Why hasn’t Twitter suspended Adam Schiff?


Emerald Robinson was a news host for Newsmax. She was recently taken off the air for her anti-vaccine statements and then Twitter suspended her permanently.

In a statement provided to The Hill, a Twitter spokesperson confirmed that Robinson’s second suspension in one week’s time is now a permanent banning. To quote Robinson’s frequent political missives on Twitter, “RIP Emerald Robinson.”

HuffPost put it this way

Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson was permanently banned from Twitter on Tuesday for repeatedly violating its rules on COVID-19 misinformation.

Now we have to ask ourselves- what is the suspension for- misinformation or COVID misinformation?

I can’t think of a greater example of disinformation and misinformation than the Russian collusion BS and I cannot think of a greater purveyor of this poison than Adam Schiff. On The View Morgan Ortagus called out Schiff for his malignant lies:

It’s fun to watch Schiff squirm and then continue the lie. Jonathan Turley wryly observes:

Schiff surprisingly declared “First of all, whoever lied to the FBI or Christopher Steele should be prosecuted, and they are.” (It is actually not a crime to lie to Christopher Steele under 18 U.S.C. 1001. It is a crime to lie to federal investigators). It was a curious statement from someone who attacked the appointment of the Special Counsel and, with other leading Democrats, did his level best to kill the investigation. If it had been left to Schiff, there would have been no John Durham and no Durham indictments.

Schiff claimed that he personally had evidence of Russian collusion. He said it was “in plain sight” but he never produced it. The WSJ blasted Schiff over a year ago

Americans expect that politicians will lie, but sometimes the examples are so brazen that they deserve special notice. Newly released Congressional testimony shows that Adam Schiff spread falsehoods shamelessly about Russia and Donald Trump for three years even as his own committee gathered contrary evidence.


The House Intelligence Committee last week released 57 transcripts of interviews it conducted in its investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. The committee probe started in January 2017 under then-Chair Devin Nunes and concluded in March 2018 with a report finding no evidence that the Trump campaign conspired with the Kremlin. Most of the transcripts were ready for release long ago, but Mr. Schiff oddly refused to release them after he became chairman in 2019. He only released them last week when the White House threatened to do it first.

Now we know why. From the earliest days of the collusion narrative, Mr. Schiff insisted that he had evidence proving the plot. In March 2017 on MSNBC, Mr. Schiff teased that he couldn’t “go into particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.”
In December 2017 he told CNN that collusion was a fact: “The Russians offered help, the campaign accepted help. The Russians gave help and the President made full use of that help.” In April 2018, Mr. Schiff released his response to Mr. Nunes’s report, stating that its finding of no collusion “was unsupported by the facts and the investigative record.”

KT MacFarlane properly likened Schiff to Josef Goebbels.


A list of malicious lying Tweets from Schiff can be seen here.

If spreading misinformation or disinformation is grounds for a suspension from Twitter, why hasn’t Schiff been banned? For that matter why haven’t most democrats been banned?

Twitter’s multi-tiered suspension system needs to be explained. Twitter needs Federal regulation.

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Because we live in a one-Party police state, and Schiff is part of the dictatorship.

Why? Because Adam Schiff isn’t the danger.

The case against Donald Trump doesn’t rest on the Steele Dossier.

Where is the liars mountain of evidence? The dossier was the basis of the FISA warrants to spy on the campaign and transition.
They knew it was garbage.
Insurrection is also fabricated news release it did not happen.
Trump, nor anyone associated or any crypto-anyone was not handing out weapons to over throw the government.

It doesn’t matter how the police first became interested when there are crimes in progress when they arrive.

Trump made a concerted effort to overturn an entirely legitimate national election by way of a campaign of lies, combined with the misuse of his official powers. Not only was there NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE for any of his bullshit claims—those who were promoting them KNEW that to be the case.

That was an attempt to overthrow the government, plain and simple. At the very least Trump should have been banned from ever again holding office, but instead of protecting the nation and the Constitution, the GOP has chosen to protect and preserve the danger.

No, with a pressure campaign directed toward various critical state and federal officials, that was conducted behind the scenes by the White House. With a little cooperation, this would have culminated in a reversal of the Electoral College count outcome on January 6th. The march of Trump’s supporters from his Stop the Steal rally site to the Capitol would have coincided with that moment.

