Russia vs. U.S.A.: Let Slip the Dogs of War


My father knew war.  He fought in WWII at the Battle of Guadalcanal. He never talked about it much but once mentioned that he was strafed by a Japanese Zero.  Thankfully, he dodged the bullets.  My father was a conservative who loved America all of his life.  During the Vietnam War he asked me an interesting question that only resonated with me much later in life.  Dad said, “Do you think that we are doing the right thing fighting a war in Vietnam?” I was young, gung-ho and stupid at the time and I responded, “Dad, if the president thinks that we need to be in Vietnam and fight commies, I’m on board with that!” I’m much older now and often reflect on the loss of 57,000 brave Americans who died terrible deaths in fetid rice paddies far from home.  That war wasn’t glorious-it was meaningless and tore our country apart at the seams.  Our wonderful, courageous soldiers returning from that conflict were spit upon in airports and called baby killers.  America never fully recovered from that tragedy.

There is a time for war and Americans have shed blood across the globe. “Theirs is not to reason why, theirs is but to do or die.” However, the cost of war is terrible and conflicts since WWII have drained America of money, valuable lives and support for our government.  The debacle in Vietnam never set well with people who watched their beloved sons and husbands die on national TV.  Recently, 13 brave American soldiers, sent on a fool’s errand by Biden, were blown up by a terrorist bomb in Afghanistan.  The mission was ill-conceived and caused needless death and suffering.  When the bodies of those gallant warriors were unloaded at Dover Air Force Base, President Biden was observed checking his watch like he was bored and wanted to be in Rehoboth Beach, eating ice cream.

Now Biden wants to wag the dog and get into a war with military juggernaut Russia over a border incursion in the Ukraine.  The Ukraine is 5,687 miles away and Biden wants to put American boots on the ground, in harms way, just because he wants to deflect from his disastrous first year in office! The worst president in US history is now going to push us into a horrible war with Russia. Let’s recap:  We tied in Korea, lost in Vietnam and spent 20 years in Afghanistan only to be humiliated by the Taliban. After Iraq, President Bush hung a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner to celebrate beating Saddam Hussain while idiotically destabilizing that entire region.  Now our feckless leader wants to “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war,” with Russia which could quickly morph into WWIII.  That’s not going to end well for anyone.


It is ironic that Biden is willing to fight a war over a border.  Come on man! Biden won’t even close off our southern border and yet he is willing to sacrifice the lives of our patriotic men and women to defend a border 5,678 miles away.  That doesn’t make any sense.  Americans are not going to rally behind that moronic decision.  Americans will see it for what it is:  STUPID.

I have a solution for President Biden.  I watched his recent press conference and he stated that he wants to get out of Washington and mingle with real Americans to get their perspective.  I applaud that effort and suggest that he join me in a beer summit at my home.  We can sit down and I promise to give him 10 amazing recommendations that are guaranteed to improve his popularity with all Americans.  The first recommendation (just a teaser) is to find the best negotiator on the planet to adroitly resolve our conflict with Russia in a timely manner.  You must accomplish that task immediately. When you arrive at my home we can discuss some other excellent strategies.  I’ll leave the porch light on for you.

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What’s the difference between protecting a border from Russians who admit they want to take over Ukraine and protecting a border from Mexicans who admit they want to take over large swaths of the Southwest USA?
Not a thing.
But when you look at it from Joe’s POV, he’s diverting attention from Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine while he’s adding a few Dem voters from Mexico.
So, the two opposite actions make sense to Joe, just not to America.

Military invasion, occupation, subjugation, and annexation isn’t what most people would think of as a minor difference.

Why should an authoritarian leader who could use continuing warfare as a means of extending his reach and power stop at the western Ukrainian border? Why not recapture what his Soviet predecessors claimed as their own? Along with everything else, he needs a continuing distraction. He can’t allow the people time to think about their status as servants and serfs of an ultra-wealthy class of ruling oligarchs. I’m sure he’s acutely aware of his own nation’s history.

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If we want to see all of Europe under Putin’s thumb, we could do nothing. Otherwise, we could make an invasion of Ukraine look like an ultimately unrewarding exercise.

It’s interesting how quickly the right has begun pitching appeasement.

Appeasement lol Guess who allowed the Russian pipeline , The USA imports Russian oil WTH. Its Biden that made Europe dependent on Russian fuels and Russia wealthier.
Why cant Ukraine defend itself?

