The ONE LESSON that Democrats Must Learn from the 2021 Election (but won’t)


As tempting as it was to roll with a far more vitriolic title along the lines of a Razorfist favorite rant, this is a family friendly site. I’d be lying if I’d said I’d been all in on Glenn Youngkin from the beginning. In fact, up until the 2nd debate he struck me as the guy to play the role of affable loser to the win-at-all costs Democrat. Of course, anyone following the race remembers the turning point of MacAuliffe’s gaffe regarding parents having no role in their kids’ education. Had Terry been smart, ho could have clarified that he only meant that he doesn’t want helicopter parents in the classroom. But that wasn’t what he meant, and that was when Youngkin’s campaign wisely attacked. The DOJ attack on parents for having the audacity to not want their kids to get raped in school would have been a smart thing to distance his campaign from, but alas no. Where I started to believe that Youngkin could win by greater than margin of fraud was when I saw the kind of crowds he was drawing in heavily Leftoid Northern Virginia.

On election night I wanted to watch live, and seeing no local channels dedicated I scanned the free channels that were programmed into my smart TV. I got to the news channels, and found Newsmax – score! I watched and enjoyed the coverage of watching the slow boil of the Youngkin win. At first I thought they might have called it too soon, but after a few minutes I realized it was real and then I remembered how much fun it is to watch the Lefty talking heads when thinngs are going well for America. Having Sling for college football season also includes MSNBC, and I got to see Rachel Maddow looking like she’d just eaten a lime. I kept them on the rest of the night and the meltdown was glorious. As the early post-mortem began, naturally they laid out the reasons the Democrats lost. You can take a guess why they said – Fake Critical Race Theory claims, failure to pass the Porkulus bill to show all of the great things that Dems would do for them, the failure to get out their message (yes, seriously), and of course, *YAWN* racism. Or if you want some more creative, you can check out some of the crazier theories over at the site for Virginia RINOs, Bearing Drift. My personal favorite was T-Mac should have done a better job of playing up the endorsements from Bill Kristol and the Vindmans. Yes, seriously.

But to be more constructive, The Vodka Pundit had serious advice for Dems that he also doubts they’ll follow: Basics matter, Americans hate inflation, don’t p*ss off parents, and don’t wish away cultural trends. The second one regarding parents is big, but I can distill that into a simpler point, and one that the Dems would be wise to heed in the future:

You will never hate us more than we love our kids.

It’s as simple as that. Ever since the Chinese Pnemonia and the Boogie Wuhan Flu hit our kids have borne the brunt of it, basically having a year of their childhood stolen that they will never get back. Now that the radicals who’ve taken over your party aren’t even trying to hide their malice toward our sons & daughters you’ve been exposed. By all means, continue to believe your reasons for why you lost. More nights like last night might even start to purge your party of its radicals, but I’m not optimistic. Do whatever you want with this friendly advice. Just don’t blame us Normals when I remind you that…

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Another Lesson for Democrats: you are far from the majority.

It’s one thing to have Robert de Niro say f*** Trump at the Oscars.

It’s quite another to have over a hundred million people chanting Let’s Go Brandon on a daily basis.

Trump that is duty by bringing these lagoon creatures up from the depths, and as we saw with Youngkin, getting this creatures out of office and kicking them back to the sewer is the responsibility of us all.

Now we just have to have millions of people go out and monitor the 2024 presidential election process so Democrats can’t continue to have things they don’t deserve.

Elections are only legitimate if Republicans win them.

All elections won by Republicans are illegitimate… we’ll invent a reason why later.

Rape, Russia, and Racism…

When you don’t have a platform, just cheat.

Sorry Bob. I wrote that in response to greg’s “Nathan too” post (too obvious).

It’s what he and his ilk fall back to instead of having a policy anyone actually likes.

“All elections won by Republicans are illegitimate… we’ll invent a reason why later.”

All you need is evidence. THEN you can make the claim.

Obviously greg wrote this. See my “Greg too” below.

I post NOTHING here under any name other than “Greg”.

Like Trump, Youngkin has his work cut out for him. No doubt the swamp is just as brackish in Virginia as it is in DC. I hope he’s up for it.

He did a great job exploiting McAuliffe saying the quiet part out loud, that the government tells the parents what they’ll accept and be satisfied with. Now he’s got to follow through. I wish him all the luck in the world; he’ll need it.

But clearly, the left doesn’t get it, won’t get it and, quite possibly, can’t get it. Their entire world is composed (or decomposed) of bouncing off of other leftists and they never encounter reality. When all other popular excuses fail to provide the answer to their failure (their own stupidity isn’t on the list) then the old reliable… RACISM… is the default position.

Did you see this? This should make your Friday list. It’s something to keep an eye on.

Maybe you’ve heard this asinine idea to pay illegal immigrants that got separated at the border under Trump (not those separated under Obama) $450,000 EACH in damages. That could be $900,000 per family because they were inconvenienced when they violated our immigration laws.

Peter Doocy of Fox asked idiot Biden about this and if he thought such jackpot payout might incentivize MORE illegal immigration. Idiot Biden responded that, yes indeed, such “garbage reports” (he said he knew nothing of it) would indeed serve as a lure to more illegal immigration. He also pledged something so outrageous (“garbage”, remember) would NEVER HAPPEN.

It’s important to remember that. One, it’s “garbage”. Two, such stupidity would indeed encourage more illegal immigration. Three, “it won’t be happening.”

Quickly, the ACLU chimes in pointing out that this is, I guess, a deal between them and the DOJ. Idiot BIDEN’S DOJ. The ACLU suggests that perhaps idiot Biden is “not in the loop” and isn’t aware of how billions of taxpayer’s dollars are about to be flushed down the toilet (the vast majority of which would be promptly wired back to the home town).

So, the erstwhile President* has no idea this is proposed, has no idea it is in the works, agrees it would stupidly draw more illegal immigrants to violate our laws and, according to Grampa Grope, ain’t gonna happen, the DOJ and ACLU, behind idiot Biden’s back, is planning exactly that. Where those billions of dollars would come from is yet to be announced.

Stay tuned in.

*NOT, actually

Oh, I was sure the payments were real, I just think it shows how disconnected idiot Biden is and wanted to watch how they lie their way out of it.

Most here need to count their lucky stars we had an education pre Carter when the DOE was created. The US ranking since then has dropped dramatically since the Feds got involved.
Never stop an enemy when they are making a mistake.
Over 500 political prisoners in DC a jail so foul 400 non political prisoners had to be removed.
The Childrens Health Defense is trying to get the word out on real dangers of jabbing the kiddies. Despite a Senate hearing the media is refusing to putting a pillow over the face of this story. Why ? Because their sponsors are the perps.

dhelen sounds like GWB, “…nave to do whats goo for them….” As in, naming just 2 of very many: “Patriot Act”, T.A.R.P.!

Just saw a meme that says the Democrats lost in Virginia because all the fake ballots printed in China were stuck on a container ship off the San Diego coast.

Opinion: Democrats are on course to lose in 2022 and 2024. If they do, we may lose our democracy.

In the new Post-ABC News poll, Biden is down to 41 percent approval and 53 percent disapproval. That’s a record-high disapproval rating for a recent first-year president not named Trump.
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Even worse, the poll shows that registered voters prefer Republicans over Democrats in congressional races by 10 points. If the midterm elections were held today, the result would be a GOP landslide. Given how extremist and authoritarian the Republican Party has become (the 13 House Republicans who voted for a bipartisan infrastructure bill are receiving death threats), that is deep cause for concern.