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“Black lives matter” is simply an incomplete statement which anyone NOT racist would make, followed by a laborious (and stupid) list of ALL skin colors. The efficient and effective non-racist statement is “ALL lives matter.”

The only argument I’ve had regarding the Arbery case is about motive. Leftists, of course (they know nothing else) want to make this a racist attack. White guys attacking a black guy only do so because of the race differential. They all ignore the facts (just as they did with Rittenhouse).

The fact is that Arbery DREW their attention by being caught on video at the locations where thievery was a problem. These good old boys just happened to see Arbery jogging around in the same neighborhood where he appeared on security video. So far, so good… then the guys went way overboard and, of course, Arbery died.

But the left is COMPELLED by their failure to provide anything to anyone that anyone actually wants to exploit race and divide people with hatred. That’s their gift to humanity.

I say this respectfully: it’s not whites who don’t think black lives matter, it’s SOME black people who don’t think black lives matter.

As we see in the Bible, learning to live post-slavery is a difficult road. 40 years in the desert for Moses and Israelites was what it took, and even then they had issues.

I love our country and love our diversity. Slavery is wrong. Luckily we don’t have slavery in our country, and the white people set the the black people free. That’s tough because even in freedom it’s a white thing.

I get it.

Arbery’s father is incredible. I have tears in my eyes about what happened to his son. It’s horrible, and we need to make sure NO ONE is gunned down like this.

We also need to make sure that terrorist, insurrectionist antifa and other Leftwing idiots get shot legally if they attack armed patriots, like Kyle Rittenhouse.

no matter what the skin color is, every human being is the same color of muscle, bone, tendon, and cartilage.


BLM is nothing but a appealing version of the Black Panthers making them sound a less of a Threat

Isn’t that the slogan on the walls of Planned Parenthood clinics?

BLM to clarify.

blacks killing blacks and whites in 2021, and past history shows that violance in the black population is very high. Candice Owens noted this in a recent interview. Wait, the lesbo, HIV mayor of chi., married to a cracker is now going to sue gangs for crimes committed. WOW! There about 52 different gangs that hunt in chi., and she and her da are going to sue these gangs which they have no idea of the identity of various gang members. the stupider get stupider every day.