The “Justice” system is now entirely perverted


The Biden regime has fully weaponized the entire justice system and it is a growing malignancy. There is one system of justice for democrats and the left and another for Republicans and the right.  Serious weaponization of the Justice Department took hold under the Obama regime but has gotten completely out of control. One manifestation can easily be seen in the Steve Bannon saga.

Bannon was indicted for contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena.

Stephen K. Bannon was indicted today by a federal grand jury on two counts of contempt of Congress stemming from his failure to comply with a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.

Bannon faces up to two years in jail and fines of $2000. The potential lengthy incarceration seems out of balance with the relatively low fine. That’s not the only thing out of balance. There are previous instances which have gone in a very different direction.

Lois Lerner (D) admitted using the IRS to target conservatives.  She was found in Contempt of Congress when she defied a subpoena from the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Was she indicted? No.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has notified House Speaker John Boehner that it won’t bring contempt of Congress charges against Lois Lerner, former Internal Revenue Service official who asserted her right to decline to answer questions during a congressional hearing.

You might remember the name Eric Holder (D). He was held in Contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over requested documents about the Fast and Furious debacle. His fate? Nothing. A Federal judge refused to indict him.

The Republican Bannon? No such luck. After all, he was a friend of Trump.

A great number of non-violent protesters and even some who never entered the Capitol on Jan 6 were put into solitary confinement and denied both due process and a right to a speedy trial.

The FBI has been completely corrupted.

The FBI sat on evidence about Jeffrey Epstein.

What did the Justice Department have on Epstein? The answers can be found in a 2008 lawsuit in which two of Epstein’s alleged victims in Doe v. U.S. sued the United States for violating their rights under the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act. In particular, they claimed the government violated their right to confer during the negotiation of the non-prosecution agreement and failed to inform the victims that Epstein’s state plea would end the federal case. The victims also claimed the government “violated their right to be treated with fairness” by concealing the non-prosecution agreement.

The FBI sat on evidence about Seth Rich

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has files from the laptop computer belonging to Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee (DNC) employee who was killed in 2016, according to a new email. The bureau also has tens of thousands of documents mentioning Rich.

The FBI was accomplice to the Steele dossier and Russian collusion hoax.
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And that’s not the half of it. The Senate Judiciary Committee, at the same time it disclosed Strzok’s notes, also released a lengthy internal FBI memorandum detailing that Steele had immense credibility problems. In particular, his reporting was based on third-hand (or even less reliable) hearsay and innuendo. It was funneled to him through a sub-source who told the FBI, in a lengthy February 2017 interview, that the dossier claims were exaggerations and innuendo gussied up to seem like real intelligence.
Yet, despite knowing that, far from dropping its bogus investigation, the FBI doubled down, seeking new warrants in April and June, failing to correct its misrepresentations. It is a shocking black eye for American law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The Justice Department’s criminal investigation is said to be reaching its conclusion. Americans need answers.

The FBI absolutely buried Hunter Biden’s laptop

During his three-year tenure, FBI Director Christopher Wray allegedly has made a habit of covering up for Obama administration officials. He kept documents from Rep. Devin Nunes’s (R-Calif.) probe of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Wray also allegedly withheld records from Michael Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, that showed how Obama’s bureau had framed her client, including the notes of an FBI agent documenting Joe Biden’s involvement. It’s improbable that Wray would greenlight an investigation of the former vice president’s son.
The Hunter Biden case appears to fall into the performative category. After the New York Post published damning excerpts from correspondence found on the laptop, the bureau needed to show it was in hot pursuit. But it wasn’t. Otherwise, the FBI would have interviewed Bobulinski, whose name is on correspondence found on the laptop, long before last month’s kabuki show.
So, if there was no real investigation, why did the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware, a state dominated by Joe Biden for nearly half a century, issue a grand jury subpoena for the laptop? As grand jury material, it could be kept under wraps.

