Just Because the Stormtroopers Aren’t Kicking Down Your Door (yet) Doesn’t Mean You’re Free…


Unconstitutional vax mandates have given Americans a glimpse into the control the government has – or thinks they have over our lives.  But have no idea how much the government is involved with their everyday lives.  Most of us get up, go to work and come home without the government ostensibly telling us when to do this or what we have to feed our kids for dinner or when we have to go to bed.  We think we’re free, but we’re not.  Just because storm troopers aren’t standing in every doorway of your house doesn’t mean the government’s not there… they are, in a million different ways, invisible by design, and often the storm troopers are implied.

Not sure?  Let’s take a journey of a day in the life of a typical American.

You wake up at 5:00.  You’re literally laying on the embodiment of one of the most famous government rules, your mattress.  The government footprint is found on the tag that famously says:  “This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer.”

You have a headache and go to the medicine cabinet.  There you’ll find the fruit of one of the most regulated industries in the economy, medicines.  Have you ever wondered why when you pick up a prescription you get a mini newspaper of information?  Have you ever wondered why it takes boxes the size of sandwiches to hold medicines the size of thimbles?  It’s because of the information manufacturers have to print on the boxes or on the tiny books inside the boxes telling you about every single thing that might ever happen as it relates to that medicine, no matter how rare or unlikely.  Of course in order to get an encyclopedia’s worth of information there they print so small that no one could read it, even if they wanted to.  And to that they add more online.  This is of course all driven primarily by government regulation and secondarily by manufacturers seeking to insulate themselves from lawsuits…

Now you head down to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. You open the refrigerator, which still has one of those mandated yellow stickers telling you how much energy it uses, and grab your pasteurized milk because unpasteurized milk is illegal in half the states and heavily regulated in most. Then you grab a box of cereal and read the required “Nutritional information” on the side of the box because your paper hasn’t arrived yet.

After breakfast you head back upstairs to the bathroom and you use the toilet that you have to flush twice because federal regulations limit how much water each flush can use and then jump into the shower and feel like you’re in a Seinfeld episode because the manufacturer wanted their showheads to have the EPA’s “WaterSense” designation.  From there you use toothpaste, antiperspirant and hair gel, all of which have differing levels of government regulation.

Now you get dressed.  Unless you’re wearing a your birthday suit to work, virtually every single piece of clothing you put on will be regulated in one or more of a spectrum of ways, from labeling, sourcing, content and of course advertising.

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Dressed to kill and ready to take on the world you emerge from the morning’s regulatory morass into one of the most regulated parts of our everyday life:  cars.  Of course everyone knows about CAFÉ standards which regulate the MPG a manufacturer’s fleet much attain, but there’s so much more, covering virtually every single piece of the thousands of pieces that go into every car; wire harnesses, windshield wipers, head lights, seat belts, air bags, brakes, brake lights, door locks, trunk escape handles, plus things like pollution emissions, door strength, union regulations, nation of origin labeling, steel trade policy, and more.  And that’s before you even get on the road.  Once on the road most laws are state and local, although one of the few good things Jimmy Carter ever did – although of dubious constitutionality – was to make Right Turn on Red the default rule from sea to shining sea. There are laws about child seats, tinted windows, fog lights, not to mention the countless laws about virtually every aspect of actually operating a vehicle itself, starting with getting and maintaining a license and insurance.

Indeed, auto manufacturing may be one of the most regulated industries on the planet, but it’s far from alone. “The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has found that the industrial sector faces a staggering 297,696 restrictions on their operations from federal regulations.”


Now that you’ve safely transversed the route between home and office you enter a quagmire of regulations that extend from the building to virtually everything that goes on within.  There are of course building codes that cover literally every single thing that goes into a building from plumbing to electricity to the kinds of lights that can or must be used, how much ventilation there must be, fire exit signs, number and type of fire extinguishers, the number and size of bathrooms, numbers or sizes of windows, what paint can be used, handicap access, how many parking spots and how many must be reserved for handicap parking, and more.

The actual operating of the business offers more regulations… Minimum wage laws, hiring regulations, overtime laws, union regulations, maternity laws, a phalanx of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) rules and regulations, not to mention the mishmash of training requirements each state has.  Everyone knows it takes years to get the education necessary to become a licensed Doctor, Lawyer, Veterinarian, Accountant, Stock Broker, etc.  But those white collar jobs are far from the only ones that require licensing.  In Georgia in order to work as a hair “stylist”, one needs training, and lots of it:

Required Hours:
Barber: 1500 Barber School Hours
Cosmetology: 1500 Cosmetology School Hours
Esthetician: 1000 Esthetician School Hours
Nail Technician: 525 Nail School Hours

And Georgia is far from alone.  39 states require licensing to become a Massage Therapist, 33 to work as an auctioneer, 26 a taxidermist, 13 a bartender, 8 a travel agent and 1 a florist.  Of course, it’s not just the license.  Most of those license requirements come with training, very often expensive training.

