Make no mistake- Kyle Rittenhouse wasn’t on trial. Being white was.


Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted today. Anyone who paid even a modicum of attention to the trial could not come away without concluding that Rittenhouse acted in self defense. The verdict enraged the left wing media but more, it revealed the searing hatred some have of all things white. All day the left wing lunatics struggled mightily to inject racism into something that was not racist. All four of those involved were white. As you will see, MSNBC and CNN had countless numbers of people believing that Kyle Rittenhouse randomly shot three black men. As you will see, MSNBC and CNN outright lied about what happened in Kenosha. They lied about Rittenhouse carrying a gun across state lines. They lied about Rittenhouse’s weapon. They had their gullible listeners believing that crossing state lines was criminal. Kenosha burned for two nights before Rittenhouse arrived. They created a false narrative and are consumed with bitterness that it has been blown up. Let’s begin.

Here an NBC analyst argues against self defense:

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment assures the right to self defense.

Rittenhouse went to Kenosha to protect property and act as a medic. Next we have a left winger lamenting a proper verdict.

Here an irresponsible Congresswoman posted a tweet filled to the brim with lies. And it’s about racism.

Those three were not there to affirm anything. They were there to riot and burn. See the call for violence:

This democrat Congressman libels Rittenhouse as a “murderer.”


Naturally the dimwits from Hollywood had to weigh in.

The ACLU condemns Rittenhouse for crossing state lines and smothers the facts until they are dead.

The guy who sneers at anyone who can’t afford to eat at the French Laundry offers some word salad. He dings Rittenhouse as a vigilante, which is patently false.

This Soros backed tool frees criminals daily and comes from a line of criminals

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The feckless Mayor of New York city is not satisfied to make a fool of himself not once, but twice.


Had they not attacked Rittenhouse they all would be alive and whole.

You knew you could count on this banshee to throw the white supremacist card. She does it all the time.


This is beyond the pale, but that’s coming from someone who married her brother to gain entry to this country, got elected in a Somali dominated district, then became a millionaire paying her husband out of her campaign cash.


This guy should simply be ignored.

Note how this is framed- the “gun toting white teenager.” They make it sound as if the victims were black and  Rittenhouse was firing his gun aimlessly.

In the pantry of Cuomo’s American values convicted criminals attacking a kid are the victims and he tosses in the white supremacist label.

This guy- the Democratic Congressional Committee Chairman- is a complete idiot. It wasn’t a protest, it was a riot. Jack Blake is not dead. Blake was armed with a knife.

And speaking of ignorant


Two people were killed. Both were white.

Politifact again proves why it’s not worth dog crap.


You might think that an alleged “Constitutional lawyer” would be familiar with the case before opining but you would be wrong. Then again, he’s on MSNBC.

Our village idiot President said that he disagreed with the verdict. He also said he didn’t watch the trial.

Jerry Nadler (D-moron) wants a Federal investigation:

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, called on the Justice Department to review the not guilty verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case, calling it a “miscarriage of justice.”

Nadler pushed a debunked claim about Rittenhouse in his call for the federal review, saying that the teenager was “armed” when he crossed state lines to attend a protest in Kenosha, Wis., where he fatally shot two men and wounded another.

Good luck with that, Jerry. Kyle was a minor at the time.

Every time I thought I was done I found another nugget of liberal stupidity and ignorance

Sounds pretty cut and dried. It’s also a lie. Just like her 1619 Project.

Now brace your self for the meat of the theatrics- hatred of all things white. I’ll sit back and let you read them. Pay attention to how many times you see and hear the words “white” and “white supremacy.”




How badly did the media distort and misrepresent about this story? This bad

The overseas media bought into the left wing narrative- that Rittenhouse shot three black men.

The Brazilian media was similarly sucked in

This is disappointing, brutal and sad and I do not commit these words easily but it is inescapable. The sheer ignorance of the facts of the case and the continuing deceit is astonishing and nauseating. They so badly wanted this to be about white supremacy. It wasn’t. It never was but they couldn’t let it go. They fashioned Grosskreutz, Huber and Rosenbaum into proxies for their vitriol filled diatribes. Some of the above are stupid and ignorant of the facts. Most are not.  All involved in the shootings were white. Of all of them Rosenbaum, who more than once said “shoot me, n***a”  more than once, comes off more like a white supremacist than the others. On their racial stove was cooking their pot of white hatred and it finally boiled over. White supremacy was an artifice necessary to shield them from scrutiny but take away supremacy from white supremacy and all you have left is white.

Finally- some wisdom appeared like a ray of sunshine.

If you consume scat, you become scat. Who above reported that those shot were attacking Rittenhouse? Who above mentioned their criminal histories? They were defending a guy who anally raped 5 young boys. They outright lied about what happened. They continue to lie. That is the state of the left wing media today. There is a video that absolutely proves it.

While we’re at it, let’s thank Julio Rojas, Drew Hernandez and Richie McGinniss. Without them Kyle Rittenhouse would be a dead man.

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Being white, and also your right to stop bad guys when they break the law.

Everything right now with the Left is second punch justice.

The perpetrate, they throw the first punch….then say you are wrong when you throw the second, defending punch.

The Big Lie at the Capitol is now clear: the conflict was created and then sculped by the police and the FBI.

I heard one crybaby lamenting that property is not worth a human life. That is true. So, it would be wise for people not to risk their lives destroying someone else’s livelihood. It might get you killed and the living (not you any more) would lament.

One Riot, One Rittenhouse.

And we have millions of Rittenhouses.

” All four of those involved were white.” Not completely correct; now that “face-kick guy” is identified, we know there was one black guy involved. So, it’s noteworthy that the black guy that attacked Rittenhouse wasn’t shot. Why not? What kind of racist white supremacist is Rittenhouse, anyway? A black guy kicked him in the head; a true-white white supremacist would have hunted him down and lynched him on the spot.

It doesn’t seem to bother the left one bit that every bit of THEIR argument (not to be confused with a rational point of view) was based entirely on LIES. ALL OF IT. They didn’t use one shred of truth to base their maniacal position on. How can anyone possibly reason with such people? I can’t see any possibility of ever reconciling with such people. Sad.

