As if I needed one more reason to despise Biden and democrats


You may have noticed that I have really no respect for Joe Biden and none for democrats in general. Biden is obviously neither in charge nor mentally intact. His handlers are bent on rendering the fabric of the nation and dividing its people. Occasionally it becomes egregious. This is one of those times.

After assuring us he wouldn’t, Biden has been issuing vaccine mandates right and left, and targeting the military. Refusal to be vaccinated could result in dismissal from the service. In September Biden opposed an honorable discharge to those who would be dismissed:

President Joe Biden came out this week in opposition to the military guaranteeing service members who refuse the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine will receive an honorable discharge.
On Tuesday, the Biden White House submitted a Statement of Administration Policy voicing Biden’s support and opposition for various provisions in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. One key provision Biden voiced opposition to would guarantee U.S. military service members will be allowed to take an honorable discharge if they refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is pathetic. Hundreds of thousands of troops are unvaccinated. I have little doubt that Biden would order them all dismissed regardless of what it would do to the nation’s security. Wokeness is already taking a toll on the military. While our genius military leaders are consumed with trans Admirals and pronouns the UK military embarrassed a Maine unit in a battle exercise. Milley and Austin were caught flat footed by a Chinese hypersonic missile test. But they’re woke and busy purging the military of conservatives and the “enemy within”, i.e. Trump supporters!

In addition to the less than honorable discharge, these troops could lose their benefits.


U.S. service members who don’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine will reportedly risk their veteran’s benefits and a lenient dismissal. Nonvaccinated individuals may receive other-than-honorable discharges if deemed required by local commanders, according to a report citing Defense and Veterans Affairs officials. Individuals in these cases will be ineligible to receive a preferential evaluation for benefits, the report stated.

Never mind that vaccination does not prevent infection by COVID 19. Never mind that vaccinated people can spread the virus. Never mind that the risk for young healthy individuals is miniscule. Never mind that the ostensible reason to get vaccinated is to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. I write this as a fully vaccinated person. Or maybe I’m not. The definition of “fully vaccinated” is in flux and I doubt anyone will ever be “fully vaccinated.”

Yet some people wonder why this whole thing is questioned. I’d like to know which democrats in Congress are vaccinated and which are not.

The left has great plans for those her illegally. The new democrat spending bill would be a windfall for illegal aliens.

Hoping a third try’s the charm, House Democrats on Wednesday unveiled their Plan C, relying on a process known as parole to protect illegal immigrants from deportation and grant them the ability to obtain a work permit.
Parole would waive immigration requirements for those who have been living in the U.S. before 2011, and beneficiaries could then apply for a five-year extension.

“Through ‘Build Back Better,’ Democrats are trying to give some form of amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, make illegal alien students eligible for subsidized in-state tuition, and make illegal alien children eligible for tax credits that used to be limited to American children,” said Robert Law, director of regulatory affairs and policy for the Center for Immigration Studies.
As Law explained, current law prohibits undocumented students from being granted in-state tuition unless U.S. citizens are offered the same rate regardless of where they’re from. But the Build Back Better Act would strike this provision, meaning an illegal immigrant in Virginia would pay less to attend the University of Virginia than a U.S. citizen from Maryland. The point is to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants without restrictions.

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Democrats also want to eliminate the need for a social security number to demonstrate eligibility for child tax credits — a move that, if passed, would provide roughly a million undocumented children with such support.

It would be a small step from that to voting rights for illegals.

Biden would terminate members of the military and any Federal employees who refuse vaccination but it’s who he exempts that I find so loathsome. Illegal aliens are not subject to a vaccine mandate despite having an infection rate of 20%. In spite of that they are dropped at night into unsuspecting towns which then bear the financial burden of these illegals. Illegal aliens have greater rights than do American soldiers.

Think about that.

I am an advocate of vaccination but this idiocy gives me grave concern about the reality of anything Biden or Fauci says in regard to vaccination.

As if I needed another reason to despise Biden.


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Nothing Biden’s handlers do surprise me anymore. It is weird that
he is destroying our military and yet his son was a brave Marine who
stood tall on some foreign wall and assured us that we would remain safe on his watch.

Don’t forget that the military rejected his other son for cocaine use and in Biden fashion, that’s probably everyone’s fault but Hunter’s.

“U.S. service members who don’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine will reportedly risk their veteran’s benefits and a lenient dismissal. ”

Yet that lying, leaking CS McCabe gets his full benefits and pension. Maybe if unvaccinated service members would just commit some crime against the nation they can save their benefits. Breaking the law to support and protect anti-American activity seems to be rewarded.

Doocy asked the liar standing in for COVID-infected liar Saki if we were paying illegal immigrants $450,000 each, how much are we paying the immigrants that follow the rules and come to this country legally? The look on her face was priceless, like why would we pay THEM? Doocy had her in a corner and she had no idea how to get out. Well, there is no way out, for those stupid idiots. They don’t see the total absurdity of their agenda. They oppose everything good, embrace everything bad. They HATE this country.

“It would be a small step from that to voting rights for illegals.”

