to continue its unelected control over life and living.

I personally want a nation with energy independence, a secure southern border, abundant good paying jobs, law enforcement and good common sense. Trump provided all that as no one else ever has.

Bea cant understand that cases were tossed based on the judge determining no merit, no evidence was ever pesented. The Wisconsin Supreme Court determination on mail in votes, the money granted to elections by Zuckerberg a stone cold bribe, no AG seems to have interest in prosecution of proven fraud.
Bea just wants to say there is no fraud because her TV said so.

Kitt. give me the case numbers of the Trump cases that succeeded in court. And prove to me that cases were tossed before evidence was presented.

Bea just wants to say there is no fraud because her TV said so.

WRONG! It’s not about what I want to or don’t want to say it’s called intellectually honest assessment. By law of Occam’s Razor, All in all what’s more likely, that the information you are posting is either propaganda or based on misunderstandings and that’s why it never succeeded in court even though dozens of cases were filed before many Trump appointed judges? Or, that all of these Trump appointed judges decided to cheat the system and somehow managed to get away with it.

I say you want to say that there is fraud because you candidate didn’t win, or because you cannot see that he is just a big of a liar as most other candidates in recently history including Clinton and Biden.

Here is a case that was won
https://www.wicourts.gov/sc/opinion/DisplayDocument.pdf?content=pdf&seqNo=315395, a case that was dismissed by a lower court.
If the illegal ballots were thrown out Trump would have Wisconsins 10 electoral votes.
The DNC and election officials have fought tooth and nail to keep secret the information about the election ballots, voting machines everything. Debunked? by whom and how was it debunked? Did they prove in court it was debunked?
That election information belongs to the people not appointed or elected people. Its ours why would they hide it, in some cases destroy it. There is video evidence of PA officials destroying election records.
The WEC(wisconsin elections commission) intentionally broke several state laws, yet the AG will not bring charges. The Governor Tony Evers told the clerks to lawyer up.

on which page does it say that the case saw victory?

and where are these videos?

The judge mentioned in your link is the same as the one mentioned in this one. https://www.nbc15.com/2020/12/11/wisconsin-state-court-judge-rules-against-trump-lawsuit/

Does it say that the lawsuit was lost or won? And to answer your question about debunked. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/trumps-false-claims-debunked-2020-election-jan-6-riot-2022-01-06/

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Bea just wants to say there is no fraud because her TV said so.

Aunt Bea should abandon the fake news/pedophile networks where it appears she derives her lack of information. The evidence in multiple states is exhaustive and would inform her incorrect conclusions as error prone.

But she said the quiet part out loud…

my favorite candidate   John McCain  Sabxy Chambliss, George W. Bush

Fellow Never Trumpers all, no wonder Aunt Bea ignores the evidence of a stolen election…

You still have yet to answer my question regarding your so called news story above.

Bea just reinforces what we are up against: women not held in check.

Which is odd because I have provided that very information.

TrumpWon I am still waiting for answers. Where is the link the website of the company that created the so called “New Fractal Voter Registration System”? And what is the name of the group in Texas that is “successfully exposing the numerous flaws”? I asked this question a few days back, decided to wait for a while, and when I got no response I decided to ask again.

My advice to you Aunt Bea, get a reliable search engine and just enter 2020 election fraud in the search bar. You will be amazed at the amount of information available. Your reliance on the courts seems to be an impediment to your ability to self-educate…

The courts do not establish the validity of fraud or lack thereof…

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I am not your Aunt. You’d be amazed at the amount of information available when you search any words on the internet. Now answer my questions please.

Tell me Aunt Bea, what are you prepared to do should I continue you request for questions answered? Hmm?

The article you posted above mentions a group in Texas. What’s the name of that group? if you tell me the name of the group I will look them up and ask to be put on their newsletter mailing list.

Bea, anything short of a real investigation will leave over half of legally voting Americans never believing Biden is the president and that our country is no longer a democracy.

Just schlepping the usual propaganda tripe, just talking around the issue will do nothing.

This is now a civil war, with we Constitutional Americans against traitors like you who are intentionally weaponizing your ignorance instead of doing the right thing.

Trump did well. He was not part of the system. He was not bought in to the lobbyist game, which is why we voted for him. He beat Hillary with half the money. Historic! That never happens.

Then a pandemic comes out in the election year and Hawkfish is paid to say “it will look like Trump won, but then tons of Biden votes will come in the night and Trump will lose.”

Yeah, right.

