Why Do Democrats Cheat?


The short answer: They have to.

The longer answer: The Dems have to cheat because they have no legitimate presidential contender to climb into the octagon cage with Donald Trump.  That’s a fact, Jack.  Trump is a tough, battle-tested,  mixed martial arts (MMA) combatant who will destroy any Democratic opponent who can summon the courage to face him mano e mano.  MMA is a brutal blood sport only exceeded by the brutality of politics. Seriously, the Democrats have no viable contenders on the bench.  They know it.  The Republicans know it.  The Independents know it. However the Democrats have another huge problem: The toxic duo of Biden/Harris.

It has now become apparent to anyone paying attention that Wreck It Biden/Harris is in the process of intentionally destroying America. Gas and food prices are soaring and things just keep getting worse.  The southern border is wide open and accessible to anyone and everyone from anywhere who seek entry. Violent felon?  Infested with malaria?  Come on in.  You will be magically transported somewhere nice and your life will be swell. Don’t forget to vote Democratic! Many of our major cities are now imploding with violence and crime. The murder rate is way up and justice has disappeared from the land.  Recently an 18-year-old kid in high school (who was apparently bullied and robbed not once but twice) got really mad and shot a few classmates and a teacher just for payback. He shot up the school on Wednesday and was released on bond the next day.  On January 6, numerous good, proud, patriotic Americans who attended a rally in Washington and didn’t shoot anyone, were incarcerated indefinitely, without a hearing. Many are still rotting in prison, except Ashli Babbitt who was abruptly shot and killed by Capitol Police officer Lt. Michael Byrd inside the Speakers Lobby for “climbing through one of the doors where the glass was broken out.”[1]  Where is Ashli’s justice?

Meanwhile, in other terrible news, 100,000 businesses have shut down and will never reopen. Global supply bottlenecks are choking supplies and those mean grinches in the White House just consulted their Magic 8 Ball which predicted a not-so Merry Christmas. Anxiety is gripping our nation and the government’s slimy tentacles are wrapping around the citizens and slowly suffocating them to death. COVID is still wreaking havoc and killing innocents but China has mysteriously avoided any blame for the pandemic.  Trump recently said that:

“It was obvious to smart people” that the coronavirus emerged from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.”
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Everyone is buying a gun and enough ammo to defend the Alamo.  Church attendance is way down and the watchmen on the towers have disappeared, but the Pope had time to shoot the breeze in a private meeting with Nancy Pelosi.  Nancy then attended mass and really relished a photo op of reciting the second reading but hecklers drove her away from the church and Rome and Italy.  Many Catholics in America were annoyed because they fervently prayed that Rome would keep her. Forever.

Billy Joel said it best in 1989:

We didn’t start the fire
It was always burning , since the world’s been turning
We didn’t start the fire
No, we didn’t light it but we tried to fight it

Trump (if he chooses to run for president) already knows the name of every deep state swamp creature.

He also has a particular disdain for the numerous, cowardly RINOS hiding in plain sight who stabbed him in the back. Those hyenas are already panicking and trembling in fear that he will seek re-election. They also know that Trump is a Category 5 hurricane and will go scorched earth on all of the spineless jellyfish that are harming our country.

Trump does bear a grudge and he does love America. God speed. 

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Right on! larry

Democrats have formed an unelected, UnConstitutional government that is based on fasco-marxist globalism, and not Constitutional democracy.

Democrats and their corporate allies are an existential threat to our constitutional democracy.

Leftist ideology is not compatible with our Republic.

“Trump does bear a grudge and he does love America. God speed.”

Douche-bags like greg, at the direction of CNN, like to parrot this thing that Trump is “vengeful” or something else to dismiss his efforts.

He’s just fighting back. No grudge.

I voted for him twice, and will again, because he’s willing to call these scumbags out and hold them accountable.

That’s not a “grudge.” That’s just doing his job as President.

Larry, it’s understood that any type of rational thinking or equating things to facts is beyond the scope of the indoctrinated rabbit hole dwellers who consume themselves is nonsensical fiction. But over here in the real world.