“He shot and killed 2 people who had assembled to affirm the value, dignity, and worth of Black lives.” So, the left’s version of “affirming value, dignity and worth of black lives” is to destroy other people’s property and try to kill anyone that attempts to stop them. What a sick and demented ideology.

All excellent examples of the disconnect from reality suffered by most on the left. Unfortunately, those most in need of learning the facts will never see them, as they do not seek out alternate information sources. We are basically one of many conservative echo chambers where, while providing true facts concerning events, no sound escapes to those outside this bubble. The greatest con the marxist ever perpetrated on humanity is convincing many to reject intellectual curiosity and embrace willful ignorance.

Noteworthy that the only racism brought to this site is from the left or leftist trolls pretending to be otherwise.

It was Kyle’s white maleness that was on trial, not his whiteness.

According to the Democrat-Zionist media, all white males are violent white supremacist.

Are you simple? He was on trial because he shot and killed two people on a public street. Why is this so difficult to grasp?

So Comrade Greggie, according to you Rittenhouse should have terminated those two scumbags on a private cul-de-sac and all would have been peachy.

Maybe the Kenosha leadership should have ordered those rioters to be arrested when they were sitting crap on fire and there would have been no reason for Kyle Rittenhouse to pull the trigger.

News flash, Comrade; Americans are getting pretty fed up with the BLM/Antifa destruction going on in our cities and more and more are going to start locking and loading.

I believe I had heard somewhere the charges were made two days after the incident without what we now know to have been a thorough investigation…

Until I watched the trial for myself,
I didn’t know the gas station where it all started and where Kyle stayed up until they started attacking him, is owned by his grandparents.
They came on to his property to attack him.
I didn’t know that Kyle put out a dumpster fire that was being rolled down to a gas station to blow up, with people all around.
I didn’t know that the Police were told to stand down as businesses were destroyed.
I didn’t know that Kyles Dad, Grandma and Friends all lived in Kenosha, 20 minutes from where he resided with his Mom part time in Illinois.
I didn’t know that someone knocked Rittenhouse down twice and then attempted to kick him with lethal force to the head.
I didn’t know that Huber had hit him in the head 2x with a skateboard.
I didn’t know Gaige Grosskreutz, aimed his gun at Kyle first, as he admitted on the stand.
I also didn’t know that in the State of Wisconsin, it is legal for Kyle to have a gun, even at 17 (which was why the gun charge was dismissed).
I didn’t know that Kyle did not cross state lines with a gun he wasn’t supposed to have. The rightful gun owner did, as he was legally permitted to do.
I also didn’t realize that Rosenbaum was a 5 time convicted child rapist and that Huber was a 2 time convicted woman beater.
I didn’t know that Grosskreutz was a convicted Burglar with an assault on his record also.
We would ALL have known this and tax payers dollars would not be wasted and more division created…!!!

Kyle Rittenhouse was on trial because he shot and killed two unarmed people on a public street and shot and maimed a third. We don’t determine whether such a thing was justified or not based on contradictory news accounts followed by a public opinion survey.

It is completely justified as a jury of his peers, a practice dating back centuries to English common law, found him innocent of all charges affirming his right of self defense.

The dirtbags who died deserved to die. The other piece of shit unfortunately is still alive. He is no different than the two dead ones.

Individual citizens don’t get to decide who deserves to live or die. “Deserving” was never the question. The question was whether or not a killing on a public street was justified.

The law assumes that the lives of those killed had as much value as mine, yours, Rittenhouse’s, or Donald effin’ Trump’s. When that principle is lost to a society, it’s a short trip to Auschwitz.

They deserved to die the moment they attempted to kill Rittenhouse. Deserving was the question when the jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of any of the charges affirming his right to self defense.
You think rioters have the right to destroy other people property. Thankfully 2/3 of Americans disagree with you and your type.

Now run along a go fu€k yourself.

Rittenhouse was the one who walked into the middle of a volatile situation with an assault weapon at the ready, fool. Apparently it’s not enough for you that a jury has absolved him of murder. You seem to want to declare him a Hero of the Revolution or some such, and pin a medal on him. I actually feel sorry for him. He killed two people and maimed a third—none of which would have happened if he’d simply stayed home—and will now be living with that for the rest of his life.

You always tell people to go “fu€k” themselves when you have no reasonable response. I believe 2/3 of the country would prefer reasonable government, and for rabble-rousing populace ass hats to simply go the hell away.

And I will continue to do so.

I did have a reasonable response.

They deserved to die the moment they attempted to kill Rittenhouse. Deserving was the question when the jury found Rittenhouse not guilty of any of the charges affirming his right to self defense.
You think rioters have the right to destroy other people property. Thankfully 2/3 of Americans disagree with you and your type.

You just do not like the truth

Actually greggie, you are wrong again, An AR 15 is not an assault. weapon. It is not an automatic weapon. It is a single fire weapon that loads automatically as compared to an M-16 which fires multiple rounds at one pull of the trigger. Second, Rittenhouse had the right to prevent more damage to his home town. While putting out a fire started by violent rioters, he was attacked by one of the fire starter who tried to take away his protection weapon. Rittenhouse shot him and ran toward the police. Before he reached police, he was attacked by another man who kicked him in the head and then another who hit him with a skateboard. Rittenhouse protected himself again by shooting that attacker. As Rittenhouse continued to move toward the police, he was attacked by a third man who stuck a pistol that also loaded rounds automatically. Rittenhouse shot that attacker in the arm and continued to the police with his hands up. Rittenhouse’s actions were protected by the 2nd Amendment. Those who attacked him initiated the action by unlawful actions. When people abide by the laws, then they have and deserve a reasonable government. It is those who riot and destroy property and threaten citizens who whine and complain when a reasonable government applies the laws and penalties of the land.