So once everyone is at work and licensed, it’s time to actually… work.  Regardless of what business you’re in, from selling cheeseburgers, financial planning or pouring concrete to running a gym, burying the dead or selling advertising, there’s likely a phalanx of regulations that constrain your operations, from general workplace regulations to industry specific mandates, all of which must be addressed in order to begin or continue operations.

Finally, after eight or ten hours trying to navigate the labyrinth of regulations while actually trying to do your job, you knock off for the day and the process reverses itself until you brush your teeth with the government regulated toothpaste, turn off the nightlight with its government mandated light bulb and snuggle up with your wife in your government approved bed for what might be the only thing left unregulated in America.
Just because you don’t see the stormtroopers at your door doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They are. They’re just disguised as benevolent bureaucrats and politicians who are just trying to make your life better.  Think about that the next time you hear someone say “the government should do something about this”.  They already are, and each time they do they take a bit more of your freedom with them, regardless of how trivial it might seem at the time.  Freedom, like the Grand Canyon, is not carved away in an instant, it’s carved away grain by grain and inch by inch, so slowly that one never notices, until one day you open your eyes and there’s a giant canyon where American liberty used to stand.  The difference is, that which went missing in the desert created a majesty that is the Grand Canyon while that which has gone missing from your Constitutional freedoms created a wasteland of coercion, corruption and complacency that is rapidly turning what was once the greatest nation on earth into a dystopian third world cesspool.

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Cute, informative and funny-because-it’s-true, Vince.

Our lack of protection against covid vax damage is a wall starting to crumble:
OK has introduced an Oklahoma Senate bill to allow employees of government and private entities to file lawsuits against their employers for as much as $1 million over health problems associated with vaccines or other forms of medical treatment.

The other day I read about a happy, successful pop-up mom&pop ramen business that tried to open a sit down restaurant in San Francisco.
Bad mistake.
They rented a vacant restaurant and painted it.
Regulations and accusations of shoddy workmanship put them $100,000 in the hole before they could ever open their doors.
They regret even trying.

Stone, Manafort, o’Keefe and the Jan6ers might disagree about not having their doors kicked down.

Trump is Freedom and Constitutionality.

Biden is bondage and Marxist Autocracy.

The truth is clear.

Those slogans sound like they might have been lifted straight out of George Orwell’s “1984”.

Just proving your ignorance once again, Greg.

These are from 1984:
“War is peace” refers to the idea that by placing the nation in a constant state of war, individuals are motivated to ignore their discontent with their government, thus ensuring an unending domestic peace.
“Freedom is slavery” refers to the fact that absolute freedom can lead to a life pursuing pleasure.
“Ignorance is strength” can be understood as being similar to “ignorance is bliss.” If one is not concerned with truth, one’s existence assumes an unreflective contentment.

Each of those is a self-contradictory statement.
Or, as we call it today, Cognitive Dissonance.
Cognitive dissonance is almost a hallmark of Leftist thinking (feeling) so you can be excused for your confusion.

I posted that intentionally knowing the marxist troll wouldn’t be able to help himself.

I own him, like a pet monkey.

The real question which of these is greg:
a) A CCP troll.
b) A Eurotrash Globalist troll in the EU
c) A psy-op paid douche from our own government.

He claims to be a Vietnam Vet…which might be true since he speaks with about as unintelligently and as treasonously as Jane Fonda.

If “Trump is Freedom and Constitutionality” isn’t an Orwellian-sounding oxymoron, I don’t know what would be.

who about increasing government spending and shutting down oil production to curb inflation. Would not that qualify greggie?

Only through the filter of your newspeak-addled brain, you idiot.

“If “Trump is Freedom and Constitutionality” isn’t an Orwellian-sounding oxymoron, I don’t know what would be.” I guess you don’t know what would be because during Trump’s administration, the only people violating freedom and the Constitution was your fascist Democrats.

“That’s my point: Trump breaks the law, but his followers really don’t give a damn. “Oh, everybody else does it.”” No, you intentionally MISS the point. When Democrats violate and ignore the law blatantly and on a regular basis, why should anyone else respect it? When Democrats control the DOJ and allow Democrats to break laws and then refuse to hold them accountable, the entire system of law and order breaks down.

You know… just like Kenosha.

You don’t care about respecting the law; you simply want to use it as another political weapon.

Fixated again. Trump lives rent free in your vacant head.