We are one, maybe two, elections away from a constitutional crisis. More than a year ago — before Election Day — Donald Trump made clear that he would not accept the results of free and fair elections if he did not win. Too few people paid attention, discounting it as the ravings of a soon-to-be failed candidate. In the days following the November 2020 election, Trump and his allies executed a plan to subvert the election results. While they failed, Republicans learned from the experience and are prepared to try again. The future of our democracy rests on whether those committed to free and fair elections will prepare as well.
Immediately following the insurrection on January 6, Republican state legislatures began laying the groundwork for 2022 and 2024. They enacted new voter suppression laws optimized to disenfranchise Black, brown and young voters. They created false narratives of election irregularities and rallied their supporters around the Big Lie. Most recently, they began using their power in the redistricting process to ensure Republicans control the U.S. House over the next decade.
Meanwhile, Democratic efforts in the states have been more limited. Where they control state power, Democrats have not expanded voting rights at the same pace as Republicans have restricted them. New York still has many restrictive voting laws, including a ban on providing food and water to people waiting in line at the polls. Virginia requires an ID to vote in person and a witness signature to vote by mail. Colorado, which prides itself on its vote-by-mail law, rejected 29,000 mail-in ballots, two-thirds of which were from voters under the age of 35.
At the federal level, Democrats have proposed two pieces of significant voting rights legislation, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act. Together they would rival the magnitude of the 1965 Civil Rights Act, yet neither has prospects for success as long as the Senate’s filibuster rule applies.
Facing this grim reality, some have begun to urge Congress to ignore voter suppression and focus exclusively on the potential for election subversion in 2024. Specifically, they obsess over the outdated and imprecise Electoral Count Act — the process by which states select and Congress certifies presidential electors. While no one questions that this Act needs reform, the idea that we can fix democracy simply by revising this one law is simplistic and wrong. It ignores the fact that election subversion begins with the rules used for voting and continues through state certification processes. It also ignores the reality that presidential elections are not the only ones being targeted for subversion.
This misguided effort ignores the fact that voting rules that maximize participation result in fewer disputed outcomes, while complex and restrictive rules create a larger pool of disputed ballots that can be used to justify post-election challenges. Republicans learned from 2020 that the absence of virtually any fraud was a stumbling block to their efforts to overturn elections. Since they cannot force voters to commit fraud, they are redefining the terms. Several states, including Georgia, Iowa, Kansas and Texas, have criminalized practices that were previously legal. Some of these laws target voters, whereas other provisions are aimed at election workers. The result is the same. The goal of these new provisions is to manufacture fraud where none exists.
By manufacturing fraud, Republicans create controversy that can be exploited after Election Day by Republican candidates who do not prevail. The faux outrage created by the right-wing echo chamber vilifies election workers and provides excuses for disregarding election results.
Republicans are also deeply invested in making key changes to the vote-counting process. In Georgia and Arkansas, the legislature has given Republican-controlled partisan election boards more power. In Arizona, the Republican Legislature passed a new law transferring much of the power to enforce these rules from the Democratic secretary of state to the Republican attorney general. Republicans are also organizing and recruiting “Big Lie” advocates to run county elections and staff local election boards.
Republicans know that the single point of greatest vulnerability for election subversion is the state certification of election results. And each of these changes, from making voting more difficult to ensuring that those who count votes are more partisan, provides an excuse for Republican election officials to refuse to certify election results.
A certificate of election signed by the secretary of state and governor is the golden ticket to a seat in the House or Senate. Without a fully executed certificate of election, Senate rules and House precedent provide no simple way for a member of either chamber to be seated. A certificate of ascertainment signed by the governor determines which presidential candidate’s electors meet as a part of the Electoral College.
If Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey had refused to sign their states’ certificates of ascertainment, President Joe Biden would have faced a difficult path to have his electors in those states recognized. Had those two governors also refused to sign certificates of election for the three senators and eleven Democratic members of Congress elected in 2020, Democrats would have likely been in the minority in both the House and Senate.
It would be troubling enough if election certifications could be sabotaged by governors or secretaries of state. Republicans are already fielding candidates for those offices who would likely block the certification of free and fair election results they do not support. But, as Republicans demonstrated in 2020, they know how to target vulnerabilities in the system below that level.
