Biden’s Kamikaze Presidency


Biden reminds me of the Kamikaze pilots Japan desperately recruited during the final stages of WWII. Selected aviators flew suicide attack missions against Allied naval vessels by diving their planes directly into enemy ships to inflict as much damage as possible. Their final doomed flights were intentionally one way missions. Slow Joe Biden and his tail gunner, Kackling Kamala are on their own personal Kamikaze mission but unfortunately, their objective is to destroy America.

Our own allies must be bewildered to watch a president intentionally inflict catastrophic damage to his own country. Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is no longer secret. Former White House doctor, Ronny Jackson “suggested President Joe Biden isn’t mentally up for the job and should be forced to pass a cognitive test.”

Sky News host Rita Panahi recently observed that “Biden needs a nursing home and a bowl of soup.”

Ouch! Biden should borrow a tag line from Rodney Dangerfield and shout out to the world: “I tell ya, I get no respect from anyone! I recently went to see the Pope and he yelled at me to get the hell off of his damn couch!” (rim shot) Let’s briefly review some of Biden’s disasters to date:

  1. Refused to close the southern border. 1.7 illegal aliens have poured into America and more are on the way for free stuff, a trip to sunny Florida and maybe $450,000 cash to buy something nice
  2. Dumped poor, sick, uneducated, unvetted, immigrants in cities across America in the dead of night, including 70 secret flights to Florida. Their physical and mental needs will quickly overwhelm our health, education and legal systems
  3. Abandoned Afghanistan and left 85 billion dollars of sensitive military equipment for the Taliban to sell at a garage sale or to China, Russia and Iran
  4. Abandoned American citizens in Afghanistan who were desperately trying to flee the country
  5. Abandoned a functional airbase in Afghanistan that the Chinese can now use to terrorize more of their neighbors
  6. Responsible for the botched rescue mission that killed 12 brave Marines and 1 US Navy medic

  8. Continued incarceration, without representation for many patriots who participated in the January 6 rally in DC. They have now become political prisoners. Jeremy Brown, a former Green Beret, was arrested by the FBI and charged with trespassing, which is a misdemeanor. “Jeremy Brown never entered the US Capital building on January 6.” He is being held without bail and recently announced a hunger strike until his liberty if restored.
  9. Constructed a $455,000 wall around his 2.7 million dollar beach house in Rehobeth, Delaware
  10. Done nothing, zip, nada to stem the bloodshed in our major cities (50 recently shot over one weekend in Chicago)
  11. Done nothing, zip, nada to restore our energy independence-like when Trump was president. Ringing any bells? Now Wreck It Biden is considering shutting down a second pipeline and claims that there is nothing he can do about the $5.00 a gallon gas and the scarcity of natural gas with a cold hard winter coming. Biden also accused Americans of being dumber that a box of hair about the supply chain.
  12. Sent billions of dollars of aid to foreign countries while ignoring the needs of Ameican citizens
  13. Under his watch, a beautiful Afghanistan family of 10 were vaporized from a drone fired rocket. After an exhaustive iquiry it was determined that Oops, our bad. Those kiddies on tricycles really looked like terrorists!

Biden is oblivious to the fact that he is destroying the greatest country on earth. Buyers remorse is gripping the nation and sleepy Joe is now despised from sea to shining sea. His recent approval rate is cratering at 37.8%. LETS GO BRANDON! is ringing out across America and yet Joe’s only concern is keeping the Democratic Party happy, eating ice cream and taking naps.
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Kamikaze means, “divine wind,” but Joe’s wind was anything but divine according to the Duchess of Cornwall, who can’t stop talking about Biden farting right in front of her at the COP26 Summit. The Duchess said, “It was long and loud and impossible to ignore.” Biden’s presidency is already, long, loud, impossible to ignore and stinks to high Heaven. It is no wonder that countries laugh at us and no longer take us seriously when our president farts out “Mary had A Little Lamb” in front of a female royal family member.

Biden is definitely on a Kamikaze mission to destroy America. However, as long as his handlers pat him on the head and give him a cookie, Joe and his main squeeze can frolic on the beach, blissfully unaware of the destruction that he has wrought and the punch line that he has become.