The election was rigged, and people like you do not have the primacy you think you do just because you’re supporting our first dictatorship, mostly because the news tells you what to think, as well as The View.

Read my citations.

there’s nothing in your citations that I haven’t already seen debunked. And if they were real evidence they would have had success in court. They didn’t.

NONE of it has been debunked, simply disregarded. No one wants to address the problem because that gets really, really messy. Of course, there’s STATE FARM ARENA, the first major example of massive fraud that no one has yet explained or “debunked”. Fake water main break…. WHY?

Meh. That’s one story among hundreds. Doesn’t mean anything.

Only mean-spirted, do-nothing Leftists have replaced emotions with rational facts. If the roles were reversed, you’d be screaming bloody murder.

If Trump got Billions, about six billion, from big banks, pharma, and tech, you’d say it was wrong. If Mark Zuckerberg set up ballot boxes to harvest votes, and it seemed to help Trump, you’d say it was wrong. If there were evidence of GOP poll counters kicking out Dem watchers, you’d say it’s wrong. If there were statistically impossible vote counts, you’d say it’s wrong. If a pandemic mysteriously came when your candidate was kicking ass and all the rightwing media could do was make up things that were literally lies, not changing them until weeks later, you’d say that was wrong. If a GOP former VP said they broke the law in Ukraine, but then they impeached your Dem President for looking into it, you’d say that was wrong.

Just understand that you, and people like you, are breaking the social contract and being led by the nose off a cliff by essentially Marxist usurpers who don’t give a damn about you.

It’s wrong. The 2020 election was rigged, and now we clear-thinking citizens are left with how to restore democracy in our country whilst people like you continue to destroy it.

The truth is, you know what you are doing: stealing. You just think it’s right because you’ve been indoctrinated.

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I’d appreciate it if you would not try to put words in my mouth. I don’t hold anybody to a double standard.

I don’t hold anybody to a double standard.

I think you certainly are, but not aware of it. If you applied the same standards and logic to Democrats, you wouldn’t be posting.


We’ve been over that before. Talk about a link that proves nothing…

The fact that the “water main break” claim was a lie simply justifies the suspicions. There most absolutely definitely WAS a spike in votes for idiot Biden, and hit happened in numerous states, all swing states.

And if they were real evidence they would have had success in court. 

Do you apply that logic to the endless fake-lawsuits and made-up crimes about Trump that never seem to go anywhere?

Didn’t think so.

The overwhelming and credible evidence has not been looked at, mostly because of corrupt Democrats blocking it and Republicans who don’t want to have their lives ruined by Leftist scum.

The evidence is real. Those who ignore it are just announcing they are partisan traitors who want power over maintaining our democracy.

Biden won nothing, and on the world-stage, it really shows.

o you apply that logic to the endless fake-lawsuits and made-up crimes about Trump that never seem to go anywhere?

Of course I do. Single Standard for all.

Of course I do. Single Standard for all.

Good. So we agree Trump has done nothing wrong and all the current “show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” campaigns to illegally charge and imprison him are acts of tyranny.

I never said he did anything legally wrong, but what he did for our drinking water was morally wrong.

If you cared about morals, you’d care about the rigged election in 2020…and you’d care that over half of Americans, rightly, don’t respect it as being free and fair.

“Not legally wrong”

The Democrats mantra, coupled with plausible deniability.

and if you cared about morals you would agree that rolling back clean water protections is wrong.

Do you think Mike Pence is a traitor who hates his country?

Without question

Of the huge list of Trump’s accomplishments, all you can ding is “water protections?”

That’s an endorsement of Trump all by itself.

As for Pence, who cares? NO ONE wanted to go up against six billion in campaign funds, a released covid, a Leftist/Globalist owned FBI acting like the Stasi (staging false-flags to ensure Pence DIDN’T get any ideas).

Admitting the bad guys with all the money forced us to accept an obviously compromised election just proves my point.

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Hey Aunt Bea

Does Opie come home for lunch or do you pack one for him?

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comment image

okay TrumpWon, to be fair, I did read it, and the article calls into question approximately 215,856 early voting mail ballots. I get that. However, to be fair, I would like see how many of those 215,856 votes were for Trump, for Biden, or for some other candidate.

Bea Carpenter:

if you cared about morals you would agree that rolling back clean water protectionsis wrong

You are speaking in vague accusations. Be clear. State exactly what it is you think Trump did regarding clean water protections that affects your personal water supply.

But first, tell us how you get your personal water supply; fresh water river or stream, rain barrel collection, drilled well on your own personal property or from a government entity that you pay for.