Consider what nearly happened last year in Michigan.
The 2020 election results in Michigan were not especially close. President Biden won the state by 150,000 votes, while Gary Peters won reelection to the Senate by 90,000 votes. Given the margins and the fact that both the governor and secretary of state of Michigan are Democrats, Republicans knew that they would have no luck convincing the officials not to certify the presidential and senatorial election results.
This forced Republicans to look further down the line in the Michigan certification process.
In Michigan, official election results originate at the county level. In every county, a bipartisan canvassing board is responsible for collecting the results from the towns and precincts, double-checking them to make sure there are no obvious tabulating errors and then sending those results onto the state for compilation.
Under pressure from the Republican Party, the Republican members of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers initially refused to certify the election results in the state’s largest county for no legitimate reason. It was only after this became national news and pressure mounted that they reversed course and agreed to certify the county’s results to the Michigan State Canvassing Board.
Undeterred, Republicans launched an intense campaign to pressure the two Republican members of the statewide bipartisan board to refuse to certify the results. Again, the relentless pressure from the Republican Party had an impact — one of the two Republican members refused to certify the results by abstaining. Luckily, the other Republican did not. The results were certified and sent on to the governor and secretary of state, who then signed the certificate of ascertainment for president and certificate of election for the Democratic candidate for Senate.
There are steps we can still take to protect our democracy — that we must take to protect our democracy — but every day that passes brings us one day closer to a crisis. We cannot wait until 2024 to address this problem. Given the opportunity, Republicans will deploy these tactics to win control of the House and Senate in 2022.
We must begin by honestly acknowledging the scope and complexity of the problem. Pundits and law professors cannot solve this in a sound bite or a law review article. There are no simple fixes or silver bullets. The fight against election subversion is ongoing and multifaceted. We must remain vigilant and proactive in detecting and combating these threats using every tool available, including legislation, public pressure, organizing and litigation.
Critically, we must also resist the advice to disconnect the fight for voting rights from the fight against election subversion. Subverting an election is made easier by confusing and restrictive voting rules. When the process of voting has been criminalized, manufactured claims of fraud will give an easy excuse to those who seek to overturn the results. Anyone who suggests that congressional Democrats pare back the protection of voting rights to focus on election subversion neither understands the problem nor Republican motivation and strategy.
Additionally, we need to recognize that extolling and protecting election officials’ autonomy can be dangerous. We must reject efforts to conflate the interests of election administrators and the interests of voters. When enacting new laws and policies, we must focus on voters while being skeptical of election officials’ claims of inconvenience or secrecy. Some election workers will do the work of democracy. But others will try to subvert it. We cannot build a system that lionizes all election officials and fails to provide the tools to remove those who are undermining the will of the electorate.
For its part, in addition to expanding and protecting voting rights, Congress must reform the state election certification process.
I have previously written:
Congress should require — for federal elections at least — that states certify their elections via a three-person certification commission that is comprised of the state’s chief justice, the justice who most often voted contrary to the chief justice in published decisions of the state supreme court during the year prior and a third justice to be chosen by those two justices. This certification commission would be responsible for reviewing the results, tabulations and underlying election records to ensure that the final certified results are accurate. The signatures of at least two of those commission members would be required on the certificate of election to have a binding effect.
Such a law is essential to reducing the chances that election certifications are blocked by partisan officials acting in bad faith.
Congress must also clearly spell out that the role of canvassing boards and state officials in performing their duty to certify elections is ministerial. It must explicitly limit the ability of those officials to rely on any information or allegations other than the actual election returns from the precincts and counties. And, it must provide a clear private right of action for candidates to sue election officials who fail to perform their duty.
Finally, we must invest in electing Democrats to offices responsible for election certification. This means spending more money to elect Democratic governors, secretaries of state and county officials. It also means recruiting good people to serve as poll workers and on local and county canvassing boards.
I have no doubt that we are only one, maybe two, elections from a constitutional crisis. My fear is that those who support democracy are not as prepared or as focused as those who seek to subvert it. But, I hope I am wrong. Now is the time to act.