The M&P in M&P15 stand for “Military and Police”, Randy. It’s a high capacity, rapid fire semi-automatic weapon that could serve quite adequately as an urban assault weapon.

greggie dear, by definition an assault weapon is automatic fire. You can call an M&P 15 all you want, but the 15 part is the definition. How it would serve matters not. with your definition, your mouth can be considered an assault weapon. It does rapid fire with little accuracy on a target. Well, maybe you are just a whine instead of a rapid fire!

People who want to confuse the issue make too much of definitions. An M1 was a military assault weapon, even though it had no full automatic fire capability.

By your definition greggie, a musket was an assault weapon. Words have meaning. An assault weapon fires a single shot each time when the trigger is pulled. You are a far left ignorant, jack ass trying to justify your point of view when there is no possible justification .

Actually greggie, you are so wrong. The Constitution gives us the right to determine if someone lives or dies if they threaten me or others to the extent we would suffer bodily harm. That is exactly what Rittenhouse did. It doesn’t matter where the threat is made, the right of anyone to defend themselves is a constitutional right. When you attack me with the potential of bodily harm, you forfeit all of your rights to live.

The U.S. Constitution says nothing about that. Self defense is addressed in state law.

Spot on

By the way, the Constitution says nothing about the intentional killing of babies

Only idiots equate the abortion of a 6-week embryo the size of a pea with the killing of a baby.

You’ve gotten sillier. Are you the real Greg? The original Greg was smarter than this.

What I’m saying isn’t what you’re hearing.

“Individual citizens don’t get to decide who deserves to live or die. ” That’s funny, coming from a dedicated leftist, because you believe the MEDIA should decide who lives or dies, who is imprisoned or who goes free. In this case, you and the media got EVERY SINGLE DETAIL wrong… as in LIED. You intended to convict an innocent young man based on lies because your ideology mandates that individuals are not allowed to oppose the leftist violent mob.

“Rittenhouse was the one who walked into the middle of a volatile situation with an assault weapon at the ready, fool. ” It was a situation that outsiders came into HIS community to riot and loot. The government of that community decided the out-of-area rioters and looters had more rights than the local taxpayers. Evers created the volatile situation. Rittenhouse had every right to defend his community.

“The M&P in M&P15 stand for “Military and Police”, Randy. It’s a high capacity, rapid fire semi-automatic weapon that could serve quite adequately as an urban assault weapon.” Obviously, as proved in this case, it makes an excellent and effective defensive weapon.

“People who want to confuse the issue make too much of definitions. An M1 was a military assault weapon, even though it had no full automatic fire capability.” What confuses the issue is all the lies you and the rest of the left (which includes your Ministry of Propaganda) spread about every topic. An M1 was NOT an assault weapon, it was a semi-automatic rifle. The Sturmgewehr 44, developed by Germany during World War II, was the first assault rifle. Maybe if you go online you could get yourself some facts.

“An M1 was NOT an assault weapon.”

73,000 American soldiers who landed in Normandy on D-Day would disagree with you. So would General Patton.

“It’s not an assault weapon” is a bogus argument, only intended to confuse the issue.

Then, by your definition, a skateboard is an assault weapon. A rock is an assault weapon. A foot is an assault weapon. A bag filled with heavy objects is an assault weapon. All were used against Rittenhouse that night.

Patton called the M1 Garand an “implement”, not an assault weapon or assault rifle. So, your reference makes no sense.

There is a difference between an assault RIFLE and an assault weapon. ANYTHING can be an assault weapon; if you want to join in an intelligent conversation (and get your ass kicked at every turn), then use educated terms and references.

“People seem to have forgotten what sparked the fires. It wasn’t only Kenosha.” It was left wing terrorists sent to Kenosha to commit violence. THAT’S what sparked the fires. Violent thugs sparked the fires. Rosenbaum was dropping N-bombs all over the place, so his BLM sympathies could be questioned as well.

“…a skateboard is an assault weapon.”

Rittenhouse’s defense team made some such absurd claim. I wouldn’t.

A man was killed after being hit in the head with a skateboard in an act of self-defense during a fight in a Santa Ana Starbucks.

“Rittenhouse’s defense team made some such absurd claim. I wouldn’t.” Oh. Really.

I wonder, how does it feel to be wrong every damned time about every damned thing? Think you might need a new line of work?

Skateboards aren’t reclassified as assault weapons just because somebody has been killed with one. It’s difficult, I know, but you really should try to stop short of total nonsense.

“Skateboards aren’t reclassified as assault weapons just because somebody has been killed with one.” What, does it need a “scary pistol grip” to be classified as an “assault weapon”? It was a weapon used in an assault, thus “assault weapon”.

Two things: liberals don’t get to arbitrarily label and redefine items to fit their political narrative. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. In this case particularly, it wasn’t used in an assault; it was used as a defensive weapon. The skateboard was used as an “assault weapon”.

Second, “assault weapon” describes anything that could possibly be used in an assault. More people are killed with feet and fists than with ALL types of long guns, so drop-kick guy (Maurice Freeland, ANOTHER convicted criminal that had no business being in Kenosha at a riot) was walking around on assault weapons. The unidentified guy that hit Rittenhouse in the back of the head with a large rock attacked him with an assault weapon. Grosskreurtz turned a .40 cal Glock into an assault weapon when he assaulted Rittenhouse with it… to his forearm’s dismay.

And “assault weapon” is different from an assault rifle, which an AR-15 is NOT. You peddle the nonsense, not me. I merely rub your nose in it.

All three of whom ATTACKED Rittenhouse with intent to kill him. That “third” was NOT unarmed; in fact, he was shot only when he pointed a COCKED AND LOADED Glock at Rittenhouse. You have not one shred of evidence to back your accusations. We all know it, so why do you continue to pass your LIES off as fact to us?

greg can not see truth because the narrative he ascribes to is nothing but a big lie. The list is long.
Some of the more recent;

2020 election
Ukraine phone call
Russian collusion.

All of them have been proven lies by greg and his leftist handlers.

