Lincoln Project/McAuliffe scheme to smear Youngkin backfires



It’s pretty interesting the way things work. A Fox poll this week showed that Clinton flack and current Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, had not only lost his lead but was eight points behind his opponent Glenn Youngkin.

Elizabeth Holmes, an NBC29 anchor, tweeted something she saw outside of the Glenn Youngkin rally.

Echoes of Charlottesville! One of McAuliffe’s staffers responded

Another McAuliffe flack

Yeah, about that. It turns out that they are anything but Youngkin supporters. They’re actually McAuliffe supporters and staff.

Two of them are identified here, along with their likely organizer. The Jack Posobiec nailed down it being a dirty political trick:

Then a third perp is identified

Curious how this transpires almost immediately after the McAuliffe campaign hired the king of dirty tricks Marc Elias. But wait a sec! The pedophile infused Lincoln Project claimed to have done the deed:

It was great fun watching this evolve in real time. I just happened to luck out being on the computer when it was going down. The Lincoln Project is made up of a bunch of bitter morons and this stunt is not only not going to hurt Youngkin it is going to wound McAuliffe. That’s some funny stuff right there.

On Twitter #TerryMollett is trending. Youngkin might actually consider hiring the Lincoln Project.




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Once a Clintonista scumbag, always a Clintonista scumbag.

You know, Democrats, if you had credible candidates and appealing policies (i.e., NOT socialism), you don’t have to play around with your beloved racism to divert attention away from utter failure.

Look for the election fraud. You know it’s happening. It’s always the Democrat last (sometimes most favored) resort.

Where did those delinquents steal the patio assessories from? Wicker must be from an old Gilligans island set, they all come to the party dressed as the professor, slackers no imagination. The fatboy could have come as the Skipper. Took 2.5 seconds in a search engine to identify each of them. They didnt come from the Lincoln project they all work for the race baiter candidate. What you get for hiring cheap labor.

I guess they’ve never seen a “white supremacist” to know what one looks like. Democrats when they try to imitate the real world (which they are very unfamiliar with) is like when the old TV show “Dragnet” would depict “hippies”.

Short memory? Charlottesville, 2017; Trump’s supporters include A LOT of white supremacists:

Trump is a crypto-fascist. Everyone but his supporters know this.

And by the way, just what, precisely is a “crypto-facist? How does that apply to a man who has been out of office for nearly a year, now?

It’s a common enough term consisting of two words having simple, understandable meanings. Look it up. It should take you all of ten seconds.

Naaah, I’m asking you, Greg. Or do you not know what “crypto-fascist” means?

I don’t use words or phrases if I don’t know what they mean. You can tend to your own education.

Greg, you really shouldn’t use a word that you can’t readily define. It does not make you look smart, just pompous.

It’s an unheard of term used to make up things that don’t exist.

Guess you’re a crypto-pedophile, eh?

Can’t call you are crypto-Marxist, though.

Just Marxist.

I just Googled “crypto-fascist” and came up with 16 pages of results. There’s a definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It says the term has been around since 1927.

Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 election to retain power and authority by non-constitutional means was a decidedly fascist play.

Fascists intimidate voters with threats and violence and employ fraud to take power. That describes the Democrats to a T.

The only thing greg has is Trump. He can not defend his poop in the pants president. If climate is so important why did joe sit in the audience section by himself and fell asleep?

biden came out yesterday and said his spending would not add one penny to either the debt or deficit.

Why does poop in the pants biden lie so blatantly?

And to whine about Trump, Greg has to make shit up. Idiot Biden provides the shit himself.

Why are Trump supporters increasingly foul-mouthed and vulgar? Why is their vulgarity so often on the on the level of poorly raised 10-year-olds?

Oh, you mean like DeNiro? Griffin? Maher? Madonna? Idiot Biden? Tlaib? Maybe we learned it from them.

Crybaby. You and your Democrats have destroyed civility, so live with the consequences.

It wasn’t us who made death and torture threats against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his family because he wouldn’t support your lunatic cult leader’s stolen election lies.

It was a mob of Trump supporters who violently laid siege to the Capitol in an effort to stop the electoral college count, injuring 140 Capitol and DC Metropolitan Police in the process. Six months later, 10 Capitol police were still off work due to the seriousness of their injuries.

“It wasn’t us who made death and torture threats against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his family because he wouldn’t support your lunatic cult leader’s stolen election lies.” You sure? The left has a nasty habit of committing its own hate crimes. More than likely, it was Democrat operatives trying to divert attention away from their own corruption. Jussie Smollett comes to mind. Oh… and the very subject of this article, McAuliffe and the Lincoln Project invoking their own racism to try and smear Youngkin.

The “mob” was led by FBI informants. Democrats organized the “siege”. Democrats organized it and Democrats exploit it. Lying, corruption and fascism is the core of the Democrat party.

The left always accuses others of what they actually do.

“And by the way, just what, precisely is a “crypto-fascist?” That’s the kind of term you have to make up when your position is collapsing.

There is NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that Trump is racist. Not one quote, not one audio clip.

