The Week in Radical Leftism, 10/15/21


Welcome back to Day 269 of the Harris* occupation! What have our Lefty pals been up to this week? Plenty…

10/8 – Biden’s Only Accomplishment! More Americans Think Nation’s Best Days In The Past

In technical terms, Biden* may be the most unifying president in recent memory. I honestly would have never predicted that one.

10/9 – Student protesting masks handcuffed & arrested & school locked down

Brave kid, restores my faith in America’s youth.

10/10 – There Are Times When You Wonder About Governmental Reaction To COVID.

Actually, I don’t – it’s not there’s any logic, rhyme or reason to it.

10/11 – A British Journalist Calls Biden’s Election Victory ‘Rigged’

Yes, I know, this is something that half of America already knows and our media has been actively suppressing. And yes, it was from overseas and not here in the US, but this is s beginning in mainstreaming the truth


The Southwest Airlines story is evolving so quickly that by the time you read anything I might list, it will already be stale. The reason that this post gets the nod is that its tone is a murky “What’s really happening here?”, and one of the comments answers the question:

The pilots are forbidden to strike. An official sick-out would be illegal. So everybody calls in sick, independently. It’s not a strike; it’s an amazing coincidence.
Southwest management can’t accuse the pilots of wrongdoing for using sick leave, that’s a negotiated benefit. But management also can’t admit the reason for canceling flights is lack of sufficient staffing or the company would owe passengers compensation. So they claim it’s weather-related and therefore the traveller’s bad luck.
The FAA can’t punish Southwest or its pilots because that would be admitting vaccine mandates do harm the economy, which would undermine The Garden Administration’s public relations campaign.
Lies all the way down. It’s the new normal.

10/13 – Loudoun County schools covered up rape, and victim’s father was prosecuted

Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps Merrick Garland’s DOJ efforts are focusing in the wrong direction? And however much we might curse Mitch McConnell, keeping Garland off of The Supreme Court will always be a service that Cocaine Mitch did for his country.

10/14 – Govt. Predicts Heating Bills Will Be Between 30% to 54% More Than Last Winter

I’d say to invest in insulation for your home, but I can only imagine what Bidenflation has done to its cost

10/15 – Fire Marine Corps Commandant David Berger

This is one of those tough ones. While we Normals naturally oppose having a Nimrod like this in his position, given who our military’s commanders seem to be prepping to attack, maybe we actually want more guys like this?

Have a great weekend!

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Joe never mandated any vaccines.
He gave a speech but never followed up by having legislation written & signed or even policy enacted.
So, some of the more toadying companies in the country, like Southwest, went ahead and tried to make the mandate a company policy.
The lawsuits are abounding.
Police, pilots, bus drivers, ferry workers, healthcare workers, teachers, welders, etc., are either calling in sick or suing or ignoring these plicies.
In Southwest’s case, the company buckled.
At LAPD, the “policy” will NOT be enforced.
The ferry system between Washington state and Vancouver Island is shut down.
The Ports are at a standsill.
Hospitals have closed entire wards.
Children cannot get to schools.
There are not enough substitute teachers for all the students who can get to school.
Still Joe hasn’t codified the mandate… is just a suggestion being carrid out by wanna-be Nazis.

Private companies mandated employee vaccination to protect their own businesses, employees, and customers. COVID nearly destroyed the airline industry. It shut the cruise industry down for a year. It ended many bar and restaurant businesses. The entire economy is teetering, owing to the long-term effects of global supply chain disruptions.

To my mind, failing to be vaccinated is downright unpatriotic. It shows lack of concern for friends, family, and country.

But you aren’t patriotic to the United States, so who care what your opinion is? You what else failing to get vaccinated is? It’s CAUTIOUS if you already have antibodies. It’s CAUTIOUS if you are young with other conditions. Just because a corrupt, lying, moron IDIOT says so is NO reason to get vaccinated.

Ask the Taiwanese, Greg.
In Taiwan, the number of people dying after their COVID-19 vaccination is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself.

Taiwan’s health authorities say that as of Monday, deaths after vaccination reached 865. While deaths from the virus are 845.