I’ve made the same comment regarding the January 6 videos. People see things differently. My initial reaction was that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been carrying a rifle down the street like he was entering an urban combat zone. An unarmed person tried to take his rifle and was shot and killed. A second unarmed person tried to get his rifle and was shot and killed. A third person, armed with a pistol, tried to stop him without firing a shot, and was seriously wounded. Perhaps his problem was hesitation to shoot, because he certainly COULD have, then HE could have claimed self defense. There was a trial because there were very different perceptions of the same events. We should accept the verdict of the jury and be done with it.

Unfortunately some people will likely see this as vindication of the sort of armed vigilante intervention that could turn into civil warfare. No one in their right mind should want to go there, but there are a lot of armed people who are not in their right minds. EVERYBODY has got a gun.

greggie, you are a flaming idiot evidenced by your ignorant observations and stupid comments. Why in GODs name do you think there is a 2nd Amendment if it was not to enable a person to defend themselves against those wanting to hurt them or to prevent others from limiting the freedoms we were God given? Rioters were burning Rittenhouse’s home town. He had good intentions to minimize the damage to his home town. The jerks who attacked him while they were performing criminal acts, attacked the wrong person. If they had attacked a pussy like you, they would still be alive and you likely would not. Some day, you will have to confess to just what job you had in Viet Nam if you even were there.

At the time when the Second Amendment was ratified, armed civilian militias were viewed as the main component of national defense. In the years following the Revolutionary War America had NO standing army to speak of. The Continental Army had been dissolved. America’s regular army consisted of only a FEW DOZEN troops. The militia was the nation’s defense force. THAT’S what the Second Amendment was about.

“armed civilian militias were viewed as the main component of national defense. ”

They still are, you idiot.

Yeah, that would certainly explain our 2021 $753.5 Billion defense budget. Who did you say was an idiot?

greggie, the Supreme court has ruled time and again that individuals have the right to bear arms to protect themselves. You way out lefties have always been against the right for individuals to protect themselves and you are supporting “defunding” police that makes the 2nd Amendment even more critical.

I wonder why the far lefties hire body guards who carry guns but wan we “deplorables” to not have guns. Your comments and your positions become farther and farther out into outer space with every comment greggie.

You really don’t get it. There’s a rifle hanging over the door not six feet from where I’m sitting and a semi-automatic pistol in a drawer in the bedroom. I don’t go out looking for situations to defend myself.

If a person’s behavior changes when they have a gun, they probably shouldn’t have one. Rittenhouse never would have been where he was if he hadn’t had his gun.

I HATE open carry laws. Open carry is stupid, because it’s a provocation. It’s also stupid defensive behavior. If a criminal or lunatic shows up on the scene intending to do murder, the civilian with the visible firearm is the first one they’re going to shoot.

Maybe open carry of a dangerous, deadly thermonuclear assault kill everyone rifle is a signal to stay away instead of attacking them?

People seem to have forgotten what sparked the fires. It wasn’t only Kenosha.

Greggie, you got something right, it was illegal rioting that caused the fire. If lefty criminals only did peaceful demonstrations instead of illegal rioting there would not be fires or looting.

actually greggie, you are the one who doesn’t get it! you are so far left that you do not have the capability to even think. There have been scores of studies that show you are wrong. You likely base the change in personality when carrying a gun on people like Alex Baldwin. The jerk never checked to see if the gun was loaded before he pointed the gun at two people and fired. Every gun owners know the first law of picking up a weapon is to check to see if it is loaded. You should be jumping all over Alex Baldwin who killed because of his ignorance instead of Rittenhouse who killed to defend himself. We all know you will not because you are as left as he is and you need to lie to maintain your position.

A friend of mine told me that carrying DID change his behavior. It made him more thoughtful and cautious. Whereas without carrying a weapon, he might be more prone to be outspoken and react to provocation, he found that because the consequences might me more tragic and final, he avoids those reactions when carrying. I find this to be largely true. People like Greg would be totally incapable of accepting such undercutting of their preferred narrative.

At the time when the Second Amendment was ratified, armed civilian militias were viewed as the main component of national defense.

That is wrong, perhaps they could be used but Congress was already under way to develop forms of a military.

The 2nd amendment was an effort to assure the states that their sovereignty could be protected from tyrannical forces, by the the way, what we are experiencing today with your fraudulent president so the states would ratify the Constitution.

What criminal acts were they engaging in, Randy?

The first guy Rittenhouse killed was an unarmed man who had just been discharged from the hospital. He was walking with his fiancee when they encountered Rittenhouse, walking up the street with a rife. He threw a plastic bag at Rittenhouse containing socks, underwear, and deodorant. Rittenhouse killed him.

The second person killed was an unarmed man with a skateboard. He was also on the scene with his girlfriend. He assumed Rittenhouse was an active shooter and attempted to disarm Rittenhouse. Some people might consider that heroic, if foolhardy. In any case, Rittenhouse killed him, too.

Minutes before, the third guy had been tending to injured people. He had his gun out at this point. Why? Because there’s a man with a rifle on the street who has already killed two people—one an instant before, right in front of him. He didn’t shoot, but Rittenhouse did.

Rittenhouse was found innocent of all charges. What more do you want? Apologies from the families of the dead? His actions don’t merit anyone’s approval. They DO apparently warrant a celebrity spot on Tucker Carlson, who’s going to exploit a tragic situation involving two deaths for all that it’s worth.

setting fires! to peoples property is a crime or do you selectively ignore crimes like arson when it is not convenient?

I noticed greggie that you never mentioned that the unarmed people were participating in a criminal act, and that while they were participating in a criminal act they also performed a criminal act by attack on an armed citizen. They payed for their criminal actions as the law states they should.

“An unarmed person tried to take his rifle and was shot and killed. A second unarmed person tried to get his rifle and was shot and killed. ”

You lie. Rosey had a chain and the Huber had a skateboard. Let me know if I need to pull up the videos of your antifa/BLM buddies killing people in the street with less.

They were armed.

“I’ve made the same comment regarding the January 6 videos.” Yeah, you see “violent armed insurrectionists” while the video shows people milling around taking pictures.