The Obama Doctrine and Ukraine

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Burisma paid hunter 83k a month. The big guy hoovered up 10%. sleepy Joe admitted he had the prosecutor fired because he was getting to close to the truth.

IN FACT, Trump received hundreds of millions in inexplicable loans from Deutsche Bank, which, IN FACT, was fined over $700 million for conduction a 10-BILLION DOLLAR Russian money laundering operation.

There’s NO ACTUAL EVIDENCE that Biden’s family received a single illegal nickel from Ukraine. Rudy Giuliani’s Ukrainian mission to have some fabricated was the reason for Trump’s first impeachment.

Tot bullshit

Over the years, Burisma paid the two more than $4 million. Treasury records show that 48 wire transfers from May 2014 to February 2016 totaled $3.4 million. The money went to Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a shell company run by Mr. Archer in partnership with a Chinese investment fund.
In 2014 and 2015, Burisma sent $700,000 directly to Hunter Biden. After Mr. Archer was arrested on fraud charges, Burisma sent Hunter Biden another $752,000

Another House Democrat Announces Retirement – Dem Rep. Jim Cooper Will be Leaving Congress After 32 Years in Office

Cooper’s retirement means 29 incumbent Democrats won’t seek reelection in November.

it will not be long before that number is over 40

Six members of the U.S. Senate are retiring, five of whom are republicans.

List of U.S. Congress incumbents who are not running for reelection in 2022

The Washington Times is reporting that leadership in the Democrat party is pleading with house members not to leave. However, with a looming electoral backlash on the horizon, the pleas are falling on deaf ears. Polling indicates there is a major storm on the horizon for Democrats, as their ideological thirst for power is transparent {link} and being rejected. Every single policy the Biden administration touches creates a crap storm of anxiety for the ‘Main Street’ American worker.

Even the New York Times has gone from panic to ‘shock’: “The numbers are even worse for Democrats in the eight states expected to have the closest Senate elections, according to Langer — Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Not only is Biden’s overall job approval rating in those states 33 percent, 10 points lower than it is in the rest of the country, but registered voters in those eight states say they are more likely to vote for Republican House candidates than for Democrats by 23 points (at 58 percent to 35 percent).

There are now 29 House Communists (ie Democrats) officially jumping ship and announcing they will not attempt re-election {link}. There will likely be more before the primary races begin.

comment image

Additionally, Nancy Pelosi will never return to the minority leadership role. No way, not after the groundwork Pelosi has established in the last two congressional sessions.

The backlash against Pelosi and her manipulative rule changes *should* allow for an “anything goes” approach from MAGA-angry wolverine Republicans and Independents. The 2022 overall campaign slogan should beNo Mercy, Ever!

However, asking the right wing of the UniParty vulture to represent their voting base has historically been an exercise in futility. If 2022 brings new majorities to the House or Senate, former Republican leadership will need to be removed if Middle America is to achieve results.

In the interim, the first step is to crush the communist wing.  CTH has often said, Democrats must not be beaten – they must be destroyed.

Arguing with a political leftist in the hope they can be convinced to change direction is

futile. They are disassociated on a mental and emotional level from any semblance of a capacity to consider they may be wrong. This is why you can never let up in the fight against them. Even in victory, the blue-collar working-class common-sense approach must be relentless. The modern left has to be destroyed on such a scale as their dangerous ideology is reduced to burning embers; however, do not trick yourself into believing it will ever be fully extinguished.

[…] You cannot comply your way out of tyranny any more than you can negotiate your way out of the gallows.  If you are considered the enemy of the modern leftist movement, they will seek your destruction. The only way to fight this adversary is with brutal hand-to-hand combat where you never, ever, concede an inch.

Jim Cooper Becomes 29th House Democrat Who Will Not Attempt Reelection Bid – The Last Refuge (

The democrat party is going the way of the Whig Party and that will be good for America

They were operating an investment fund. Believe it or not, investment funds involve the movement of significant sums of money.

It’s interesting how you fixate on Hunter Biden, but don’t give a doodly damn about Trump’s lifelong history of state and federal tax evasion and all manner of schemes, scams, and financial chicanery.

Hunter Biden sold Biden name recognition to a company that hoped to benefit from it. This was undeniably improper, but illegality would only exist if unlawful actions followed. There’s no evidence that any did. It was a rather Trump-like exploitation. I wouldn’t vote for Hunter Biden. I didn’t. I voted for his father.

Hunter Biden sold Biden name recognition to a company that hoped to benefit from it.