The FBI smothered exculpatory video of Kyle Rittenhouse. They “lost” it:

Unseen footage taken by the FBI from the night of the shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, surfaced on Tuesday during day one of Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. According to Jack Posobiec of Human Events, the FBI allegedly had an HD version of the video but never told the Rittenhouse defense it existed.

Then FBI Director James Comey killed any potential prosecution of Hillary Clinton:

FBI Director James Comey announced Tuesday that despite evidence Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of classified emails on a private server, the bureau will not recommend to the Department of Justice that criminal charges be brought against the former secretary of state.


“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” Comey said.

Then-AG Loretta Lynch teed Comey up

Lynch told Holt that because of her tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, she would have recused herself from the Hillary Clinton case if legal experts had advised her to do so, but they did not. Instead, Lynch said at the time she would accept the FBI’s recommendations on whether prosecution was warranted in the Hillary Clinton case.

A heavily armed FBI SWAT team arrested Trump adviser Roger Stone (who is in his late 60’s)

Watching the FBI’s pre-dawn arrest of infamous political fixer Roger Stone was like watching a particularly hackneyed Hollywood dud: Twenty-nine officers or agents, armed as heavily as B-actors with Navy-SEAL envy, approached Stone’s house as if on a dangerous commando mission. One would have thought they were trying to apprehend a murderous drug lord or a suspected terrorist.

The FBI tipped off CNN to the raid. An ex-FBI agent was asked about the raid:

“It was absolutely ridiculous,” said ex-FBI agent Peter Yachmetz. “Doing it at 6 o’clock is extremely early. They were trying to get a point across and it was leaked to CNN. Why?
“It was inappropriate and improper,” added Yachmetz, an agent for three decades. “I cannot recall banging on anyone’s door at 6 a.m. for a white-collar crime. I did do it once in a kidnapping and extortion case.”

James O’Keefe was roughed up by the FBI in a search for information about Ashley Biden’s diary:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe appeared on “Hannity” for his first interview since the FBI raided his home on Saturday morning as part of a federal investigation into the missing diary of President Biden‘s daughter, Ashley Biden.


“I woke up to a pre-dawn raid,” O’Keefe told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday. “Banging on my door, I went to my door to answer the door and there were ten FBI agents with a battering ram, white blinding lights, they turned me around, handcuffed me and threw me against the hallway. I was partially clothed in front of my neighbors. They confiscated my phone. They raided my apartment. On my phone were many of my reporters’ notes. A lot of my sources unrelated to this story and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization.”

In the diary Ashley Biden says her father showered with her inappropriately.
The FBI immediately “leaked” Project Veritas documents to the NY Times

An attorney for the founder of Project Veritas has accused the Department of Justice of tipping off the New York Times about recent raids on current and former employees, while suggesting federal prosecutors may have also leaked the group’s legal communications.


Project Veritas, the conservative activist group founded by James O’Keefe, has come under federal scrutiny in relation to the alleged theft of the diary of President Joe Biden‘s daughter Ashley, which the group considered publishing but never did.

The FBI conducted raids at O’Keefe’s New York home and those of others connected to Project Veritas early Saturday morning, seizing two of O’Keefe’s cell phones, among other items.

This appears to be revenge for coming into possession of Ashley Biden’s diary (which they did not publish).  The NY Times promptly went on to do a hit piece on Project Veritas.

Contrast those events to the arrest of Michael Sussman, who was indicted for lying to the FBI about the phony Trump-Alfa bank connection. SWAT team? Nope  Pre-dawn raid? Nope. Handcuffs? Nope.

Neither John Brennan nor John Clapper was punished for lying to Congress.

The White House is assisting efforts to paint parents concerned about what their kids are taught as domestic terrorists. Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to “use its authority” to harass these parents and worse.

The thread that weaves through all of the events is painfully obvious. Saying the scales of Justice are tipped heavily in favor of democrats would be vastly understating it.

The Justice system has been completely perverted. The FBI has become the KGB. The Biden regime has become the Politburo. We’re in a very bad place.

