Who’s programming Biden?


Joe Biden is not in charge. As I’ve asserted before, he is but the titular head of government but he is not making the decisions. Now and then in response he blurts something out in response to a question only later to either have Psaki or Karine Jean-Pierre tell us that Biden didn’t say what he meant and then they tell us what he did mean.

It seems that each day Biden is pumped up with some adrenergic med, programmed what to say, handed some note cards and then pushed out to the stage.

Biden was asked why he was paying illegal aliens a reported $450,000 each for violating US law. He called that report “garbage” and it was “not gonna happen.” There was no parsing of the report, no explanation. Just “not gonna happen.” Here’s how it went down:

“Mr. President, as you’re leaving for your overseas trip, there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border,” Doocy asked. “Up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family. Do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally?”
“If you guys keep sending that garbage out? Yeah, but it’s not true,” Biden tersely responded.
“So this is a garbage report?” Doocy asked Biden.
“Yeah, OK,” the President replied. “That’s not going to happen.”

The White House immediately stepped in to “clarify” saying that perhaps Biden wasn’t briefed on the matter.

But White House principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre added some major qualifiers to Biden’s statement during a press briefing on Thursday, saying payments could in fact happen, just not in the mid-six-figure amounts originally reported by the Wall Street Journal.
“The president, what he was reacting to was the dollar figure that you mentioned to him yesterday,” Jean-Pierre said. “As press accounts today indicate, the Department of Justice made clear to the plaintiffs that the reported figures are higher than anywhere that a settlement can land.”

But Biden didn’t object to the dollar amount. He didn’t “clarify.” He simply called the report “garbage.”  Biden’s handlers then again pumped with adrenergics, fed him his lines, gave him his cards and sent him out to the podium. They probably dosed Biden with some steroids as he got angry and the real Biden- the nasty ass SOB- appeared.

“You lost your child! It’s gone!”
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It’s gone? Forever! What did they do with those children? Dump them at sea?

“You deserve some kind of compensation!”

This sounds right out of TV commercial for a law firm.

But this time he was “comfortable” with amount paid to illegals for breaking into the country. BTW, in this country when parents are convicted of a crime and they put in jail they too are separated from their kids and there is no compensation.

Biden also has a penchant for ignoring things- like Courts.

He even blew off the Supreme Court

Biden has repeatedly suggested that “I’ll get in trouble” if he kept answering questions or “I’m told not to take questions.”

This is all very weird. Who is programming Joe Biden?

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Finally, we’re asking the right question.

A man was getting the Covid-19 vaccine. He asked the nurse, “Will this give me immunity?”

She replied, “No, but the company who made it will.”

All this admin does is check off boxes, people dont have to be qualified. The first this creature or that Freak as long as they cant identify as competent for the job in any way.
What we dont hear is this admin is in chaos 4th person from the fed reserve has resigned .
2 Top FDA Officials Resigned Over Biden’s Booster Plan.
Who ever is programming Biden needs to learn how to code.

No illegal immigrant deserves compensation. They don’t deserve $450,000; they don’t deserve $4.50. They deserve to be deported and charged with a felony if they return.

They knowingly broke our immigration laws. The law existed that illegal immigrants must be detained. It is also the law that children cannot be kept in cells with adults; it cannot even be determined if the children brought in by the adults actually BELONGED with those adults. Further, it was a law, put in place during the Obama regime, that children could not be held longer than 20 days. Trump’s “outrageous behavior” was simply following and enforcing US laws. Outrageous, indeed. You won’t catch Democrats committing such an outrage… when it benefits them.

As those laws were dutifully enforced, how many Democrats stepped up and accepted these poor waifs into their homes or made arrangements for them to be housed until faux-mommy and faux-daddy can have their hearing to allow them to stay? That would be a number somewhere in the vicinity of… ZERO (although AOC did stage a fake photo of her expressing fake sorrow over fake abuse of fake victims).

So, those leftists herding illegal immigrants towards our borders and promoting the illegal immigration should have warned them of the penalties of crossing our border illegally.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse or defense.

Idiot Biden not even being aware that DOJ and the ACLU were colluding together to make immigration policy is, while not surprising, totally unacceptable. Make no mistake, the DOJ has no intention of vigorously defending the US taxpayer and fighting the ACLU’s suits… they’ve taken a page out of the EPA’s “Big Book of How Unelected Bureaucrats Make US Policy” and bring a suit that the DOJ will simply “settle”. The source of any funds for this should be cut off, unless private donors (leftists that support and promote illegal immigration) can step up and write the checks.

As soon as it is possible, idiot Biden should be impeached for his mishandling and criminal actions with our border security. Delegating his responsibilities of making immigration policy to the DOJ should be part of those charges. It would be a slam-dunk.

How about those charged with minor crimes and held in solitary confinement for their association with the Jan6 riot? They are separated from their children… they deserve some compensation. Only, it shouldn’t be up to the taxpayers to pay it. It should be up to Democrats; THEY are the perpetrators. Make the DNC pay. If they don’t have the cash, they can take it from donors; THEY’VE made this trampling of the Constitution possible. Otherwise, I guess they’ll just have to disband.

joe biden is in essence the garbage output mechanism. He has no idea of what he is doing or saying. His lack of demonstrating the ability to display cognitive awareness of his position and/or responsibilities is frightening.

The optics of him delivering word salad from the podium, most often on the fake WH set, (why does he spend so much time there?) and upon completion he shuffles off never taking questions has the WH rethinking his public appearances.

It is too late, the public has seen enough to form the opinion they have. biden does not know his ass from a hole in the ground…

The optics of him delivering word salad from the podium, most often on the fake WH set, (why does he spend so much time there?)

I’ve been putting 2&2 together about that question.
Remember when Joe walked up to reporters and said, “My butt’s been wiped.”
Add to that his wardrobe change from blue suit to black suit DURING his visit to the Pope.
And add in Camila’s tactless fart compulsion.
What do you get?
A very stinky old man no one wants in their home, White House included.
That’s why the set is used.
Probably great air conditioning keeping the smell away from the reporters, too.

As for Joe’s programming, notice who scares his puppetmasters:
Postal workers,
Truck Drivers,
Peter Deucy.
So far……

The Sci Fi movie INVADERS FROM MARS little boy watches a UFO land soon after people act strange they all have someing planted on the back of their heads and using some Batlike Creature or Invasion of the Body Cnatchers did Biden come from a Pod?

Well according to Joe Biden, Joe Biden should resign.

Joe Biden Said It: He ‘Should Not Remain As President’