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What is Biden’s approval rating among communists?


And further, many Democrats are wondering why Harris, who polled at 1% late in the Democrat primaries, became the VP nominee. Even Democrats knew she was a bad joke.

Biden is going down in Flames just like the Hindenburg

I believe Nixon was at either 36 or 33 when he got on the helicopter

Though not as bad as Trump, Nixon was a crook

Trump is clean and no crook.

No evidence of anything, despite you idiots making it up because you hate democracy.

The good news for Biden is he’s not actually the president, so approval ratings don’t matter.

There is only one direction this elevator is going and that is down. biden does not recover from this. Too many Americans now feel as though a terrible mistake has happened.
The agenda thus far is driving his poll numbers down. The agenda is un American.
Manchin killed the build it back bill.
biden is moving quickly toward lame duck status.

If Republicans take Congress back, I pray they impeach this worthless bastard before he damages the nation further damage.

Trump has been impeached twice already, but Senate republicans failed to stop him. Why do you think it would be any different a third time?

And both were without grounds and unconstitutional. But there are legitimate and requisite reasons to impeach idiot Biden. And Kamala. And Blinken. And Austin. The whole damned incompetent, corrupt bunch.

“Unconstitutional” is one of the right’s magic words that dispenses with any further thought. In fact, there was NOTHING unconstitutional about it. Few things in America’s political history have ever been more necessary.

Trump should have been removed from office the first time around; he should have been barred from ever holding office again the second time. The only reason that didn’t happen is because the GOP is a fallen political party, pandering to a delusional base that is under the spell of a populace cult leader.

Unconstitutional to use impeachment as a political toy, a political weapon to deploy just because they have enough partisan votes to pass it.

The first time was for idiot Biden’s extortion. Trump committed no crime, just like the second time.

You and your party care nothing about the Constitution or the country, just perpetuating their political power. Their actions confirm this.

It was TRUMP who unlawfully used his powers of office as a political weapon, attempting to EXTORT the cooperation of a foreign government as a means of attacking a political opponent by threatening to withhold military aid. Rudy Giuliani was his accomplice in that effort. Everyone who has thought clearly about the facts understands this.

“It was TRUMP who unlawfully used his powers of office as a political weapon, attempting to EXTORT the cooperation of a foreign government as a means of attacking a political opponent by threatening to withhold military aid”

No, that was VP Biden, caught red-handed admitting his guilt on tape like an idiot.

The cover was to impeach Trump for doing what Biden did.

It’s shit, all of it.

No, it wasn’t. We all heard the phone call. We’ve also all seen idiot Biden ADMITTING bold face extortion that, son of a bitch, worked.

We’ve also found that one of the liars that testified against Trump is also involved in inventing the false collusion accusations. There was no credibility on the left side whatsoever.

There was a reason Schiff blocked everything but HIS narrative being admitted. The truth could not be allowed to interfere.

All of this is confirmed fact and is what proves the impeachment was illegal, political and unconstitutional.

“Why inflation, and a flagging economy? Because of COVID—the problem that Trump told you would “just go away”

Gee, that’s pretty funny since when Trump was President (the last legitimate one we’ve had), the economic impact of shutting down the economy was all Trump’s fault. Now it’s covid’s fault? What changed?

And it was Lord Fauci that said COVID19 would be over in a couple of months.

Trump did nothing wrong and no amount of your delusion can ever produce the evidence you never had.

The call for “removing Trump” from office was just basic treason by a failed, radical minority of Americans who are now faced with the Majority.

That Majority does not like Biden, nor do they allow him the title of President.

The Democrats and GOP are failed, you’re right.

Now we oust you fools and re-form our Federal Government back to one that follows the Constitution.

greg has a real and perhaps incurable mental state that signifies his inability to see reality. greg lives in a bubble of everything wrong is somehow related to President Trump.

Trump was illegally impeached twice for simply winning an election that was supposed to be rigged for Hillary Clinton.

No evidence of wrongdoing, on any level.

Incestuous, child-molesting Biden and crooked Hillary are allowed outside of their prison bars, so any critique of Trump is laughable and easily dismissed.