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This is what authoritarian regimes look like. They ARE nazis/marxists, while accusing their victims of being the criminals.

Trump did nothing like this, and was the epitome of normal Constitutional democratic America.

Defeat the Democrats and their Stasi-FBI. Restore our free elections and our freedoms themselves.

Any American who loves this country would be sad to admit, the leviathan created by people absent of virtue, has as it’s mission, the destruction of America. Friends, in my opinion, we are seeing it first hand.

The numerous examples Dr. John outlines in this piece and the countless ones unable to be included, demonstrate the enemy within that is not pro-America nor pro-American.

The polling data suggests that this regime is in an approval downturn that shows no signs of recovery. In addition, administrations of the past have, when polling showed a negative direction, made adjustments to attempt a reversal. In the case of the biden regime, that effort is absent. WHY? The answer I believe is, they do not intend to address negative polling as past presidencies seem to have done. This is IMHO a clear indication of the knowledge on their part that this is an illegitimate presidency. And, their time is limited. What we are experiencing now is likely what was to have happened 2016-2020 had President Trump not interrupted their agenda. Eight years of the obama regime was built to further the decline of America.

This biden regime is the manifestation of the intent of the demonic/satanic left. Clearly, we are experiencing the third term of obama that was unexpectedly interrupted by President Trump.

The time is getting late for reformation of the illegitimate government that has been foisted upon us. The good news is the November 02, 2021 election is now the tip of the spear as it has awakened countless Americans.

Steven K. Bannon is of no use to the January 06 sham commission. He represents a threat to the status quo of the currently elected and un elected Washington elite because he is marshalling the patriots of America against the real enemy.

Our history would have been much different had bush 41 not defied the principles of the Reagan Revolution. On that I can assure you that was the beginning of our current demise.

When we see how justice and law enforcement has been weaponized to serve the purposes of the left against the American people, does anyone believe these fascists will just stand by and watch a fair election wipe them out in 2022? Anyone that believes fair and equitable elections are important better, especially if they live in a blue district, get involved in the election and counting to monitor what is happening. Democrats don’t seem to care about hiding their totalitarian tendencies any more.

What is just about as alarming is the growing number of people who cheer this on (as long as it is directed at someone else) and take great pleasure in watching others have their rights trampled or their mobs destroy the property of others. None are students of history and none seem aware that once those rights go away, they will go away for all, not just their own personal enemies. Their stupidity will cost us all.

ABC/WaPo Outlines New Terrible, Horrible Polling For Joe Biden and Democrat Communists

ABC always pairs with The Washington Post for their media polling [DATA pdf HERE]. It has always made sense for the deep swamp (DC Inc) to work with the intelligence PR firm of the Washington Post, as they attempt to prop up their politics. Unfortunately, the results of the latest outlook look terribly horrible for their future.

Why does George Stephanopoulos have a case of the sads… “As things stand, if the midterm elections were today, 51 percent of registered voters say they’d support the Republican candidate in their congressional district, 41 percent the Democrat. That’s the biggest lead for the Republicans in 110 ABC/Post polls to ask this question since November 1981.” The economic outcomes from JoeBama policy are again crushing Americans, as only 29% of voters view the economy as good.
comment image

70 percent of Americans say f**k Joe Biden, things are not good. The key factor is the economy. With inflation soaring, 70 percent say it’s in bad shape, up from 58 percent last spring. Joe Biden’s approval for handling the economy overall is down to 39 percent. Fifty-five percent now disapprove of Biden’s economic performance. In terms of Biden’s job performance overall, a new low of 41 percent approve, while 53 percent disapprove; similar to his rating on the economy.

The Biden economic agenda is purposefully destroying America with massive inflation that is crushing the middle class. While the majority of Americans do not know the specifics of how the JoeBama policy is doing this, everyone can see and feel the outcomes…. and it is only getting worse.