Until the incompetent Democrats either change their methods and begin allowing law enforcement to put down violent riots or they are replaced by someone who will, we will, unfortunately, see more and more of this. You can’t compromise; you want your leftist violent mobs to continue to terrorize communities without the community (sans government that will protect the taxpayers) having the right to defend themselves. No, the answer is for the violent insurrectionist anarchists to be taught that they cannot behave as they have grown used to behaving. That’s on YOU.

“My initial reaction was that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been carrying a rifle down the street like he was entering an urban combat zone.” He WAS entering an urban combat zone, created by your leftists. It wasn’t Rittenhouse that was in the wrong; it was the rioters.

It has been shown that every one of the rioters that were identified had criminal records. That means they were violating the terms of their release was being violated by involving themselves in violent criminal activities. Meanwhile, Rittenhouse has no criminal record and was lawfully defending himself. You cannot be more on the wrong side of this issue, as you seem to find yourself on EVERY issue. Something you should be giving some serious thought to.

“What criminal acts were they engaging in, Randy?” Maybe I see the problem. Perhaps we can cure you. You aren’t aware that RIOTING and LOOTING is against the law, are you? Arson is a criminal act. Vandalism is a criminal act. Assault with a deadly weapon (a rock, a skateboard or a loaded and cocked .40 cal Glock) is a criminal act. Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a criminal act.

“He threw a plastic bag at Rittenhouse containing socks, underwear, and deodorant.” Why? That’s kind of provokotive.

” Rittenhouse killed him.” … after Rosenbaum chased Rittenhouse across a parking lot (ROSENBAUM chased RITTENHOUSE, as in Rittenhouse was trying to flee to safety) and, when cornered, Rittenhouse shot the pedophile Rosenbaum when Rosenbaum tried to wrest the rifle from Rittenhouse’s hands.

“The second person killed was an unarmed man with a skateboard. ” He wasn’t unarmed; he was armed with a deadly weapon, the skateboard, which he tried to kill Rittenhouse with. What gave Huber the right to kill Rittenhouse? What, did he think he was his grandmother, who he had beaten several times? What a choirboy.

“Minutes before, the third guy had been tending to injured people. He had his gun out at this point.” His ILLEGALLY CARRIED gun. Grosskreurtz was another convicted criminal, having threatened to “gut” his brother he was strangling and burn the house down with his family inside. He was on the side of the violent rioters; why was he carrying a gun? Was he afraid some citizen that hadn’t traveled 51 miles from OUT OF STATE to cause trouble might try to defend themselves or their livelihood? WHY was he armed? He was looking for trouble. He wanted to be a hero (among scum) and kill the kid defending himself. Rittenhouse “disarmed” him… literally. He definitely deserved it.

“Rittenhouse was found innocent of all charges. What more do you want?” I want the liars, like yourself, to admit they lied in order to score a political victory and put an innocent young community-minded man in prison for life. I want those who were fired from their jobs because they donated to Rittenhouse’s defense fund compensated generously. I want the left’s Ministry of Propaganda to admit they put ideology far ahead of honest reporting and informing and do not deserve to ever be considered credible. I want an end to the left exploiting tragedies to further their decadent political agenda. I want idiot Biden to admit he was wrong about Rittenhouse and admit he was just as stupid as the rest of the left and made stupid proclamations based on lies.

Rittenhouse deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom because that was what he was protecting. He stood up to fascist terrorism and violence. No one on the left does. The entire left supports mob violence.

Hey Greg, I hear you and your buddies are threatening the defense attorney. It’s that pathetic loser prosecutor y’all should be after, not the defense.

Violence is the currency of the left. It’s always that way with fascists.

Not guilty on all 6 counts. Jury didn’t even throw a bone by finding R guilty of a minor offense. Are you impugning the jury, Greg?

Can you read, sock puppet? I accepted the verdict of the jury.

BFD, Comrade Greggie, you have no alternative than to “accept” the verdict of the jury.

BTW, you’re the sock puppet. And you have been trolling this website for waaaaay too long.

You didn’t “accept” anything. It’s the ruling of a legal court.

Now we get a mistrial on the Chauvin case due to a BLM activist lying to get on the jury.

Justice persists in America, it seems.

What can we do to help the captive Chinese overthrow their evil Marxist masters and achieve freedom like us?

The jury heard ALL the evidence and was under tremendous pressure and illegal threats. Their votes on all 6 counts were 12-0 for acquittal. The system worked, deal with it.

American values were on trial.

all of the media and the current congress suffer from syphilitic dementia. you know, the kind of dementia Al Capone died from. joy reid assuredly has her butt plug in when she opens her month on camera. binger is an idiot and predicated his prosecution off of cnn, MSNBC, and the entire woke, community, mendacious media. binger who wants to be the ag or the state just lost that dream. flunkey. good lawyers do homework, binger plagiarized the woke media.

Those two scumbags deserved to die just like any scumbag(s) who might come upon my property with the intention of doing harm to me or any member of my family and my property.
I would have no problem taking down a scumbag(s) in this situation and they would deserve to die, period hard stop.

Proud Boys are now stating that the Rittenhouse verdict is a justification for ‘stacking up bodies like cord wood’.

This is rather expected of the warnings that such a verdict would change the narrative from “Owning the Libs” to just “kill the Dems”.

Now Rittenhouse makes a beeline to Carson Tucker to abet him in in this very endeavor.

And when Proud Boys takes their mission to a new level, Dr John and Curt along with the indoctrinated cult will be their to not only defend them but to cheer them on.

This is truly who you’ve become, exceeding any and all of my predictions of how evil Trumpism could evolve you into.

Narrator: Both the people he killed were white. One was a pedophile and one was a wife-beater, two time-honored Democrat traditions. No wonder Democrats are upset today. @DennisPerkins5— Nick Searcy, INSURRECTIONAL FILM & TELEVISION STAR (@yesnicksearcy) November 20, 2021

Proud Boys are a People of Color organization. They are not white.

Rittenhouse shot three hothead killer jerks, like you, when they tried to attack him. He acted in self-defense, and in accordance with the law.

He was found innocent in a court of law, one threatened by media and other anti-democratic activists like you.

He’s out.

Get over it, pig.

Sir your are way too kind gentle. “The sheer ignorance of the facts of the case …”!