That book isn’t a dark warning of what could happen, for greg…

…it’s the promise of what will come if he keep shilling for the bad guys.

He wants it. Bad.

What happened to the GOP after it sold its soul to Trump is a dark warning of what could happen to America.

Pervasive Hatch Act violations… It was unambiguously illegal, but so what?

November 9, 2021 – Investigation of Political Activities by Senior Trump Officials During the 2020 Presidential Election:


Every one who was in the White House have been accused of violation of the Hatch act. No one has been really convicted of anything to include Clinton, Obama, or Bush. It is equal to jay walking in an empty street. So, try that Ivermectin. Maybe that helps with Trump Derangement Syndrome greggie!

That’s my point: Trump breaks the law, but his followers really don’t give a damn. “Oh, everybody else does it.”

No, everybody else DOESN’T do it.

What laws did he break?


President Trump never kowtowed to xi and China
biden paid tribute to his master last night.

greggie isn’t that anyone sold their soul to Trump, it is you and your cheating buddies developed a sever case of Trump derangement syndrome and you continually refuse to take the vaccine!

There is no cure for greg. His suffering will be his end thankfully

The GOP fought against Trump. Trump was merely popular, due to his competency and policies (which are both conservative and liberal..you know..the moderate majority that IS America).

He could have easily run as a Democrat and won too.

Love that you are paid to keep hammering debunked talking points, though.

The GOP is not behind Trump, not as a body, and never has been.

No, that’s “Build Back Better”, and “Better Together.”

Now give us some more of that newspeak from the totalitarian superstate you are trying to build.

The responsible people in Congress are finally addressing the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. Some of those who did were republicans. They put the needs of the nation ahead of the demands for obedience from Donald Trump.

More republicans should follow suit. They should take their party back.

Infrastructure was a priority of Trump’s, but time and time again, Democrats blocked it. Now we see why; $300 billion of infrastructure, $4.7 trillion in pork, waste and thievery. Just like with COVID19 aid.

Maybe you should read the FOX Business News article and get your facts straight.

November 15, 2021 – What’s in the $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill?


And in 2009 we spent $865 billion (with no Republican support) on “shovel ready” infrastructure jobs. Here we are 12 yeas later flushing another $1.2 trillion (assuming the follow-up $3.5 trillion in total waste dies) down the same toilet. And who has their hand on the handle? Well, the same guy that flushed the $865 billion in 2009; idiot Biden.

If we survive that long, no doubt in another 10 years we will be allocating $10 trillion more (taking into account idiot Biden’s inflation) on the projects that didn’t get addressed the last two times.

Don’t expect everyone to happily scurry over the cliff with the rest of you idiot lemmings.

I also recall Obama laughing about how shovel ready wasn’t so shovel ready. Lost in all of this infrastructure message is that we already pay taxes at the gas and diesel pump on every gallon purchased for infrastructure.

Yeah, he was 865 billion laughs, wasn’t he?

Clinton got us into big debt. Obama too. Now Biden carries on the tradition with big spending nobody needs, more promises to normal Americans who prospered under Trump, but are now poor due to bad Democrat polices and their planned pandemic.

If Democrats cared about infrastructure, they’d pass a Bill on improving infrastructure.

We should take our country back from the Democrats, who can’t win an election to save their lives.

They care about the important stuff… like “Tree Equity” and “Racist Roads”.

BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Protests Outside Kenosha Court House Threatening More Violence — Where’s the FBI? (

I thought all those National Guard troops were in Kenosha in case Proud Boys or Promise Keepers will show up and bust up the joint if Rittenhouse is acquitted. No?

Barely 10% is for infrastructure

Are you going to back up that claim with a source? FOX Business News mentions that $578 billion of the bill represents NEW spending on transportation, communication, and power infrastructure. That’s over and above what would NORMALLY have been budgeted for those things, which represents the balance.

November 15, 2021 – What’s in the $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill?


Watch elected republicans who condemned the bill take credit for the jobs and infrastructure improvements that come to their states because of it. You know they will. They always do.

Just like all those jobs Obama promised?


This bill is the usual cover for these creeps to get rich and line the pockets of their big corporate overlords.

At least most in the GOP are still for our Constitutional Republic and condemning this unelected regime for their autocratic actions.

Guess we’re going to have to do this the hard way.

Confucius, walking on Mount Tai, heard a woman crying. Asked why she cried, she explained ~ My father-in-law was killed by a tiger and then my husband, now, my son also. Asked by Confucius why she remained living on a mountain surrounded by deadly tigers, she answers simply: “Because here, there is no Tyrannical Ruler.”

That’s a good one; heard it recently, roughly referring to our illegal government that needs to cleaned of all “tyrannical rulers.”