And they want universal vote by mail. So, why not just cut out the middle man and sent election ballots to every citizen in every country and let them vote in our elections by mail?

The people that live, work and pay taxes in this country will never vote the way socialist Democrats want them to. They need a transfusion of ignorant, manipulatable dependents to vote as they are told. They also need a military that will obey without question. Only those soldiers will fire on American citizens when ordered to do so.

Particularly in the case of military personnel, the COVID-19 pandemic is a national security issue.

Have you forgotten what happened to the U.S.S. Roosevelt in 2020? Over 1/4 of the crew—1,271 crew members—rapidly contracted COVID-19 as it swept through the carrier. Although those infected were all young and healthy individuals, 1/2 of them became symptomatic. The fact that young healthy individuals generally recover isn’t really the issue. The issue is that the outbreak caused sufficient incapacity among the crew to put one of our nation’s ten nuclear aircraft carriers temporarily of service.

Around the same time there were two COVID-19 outbreaks aboard a second nuclear aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Nimitz.

Anywhere that service members work and live in close proximity is highly vulnerable to rapid spread of COVID-19. What do you do if you have a sudden outbreak aboard a nuclear submarine? What if flight line personnel or pilots on an airbase are suddenly unable to perform their demanding tasks? What if nuclear missile personnel are suddenly affected?

Vaccinations have been required of military personnel for decades. Some are required when it’s only a matter of protecting the individual and communicability is not an issue—tetanus, for example. In the case of COVID-19 the rationale is even stronger: it’s a matter of protecting ORGANIZATIONAL capabilities.

Sometimes a line must be drawn, where the political bullshit ends and rational thought about national security prevails. This is one.


From the Military Times:

“We see the vaccine as a readiness issue,” said Gil Cisneros, Defense Department undersecretary for personnel, during testimony before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee. “Any discharge decision is up to the individual service as to how they proceed with that.”

2 million illegal immigrants with a 20% infection rate spread across the country is a national security threat, but who among you cares about that?

Military are not vaccinated for the flu. With variants making the vaccines less and less effective, treatment is the key. Put them ivermectin. At least there’s medical history on that.

Fortunately our military leaders are not idiots, and realize that COVID-19 represents a serious threat to the military’s ability to respond. COVID-19 IS NOT influenza, which hasn’t recently killed 754 thousand Americans in less than 2 years. Nor have any recent flu outbreaks done an estimated $16 trillion in long term damages to the US economy.

Oh, really. What is the infection rate in the military? What is the mortality rate? Why aren’t those with natural immunity given a waiver?

Yeah… REAL smart.

“The men who risked their lives on D-Day would think those who are afraid of a vaccination during a global pandemic are a bunch of pussies.” Some have risk factors and those that already have antibodies are HIGH risk. The pussies are those who don’t take science into account and abuse their power.

“Here you go, fool: An Outbreak of Covid-19 on an Aircraft Carrier –” That was before we knew anything about the virus or had effective therapeutics (even though Democrats try to ban most of them).

“realize that COVID-19 represents a serious threat to the military’s ability to respond.”

No it doesn’t.

Losing a significant portion of the military through harsh tactics isn’t going to work out well either, Greg. The men who landed on D Day in Europe were vomiting in the landing boats as they approached the shore. They took the beach anyway.

The men who risked their lives on D-Day would think those who are afraid of a vaccination during a global pandemic are a bunch of pussies.

They also died for my right to choose as I will, including taking a vaccine made by companies paying to install a puppet in the wake of a oddly-timed pandemic during an incredibly successful administration for an outsider President Trump.

Both those men, and I, would judge you as a coward and beta-cuck bent on stealing the rights we’ve paid for in blood.

comrade greggy poop: in an academic world, of which you know noting about, data that you vomited must be supported by a thing called a “citation”, or the source. you have no idea of what you are taking about and only parroting cnn.

Here you go, fool: An Outbreak of Covid-19 on an Aircraft Carrier –

So what?

Everything you said makes ZERO difference when the vaccinated and the unvaccinated alike are getting and spreading this virus….use some common sense if you have any.

I’m glad you included the fact that the UK military embarrassed a Maine unit in a battle exercise.
Our side quit about 1/2way thru the exercise.
Do the woke military even value having a backbone?

If Joe were an open enemy of the USA, would he do anything differently?

Today Joe claimed he’s giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to illegals who “lost” their children.
How many of these children were recycled from one “family” to the next, back and forth across the border?
Lots according to people who were there.

When you seriously consider the experts (who Joe is trying to silence) about the devastating effects of the mRNA jabs on our reporductive systems, and add to that the Left’s hatred of white people, is it surprising that Americans (the majority of whom are white) are being boxed into taking the jab or starving while illegals, who are brown, are exempted from it to breed like flies?

“There is evidence to suggest that infection with SARS-CoV-2 has the potential to impact both male fertility, female fertility, and certainly the health of a pregnancy of someone infected.”