Liberal have known the truth and told lies for at least 72 yers! Before 1950 I could read; but not fully understand. By 1950 I understood well the bigots in the press (MSM now)!
In ’50 an American hating bigot started his “UGLY AMERICAN” “news” broadcast on CBS. The plutocrats in the press and THE UNIPARTY loved Walter’s lies. So JCS whose “Camel news Caravan” was tanking copied Walter; Camels started putting out antAmerican propaganda as “news”. Few years later Huntly-Brinkly also put out UGLY AMERICAN BS as “news”! All these “news” programs said things they knew were lies to denigrate Americans!
And they had some success! In the late ‘50s a book was written with the title of Cronkite’s “new” broadcasts THE UGLY AMERICAN!

Liberals today are just as degenerate and dishonest as they were 70 peers ago! THEY DO KNOW THE FACTS! But they are liberals! Liberal have lied for at least 70 years!

Gangs by race, in order of sheer numbers in all our prisons, 1st are the whites, 2nd are the Hispanics and 3rd are the blacks.
Our media sure hides that little fact.


Kyle Rittenhouse Violated the Safari Principle

A good article outlining why Kyle Rittenhouse was considered a specifically purposeful target for the regime is written at Powerline Blog by Paul Mirengoff [SEE HERE].

What the author essentially describes is something CTH readers have witnessed for over a decade, we called it “The Safari Principle” narrative; and it surfaced in its most modern form during the George Zimmerman case.

In essence, the underlying elements of the Safari Principle narrative begin with a pretense that victims of the mob, any mob or individual predator, have no one except themselves to blame because they did not follow the rules of the safari. When in the proximity of any person, event or situation that is engaged in an unlawful act supported by the political left, you are not permitted to exit your vehicle or engage in activity that will lead to your targeting.

If you enter their “space to destroy“, you are to blame for your own outcome. The safari narrative includes catch phrases like “he should not have gotten out of the car,” and “he shouldn’t have traveled to Kenosha,” all based on the same principle.

(Powerline) […] The Rittenhouse prosecution and the demonization of him by the left (including the left-wing media) stems from a simple premise. Leftists, including Antifa and BLM, have the right to take to the street causing chaos and property damage, and when they do, those who disagree with them must stand aside while leftists run riot. If they don’t stand aside, they have no right to defend themselves against members of the mob who come after them — even if someone points a gun at them (as Grosskreutz did). (read more)(

The first advocacy for the modern “Safari Principle” surfaced prior to the George Zimmerman trial, in the summer of 2012, when the professionally aggrieved first began the narrative: “He shouldn’t have gotten out of his car”.

Historically, we used to blame the victim by saying he/she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, politically it became too difficult to define where the wrong places were, and simultaneously legislators continued to struggle defining the right vs. wrong times law abiding people were allowed to be in these places.

Historically, the political media were skilled at excusing transparently guilty. However, in the aftermath of the Obama paradigm shift, where the media began accusing the transparently innocent, a more specific rule was needed.

After various opinions were considered, eventually the advocates settled upon The Safari Principle – A selected narrative used throughout 2012/2013 as a point of advocacy driving home the belief that George Zimmerman had no right to follow, then exit his vehicle when he saw a suspicious Trayvon Martin peering through windows and casing houses.

The “Safari Principle” evolved to further claim, ‘if you do get out of your car, you deserve what you get’ with the implication by the leftist narrative engineers that essentially young black males cannot control their behavior.

Shortly after the grievance advocates of Ben Crump, Natalie Jackson, Daryl Parks and the congressional black caucus announced their own support for the Safari Principle – another incident surfaced in Virginia when two reporters for the Virginia Pilot stopped and exited their vehicle after their car was hit by bricks.

The couple was attacked by a mob of somewhere between 30 to 100 young black males while shouting “justice for Trayvon”. After the reporters left the hospital, the Virginia Pilot editorial team quickly apologized for not following the Safari Park rules, accepted the beating of their reporters was the fault of the couple who stopped their vehicle, and the newspaper promised they would join the advocacy movement.

big mikecomment image

Fast forward through several more examples to August of 2014, when Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson exited his vehicle after Mike Brown punched him in the head and tried to gain his service revolver. The meme of The Safari Principle was quick to surface again, LOUDLY.

Officer Darren Wilson had no right to get out of his car after the attack.

By exiting his SUV, Wilson was to blame for Mike Brown charging him in the street. Again reaffirming the leftist worldview that young black males cannot control their behavior.

Subsequently, the grievance advocates pointed out Officer Wilson was ultimately to blame for shooting Mike Brown. If Wilson had followed the Safari Principle, Mike Brown would still be alive today.

After Mike Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson, the Safari Principle advocates applied the same theme to explain how Zemir Begic was guilty of his own murder, again in Saint Louis.

Zemir Begic exited his vehicle in the vicinity of three young black males who beat him to death with hammers. Begic would be alive today if he had only followed The Safari Principle rules.

A year later, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake then became a public advocate for the safari rules when she proclaimed her decision to let the riots, looting and arson continue, as it was intended specifically to give the mob “space to destroy.” Despite the dozens of property owners who saw their shops, stores and livelihoods go up in smoke, the rules of the safari took precedent.

Again, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, the rules of the safari became evident when looting, arson and riots were defined as “expressions of speech.” All violence supported by the political left is considered speech, while speech opposed by the left is defined as violence.

Because the visible chaos did not align with the gentle media descriptions of “protests“, the corporate media decision was to modify the language used to describe the arson and riots by using the term “mostly peaceful protests,” that term has stuck within the visible chaos over the past few years in various forms.

Obviously the word “mostly” is a relative term , and that provides the flexibility needed to convince viewers the violence they are witnessing isn’t really the violence they are witnessing.
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Kyle Rittenhouse made the mistake of trying to impede violence, arson and rioting supported by the political left and their media allies. Rittenhouse paid a heavy price for not following the rules of the safari, and that is why they are so determined to make an example of him.