As to McCain; having had the pleasure of knowing Sam Johnson and seeing how he handled his trials and tribulations, I also saw the difference between a man who conducted himself with the upmost honor his entire life and John McCain who a disgrace in his civilian years.

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comment image

 what he did for our drinking water was morally wrong.

What did he do to drinking water? Where has drinking water become poisonous because of what Trump did? I mean, it’s not like he destroyed an entire river, like the EPA did, or anything, right?

No protections just over reaching regulations.
Ive seen how nutz the regulations were.
Case My brother
Years ago my brother bought a property that used to be farmland about 2 acres and a really nice house.
Developers started buying up all the land around him and in a short time he was surrounded by new homes. so the taxes went thru the roof. He divided his property into 4 lots and sold 2. He began to build his new retirement home next to his first house. there was a drainage ditch from the old corn field on his lot, they the DNR used federal regulations to classified this ditch as they would a river, the ditch held inches water maybe 2 months in spring no fish no frogs ect. He had to install a berm or levee to protect the shallow ditch dug by a farmer about 100 years ago. Then he could obtain a permit to dig his basement.
No fraud
The investigation is not over yet.

 And if they were real evidence they would have had success in court. They didn’t.

Not necessarily, and here is an example. Even when the DOJ proved in court that the FBI had lied about Gen. Flyinn lying, showed that evidence was altered, showed that exculpatory evidence was withheld, the federal judge STILL refused to drop the case. Our courts have been politicized and many only do the bidding of the Democrat party.

Another example is the courts that blocked Trump’s attempts to stop immigration from failed states that don’t have the capability to properly vet the immigrants, something the President absolutely has the power to do.

Courts also protect sanctuary cities, a direct violation of federal law and a felony.

Thanks to their credibility being destroyed by the left, court judgments can no longer be simply accepted at face value. We must be capable and willing to look at the evidence and make our own decisions.

that’s because the judges didn’t find enough evidence for the cases to go to trial.

that’s because the judges didn’t find enough evidence for the cases to go to trial.

Judges don’t find evidence, they hear cases. In these cases, because the left doesn’t want the evidence heard, they simply dismiss the cases because of “standing”.

In Georgia, there were enough illegal underage votes to turn the election.

In Georgia, there were enough illegal underage votes to turn the election.

Where’s your proof?

Where’s your proof?

You know, for someone so convinced that there was no fraud, you certainly don’t seem to have done much research to reach that conclusion. Your question tells me you didn’t read the Navarro Reports I provided. How can you see the truth if you insist on keeping your eyes closed?
Trump’s case showing thousands of illegitimate votes is still pending in Georgia
State Farm Arena:

Poll observers in Atlanta were told to just go home… counting continued
Huge spike in Biden votes in Georgia when most of the election workers were sent away due to a “water main leak” and then the counting of ballots stored under tables was begun

UPDATE: More on the Suitcase Vote Scam, the Elections Supervisor and that Strange “Pass” Between Mother and Daughter That Was Also Caught on Video


I’ve found Leftists are SOOOO ignorant of basic news, mostly because their channels like CNNN and MSNBC just lie with impunity. Anything that threatens their agenda is called a “lie” from FOX…even if you say “I don’t watch FOX NEWS.”

Even with the proof, they will require an ever reducing level of certitude they don’t remotely require whenever CNN says “Trump did “X”.”

It is shocking, isn’t it? It’s like explaining the operation of a door knob to a 10 year old. You just assume they intuitively know it, but they have maintained willful ignorance because they, like many of our so-called leaders, don’t have the courage to deal with it.

VoterGa.org Present Investigation of 2020 Georgia Election – Reveal Massive Fraud and Tampering with Ballots and Voting Machines in Fulton County – 17,724 Votes with No Ballot Images

Okay but where does it give the numbers for each candidate?

If Trump won and this came out in favor of Biden, Bea and others would be the first to say “The election was fraudulent.”

Again, I listened when they said Trump colluded with Russia. The investigation showed nothing. Even Meuller seems like he was on drugs at the hearing. He knew it was a scam.

Now we have oodles of voter fraud in the swing states alone, and the same Leftists who said we should overthrow Trump, the same Leftists who held up Trump heads, and the same FBI-employed Leftists who said “the coup has begun” think they can’t say “there’s no evidence.”?

Hell no.