Here, in the USA, covid numbers are massaged.
Car accidents and heart attacks got lumped in as covid deaths.
If you went to hospital for anything AND had covid, you were listed as in the hospital FOR covid.
Hospitals got more $$$$$ for calling cases and deaths “covid,” so, they called everything they could “covid.”
If you tested +, you were a case of covid even as 75% of covid tests were actually false positives.

BUT, vaccination caused deaths are minimized in the USA.
If you get the jab and immediately get really sick and die your death is counted as a NON-vaccinated person’s death!
If you get the jab and die within two weeks your death is not counted as a covid death.

Our numbers are therefore not to be trusted.
Taiwan’s and Germany’s and Israel’s are.
And the vaccines are dangeous, in many circumstances, like healthy children, much more dangerous than getting covid.

You realize greggie that none of the MRNA “vaccines are totally approved. They are still classified as experimental. So, why should everyone jump on the band wagon when there has not been enough information for total approval? Also dumb ass, when the COVID deaths have been exaggerated and the vaccine deaths have been minimized why should individuals risk there health by taking the “vaccine” especially when natural immunization is discounted. You have no idea what patriotism is!

Greg, Biden finally did build something back better.

Unfortunately, it’s the Taliban.

How about those polling numbers? And why Can’t Joe answer questions from the press? It’s been 92 days since his last press conference and the media will cover for him, what’s the problem? He’s not going to win any Great Communicator plaudits like this, Greg.

And the USA supply chain is disrupted by the idiot Gov Newsom, who won’t allow Semi Tractors more than 3 years old into California. That’s half the Tractors in America. No reason to unload those containers when there are no trucks to pick up the products. Luckily the pollution from the tractors driving elsewhere can’t cross the California border so the citizens are safe.

“10/8 – Biden’s Only Accomplishment! More Americans Think Nation’s Best Days In The Past” When you see a moron like this idiot calling the shots, it’s easy to believe we are totally done for. We need another election to tell. I seem to remember the exact same sentiment under Obama. I guess some get that impression when your leaders are telling you your country sucks ass on a regular basis.

“10/9 – Student protesting masks handcuffed & arrested & school locked down” She’s lucky Officer Byrd wasn’t called; he’d have shot her.

“10/10 – There Are Times When You Wonder About Governmental Reaction To COVID.” REALLY wonder about the reaction as more is learned about it. It appears, out of ignorance and an abundance of caution, that much of the reaction was wrong or unnecessary. What is REALLY concerning is how much of the nation continues to impose those misguided reactions KNOWING better.

“10/11 – A British Journalist Calls Biden’s Election Victory ‘Rigged’” The evidence from the git-go was, if not conclusive, very, very suspicious. As time went on, the evidence became VERY conclusive and the reaction of the left (media included) to attack every investigation and audit only raised suspicions. Yeah, it was rigged. Did it turn the election? Probably, but there was obviously LOTS of fraud, it was widespread and it should be dealt with to prevent further fraudulent elections. All those who were so happy to be rid of Trump (or that caricature of Trump created by the left) knew there was fraud but didn’t care because Trump was gone. Now, though, suffering through one massive disaster after another, the election fraud that brought us this failure is more and more difficult to ignore (or excuse).

“10/12 – SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST” I sincerely doubt Herb Kelleher would have handled vaccines that way.

“10/13 – Loudoun County schools covered up rape, and victim’s father was prosecuted” Garland was advertised as an unusually moderate for Obama to nominate, but I KNEW there had to be more to THIS story. I guess now we know.

“10/14 – Govt. Predicts Heating Bills Will Be Between 30% to 54% More Than Last Winter” Just like everything else… if you can even buy it. And that insulation? You KNOW what that stuff’s made of, don’t you?

“10/15 – Fire Marine Corps Commandant David Berger” Racists have to work hard, I guess, to find some racism that appears worse than their own.

I said before that while reading a book about the Gestapo that it occurred to me that people like Himmler and Heydrich didn’t seem to be inherently evil people but were simply corrupted by absolute power to pursue their ideological obsessions. Nothing restricted them exerting their supremacy over powerless individuals. Morally weak people shouldn’t have that power and the Constitution is supposed to prevent such behavior. But, it is mostly voluntary to respect it when the government you work for is totalitarian and police state in nature. Garland has chose to go the Gestapo route.

President Biden has finally built something back better.

Unfortunately, it’s the Taliban.