Tell me, at the time Hunter was peddling that Biden mystique, what was idiot Biden’s position at the time? Was he a sports handicapper? A car salesman? Successful art critic? No, he was none of those. He has never been any of those. He has always been a part of the US government.

At the time, he was Vice President and his product was government influence and favors. Of course, idiot Biden couldn’t hand out flyers and peddle his own wares; he had to thinly disguise his disassociation with his drug addict son and have him peddle the influence.

The name meant corruption and a corrupt liar willing to make money by corrupt means.

It can’t be “Trump-like” because there is NOTHING in Trump’s life to compare to a lifelong politicians selling the influence they have accumulated.

It can’t be “Trump-like” because…

Were you dropped on your head as a child?

That is a quote from the New York Times, but the village idiot does not believe in “FACTS”!

 I wouldn’t vote for Hunter Biden. I didn’t. I voted for his father.

But, Greg, Hunter admitted he gave his father a cut of every dollar he made in Ukraine and China!
In “Laptop from Hell,” New York Post columnist Miranda Devine uses a massive cache of files obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

In the book, Devine explained that Joe Biden was the “final decision-maker” and that “nothing important was done without his agreement.”

In the book’s excerpt was outlined a pivotal email obtained by the Post last year that detailed the “remuneration packages” for six individuals involved in the Biden family’s business consortium.
In the email, James Gilliar outlined a “provisional agreement” for the distribution of equity that included “20” for “Jim,” “20” for “H [Hunter],” and “10 held by H for the big guy.”
Bobulinski would later report that the “big guy” mentioned in the email was unquestionably Joe Biden, noting that Hunter would often call his father “the big guy” in verbal and written communication.

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As with Pizza Gate, the only thing missing is evidence that any of the claims are true.

As with Pizza Gate, the only thing missing is evidence that any of the claims are true.

As with every accusation Democrats have made, the only thing missing is evidence that any of the claims are true.

There. Fixed it so it reflected reality.

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Correct, if lying helps to further the narrative, whatever that may be, then the bovine herd of media stenographers will be the running dogs promoting the fake news so stooges like greg can continue to make asses of themselves…

Sorry, but Trump’s mysterious multi-million-dollar loan after previously defaulting on payments for an earlier debt is a fact. So is Deutshe Bank’s $700 million fine for running a multi-billion-dollar Russian money laundering operation. If you can’t connect the dots and see the big red question mark, that’s your problem.

Again, total left wing propaganda bullshit. No evidence

Again, total left wing propaganda bullshit. No evidence…

…unless you look at it.

Deutsche Bank, Trump’s single biggest lender, dropped the Trump Organization like a hot potato after the January 6th assault on the Capitol.

Trump’s businesses are perpetual money-makers and good risks. Betting on Trump to succeed is a good bet, just as we saw from his Presidency. Betting on idiot Biden to lie, steal and fail is also a good bet. It’s all he has ever done.

The only one linked to Russian oligarchs is Hunter taking 3.5 million. Was the Russian import of fuel a late payment or payoff?

It’s not “mysterious”. Trump is a safe risk. Russia, China and Ukraine paying off Hillary and idiot Biden is the problem… that’s YOUR problem. The dots are already connected. Idiot Biden even admitted it on video. Picasso Hunter is laundering money through “art” sales idiot Biden always gets his cut.

There is ample evidence that coke-snorting, crack-head, whore-mongering Hunter had an $80,000 a MONTH “job” solely to keep investigators off of Burisma’s back. And what happened when a prosecutor investigated anyway? Along comes idiot Biden (the Vice President of the United States) to threaten the Ukrainian government that if they didn’t fire the prosecutor and stop the investigation of Burisma (and the money Hunter was being paid AND the 50% Hunter said he kicked back to daddy), they would be cut off from US aid.

Son of a bitch… they fired the prosecutor and those payments kept a-flowing.

Ukrainian prosecutor indicts owner of Burisma and says Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in stolen money

Ukrainian prosecutor indicts owner of Burisma and says Hunter Biden received millions of dollars in stolen money


The Right already answered this question:


Putin was in his place, now out because he fears not a US response.

Americans tend to unite in times of war and support the government (well, except for Democrats). Idiot Biden could be counting on that and would willingly send soldiers into harm’s way (just like he did in Afghanistan) just to divert attention away from his other miserable failures. There is no possibility that will work.