Perhaps you’ll find it in the office at CNN where they found Trump’s Pee-Tape, all the cut audio in which he says exactly opposite of what they report, and when Clinton-staffers come out as “whistleblowers” to commit treason because Trump wasn’t supposed to win.

The proof is there. Democrats and their minority of followers will merely “confirmation bias” it away, because their brains CAN’T possibly fathom the fact they are following a corrupt and installed dictatorship.

You don’t get to say Trump wasn’t elected for over four years, Pelosi calling him an “impostor”, and undermine the office of the President during that time…then suddenly NOT investigate rampant voter fraud.

They showed you the proof, then it’s “where’s the numbers.”

You’ll balance the equation however you need to, but the fact remains: Biden won nothing, and the rapidly deteriorating state of our nation is almost proof enough.

Does it feel like you “won”?


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Incorrect. They never looked at the evidence. Democrats want to block this, and non-Leftists don’t want their lived ruined by rabid Leftists.

With the release of Covid and illegally changing state voting laws, they still got things through. Why wouldn’t they be able to block court hearings?

Unfortunately, after the years and millions paid to make sure Trump didn’t collude with Russia, not doing to make sure our election was legitimate is just an admission of guilt.

Dismissing lawsuits on technicalities is far from an actual, Federal investigation. I guess the law only applies if you are a Republican. Democrats can publicly break the law (DNC installing Hillary, Hillary deleting emails, Biden admitting he withheld aid to Ukraine…all crimes) and nothing happens.

That’s called tyranny.

In a variation of a theme, never let a crisis interfere with a vacation.

Mayorkas Releases New Rules on Extremism – DHS Will Target Anyone Who Believes Election Was Stolen or Who Challenged Fauci’s Everchanging COVID Narrative

Wow!! The American people are being threatened again, by the American government.. we are being told what we can and cannot think. Our insane lawless government is totally worthless! Man plans, God laughs!

would sure be nice if we had an opposition party.

I guess Democrats want to try and impress Putin by being more oppressive than he is.

My message to mayorkas is come and get me.

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. 

Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force.

Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.”
— Patrick Henry

Which is why we forcibly drove away the pro-Marxist, pro-globalist, pro-Biden regime troll, greg.

Spreading lies about 2016 as she talks to Tik Tok dweebs about “disinformation”? What a shock.

PATHETIC: RINO Rep Adam Kinzinger Says He Regrets Voting Against First Impeachment Of Trump

Once a POS, always a POS. Who is paying Kinzinger now and to do what? He is a grifter

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I’m sure he does. All the other despicable worms have one up on him. He’ll never be a Worm First Class.


go back to smoking your weed so intelligent conversations can be discussed. If you ever had a brain, I am sure you have wasted it greggie.

greg reminds me of the average female tiktok poster. He has no point. He can’t define or defend what he’s blathering, and it’s all emotion, no objective facts.

The totalitarians he helps are losing their grip.

It seems leadership isn’t dead in American, as a legally and voter-supported Trump all but announces he’s running again, and going to shove these deep state pigs back into the hell they’ve created. Like Biden. Like greg:

“We will pass critical reforms,” Trump said, “making every executive branch employee fireable by the president of the United States. The deep state must and will be brought to heel.”

It’s a commonsensical solution, as Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance pointed out. “Everyone is losing their mind about this, but I’ve been calling for it at every town hall I do. Either the president controls the executive branch or he doesn’t. If he doesn’t, we don’t live in a Republic, we live in a civil service driven oligarchy.”

Indeed, it’s time for the Constitutional, free People of America to drive out these bastard oligarchs like Zuckerberg and rest, saving Ukrainians in the process and keeping lunatics like Putin in check.

The unelected Left had their chance. We see, quite plainly, their abject failure.

Trump, Freedom, and the Constitution…2024.

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Glad to see we started this reckoning when we forcibly drove away the pro-Marxist, pro-globalist, pro-Biden regime troll, greg.


Prove it, or go back into that hole of irrelevance we drove you into.

We f*cking own you, troll.

What a loser.

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Cmon, guys! Imagine how bitter and frustrating it is to have to try and defend the greatest failure and disaster our nation has ever seen after constantly denouncing the most successful and productive.

Paint chips…he must consume them by the metric ton.

I’ve read similar trolls melting down on another site, as well.

They know…

Is that greggie the village idiot running in circles with his fingers in his ears screaming, “This is a Putin Troll site. I know, because I am one!

The real idiot Biden/Putin relationship.

Biden Putin's puppet.jpg


FA and its posters have held Putin accountable for his atrocities and called for an end to this evil invasion…NOW.