The critical state and federal officials—Mike Pence included—declined to cooperate. They knew what such a step would mean, and refused to take it.

Dude, get your tin foil hat on quickly

That’s PRECISELY what happened, and there are records of all of it which the court has ruled Trump cannot keep hidden.

A fabricated lie all of it
Never happened

Full Phone Call: Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary of State To Recount Election Votes:

January 6, 2021, 2:22 PM EST – Trump Calls on Pence To Reject Electoral Votes. Pence Says He Won’t
President Trump, in an extraordinary speech as Congress prepared to certify Democrat Joe Biden’s victory on Election Day, called on Vice President Pence to reject Biden’s win and send the results back to the states, something Pence who is presiding over the joint session, has no constitutional authority to do.

Pence then issued a statement, saying he had no authority to do what Trump was asking him to do.

The dramatic developments in Washington played out on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump, speaking to supporters on the Ellipse behind the White House, falsely proclaimed that “this election was stolen from you, from me, from the country,” and also falsely declared that he won “in a landslide.”

Trump said that today “is not the end, it’s just the beginning” and stated that he “will never give up, we will never concede.”

In his statement, Pence said it is “my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.”

Trump repeatedly called on Pence to act, saying if he doesn’t, “it will be a sad day for the country,” while he torched other Republicans who oppose his efforts to overturn the November results, calling them “weak” and “pathetic.”

He singled out by name Rep. Liz Cheney, the highest-ranking House Republican to reject Trump’s call to overturn the election.

Trump called on his supporters at the rally to march on the U.S. Capitol, saying he would walk with them. Instead, he returned to the White House.

Many of those supporters are now on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and got inside the building as well.

Trump also listed a wide range of grievances, against the media, tech companies, as well as his former attorney general and the Supreme Court.

He said former Attorney General Bill Barr “changed” because “he didn’t want to become my personal attorney.”

Barr was among those who stated there had been no evidence of widespread fraud in the presidential election…

Total bullshit.

It’s all on record. There’s actual evidence and there will be the testimony from insider witnesses—all of which will become public.

More of you stale bullshit

Sure, it’s all b.s. That would explain why Trump has been trying to keep the records locked down, wouldn’t it?

It explains nothing

New Jersey Senate President Sweeney Finally Concedes to Republican Truck Driver Edward Durr

“Sure, it’s all b.s. That would explain why Trump has been trying to keep the records locked down, wouldn’t it?”

And Obama will release ALL the documents pertaining to Fast and Furious when, Comrade Greggie?

Stop with your b/s. No one is buying it except for your brain dead Commie friends.

If it’s all b.s., Trump will have nothing to worry about when the records begin arriving this Friday.

And the records from Fast and Furious will begin arriving when, Comrade Greggie?

But then, you don’t give a damn that Americans died needlessly under the Obama administration. You were too busy getting your cookies off knowing Obama was at least a Socialist.

You’re suggesting that Trump, who is no longer Chief Executive, should be allowed to hide behind a bogus claim of executive privilege, because Obama claimed executive privilege over 15 years ago in connection with an entirely different while he WAS president.

Maybe you should try to come up with an argument that’s less ridiculous.

Hopefully, he just “deletes” them. Destroys them; Bleachbit it all. Just like Hillary did. Then, there’s no problem, right? All those records are just about golfing and real estate.

You means like the millions of pages of material he turned over to Mueller? All the records serve is to provide some opportunity to abuse some information. The absolute lack of evidence of any wrong doing doesn’t stop Democrats from lying.

greggie, 58% of the population think you are full of crap. Doesn’t trump have the option to ask for a recount? You just can not understand that when there are more votes cast than there are registered voters, then there is something wrong, can you. It hat because you are also a cheater?

Trump wasn’t asking for a recount. He was asking for a different result. He was asking Pence to overstep the bounds of his constitutional authority.

Ohhhh… so you think recounts should only be done when the exact same result is expected? This tells us a lot.