The good thing is that Ukrainians are fully capable defending themselves and are pleading for the advanced weaponry to do so. They don’t need blankets and MRE’s but things that go bang and boom. But, that won’t provide idiot Biden with the premise for citizens to rally around him.

Dangerous. Very dangerous. But, putting a moron in office through fraud always has its risks.

We have absolutely no business engaging in a conflict that has less of a National security interest than the invasion that has been and is currently underway at our southern border.


“Considering that NATO allies have not held up their own agreement to spend 2 percent of their own GDP on their military preparedness … if Europeans are not willing to expend their own blood and treasure on their own self-defense why should Americans be expected to do so?” 

This is wag the dog. biden is a complete failure. NATO saw how he totally mishandled Afghanistan and are not on board

Do you really believe that Putin’s intentions toward Europe have no bearing on US national security?

Putin’s intentions, in general, have a huge bearing on US national security.

That’s why I voted for Trump, so Putin wouldn’t take action like he is doing with our resident fraud-elect puppet who is allowing him to so, unchallenged.

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Do you really believe that Putin’s intentions toward Europe have no bearing on US national security?

Well, he put the idiot Biden in office, so he definitely affects US national security negatively. Idiot Biden has done NOTHING but serve Putin.

The good thing is that Ukrainians are fully capable defending themselves…

Are you really so clueless about the comparative capabilities of Ukrainian and Russian military forces? Russia’s standing military and trained reserve forces exceed those of the United States, and Russia’s military is heavily weighted in favor of ground forces.

Are you really so clueless about the comparative capabilities of Ukrainian and Russian military forces? Russia’s standing military and trained reserve forces exceed those of the United States, and Russia’s military is heavily weighted in favor of ground forces.

Are you so clueless as to believe 125,000 troops is enough to defeat a motivated army defending their homeland? Are you so STUPID as to believe that Putin thinks he can possibly take Ukraine by force? Sure, in a long, drawn out war, but he would need far more than 125,000 troops and he would lose tens of thousands of his own troops and that MIGHT not play well at home.

You are probably also dumb enough to believe Putin is threatening invasion because Ukraine might join NATO; in other words, he is PROVING exactly WHY Ukraine should be a member of NATO.

Again… where is the UN?

The greatest danger to the world is that idiot occupying (sometimes) the Oval Office.

Russia’s standing military and trained reserve forces exceed those of the United States

What the f*ck are you blathering about?

What the f*ck are you blathering about?

Reality. The estimated sizes and compositions of the world’s various military forces aren’t state secrets. Enormous amounts of time go into analysis, estimates, and discussion outside of professional military and intelligence circles. International banks and investors pay close attention, trying to see ahead, evaluating opportunities and risks. I’m sure you know this. What happens in Ukraine today can dramatically affect gasoline pump prices tomorrow; that can have a spreading ripple effect across the entire economy.

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BIDEN: ‘When I Went To Dearborn, Driving That, Eh, You Know, Uh, Was Up There, Uh…I Don’t Know, Man’

This is dementia addled joe. This is the guy who decides to take us to war? He can not decide what flavor of oatmeal he wants.

biden is unfit to serve as the installed occupant of the WH. biden is nothing more than a figurehead so that the behind the scenes demons can continue to destroy America…

Iraq had the third largest military in the world. Where did it go?

Here’s the same question I seem to ask every time the US is being dragged into some conflict in which we have no business: where the hell is the UN? Isn’t their purpose conflict resolution and preventing war? Why are councils not being called, world-wide sanctions and condemning Russia for threatening European peace?

What a completely worthless organization that does nothing but launder money.

But you hate the UN, don’t you? Putin will have to deal with NATO. How do you feel about NATO?

Why do you think I hate the UN? Could it be because they don’t do their job? If NATO can’t do it’s job, as Trump was forcing them to do, then I’ll regard them as useless, just like the UN. See, things have a purpose and when they don’t fulfill the purpose they are useless and should be eliminated.

How do you feel about Biden being Putin’s puppet?
Biden isn’t finished though. He just seems to not help himself from being stupid.
But Nordstream 2 is just fine with dementia Joey.

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NATO is merely an arm of the United State Military, paid for by us taxpayers.

Putin wouldn’t dare do this under Trump. It’s a demonstrated fact.

Trump created the circumstances that made Putin’s play possible.

Oh. How? By not being the leader in charge right now? This is ALL idiot Biden. 100%.

Trump created the circumstances that made Putin’s play possible.

Um, no.

That would be Obama and former Vice President Biden, and President Bush before them.