Actually RJ, Trump did not say he would not accept the results of a free and fair election. Biden had already said that the fix was in as well as Pelosi. Your fear should be that Biden accomplishes what he say he wants to accomplish, but then you accept everything Biden says as good for the country with no attempt to understand.

None of these cowards like AJ will admit the media canvassing of the public domain with lies and NLP.

They reported on the “findings” of a DNC marketeering company (Hawkfish) as if it was some impartial analysis.

They said Trump would look like he’s going to win, but Biden would get a bunch of votes in the night because….Dems will vote more on mail ins because of Covid and stuff (like you could possibly f*cking know that).

Criminals usually telegraph what they are going to do.

The election was rigged.

who is your sourse?? no sourse and its plagiarism.

You’re indoctrinated and woke.

We’re just….awake.

There is no Trump cult, but their is the usual rabid jealous losers like you out there who are easily duped into a death cult that wants blood…i.e. the Fasco-Marxist Democrat Party.

Donald Trump made it clear that the Democrats and their crony’s had already telegraphed they were going to cheat, and they did.

He said he’d accept the results of a free and fair election.

The efforts of you cowards to invert reality into saying Trump was the one cheating is the usual projection.

Biden won nothing, and is not the legal president of anything.

We support democracy.

You don’t.

Hurdles should be in place so Democrat operatives and their Billions in bank and tech money can’t go out and hand hold the young and the poor, people who weren’t going to vote anyway, and people most susceptible to propaganda telling them things that aren’t even true.

The above is called exploitation for political gain, and it’s illegal.

Democrats subverted the election. Trump did not.

Now we’re suffering traitors like you on American soil, for now. Hope you have an exit strategy. This country is taken.

Psycho Ward at it again. Democrats did not accept GWB in 2000. Recall selected not elected. Democrats did not accept Trump in 2016. Russia collusion was born of the Clinton campaign. YOU and your deranged ilk rode that horse for two years. This was of course just fine with your comrades. Many still hold onto that false narrative.
But if anyone questions the 2020 election, well that’s verboten. Your words though many are not worth a penny.

32% of registered Democrat voters think Biden cheated.

Joe Biden’s already tumultuous week just got even worse.

A brand new Zogby poll reveals that only 36.4% of likely U.S. voters believe that Biden has done an “excellent” or “good job” as president.

“Voters can’t help but wonder why the Biden administration keeps sweeping these issues under the rug and declaring them transitory. Democratic leaders cannot even come to a consensus within their own ranks. Without the passage of the ‘Build Back Better Act,’ or a solid infrastructure bill, and the potential default of the U.S. debt on the horizon, is it any surprise Biden’s presidency is sinking like the Titanic? Biden’s failure to reach vaccination goals and his executive vaccine mandates have also not helped his cause,” Zogby reported.

The New and Improved Presidential Seal would likely attract a line at a carnival pie-throwing booth.

comrade greggy poo, I see your mommy let you out to play today. it is obvious that she kept a good portion of your brains in the house.

Can’t be any worse than millions of loyal American Citizens chanting “f*ck Joe Biden” on national television every day.

Trump, Reagan, and Clinton are the only Presidents in my lifetime that truly represented the Seal of President.

Yes, I though Clinton was a good President.

We vote for these people to do a job, not to be a symbol. Not to pantomime on a fake stage as some kind of artificially good person.

We’re all broken people.

Trump, or whoever re-takes our country from the unelected will restore the honor of our Presidential Seal and hopefully prevent the globalists from every buying our offices again.