THIS is why it’s all still about Trump. His followers are more delusional than they ever have been, and he’s as dangerous as he ever was. They’d have him back in spite of everything, and that would be the end of the American democratic experiment.

A much better President than biden, not even close.

Nov. 11, 2021 – Trump asks appeals court to stop release of his White House records ahead of Friday deadline

What is he afraid will be revealed? The only way he survived four years and two impeachments was by keeping things hidden.

We Love Trump: Biden Is Costing You An Extra $700 Just On Gas! (That’s so far- it is expected to go much higher)

Bullshit. No President had their records opened.

Let’s open Obama’s, then?

This is just more Soviet-style tyranny.

The Federal Government must be abolished.

The Federal Government must be abolished? It’s about time self-proclaimed “patriots” started stating their bullshit out loud.

Why did Woodrow Wilson resegregate the military?
He also premiered birth of a nation film about the kkk

I just did, you coward.

A Federal Government who violates the Constitution, targets a political party for the gain of another, and stages a coup with a false-flag is no Government at all. It’s a tyranny.

We don’t suffer tyrants.

The Federal Government is not legal if its trying to instituted a new form of government beyond the mandates of the Constitution.

The current government must be abolished and cleared, rebuilding it from the ground up with actual Americans and not compromised Communists.

When will idiot Biden release his Senate archives so Tara Reade can prove he raped her? When is Eric Holder going to turn over the Fast and Furious documents and turn himself in for his contempt of Congress? When is Hillary going to turn over the 33,000 emails she was ordered to turn over?

Why does anyone have to respect a subpoena when Democrats, en masse, ignore them?

Shut the f**k up.

The democratic experiment ended when Biden was illegally installed as president.

Trump held this off by winning democratically in 2016, an election promised to Hillary and given to her by a rigged DNC primary.

Stop it. You’re one of the bad guys and your against democracy.

Hey Greg,
You could see better if you pull your head out of your ass!

When you did so, your MAGA hat went missing.

Both impeachments were shams. biden is far more a threat to America and Americans than President Trump ever was.
The economy is quickly moving into recession and potentially a depression. biden sucks and is the worst in potus in American history

…so your solution is to bring back the man who slashed taxes for the wealthiest while simultaneously running up debt faster than any other president in modern history, told us COVID-19 would “just go away” as it settled in to do $16 TRILLION in projected damages to the US economy, and pretended to have a coherent foreign policy while effectively ignoring the growing ambitions of Putin and China.

Why inflation, and a flagging economy? Because of COVID—the problem that Trump told you would “just go away.”

From the CBO economic report, July 2020:

“The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has brought about widespread economic disruption. To mitigate the contagion, governments, businesses, and households in the United States and around the world have taken measures to limit in-person interactions. Collectively referred to as social distancing, those measures include reducing social activities and travel, curtailing the activity of schools and business, and working from home. >>>In the first quarter of 2020, the pandemic and associated social distancing ended the longest economic expansion and triggered the deepest downturn in output and employment since World War II.”<<<

Then came the November 2020 to March 2021 COVID surge, followed by the August 2021 to November 2021 COVID surge:

But hey, don’t get vaccinated, throw tantrums about masks, and then pretend everything has been normal and blame Joe Biden when reality forces you to realize it isn’t. Yay, Trump. Let’s bring him back and make it all GREAT again…again.

Joe Biden caused this calamity. You people needed to have control so badly you broke our laws and social contracts to supplant democracy and rig an election.

Democrats policies just don’t work.

Trump’s did. It’s fact.

We had a roaring economy and so many other great achievements under Trump. You can only whine about the debt while then cheering on Obama and Biden when they run up the debt with no way to pay it back.

At least Trump was making money.

It took a released virus and rigged election for you shitheads to keep on rolling with failed policies that only the idiots under the spell of our state-run media think actual work.

How’s life for blacks under Biden?

A giant step backwards after Trump.

You people are insane.