Dr. Jennifer Kawwass, reproductive endocrinologist and associate professor at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta

comrade greggy poop: again your head in deep inside your colon. Stats have show that the rate of spontaneous aborting in the first trimester of pregnancy of receiving the mRNA is 8(eight) time higher. Ths side effects of the drug are devastating. The thalidomide babies of the 60’s will re appear in as a new variant. It is obvious that you do not real any medical journals, but limit you responses to a plagiarized cnn report.

Why don’t you select one user name and stick to it?

The information in your post is BULLSHIT. Why don’t you provide a link to your “source” and make a liar out of me?

That’s pretty funny coming from you, Comrade Greggie. You who is the King of Unsubstantiated Facts.

No one has to make a liar out of you. That is a job you have already completed.

There’s NO evidence that even suggests COVID vaccinations affect fertility, or make spontaneous abortions 8 times higher. Like I said, post a link to a source that isn’t some bat-shit-crazy right-wing propaganda site, and make a liar out of me. Otherwise, stop spreading your crap.

Translation: unless the Democrat-owned State Party misinformation outlets like CNN and WaPo tell me, it’s not real.

You’re the problem.

BREAKING: Appeals Court Temporarily Halts Biden’s Vaccine Mandate for

Biden Says Families of Illegal Aliens ‘Deserve’ Monetary Compensation

Bad Math: Buttigieg Claims Massive Dem Spending Bill Will Reduce Inflation

I guess he sucks at math, too.

Q.How do you spell Save America? A-I.M.P.E.A.C.H-B.I.D.E.N.-&-H.A.R.R.I.S.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Still reeling from their election losses, Democrats have vowed to adjust their strategy by calling people racist even harder.

“The real reason we didn’t win these elections is because we weren’t calling people racist hard enough,” said Joy Ann Reid, Democrat activist/journalist. “We called voters racist on the hour, when we really should have been doing it every minute. And we should have been doing it with more anger and passion.”

“I really think it was that we didn’t try hard enough to look like insane deranged lunatics. We really need to lean into that more.” Reid then screamed at the sky to demonstrate what her fellow Democrat activists should have been doing the whole time.

Terry McAuliffe acknowledged his failure to call people racist with enough frequency and fervor. “I tried my hardest to suggest that the people I wanted to vote for me were hopelessly racist and bigoted. I failed at that task. Next time, I’ll just wear a T-shirt 24/7 that says ‘you are a racist, dummy’ so people will get the picture.” McAuliffe went on to say that he also thinks not emphasizing his plan to steal children’s minds from their parents enough was a missed opportunity.

At publishing time, the Lincoln Project had vowed to dress more people up as Nazis to really sway the election in their favor.

The Bee

Let’s see ? They are going to kick out the most free thinking and competent people in their ranks and then punish them further by taking away the benefits they promised when they enlisted . And tee off and alienate the best of the best right into the liberty movements embrace . Okie Dokie !

How did they get you to the point where you’ll enthusiastically applaud those in the uniformed services who disobey an order intended to protect their brothers and sisters in arms, and intended to assure the organizational readiness of the military that protects our country?

Don’t dwell so much on all of the things they’re constantly repeating to convince you to think as want you to. Think instead of the possible result of what they’re encouraging. “Ye shall know them by their fruits” might be applicable.

The Left is anti-military, anti-police, anti-Constitution.

Like the SA to SS transition, the first step in a tyrannical coup is to weaken the police and replace it with loyalists. Military as well. Obama started that when he installed loyal FBI and Military starting in 2008. Hell, they even got Rollingstone to play Stasi and help get one of our generals fired.

The Covid pandemic, if it ever was one, is over. There is not the level of need or death to require our armed forces to break their conscience and take an outdated vaccine just for the false sense of power it might give to some politicians.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits”

The Biden regime:
– More dead from covid after being given a vaccine by Trump.
– Opening a closed and secure border, spreading covid, caging kids, and killing innocents.
– A massive and impeachable failure in the botched Afghanistan pullout leaving Americans dead, stranded, and giving our enemies our best equipment and weapons.
– War in the ME after Trump brokered a peace.
– Russia hacking our infrastructure.
– China-paid Biden resume bad trade with the CCP.

Fruits, indeed.

Trump had actual fruit from his leadership.

Biden has only sowed pestilence.

It’s kind of what you demons do, though…isn’t it? All while quoting the Bible.

““Ye shall know them by their fruits””

And the failed Secretary of Transportation that does nothing while shelves go bare.

As usual, Trump’s titles prove to be correct.

Sleepy Joe…sleeping while our country burns and our enemies laugh.

And now with the proof of Joe being a pedophile with his own daughter, he’s a bit of Caligula and Nero all rolled into one demonic puppet.

No one in their right mind except for bat-shit crazy Leftists would believe this prop got 81 million votes.

Guess we’re going to have to go out and have groups monitoring the election process so we can stop these liars from rigging more elections.

Looking forward to the millions of us who will be out watching the poll and catching the cheaters in 2022 and 2024.

If I have to come to your door and “remind” you to vote, you vote shouldn’t count.

It is my belief that Biden blames the military for his son Beau’s death in some weird sort of way. He seems totally transfixed on Beau’s service and he is denigrating him and all vets at the same time….so sad..