Cheating is in the democrats DNA. They cheated the slaves out of fair wages. They cheated the blacks our of their right to vote for a 100 years. Now they are wanting to cheat anybody that opposes the democrats out of a fair count of only actual qualified voters in any future election as they did in the Biden election.

It skipped my mind but democrats per Andrew Jackson cheated the Indians out of their land.

I can already hear liberal parents telling their children, “You didn’t get any presents because Trump murdered Santa Claus. Sorry.”

I’ve seen Presidents go through periods of unpopularity but I’ve never seen a President who can’t even handle questions from a friendly press that will do its best to hide his mental problems. It’s been 92 days since Biden held a press conference.

In my lifetime I have seen Nixon carter and Ford. All presidents who have had miserable poll numbers. But, I have never seen one who supposedly got 81 million votes and has lost his approval faster than this poor excuse for a leader.

October 15, 2021 – Trumpist county clerk barred after leak of voting-system passwords to QAnon

(The accuser is actually the threat.)

“A Colorado judge on Wednesday barred Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters from supervising elections due to the leak of voting-system BIOS passwords to QAnon conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Mesa County registered elector Heidi Jeanne Hess had petitioned the court for a ruling that Peters and Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley are unable to perform the functions of the Designated Election Official for the November 2021 election…”



“When it’s obvious you rigged an election, just go ahead and accuse the accuser of committing the crime instead.”

Qanon? What is that?

Guess some pissed citizens are mad that Biden didn’t win the election but gets to pretend he did, so they are taking matters into their own hands.

Not quite on the level of Eric “Trump won’t win, I made f*cking sure of that” Coomer, though.

Try again.

So somewhere a minor government functionary gave a password to a website that no one looks at and that counterbalances all of the Trump votes that were changed by a computer program designed to disenfranchise voters. Trump knew, as did anyone with two brain cells to rub together, that the fix was in. In Michigan a year before the election a voter fraud amendment was pushed through by College administrators and professors using duped students and the uneducated that guaranteed rampant voter fraud. This is the future of fair elections that the Democrats seek. And why shouldn’t we have 44,000 votes show up in one county in the middle of the night with no observers allowed to be in attendance? Seem fair to me!

NO Trump votes were “changed by computer program”. But if you don’t know a scam when you see one, send money here:


BECAUSE: “Every time I see another Patriot make a contribution to stand with me and save our Country, I’m inspired to fight EVEN harder for you. I’m counting on YOU to step up!” (Close enough for me to put my hand in your pocket.)

My grandmother used to get more sophisticated pitches than this one from the Publishers Clearing House.

Because that program, like Obama’s speeches written by Ben Rhodes, was pure fiction.

Obama canvassed the country with weak slogans and Soviet-style propaganda art.

You can’t possibly complain about Trump beating your asses in 2016 with half of Hillary’s money, and forcing the globalists to release a pandemic and rig an election because they simply can’t win.


I hope they send you, greg, when it’s time to put all of us Patriots in the rail cars.

Hope you’re ready to enforce what you are preaching.

President Trump: “Every time I see another Patriot make a contribution to stand with me and save our Country, I’m inspired to fight EVEN harder for you. I’m counting on YOU to step up!”

President Trump: “The Left is putting AMERICA LAST. I need all hands on deck if I’m going to SAVE AMERICA! My team is handing me an updated Donor List soon – will I see your name? Step up NOW to INCREASE your impact!”

“Wait! YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED! President Trump wants to see your name at the top of the donor list.”

Do you see that $250 number? Do you SEE how it’s VIBRATING? That’s a SIGN, folks. Reach into your pocket, pull out your wallet, and take out that credit card. The fate of America DEPENDS ON YOU!

(Though why a multi-billionaire needs your money to enable him to save the nation is a bit unclear…)

Biden got Six Billion from banks and corporations.

Your side is the side of crony capitalism, big money, rich people, etc.

Trump raising money is suddenly a “grift?”

Go f*ck yourself.

Biden got about six billion.

Trump got a few million.

Trump is, indeed, fighting for us.

Biden is merely installed.