You are truly an idiot. Provide any factual data a typical mask prevents transmission of a virus. You can’t. Not one word from you about the southern border being open and unvaccinated unknown people pouring in. Why aren’t you or the Biden clan there handing out masks if they work? What happened to my body my choice? If the vaccines work and you get vaccinated, then you are in no danger from an unvaccinated person mask or no mask. Please explain how the largely non-vaccinated Amish community has achieved herd immunity? Not a lot of masks to be found there either.
As for dementia Joe.

Is the Biden-Harris Regime Purposely Destroying the American Economy?

Bullshit. The blame it in the CCP virus is old and stale. The CCP virus has nothing to do with the economy downturn under biden. It is wholly the fault of biden.

Let’s go brandon

Trump was duly elected, and did better than almost every President in my lifetime.

You idiots released a pandemic and rigged an election to stop him.

Now we have hyper inflation, war, and the rich got richer.

Trump was successful. You’re false regime is a bonafide failure, like Mao’s.

The Federal Government needs to be abolished if it can’t be run by our Constitutional processes.

Uh, Trump had China in line and Russia under heel.

It’s fact.

Do you just say whatever is opposite of reality to defame Trump?


Trump’s economy was real, historic, and your silly invoking of his leveraging of debt compared to real debt incurred by Democrats is a joke.

Biden has destroyed our country. Trump had saved it. You people are insane.

“…so your solution is to bring back the man who slashed taxes for the wealthiest”

Riddle me this; Batshit, if a Republican was slashing taxes for the wealthiest, why do the wealthiest support the Democrat Party? Hell, Zuckerbucks, designed to help steal elections for China Biden, totaled over $400 MILLION.

You can scream that 1960’s bullshit till the cows come home, but reality is one thing that you cannot destroy no matter how much Communist b/s you slather all over this website.

And not one time have you blamed the actual culprit for the Kung flu, your CCP handlers. You blame Trump. Not one word against the liar Fauci, who should have been fired in the ’80’s for all the HIV/AIDS deaths he promoted with his lies.

You hang out here because no other blog will tolerate your crap. Too bad FA does.

Sad to say, but China controlled the spread of COVID-19 far better than the idiot you put in the White House.

As usual, Trump’s response is to mount a campaign to blame somebody else.

And Fauci funded gain of function research starting in 2017.

This man is an idiot.

Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan like an amateur, killing Americans and handing our enemies state of the art weapons.

This man is an idiot.

Trump? This man is competent executive who showed actual idiots like you what democracy can do: give us good leaders who know how to lead.

I think you should follow your god Biden go kamikaze…relieve us of your genocidal ignorance.

Pretty sure your failing Party and their failing media outlets can ONLY blame Trump instead of taking responsibility.

Compared to Obama and Biden, Trump is goddamned hero in taking responsibility.

“Sad to say, but China controlled the spread of COVID-19 far better than the idiot you put in the White House.”

And you know this… how? Oh… that’s right. The CCP says so. You believe them just like you believe the socialist propaganda media here.

Why are people in China wiping out their store shelves and stocking up for ANOTHER massive shutdown?

As usual, you lies have long ago been debunked.

No, Trump did not fire CDC pandemic specialist or defund CDC

False Claim About CDC’s Global Anti-Pandemic Work

March 22, 2020 – Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Several months before the coronavirus pandemic began, the Trump administration eliminated a key American public health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China, Reuters has learned.

The American disease expert, a medical epidemiologist embedded in China’s disease control agency, left her post in July, according to four sources with knowledge of the issue. The first cases of the new coronavirus may have emerged as early as November, and as cases exploded, the Trump administration in February chastised China for censoring information about the outbreak and keeping U.S. experts from entering the country to help.

“It was heartbreaking to watch,” said Bao-Ping Zhu, a Chinese American who served in that role, which was funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2007 and 2011. “If someone had been there, public health officials and governments across the world could have moved much faster.”

Zhu and the other sources said the American expert, Dr. Linda Quick, was a trainer of Chinese field epidemiologists who were deployed to the epicenter of outbreaks to help track, investigate and contain diseases.

As an American CDC employee, they said, Quick was in an ideal position to be the eyes and ears on the ground for the United States and other countries on the coronavirus outbreak, and might have alerted them to the growing threat weeks earlier.