Trump got a show-trial impeachment when we looked into what idiot Biden was doing in Ukraine, remember?

I seemed to have missed the headlines of the share of Chinese spies booted from our country after the list was released. In fact the professor that failed to disclose his ties to China while doing research has had the charges dropped.

Shocking Report: List Leaked of Thousands of Chinese Communist Spies Placed in Governments Around the World

But the FBI was busy with plans to kidnap Whitmer.Traing to pull off J6, and those pesky PTA members needed to be kept an eye on. You would think king RINO Mitch’s wife would be easy to find.
Barr might have put it in his hidden desk drawer saying he saw no evidence of spies.

The last thing we need right now is a war, especially with a bunch of woke Marxists running our military who couldn’t even execute a basic withdrawal from Afghanistan properly resulting in 13 brave souls dying and hundreds of Americans and allies being left behind. America held hostage Day 147. How soon we forget. I wonder if Milley promised to give his Russian counterpart a heads up of any pending military action on our part or if he only betrays his country to the PLA or when there is a non Red in office?

Excellent observation. Don’t forget the 85 billion in sensitive military equipment and a functional
airport. Larry

Amateur Hour: Kamala Harris Says She Doesn’t Know What Putin is Going to Do (VIDEO)

comment image
Kristinn Taylor

Replying to @cspan
and @VP
Kamala Harris says she’s being briefed on Ukraine by her national security team. Apparently she was frozen out of Biden’s Saturday meeting on Ukraine with his national security team. Harris was in Cali for the weekend, Biden at Camp David. Nice salute, though.

but she repeats talking points well. Wonder why sleepy joe excludes her from the briefings.

Hillary is culpable

But who would prosecute? The DOJ is Chicago in the 1920’s.

Tucker Carlson poses a question: “Why is it disloyal to side with Russia but loyal to side with Ukraine?” 

Yeah, believe it or not, he’s seriously asking that.

But let us not wonder why. Instead, let us talk about Dr. Fauci’s transgender monkeys…

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The call was a complete disaster. Idiot Biden apparently told Zelinsky to get ready to take it ups the ass, good luck, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. We need transcripts of every call idiot Biden makes because if his statements in public are any indication, his discussions in private are serious national security concerns.

Our Nation and the people are in serious peril with this nincompoop in charge. What more does anyone need to see to know this brain dead son of a bitch biden is destroying this country?

It appears now that the actual call included Zelensky telling biden to stop escalating a situation he has no awareness of. Apparently the ruskies and the government of the Ukraine are and maybe have brokered a cease fire agreement. The talks that were conducted in Paris did not include the US or biden

ouch, that is going to leave a mark

And finally at a Ukrainian presser, Zelensky called biden a liar

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CNN goes into coverup on Biden Ukraine phone call…
senior Ukrainian official to @mchancecnn, Biden told Zelensky
that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is now virtually certain and that Kyiv
could be
“sacked” – “prepare for impact,” Biden reportedly said.
Zelensky disagreed and as I reported asked him to tone down rhetoric.
levels leyaruniy a pussivie kussiall attack.
On the call, described by the official as “long and
frank” he said President Biden told his Ukrainian
counterpart that a Russian attack may be imminent.
According to the official, President Zelensky of
Ukraine restated his position that the threat from
Russia remains “dangerous but ambiguous.” But it is
not certain, Zelensky said, that an attack will take
The official said that President Biden rejected
Ukrainian calls for sanctions to be imposed on
Russia ahead of any invasion, saying that the US
leader again made clear that sanctions would only
be imposed on Moscow after a Russian advance into
Ukrainian territory.
In his response, the official told CNN that President
Zelensky urged his American counterpart to “calm
down the messaging,” warning of the economic
According to the official, President Biden disagreed,
impact of panic. He also said Ukrainian intelligence
insisting an invasion was now virtually certain, once
sees the threat differently as do other countries in
the ground had frozen later in February, the official
told CNN, adding that the US president said the
Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, could be “sacked” and that
Russian forces may attempt to occupy it.
President Biden – according to the official –told
his Ukrainian counterpart that the country would not
The Ukrainian leader pointed to a recent
breakthrough in negotiations with Russia in Paris,
saying that he hoped a ceasefire agreement with
rebels in eastern Ukraine would be maintained. He
also said US Russia NATO talks still had some

Delete. Delete. Delete.


Hi @NatashaBertrand! Why did you delete this

bidens second article of impeachment will be to have attempted to start a war.

Where’s the UN?