In the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – Biden’s overall job approval rating is 33 percent, compared with 43 percent elsewhere. Registered voters in these states favor Republicans over Democrats for the House by a 23-point margin, 58-35 percent, vs 7 points, 49-42 percent, in the rest of the country. Independents, often swing voters in national elections, favor GOP candidates by 18 points (50-32 percent).

The Full Poll pdf is Available HERE;

Two more pieces that demonstrate the biden regime is not governing for the betterment of America and Americans…

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese Claims Inflation Working Perfectly – As Designed, a Collapsing U.S. Economy Demands More Congressional Spending

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese Claims Inflation Working Perfectly – As Designed, a Collapsing U.S. Economy Demands More Congressional Spending

Sunday Talks, Head of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Says Inflation Will Get Worse and Prices Will Never Come Down

Sunday Talks, Head of Minneapolis Federal Reserve Says Inflation Will Get Worse and Prices Will Never Come Down

In the case of Ahmaud Arbery’s killing, the judge denied a motion to allow Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton from the courtroom.
In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse, the judge did nothing as gang members (blm) took photos of jurors and followed them home.
Jury intimidation is a newish aspect of the Left’s perversion of our Justice System.

~ Steve Bannon did not kill himself ~

Bannon has openly defied the law to protect a man who conspired to overthrow our nation’s constitutional election process to remain in power.


There is zero evidence of that. Even the fbi said so dumbass. There is more evidence of a fraudulent election than there is of President Trump attempting to overturn a fraudulent election.

biden and his cabal are an existential threat to America and Americans.

Eric holder has openly defied the law to protect a man who conspired to provide guns to Mexican cartels in an effort to gain support for abolishment of the 2nd amendment

When subpoenaed, Eric Holder turned over 7,600 pages of documents pertaining to Fast and Furious. Republicans demanded earlier records, dating before 2011—nothing specific, just more to sift through. Holder agreed to provide earlier records if Issa would agree to be content once he had done so. Issa refused to agree, so Holder’s legal team told him to take a hike.

An internal investigation subsequently determined that Holder had no knowledge of Fast and Furious prior to early 2011. Issa was attempting involve Congress in the operations of a department of the Executive Branch.

That is a complete lie

greggie, if Bannon only did the same things that liberals did under the Trump and Obama administration and liberals were not indicted, then Bannon is being indicted because he is conservative, right? Well, that would be true only if justice was applied equally, right?

Bannon DIDN’T do the same thing. He didn’t show up for a deposition, and didn’t even bother to assert a legal basis for his refusal.

didn’t even bother to assert a legal basis for his refusal.

That is bullshit


At least Bannon knows he faces consequences. Corrupt Holder and Lerner knew the fix was in and there would be no consequences because they were covering for Obama’s corruption.

This is Trump, attempting to obstruct an investigation after losing all of the official powers he previously used to do so. He figures all he has to do is stretch things out until the midterm elections, when GOP majorities would again become his tools. They could then investigate all of his political enemies, solidify republican control of the election process, and clear the way for his Triumphant Return Tour in 2024—by which time the America we remember would be FUBAR.

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

Truer words were never spoken.


It’s true. EVERYTHING is worse after four years of Donald Trump. Nobody in their right mind wants another four years of Trump.

So, are Americans better off today than they were one year ago?

It is interesting how you are unable to defend your president

EVERYTHING was better after four years of Trump. It’s fact. He succeeded so well that the Democrat coup involved a released pandemic and subsequent rigged election.

They could never win an election against pre, or even post-covid Donald Trump.

Everything is worst because Democrats had to steal the country instead of winning it with merit and policy.

I do not accept the Trump cult’s Articles of the Faith.

You mean the Constitution?

We know you don’t.

As for your Articles of Faith, we know you don’t have the guts to recite them for us.

Atheism is the religion of the dull and the cowardly.

That’s what normal Americans are thinking when they chant “Let’s Go Brandon”.

Our Republic was stolen by you Marxists. You’ll be routed out and dealt with, in time.