In 2020 the FBI, the political left who need/support the violence, and the current occupant of the White House did not make the same mistake as Rittenhouse. Instead the FBI, Democrats and Joe Biden adhered to the safari rules and took the approved approach as demanded by the mob:
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Kyle Rittenhouse Violated the Safari Principle


To leftists and the prosecutors who did their bidding, Kyle Rittenhouse’s offense wasn’t any of the things he was charged with. He clearly had an unassailable defense to all of the charges against him. But that didn’t matter because Rittenhouse was guilty of something else — showing up armed at a leftist riot or, as the left called it, “vigilantism.”

As the left and the prosecution see it, Rittenhouse never should have gone to Kenosha. Once there, he shouldn’t have defended property from the rioters. And having done that, he certainly shouldn’t have left the property and entered the street. Indeed, the prosecution saw fit to show the jury that the group defending the property was warned by the mob not to enter the street.

Finally, Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been armed, of course.

But America is still a free country. Rittenhouse had every right to come to Kenosha. He had the right to help protect property there from the mob, as well as to leave the property and enter street. The mob had no right to restrict his access.

And finally Rittenhouse had the right to be armed. Indeed, the gun charge against him was so weak it never got to the jury.

Rittenhouse would have been crazy not to be armed at the riot. Had he been unarmed, the three white criminals he shot — Joseph Rosenbaum (a convicted sex offender), Anthony Huber (an offender several times over, who served time for choking his brother), and Gaige Grosskreutz (also a serial criminal whose offenses include burglary and assaulting his grandmother) — would have done him grievous bodily harm and might have killed him. And let’s not forget that Grosskreutz was also armed.

The Rittenhouse prosecution and the demonization of him by the left (including the left-wing media) stems from a simple premise. Leftists, including Antifa and BLM, have the right to take to the street causing chaos and property damage, and when they do, those who disagree with them must stand aside while leftists run riot. If they don’t stand aside, they have no right to defend themselves against members of the mob who come after them — even if someone points a gun at them (as Grosskreutz did).

That premise was stated explicitly by the then-mayor of Baltimore at the time of the Freddy Gray rioting, which helped kick off the current wave of mob violence. She admitted that she “gave those [protesters] who wished to destroy space to do that.”

Do Americans accept the “stand aside and give space to destroy” theory? There might have been a brief period during the temporary insanity that prevailed after the death of George Floyd when most Americans did. Or maybe not.

Regardless, that was then. Now, I’m confident that Americans roundly reject the notion.

Kyle Rittenhouse certainly rejected it. He paid a big price for doing so, but thankfully that price will not include a criminal conviction.

Maurice Freeland’s Wife Believes He’s ‘Jump Kick Man,’ Makes ‘White Boy’ Comment Claim

Why didn’t prosecutors and police more thoroughly investigate “Jump Kick Man”? They have subpoena powers to prove or disprove the claims, including dramatic allegations about racial comments.

Melody Price Freeland, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Maurice Freeland – the Kenosha felon who is suspected of being “Jump Kick Man” in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial – claimed to Wisconsin Right Now in an exclusive interview that Maurice allegedly told her right after the shooting occurred, “You’re not going to believe what just happened; I almost got shot by a dude.”

“He was all proud of it. He was all excited and happy,” said Melody, the mother of Maurice’s 7-year-old child, in exclusive interviews with Wisconsin Right Now on Nov. 17-18. She said she was speaking out because she believes what he did was “wrong” and all facts should be known about the case.

Read our previous story on Freeland here.( Dan O’Donnell of WISN-1130 was first to confirm the news that prosecutors told the defense as testimony ended that Maurice Freeland says he’s Jump Kick Man, and we were first to report the name. Other outlets, such as Fox News, have now confirmed the story. We’ve made extensive attempts to reach Freeland himself, which we outline later in this story.

Melody’s adult daughter, Jessica Ramirez, backed her up on this point. “The picture was all over Facebook. He bragged all over Facebook that he was the one who kicked Kyle. It’s definitely him.” (There’s not much visible to non-friends on his pages now.) Both Melody and Ramirez said they recognize the clothing he wore in the photo too.

biden voters

80 Looters in Ski Masks Ransack Bay Area Nordstrom, Fill 25 Cars with Stolen Merchandise – Two Suspects Taken Into Custody at Gunpoint

Media Has Total Meltdown Over Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict

November 24, 2021 – Kyle Rittenhouse met with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago after acquittal

All I can do is shake my head.


Biden Tells Americans Struggling to Pay For Food and Gas They Need “Perspective” – Hours Before He Jets Off to $30 Million Nantucket Estate

biden says nothing regarding the six dead murdered by a blm activist who intentionally drove into people in an effort to inflict as much carnage and damage as possible.

Shake your head until what brain matter there is leaves your cranium…

Go Fu(k yourself

Joe Biden Leaves for Vacation with No Plans to Visit Victims in Waukesha After BLM Supporter Barrels His SUV Through Christmas Parade

Maybe greggie they were celebrating the fact that tje justice system worked. after his president made derogatory comments with out even viewing the video or observing the trial, just like you!

So? What’s the problem? Two law abiding citizens that care about and love their country meet.

You know what is really offensive? Obama launching his presidential campaign in the living room of a domestic terrorist. Obama having that racist scum Sharpton in the White House. How about idiot Biden groveling at the feet of the family of a career criminal just because he killed himself with his own fentanyl while in police custody? Trump met with a fine young man. Democrats revere the trashy scum of the earth.

<b.Critical Race Theory Destroys American Justice

Although Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, none of us is safe, so long as “critical race theory” and other Marxist ideas pollute our law schools, our judges’ minds, and our legal system.

The George Floyd riots, conveniently shut off this past summer, were as much theater as reality. They were designed to associate Donald Trump with police abuses and disorder, while painting Democrats and their notions of “racial justice” as the path forward.

Ordinary citizens standing up for themselves interfere with this guerilla theater indoctrination; after all, there are a lot more normal people who do not want their towns burned down than there are maniacs willing to do street violence. This is why individuals like Kyle Rittenhouse and citizen self-defense groups are dealt with so harshly by the government and the media.