What greg is here to cover up is that we are holding Biden/Democrats/Deep State/Globalists accountable for the bloodshed in Ukraine as well, as they should be.

He can’t accept just how WRONG he is.

Glad he’s finally gone.

Romney called Tulsi Gabbard a traitor!
Her sin to call a cease fire and secure pathogens to prevent accidental release.
Which leads us to believe ol Mitt would love to see the “accidental” release of something that would kill millions faster than the fauci hospital protocol.

Well, he remembers how all the Democrats stood beside and patriotically supported Trump when he was facing down Putin, Xi, Kim and Iran and feels we should withhold criticism of idiot Biden during this crisis. He ALWAYS applies the same principles in all cases.

This is perhaps the most dangerous thing he said last night, and something new from him. Abolishing the federal civil service system to give him sole power to fire every federal employee without cause is a huge step towards autocracy.

Indeed, it would turn a president into autocrat overnight. Laws would no longer rule, because the mechanism of the government would no longer be ruled by law. Anyone in the Executive Branch who got out of line could be removed with a gesture from a president.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

The executive branch should serve at the pleasure of the executive. Without that, they cannot execute their agenda promised to whom they represent. Who at this time does the President not have the power to fire?

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

A president can fire only those federal employees who work directly for the president. We have presidents in this country, not Putin-like autocrats.

A President is expected to have his employees follow his orders, not undermine him in service of their deep state plans, or any back deals they made to get some of that lobbyist money being shoveled at certain candidates who line the pockets of American Oligarchs.

I support Trump routing out these traitors (literal traitors) and restoring our democratic processes. Trump has NEVER acted like an autocrat, but I think we’re at war now with the Left, so there no reason to play nice. They’re not, and they are opening lying, cheating, and rigging our systems at will.

The Constitution and the Law are not being followed in the current regime.

We have two Americas, and the newest one, the illegitimate one, will be expelled by thinking, educated, and constitutionally minded patriots.

Biden’s failure, and everything the Left stands for, is on full display in the world: War, food shortages, hyper-inflation, caged kids at the border, an open border, bowing to a 3rd-world police state China, letting hundreds of thousands die of a treatable and obviously treatable disease…

It’s all crumbling for installed dictators like Biden, Trudeau, etc. They serve a globalist agenda. And the people know. We accept those waking people into the fold of the free citizens of the world.

Gates, Xi, Schwab, Soros, Putin, Biden, and all the false-gods of this age will be defeated.

They always are.

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Trump doesn’t have to fire anyone; he can simply hold his managers accountable for the employees that work for them.

Look at Zelensky; he doesn’t have a bunch of ideologically-stained “whistle blowers” ratting out his position or undercutting his policies like Trump had to deal with. Federal employees should learn who they work for and, except in situations of illegal activity, need to keep their woke-ass cry baby feelings to themselves.

We have presidents in this country, not Putin-like autocrats.

Since January, 2021, we have a totalitarian puppet regime installed by fraud moving towards a police state.

It’s going to be a state to state battle, for sure. The rigging of the vote was so obvious in 2020, but with the propaganda networks, most people are too afraid to do anything.

Perhaps as gas prices soar and life gets worse, normal people won’t tolerate a growing autocratic state in the way of Biden and his Trillionaire installers.

Trump 2024.

I see the Left took Trump’s bait, as usual.


And greg, who f*cking cares what you think. You’re paid disinformation troll supporting America’s first Autocrat. The Law has been degraded and literally does not apply to Democrats, as we see publicly all the time.

We’ll take care of him, and you, in time.

Rise and shine in the Central European Time, troll.

comment image
New Poll Shows Trump Has Massive 59 Percent Approval Rating… as Biden Continues to Sink
biden did not win in 2020. And, it is unlikely he will run in 2024. In all probability he will not finish this term. Democrats have a real problem, if biden resigns would they saddle America with harris? She is less likable than joe. Democrats are in a box.

Emerson cooked their survey results, after first collecting their data exclusively by landline telephone.

The data sets were weighted by age, education, race, and region based on 2020 turnout modeling. It is important to remember that subsets based on gender, age, party breakdown, ethnicity, and region carry with them higher margins of error, as the sample size is reduced. Data was collected using an online panel provided by Amazon MTurk, and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system of landlines.

Trump looks as happy as a baby who’s just had a successful bowel movement.

Trump looks as happy as a baby who’s just had a successful bowel movement.

Maybe he’ll announce his butt’s been wiped.