Psaki: “We are Not in the Middle of an Historic Economic Crisis Right Now”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday claimed we are not in the middle of an economic crisis right now.

Highest inflation in 30 years
Highest gas prices in a decade
Record supply chain crisis and empty shelves
100,450,000 people are not in the labor force and not even looking for a job
People losing jobs over illegal vaccine mandates
Advertisement – story continues below

But the Biden Regime says we aren’t in the middle of an economic crisis.

There’s no evidence of Trump doing anything, just more made-up crimes from a Stasi-like state who knows they can’t win elections without cheating.

Biden committed a coup and will be dealt with, legally, in time.

So will you.

You gotta laugh at Comrade Greggie who continues to push for a fully Communist America. Never a bad word from him/her/it on how the Democrats pander to the very wealthy (like the Getty heiress) all the while convincing useful idiots like Greggie that they are really for the “common” man (and women and children). Ignore those photos from a carpet lined stairs to City Hall or all those lobbyists at the table eating at the French Laundry. It’s all a ruse. They are not pandering to the rich and so don’t you dare believe your lying eyes.

Of course, all Comrade Greggie has going for him is the same lame hatred he had for Trump for four years. Now that Trump can no longer sign legislation, create executive orders, or any other thing limited to the president currently holding office, Comrade Greggie has to try to instill fear in you by convincing you that Trump is the embodiment of all things evil because everything bad that happened for the years of 2017-2020 was all Trumps fault and everything bad that is now happening under China Joe Biden is STILL Trump’s fault.

Comrade Greggie is the epitome of the useful idiot. He supports those who would sell him into slavery.

You’re going to wind up slaves to billionaires and giant corporations, over which you will have no control whatsoever, because they will have become the government. Donald Trump is not the man on the white horse who has come to save you from all of this. He IS all of this.

Name just ONE regulatory position that he filled with someone who represented the interests of the common man.

Oh, I see how you play the game, slug. You refuse to answer questions but now want me to give you a list of names after you offer a caveat for the names you want.

You’re a joke. And I need you to keep up with your Communist clap trap because it is people like you that everyday Americans are getting fed up with and beginning to fight against. Not the physical “fighting” your troops (BLM/Antifa) are so fond of, but the kind of fighting the Founders of this nation referred to.

No, Comrade, I will never wind up a slave to any millionaire or billionaire. Because I understand they support the Democrat Party for one reason, and one reason only; the Democrats give those like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, Jeff Bezon, et al, everything they want. And if you knew the history of American taxation, you would know that. Does the CCP not teach that in one of your indoctrination classes?

So keep up your idiocy. You actually help my side.

I don’t give a doodly damn whether you answer any questions or not. Trump’s accomplices in an attempted coup, however, are another matter.

Billionaires and giant corporations back Democrats and gave about six billion to install Biden.

Biden is the puppet of big business, big money, global elites.

Drop the “little guy” pantomime. You’re on the side of the rich.

Kim Kardashian, Steve Harvey, Ice Cube.

All minorities that you evil white Democrats keep marginalizing.

Showing your ignorance again greggie! Who do you think pays corporate taxes? If you were knowledgeable you would know that the consumers pay the taxes because the cost gets added to the products. Now that Biden is on his knees begging OPEC to produce more oil to lower gasoline costs to lower and middle class people is it the Billionaires or the foreign companies who reap the harvest? You sure say a lot of stupid things.

The owners of the corporations pay, which is why they don’t want to see corporate taxes raised. They CAN’T automatically pass everything on to their customers to maintain excessive profits, because there’s a point at which their customers will stop buying their products and look for something cheaper. Competition for customer dollars is part of what is supposed to keep things in balance.

The owners of the corporations pay

You are a complete dunce, how do the owners pay? Do they get a separate bill?

greggie, You really are ignorant or just stupid. You lack knowledge and substitute it with blather. Corporations pass all of their costs on to customers by raising prices or not paying dividends to stock owners. If all corporations are burdened by taxes, then the only thing cheaper is foreign goods. who pay no corporate taxes. So, the money goes to foreign companies and US companies go overseas or out of business. Then US jobs are eliminated.