Government Did Not Protect Us Last Summer

Consider that there were dozens of fires and beatings and a significant number of killings in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Chicago, Portland, St. Louis, and Seattle in the summer of 2020. Hardly any Antifa and BLM rioters have been brought to justice. Federal authorities have made no significant effort to roll up these groups.

In the cities worst hit by the riots, there appears to be a semi-cooperative relationship between the rioters and prosecutors. In the Rittenhouse trial, prosecutors presented Gaige Grosskreutz as a blameless victim, even though he illegally carried a concealed gun and pointed it at Kyle Rittenhouse after chasing him down. Grosskreutz also escaped responsibility for a subsequent DUI.

But if Rittenhouse’s presence was provocative and illegal, why was Grosskreutz’s pursuit and brandishing a gun not a more serious crime?

Worse, one of the surprising revelations during the trial was the late production of FBI aerial footage. The high-definition footage had inexplicably disappeared, and the FBI kept news of this all to itself until a media leak. But the infrared, night vision footage remains, supporting Rittenhouse’s narrative and also providing a means to identify the various left-wing criminals who ran amok. Presumably, similar videos were secretly taken during other riots in 2020.

But, so far as we know, in spite of an impressive surveillance capability, as well as signals intelligence and other resources at its disposal, the FBI has made no significant effort to identify and suppress the leaders, organizers, funders, and foot soldiers of Antifa and BLM responsible for the 2020 riots.

Instead, we are lately told there is an explosion of “white supremacy” in a country that elected Barack Obama fewer than ten years ago, and that Antifa is only an “ideology,” not a terrorist group.

Racial Justice vs. American Justice

It is becoming obvious that there are now two standards of justice. This development marks a major retreat from the American ideal of blind justice, which is based on individualized determinations of guilt for particular crimes. The question is supposed to be a narrow one: did this person commit this charged offense, and did the prosecution prove that beyond a reasonable doubt?

Now prosecutors and the state are putting their thumbs on the scales, chasing down those on the Right for relatively minor crimes, including a stolen diary the FBI is tracking in New York, reprisals against leftist violence, and, of course, the all-hands-on-deck prosecution of the January 6 protesters. At the same time, federal and state prosecutors are downplaying, releasing, or failing to investigate conspiracies that led to widespread rioting in 2020, which resulted in at least 25 deaths.

None of this is an accident. We saw hints of this two-tiered approach in the lackadaisical prosecutions of the 1970s terror group, the Weather Underground. Many were given kid-gloves treatment and went onto successful careers in academia. Even when the system worked, backdoor channels relieved many of having to face consequences. Recall Bill Clinton pardoned convicted terrorist Susan Rosenberg as one of his last acts in office. Far from feeling guilty or disavowing violence, she has since become a prominent BLM leader.

While using the same language as the rest of us, the Left’s concept of justice is flexible. The Left is neither pro nor anti prosecution outside of the Marxist lens of “race, class, gender.” In other words, they are not for justice, but rather for their team.

Formerly confined almost exclusively to class, the Soviet Union implemented this philosophy with gusto. In an excellent 1938 law review article, “The Soviet Concept of Law,” Vladimir Gsovski lays out the basic approach:

[I]in accordance with the Marxian doctrine of historic materialism and class struggle, the impartiality of law is denied altogether by the communists. Any law is for them in the first place the law of the ruling economic class; impartial justice is merely an illusion and law reflects actually the class concept of justice.

In other words, in a dispute between a proletarian and a bourgeois, or a former aristocrat and the Soviet State, the question was not one of individualized guilt or innocence, but rather whether a verdict furthered the broader goals of the revolution. Individualism became passé.

Needless to say, millions were sent to the Gulag and shot in the back of the head in Lubyanka prison as expressions of such “class justice.” Today, instead of the bourgeois, whites and conservatives and property owners are the “enemies of the people” under the ubiquitous Marxist framework of “race, class, and gender.”

Is Self Defense Still Allowed?

The Rittenhouse prosecution is a landmark case. It is fundamentally a referendum on whether normal, middle-class Americans will be at the mercy of the Left’s violent shock troops. The prosecution is simply an expression of the “class justice” concept, as Rittenhouse was treated differently than those who initiated the violence in Kenosha.

The un-American and thoroughly destructive concept is dressed up as “critical race theory” or “equity” or some other euphemism. But, in practice, it amounts to anti-white race hatred and hostility to successful middle-class property owners of all races.

Rittenhouse is no white supremacist or fascist or whatever boogeyman the media and the Left have concocted. But he is an avatar for the system’s self-proclaimed enemies. The system does not believe such people are entitled to self-defense; they are held to a different standard of justice than the one that applies to the oppressed and the woke.

So far, the Marxist takeover of the justice system has been incomplete. We still have an advocacy system, and Rittenhouse benefited from a judge who still cares about the Constitution. We also have a jury system, where regular people, and their sense of justice, operate as a check on run-amok prosecutors.

That said, the process itself is a punishment, a Kafkaesque, expensive ordeal where an innocent person wonders if he will spend the next 65 years in prison. And juries too often have the same “race, class, gender” framework as the broader Left.

Since the end of the Cold War, the Soviet regime and its crimes have been memory-holed. Younger generations have no lived experience of fearing nuclear war, observing the manifest failure of the Soviet state to provide a decent quality of life, and the testimony of numerous dissidents mistreated by the Soviet system because of their independence of mind and commitment to personal freedom. Knowledge of this is suppressed, not least because the Democratic Party and our major cultural institutions are now fully in the grip of a Soviet-style ideological program, one hostile to freedom, justice, and the rights of “class enemies.”

Although Rittenhouse was acquitted, none of us are safe, so long as “critical race theory” and other Marxist ideas pollute our law schools, our judges’ minds, and our legal system.

Critical Race Theory Destroys American Justice

I would add that the wave of organized looting currently underway in California is in effect another byproduct of this style of justice. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise are be looted at will, yet no media coverage per se or law enforcement action.

I think we all know why this has had a media “black” out. Drawing attention to thiese criminal acts would force law enforcement to act, they instead have been told to stand down.