Biden on the other hand?

The “if you have a political enemy just call them racist without any proof” is kind of played out, loser.

You’d call a black lesbian a white supremacist rapist, so insane you morons have become over this method of character assassination that doesn’t work….especially when you’ve suppressed Biden’s sexual assault.

Only someone like you, Greg would choose YouTube as a reliable, unbiased news source. You know, the exact same place where Frauditors and SovTards learn about how government is a fictitious corporation.

YouTube didn’t produce the video. It was recorded by someone present, who pointed a cell phone or camera. You know, like all the videos of a mob of Trump supporters storming the Capitol on January 6th.

Trump, by the way, is obviously hiding something from the American people:

“Trump wants to shield documents from Capitol Riot investigators”

Over 60 former lawmakers have signed a legal brief asking a federal judge to dismiss Trump’s attempts to shield Jan. 6 records. 24 of the signatories are REPUBLICANS.

This guy is going down.

Few, very few videos are actually produced by YouTube, Greg. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows this. Perhaps you didn’t.

I didn’t suggest otherwise. You suggested that YouTube was an unreliable source. It isn’t a source. It’s a place where sources post things.

So now that you admit that, why would you rely on a privately posted video for your proof? You do know that video can be manipulated?

I honestly don’t care about 60 lawmakers who signed a strongly worded letter, regardless of what side of the aisle they’re on. You know full well that “a federal judge” is not the last, final stop in a judicial process that could go on for years. Think about that for a bit, Greg. Years. I’m not the Trump fan you’ll think I am, but that prospect gives me warm fuzzies.

You would know about going down.

The so-called “white supremacists” were a small part of the crowd. While anyone can support Trump, what counts is who Trump supported and he explicitly denounced white supremacy and racism. Meanwhile, Democrats were supporting and promoting it.

Meanwhile black supremacists were advancing the Democrat agenda of racism and violence. Remember? It was so bad that you leftist had to concoct a lie about Trump calling Nazis “good people”. Remember? Short memory of just supporting lies?

Short memory? Short memory?
I know a lot of Trump supporters and zero white supremacists. Just like these idiots at the Youngkin bus, it’s what fools like you believe is true about Republicans.
BTW. Trump did not call the violent groups at Charlottesville good people. Go read the full transcript.
Short memory? Go look up the racist statements Joe Biden has made over the years he has been in elected office. They aren’t hard to find.

Or, as they’re referred to over at ACe of Spades, “The North Americal Man Boy Lincoln Association”.

I think it was Don Jr that raised a good point – it probably wasn’t Lincoln that planned this, but they’re taking “credit” so that it doesn’t trace back to the campaign, which would be far worse for MacAwful

Too late, BB. At least one of them has been ID’d as having ties to the campaign. I doubt the other 4 were just some random Dem voters out doing their good deed.

Youngkin will be well ahead on election night when the polls close. A couple of heavily dem precincts will withhold their “vote” totals until after the rest of the state reports, especially the Red areas. Presto. There will be enough “votes” for McAuliffe to prevail as almost all the “votes” will go for him. It’s the demokrats’ M.O. It worked in 2020 and in Georgia this January and they’ve used it successfully well before then.

I had to laugh when I first saw that pic. They look more like a boy band that got old than white supremacists. And those tiki torches. I seriously doubt they remembered to remove Pier 1 price tags. And guys, it usually takes something a bit larger than a mid-sized minivan full of grown-ass juveniles to actually start a commotion like you’re planning.

God damn, the ineptitude……..

So, this stunt failed, but Terry wasn’t finished.
“Northern Virginia police departments increase
presence amid purported ISIS threat against
shopping malls”

Northern Virginia police departments increase presence amid purported ISIS threat against shopping malls

Now, I don’t know how many polling booths are set up in VAs malls, but there were plenty in malls in CA and are some here in Utah.
So, who would be deterred by ISIS threats at shopping malls?
Not those liberals who love their voter-fraud-by-mail system.
Just voters who want to vote in person.

I’ve posted this before Chris but I will try to educate you one more time. Charlottesville was supposed to be a rally of conservative opposing the destruction of monuments. Organized Nazis and skinheads descended on it and started fighting with other leftist fascists. Trumps big mistake was to try to make peace by saying that there were good people on both sides. The good people fled the scene as soon as the fascist leftist started fighting with each other. Do some research and stop making ignorant comments.

The fleet of DNC heavy fraud bombers are being fueled and marshaled on the runways preparing to take off and carpet bomb Virginia with fraudulent votes. The Democrats are desperate, just like in 2020, knowing a loss in Virginia will create a chain reaction of failures for Democrats. I wonder if fraud in a state election will be as easily suppressed as a national election that almost everyone is afraid to address?

Like no one has caught on to fake sh!t
Just shoulder your way in front of NBC cameras. Gash darn they are dumb.

CRT is a Marxist poison promoted by democrats

Liberals are sore losers just look back in 2000 then 2016 their poor sports and when they don’t get their way the Riot,Loot and Commit Arson we saw that Last year