“We’re Taking Down the Biden Regime” – MUST SEE VIDEO: Steve Bannon Delivers Message to Supporters from Washington DC as He Turns Himself in at FBI Field Office

Home 2023

“We’re Going to Go on Offense – This Is Going to be the Misdemeanor from Hell” – UPDATE: Defiant Steve Bannon Emerges From Court Determined to Fight Back Against Regime

They already WENT on the offensive, and failed. Now it’s the government’s turn.

Ha! There it is, baby. That’s what a “false-flag” is all about.

You authoritarian scum.

“Now it’s the government’s turn”

You’ve been holding that for years, having you, you Communist piece of shit.

The only ones on the offensive have the Left/Democrats for about 20 years, slowly setting up their one-party police state.

Now they are going full bore into despotism.

You’re the bad guys. History is already writing your evil.

The false flag is the Trump flag. It’s the banner of a personality cult, not a nation.
comment image%3Ffit%3Dscale

I’m not sure how Bannon is going to “fight” against a totalitarian regime that doesn’t follow the Law.

The only “fight” to be had is the usual fight, like the one we had for our Independence.

I wish that wasn’t true, but this is getting worse and worse every day.

The only thing to stop a real CW is for Democrats to come clean and remove Biden, holding a new election so they can include the majority of American’s instead of basically telling them all they wish they were dead.

Does the January 6 clown show chairman still support the new republic of Africas attempts at taking over the states of Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia?

REVEALED: Jan 6 Commission Chairman Bennie Thompson Backed Extremist, Secessionist Group Seeking Violent U.S. Takeover.

November 15, 2021 – Wyoming GOP votes to stop recognizing Liz Cheney as a Republican

The Democratic Party wouldn’t do this. Diversity of thought and opinion are welcomed.

For the GOP, systematically purging those who will not conform to Trump’s will is becoming the norm.

The apple of her fathers eye has just shot her political career all to hell and it couldn’t have happened to any better. That is until the upcoming Primary for the ’22 election comes up. Then she’ll be gone. Maybe she’ll become a Democrat and move to California or New York. They need more Carpetbaggers!

comment image

Where Is McNelly When You Need Him?

In 1875 the border region in Texas along the Rio Grande was out of control. Armed raiders from Mexico, both Mexican and Anglo-American, routinely crossed into the United States, stealing cattle, burning homes, and murdering American citizens. The United States government stood apparently impotent.

On November 20, 1875, Texas Rangers under the command of Leander McNelly crossed into Mexico to recapture several hundred stolen cattle. They were confronted by a bandit force that constituted a small army under a former Mexican general named Juan Flores Salinas. The ensuing confrontation turned into a full-scale battle.

In the midst of the ensuing melee, the United States Army arrived on the Texas side of the border. A message was delivered to McNelly inside Mexico for the commander of the American forces, which read as follows.

“Advise Captain McNelly to return at once to this side of the river. Inform him that you are directed not to support him in any way while he remains on Mexican territory. If McNelly is attacked by Mexican forces on Mexican soil, do not render him any assistance. Let me know if McNelly acts on this advice.”

The American government, which could not act to guarantee the safety of its own citizens apparently did have the time and energy to reign in Texas law enforcement officers attempting to restore order.

McNelly carefully read the message and responded as follows, “The answer is no.”

Shortly thereafter another message from the U.S. Army arrived.

“Major Alexander, commanding: Secretary of War [William W.] Belknap orders you to demand McNelly return at once to Texas. Do not support him in any manner. Inform the Secretary if McNelly acts on these orders and returns to Texas. Signed, Colonel Potter.”

Captain McNelly issued this almost instantaneous response.

“Near Las Cuevas, Mexico, Nov. 20, 1875. I shall remain in Mexico with my rangers and cross back at my discretion. Give my compliments to the Secretary of War and tell him and his United States soldiers to go to hell. Signed, Lee H. McNelly, commanding.”

