Can Biden Destroy America Before 2024?


I consulted my Magic 8-Ball and the answer is:

I am totally amazed watching the Biden juggernaut destroy Ameria in only 10 short months.  I am an old guy and I thought that I had seen everything but I have never observed a sitting US president intentionally destroy his own country.  Some US presidents made great decisions (Abraham Lincoln) and some made horrific decisions (LBJ-Vietnam) but all of them loved America.  All presidents swear an Oath of Affirmation to the best of their ability, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Then, WRECK IT BIDEN slithered into the Oval Office, made a mockery of his oath and initiated one stupid decision after another intentionally designed to destroy the greatest country on the planet.  Who does that?

What US president would leave their southern border open and invite an invasion of 1.7 million poor, sick, uneducated, unvetted, illegal aliens into our country and and then dump them in cities across America in the dark of night?  What US president would mandate that all American citizens must be vaccinated or lose their jobs and their freedom to keep them safe?  How about the illegal aliens infected wth tuberculosis, malaria or typhoid fever?  Who exactly is protecting Americans from the diseases they have brought to our country?

What US president would gift the treacherous Taliban terrorist organization with 110 helicopters, 20 light attack airplanes, 42,000 light attack vehicles and don’t forget 25,000 grenade launchers? But wait, if you act now, WRECK IT BIDEN will also throw in 600,000 weapons, 75,000 military vehicles and 16,000 pieces of night vision equipment.

Still not convinced?  How about if we leave the Chinese military a fully functional airfield and while we’re at it, abandon Americans desperately trying to leave Afghanistan?
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What US president destroys his own energy independence?  Under President Trump we called the shots and OPEC begged us for relief.  Under WRECK IT BIDEN, gas prices are shooting up at the pumps and hard working Americans are feeling the pain. Natural gas prices are also climbing and with winter coming, Americans are told to suck it up and wait for Spring.  Stupid you-it’s all Trump’s fault! Now WRECK IT BIDEN is down on his knees begging OPEC pretty please to pump more oil. I tell ya, Biden gets no respect.  He asked them to pump more oil and they told him to go pound sand.  That’s gonna leave a mark.

These are just a few of the grievous errors Biden has made in the last 10 months.  Can we survive until 2024?  I really don’t know.  As a Christian, I have pondered the fact that America is not mentioned as a crucial end game player in the Bible.  Somewhere along the way, we disappear, like the Roman Empire and are relegated to the forgotten dust bin of history.  Sure, we think that the USA is ten feet tall and bullet proof.  However, with WRECK IT BIDEN at the helm, shouting FULL SPEED AHEAD and steering the USS America directly and intentionally towards an iceberg the end may come sooner than we think.

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Hitler devastated Germany in 6years.

By the time April 1945 rolled around, Germans were still largely, solidly behind Hitler. It literally took the combined efforts of 3 major powers and multiple smaller ones nearly 7 years to defeat him. We’re less than a year into Biden’s four year term, and we are seeing damage unimagined 40+ years ago.

Trump’s supporters began singing this stupid tune the moment Biden took office, but smarter people saw it coming by the middle of 2020:

June 21, 2020 – COVID-19 to Plunge Global Economy into Worst Recession since World War II

Tell us, Comrade Bacha Bazi, why is it that you never report on all the great things China Joe Biden is doing for this nation, especially the lower income citizens. They are the ones bearing the brunt of the hardships that comes with Joe’s higher gas prices, higher food and housing prices. Of course, Joe’s brilliant idea is to pay people NOT to work but to become wards of the state. You being the Commie bastid you are, supports that idea, I’m sure.

So let’s hear what it is that you think China Joe (or really Ron Klain) is doing that is so damn great. Or do you have no answer, Mr. Coward?

Covid-19 caused the recession. Glad you understand that.

Now who is responsible for Covid-19? Certainly not Trump.

Barring a rigged election, Trump was the best choice for 2020 and that was why the global pandemic was released, at least one of many reasons.

You people have committed genocide.

And just so you know, Trump’s “supporters” saw this coming due to decades of Democrat failures in raising debt and lining the pockets of their donors who own them. Obamacare got United Healthcare filthy rich, among others.

We saw this waaaay before 2020, and soundly rejected these idiots in 2016 when we actually conducted a fair and free election and got the candidate we voted for: Donald Trump.

You losers lost money and took your mask off. Now we know the enemy.

Just thought I’d point out one of your usual bugaboos about those tax cuts to the rich.. Ahem.

Sure, at the present course he will accomplish that by the end of 2022

I’m thinking that’s what Biden is shooting for. He knows that, with the expected “red” take over of Congress in ’22, he’s going to be a one-and-done President, regardless of how hard Greg bangs the table.

If Republicans get the kind of majority it looks like they will, hopefully they will impeach this idiot for multiple crimes. Then Kamala. Then Blinken. Go down the list of criminals.

No no no. The presidential elections are rigged. Now they move to the rest.

The country is an resounding unelected “Blue” autocracy and is never going back.

Keep in mind, it’s not just idiot Biden. There’s his puppet masters, the corrupt liberal media and, worst of all, the mindless sheep that nod their heads and bow in submission.

I like the titanic reference we know who was locked up and who was allowed to get into the first class only life boats. What do the first class 1 percenter elites eat at a climate conference?comment image?resize=678%2C900&ssl=1
All while planning how to cut the gas from our furnaces this winter by shutting down pipelines.
Bidens suspected mental condition doesnt come with longevity
But we all know Biden isnt Captain of the big ship.


At some point Stupidity stops being cover for Sabotage.
Biden accomplished that in the first WEEK…

Agreed. I was going to say “he” (whoever is behind this) destroyed America when they released Covid.