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It’s time to say it. If you are Black in America, you have certain privileges. You can break laws, then claim the Law is racist when you get in trouble.

You can perform poorly on the job, then say your bosses are “racist” if they call you out.

Anything you don’t like in your life, you can say something “racist” caused it.

This is wrong, and against our American way.

It’s a good thing for scams like the Clinton Foundation, Biden Cancer Initiative, BLM, etc that liberals just LOVE being played for suckers.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker was caught funneling $300,000 in federal COVID funds to a BigLovelyMansions chapter in his state.
They were given through created grants.

This chapter was run by Clyde McLemore who in early 2021 was arrested for felony battery of a police officer, kicking the door in at the courthouse and threatening violence towards a police officer.

This is why Democrats wanted to bloat “infrastructure” with trillions; there’s no oversight, just an ocean of taxpayer and newly printed cash to steal and use to further subvert the nation. It’s why they still cling to the $5 trillion Build Bolshevism Better fountain of cash.

Good oversight has never been a government thing.

Gov’t oversight has always been a place to hire neer-do-well relatives of politicians.
Pays well and then there’s always room for an updated “rinse and repeat.”