The next day McNelly recrossed into the United States. He brought with him every head of stolen cattle. The Mexican bandits had capitulated( to his demands.

McNelly was a man of his times, and his methods for restoring peace in a largely lawless area would not pass muster today. He has been often criticized for the level of violence he employed and his unilateral decisions to cross into Mexico when he deemed it necessary in the pursuit of raiders.

Still, McNelly stands for something very fundamental in the spirit of American law enforcement – justice. People were dying. Lives were being destroyed. Ultimately, he did not care about politics or personal advancement. He cared about living up to the oath he swore when he put on a badge and doing the right thing.

One wonders whether or not that spirit continues to live in the hearts and minds of the men and women who serve in law enforcement today.

In 2019 the FBI arrested Roger Stone for a series of white-collar crimes. The usual procedure would have been to have contacted his attorney and arranged a time for him to turn himself in. Instead, the FBI sent a SWAT team to raid Stone’s home in the predawn hours and tipped off CNN to be present to maximize the impact.

The goal was clear. Stone was guilty first and foremost of opposition to the Democratic Party and the new orthodoxy. He needed to be made an example of.

Did anyone in the FBI chain of command stand up and say, “I will not participate”? Did the commander of the team that raided Stone’s home ever consider turning in his badge and refusing to be part of a blatant abuse of law enforcement authority?

Only recently the FBI raided the home of James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas. O’Keefe described the event this way to Fox News.

“I woke up to a pre-dawn raid. Banging on my door, I went to my door to answer the door and there were ten FBI agents with a battering ram, white blinding lights, they turned me around, handcuffed me, and threw me against the hallway. I was partially clothed in front of my neighbors. They confiscated my phone. They raided my apartment. On my phone were many of my reporters’ notes. A lot of my sources unrelated to this story and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization.”

The FBI then appears to have leaked information taken from O’Keefe directly to the New York Times, so it could use them in a series of hit pieces against Project Veritas.

Ashley Biden’s Diary: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

What was the FBI looking for? A diary penned by Joe Biden’s daughter, which allegedly contains entries written by her discussing her belief that she was molested as a child and referring to showering with her father as a young girl. The showers are reportedly described in the diary as “probably not appropriate.”
comment image

Did anyone in the FBI chain of command question why they were raiding the home of a journalist in what could very well be construed as an effort to cover up the sexual abuse of a minor? Was there a single FBI special agent who even considered the possibility of disobeying an order that smelled an awful lot like an attempt to conceal criminal behavior by a sitting President? Importantly, “O’Keefe says that Project Veritas was approached by people who claimed to have the diary and that ultimately Project Veritas turned the diary over to law enforcement authorities,” last year.

Over two years ago the FBI came into possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop. That hard drive is awash in information detailing apparent influence-peddling on the part of Hunter and the Biden family. Much of that information raises questions about direct payoffs from individuals in Communist China. Nothing has been done with that information to date. In all likelihood, nothing will ever be done.

Is there anyone in the Department of Justice or the FBI with access to the information on that hard drive who is bothered by that? Is there a single prosecutor in DOJ with the courage and backbone to stand up and seek indictments against members of the Biden family for selling out their country and acting against the interests of the United States of America?

American law enforcement officers do not work for the party in power. They work for the American people. They do not serve in order to do the bidding of some despot. They serve to enforce the law and preserve the Constitution.

It took McNelly about as much time as it takes to write a few lines on a piece of paper to refuse a direct order from the U.S. military and invite the Secretary of War to “go to hell.” One assumes it never crossed his mind to respond in any other way. The political repercussions of his decision were irrelevant. He was going to do the right thing.

We desperately need to recapture that spirit in this country today. We need the men and women of American law enforcement to stand up and remember why they swore to serve and protect. Their responsibility is not to a self-appointed elite. It is to us.

Where is McNelly when you need him?