600 Biden lawyers using the plandemic to unconstitutionally alter state election laws. Big tech smothering the anything that would reflect badly on Biden such as the laptop from hell, Zuck spreading millions in selective states. Evacuating observers for a leaky urinal calling it a water main break, then continue to count illegally with no observers. The machines that were not supposed to be connected to the internet that were.
The FBI and antifa were timed to attack when the first debates on final confirmation of electoral votes began.
Worse than 911 the horror of the congress jumping from the windows of the capitol to avoid burning to death.
Now we have political prisoners that have trespass charges with out bail.
We see in Virgina America has had enough of the commie police state bull sh!t of the democrats.
Have a nice day looks like NJ Governor election where votes flipped after midnight will be investigated too.

Still fixated on Trump. You must really hate yourself. You are a joke that keeps on giving.

Obama makes huge gaffe at Climate Summit…

FBI confirms there was no insurrection on Jan. 6

Adam schiffis a proven liar. THAT is a demonstrable FACT. Russian collusion is an attack on truth and a calculated incitement to Hillary

It’s a demonstrable fact if you’re delusional. Otherwise, it’s patent nonsense.

It’s FACT that the investigation into Trump Russia Collusion was a falsified and manufactured scandal that never happened.

The loser, HRC, was promised the WH by Democrats, the FBI, and the other global actors who install our leaders.

They got sloppy, even after they VERIFIABLY rigged their own primary. It’s not an allegation, it’s FACT.

The Democrats committed and coup and then a false-flag to cover it up, or at least to try.

There is ZERO EVIDENCE OR ANYTHING REMOTELY APPROACHING EVIDENCE to suggest Trump incited the FBI-induced riot and to “overturn” an election that Biden clearly lost.

Twitter is a leftist propaganda organ. Schiff is an invertebrate liar and if anyone ever needed to be silenced for lies inciting violence and disinformation it’s that worm. The fact he isn’t tells all anyone needs to know about the criteria for blocking voices on Twitter.

FBI confirms there was no insurrection on Jan. 6, period

FBI confirms there was no insurrection on Jan. 6 By President Trump or any of his supporters

Why did schiff lie on the view?

Schiff lied because that’s all he can do.

I am going to be pressing my representatives to get a law passed that has members of Congress under oath any time the people questioned will be under oath. Also, if Republicans win enough majority, I want impeachment proceedings for idiot Biden, Mayorkas, Kamala, Blinken, Granholm and Austin. For starters.

Pencil neck schiff lied repeatedly when he said he had the evidence of Russia collusion in the 2016 election. Here mueller never found any and if they want to find some, they need look no further than the clintons.

Ever see Greg or AJ demand “fact check” on that? Ever see them complain about THOSE lies?

There’s PLENTY of evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. As Mueller observed, collusion is not a statutory crime. They were unable to definitively establish that the Trump campaign’s collusion rose to the level of a criminal conspiracy—but efforts to obtain information that could have done so were constrained.

God, what a loyal dupe.

There’s never been any evidence presented, Mueller admitted there was none, they found none and there was no obstruction.

col·lu·sion – secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
“the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers”.

That there was secret cooperation between highly placed figures in the Trump campaign organization and Putin operatives has been established beyond any shadow of a doubt. When initially questioned about their meetings, they LIED about it. They KNEW they were out of bounds.

Not only NO, you are wrong and lying, but it was Democrats that were colluding to try and kill off Trump. Hillary colluded with the Russians and the DNC colluded with the Ukrainians to try and get dirt on Trump. Both efforts failed.

Later, Durbin, Menendez and Leahy tried again to get dirt on Trump from Ukraine. Since there was none, they, too, failed.

It is YOUR scumbag party that commits all the collusion. Otherwise, there would be at least a particle of evidence to the contrary.

“col·lu·sion – secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.”

Like Hillary and the rigged DNC primary in 2016. Like the FBI with democrats on anything that weakens republicans. Like CNN lying for Democrats?


“That there was secret cooperation between highly placed figures in the Trump campaign organization and Putin operatives has been established beyond any shadow of a doubt.”

There isn’t any of any kind. Not only is their doubt, there’s not even a basis for any suspected collusion between Trump and Putin. It was made up to sucker dipshits like you who secretly want to kill people.

There was never any illegal or inappropriate meetings and to say so is dismissible partisan garbage.

There is REAL collusion between Biden and China and Biden and Russia.

That’s a fact.

ZERO evidence. It didn’t happen, but they only wants fools like you to believe it so you’ll throw molotovs in the street and become the Nazi bastard you pretend to hate.