No other foreign disease experts were embedded to lead the program after Quick left in July, according to the sources. Zhu said an embedded expert can often get word of outbreaks early, after forming close relationships with Chinese counterparts.

Zhu and the other sources said Quick could have provided real-time information to U.S. and other officials around the world during the first weeks of the outbreak, when they said the Chinese government tamped down on the release of information and provided erroneous assessments.

Quick left amid a bitter U.S. trade dispute with China when she learned her federally funded post, officially known as resident adviser to the U.S. Field Epidemiology Training Program in China, would be discontinued as of September, the sources said. The U.S. CDC said it first learned of a “cluster of 27 cases of pneumonia” of unexplained origin in Wuhan, China, on Dec. 31.

Since then, the outbreak of the disease known as COVID-19 has spread rapidly worldwide, killing more than 13,600 people, infecting more than 317,000. The epidemic has overwhelmed healthcare systems in some countries, including Italy, and threatens to do so in the United States and elsewhere.

During a press briefing on Sunday shortly after this story was first published, President Donald Trump dismissed the Reuters report as similar to other stories regarding the CDC that he described as “100 percent wrong,” without addressing whether the role had been eliminated.

U.S. CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield maintained the agency’s presence in China “is actually being augmented as we speak,” without elaborating.

In a statement to Reuters before the report was published, the CDC said the elimination of the adviser position did not hinder Washington’s ability to get information and “had absolutely nothing to do with CDC not learning of cases in China earlier.”

The agency said its decision not to have a resident adviser “started well before last summer and was due to China’s excellent technical capability and maturity of the program.”

That little smear piece was debunked back during the pandemic.

It’s the way you scum-balls blamed Trump for a virus let out of China.

Simple logic asks this: “So you’re saying the lack of a CDC overseer was to blame for China releasing a virus?”

Do you even read the sh*t you write?

“Zhu and the other sources said Quick could have provided real-time information to U.S. and other officials around the world during the first weeks of the outbreak, when they said the Chinese government tamped down on the release of information and provided erroneous assessments.”

Yeah right. I’m sure he’d be able to, and not “disappeared” or silenced while the rest of the world burned.

You have nothing.

We still don’t know how well China contained the pandemic, and based on them being a third-world dictatorship, I’d say it wasn’t well at all.


By killing people.


And their numbers are a lie, so who’s the f*cking moron?

You are.

TEXTS: Hunter Biden Described Business Deals With Russia And China, Including With ‘Vladimir Putin’ And CCP’s ‘Chief Of Intelligence

It’s time for normal American’s to start petitioning their governments and demand a new Federal Government free of our current unelected and corrupt systems.

We can do it, legally.

States supporting the Biden regime are committing treason and trying to succeed from the Union.

It would be good to eliminate federal ABC departments that are duplicated at state level then run them more business like. Do we need 16 intelligence agencies? The BLM has outlived its purpose, now the doubling of IRS to collect more, we tare taking in record revenues with Trumps tax plan.

‘YOU ARE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE’: President Trump Shares Special Veterans Day Message

John Kerry chuckles over slave labor in China…

“Trump” “won”

Those are my personal pronouns along with “MAGA” and “Trump 2024.”

And Kerry is a feeble actor who just wants to stay on the stage. Throw him away like he did his medals.

WTF Did Satchel ever serve in the armed forces? Why compare a great baseball player to our fallen heros? He also rambled the same story at the Vatican with no connection to the trip.

Paige never served and is completely irrelevant to Veterans Day.

He so badly wants to say in public. Sickening pedophile with drug addled children. No wonder he talks about Beau every time. Didn’t even know he had a daughter until last week.

Idiot Biden’s “Build Debt Faster” bill gives the wealthy tax breaks 10 times greater than the middle class. Let’s go Brandon!

Where is gregs denunciation. Moron greg claims President Trump’s tax cuts were for the rich only. Another tired left wing radical narrative that has zero basis in fact.

If you wanted to destroy America, you’d undo our values by breaking us apart into racial groups that will never get along.

You’d do what Biden, Democrats, and the woke god are doing.