They were heroes last year. Now they’re being fired


The CEO’s of Pfizer and Moderna must be buying up Hunter Biden paintings. How else to explain it?

Last year there was not enough praise for doctors and nurses who risked their lives to treat those infected with COVID. By June of last year at least 600 health care workers had perished from COVID. Today many health care workers decided that they would rather not be vaccinated.

They’re being crucified for that.

No one better knows what being vaccinated or not means than health care workers and many would still prefer not to be vaccinated. Some resist for religious reasons, some fear the possible side effects more than the virus, some have had COVID and have natural immunity. They want the choice.

But here comes the Biden bulldozer flattening not the curve, but those very health care workers so desperately needed right now. In may cases this will be a crushing blow to low income communities

These shortages are forcing some hospitals to shut down or scale back on healthcare services like delivering babies. In at least one known case, hospital rooms aren’t receiving clean linens and the cafeteria is unable to serve hot food because of staff shortage.
Brownfield Regional Medical Center in Texas may close down if the federal vaccine mandate is enforced because so many staff will have to be fired, according to KCBD in Lubbock.
“[P]robably 20 to 25 percent of my staff will have to go away if that’s the case,” said Jerry Jasper, CEO at Brownfield Regional Medical Center.
The hospital cannot afford to lose its Medicare and Medicaid money either, since it makes up 80-85% of their funding.
“It’s huge in our rural community as all the other rural communities,” Jasper said. “We all have high poverty levels and stuff like that, so a lot of Medicaid usage in our communities and stuff like that.”

Hospitals are ceasing the delivery of babies and shutting down elective surgeries and in some cases, needed surgeries.

Gundersen Health System, based in La Crosse, Wisc., has seen about 15% of its 7,600 employees choose to not get vaccinated, according to Wisconsin Spotlight. The health system announced in August that all employees must be vaccinated by Nov. 1 or they will be fired.

“We’ve never seen a staffing situation this bad, and that’s from people who have worked here for 20, 30 years,” according to the nurse. “If you look at the lower-wage staff, laundry, custodial, kitchen, we have a lot of vacancies, and it’s really impacting patient care. Rooms can’t get clean towels and sheets. The cafeteria is serving cold cut sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly because they don’t have enough people to serve hot meals.”

The crisis is about to go nuclear on a national scale. To make matters even worse, those New York health care workers who are being fired will be denied unemployment benefits.

This is beyond appalling. These are the people who in many cases gave their lives last year to treat others and they’re being crapped upon. They’re being scapegoated. There is no evidence these decisions threaten anyone else in a hospital setting.

I write this as a fully vaccinated health care worker who thinks it is wise to be vaccinated, especially if one has a comorbidity but I resent the manner in which this program is being conducted. Vaccinated people are dying and reports will tell you this is completely expected.

The risk of dying from COVID doubles roughly every seven years older a patient is. The 35-year difference between a 35-year-old and a 70-year-old means the risk of death between the two patients has doubled five times – equivalently it has increased by a factor of 32. An unvaccinated 70-year-old might be 32 times more likely to die of COVID than an unvaccinated 35-year-old. This dramatic variation of the risk profile with age means that even excellent vaccines don’t reduce the risk of death for older people to below the risk for some younger demographics.

What does this tell you? It tells young healthy people are at a much lower risk than are older people. Younger people are at a far lower risk of dying from COVID than are older people and those with comorbidities. As I said, I think vaccination is wise especially for particular groups but Biden is going to create a bigger problem than we would have otherwise in declaring war on these health care workers.

And the Biden claim that everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life.

Oh and by the way, that maggot Alejandro Mayorkas said that illegal alien invaders are being asked if they want to be vaccinated. If they refuse they still are allowed into the US anywhere they want to go- without even being tested. The maggot Mayorkas estimates one in five to be infected with COVID.  But if you’re a health care worker or a member of the CBP, it’s the vaccine way or the highway. Illegal aliens get preferential treatment over US citizens.

Nice, huh?

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My freedom is more important than Leftists’ shifting sand of “keeping people safe” which amounts to nothing more than totalitarianism.

Mask and vaccine mandates are unconstitutional, and must be rejected by any sane American.

There needs to be an investigation in Wuhan, sanctions against China, and the global tribunal to hold the CCP accountable for what they’ve done.

Every covid death is on the Chinese Communist Party’s hands and theirs alone.

The key to getting as many vaccinated as possible is confidence in the vaccine. Of course, idiot Biden, slut Kamala and drunk Pelosi denouncing the vaccines because Trump was having them developed was a short-sighted strategy if, at some point in the future, these morons thought being vaccinated might be a good thing. Yet, none of those who denounced “Trump’s vaccines” for merely political reasons have not explained their viewpoint. I have seen many a comment made by leftists that they would NEVER receive “Trump’s vaccine”. There’s the foundation of your problem.

Then, as the primary spokesperson for accepting vaccines, the left rolls out the least credible, most dishonest and absolutely demonstrably incompetent person in the government, the idiot Biden. That, too, is a massive problem.

But now, the final nail has been driven in the vaccine coffin. As they are trying to convince people that the vaccines are safe and effective, they MANDATE anyone and everyone, regardless of circumstances or natural immunity, must be vaccinated. This power play forces many to make a choice: obeying or their health. What happens? TENS of THOUSANDS of health care workers decide they would rather lose their jobs than get the vaccine. How’s that for promoting confidence in the vaccines? Trained medical personnel, people we believe know a thing or two about these vaccines, would rather be FIRED than get this vaccine.

Nice job, idiot Biden regime. Now what, you stupid morons?

in nyc and ny, the new moronic, carbon copy, flyspeck, peckerhead gov. wants to utilize the National Guard to fill evacuated medical positions. the Guard is not a RN, NP, or licensed care giver. the medics are mostly first responders or nurses wanting to earn extra pay. The point of liability is first and the second is the depletion of Guard personal deployment to areas where education and experience is limited. likewise the physicians that are in the Guard are in private of hospital practices, yes, more money via the Guard. Now when you call upon the Guard to provide physician’s for an undetermined period of time, the community in which those physicians come from is now compromised. Patients have to be rescheduled and physician staffing will need to be reviewed. Again, shifting of institutional and private physician for an undetermined time will effect community health. Noted the fact these physicians and health care workers will be billeted in underground garages, and in up scale shelters for the homeless which when deployment ends be donated to the ever expanding homeless camping grounds.

Bingo, the pedophile pres., the demorat big city mayors have created that mammoth problem thorough insanity, knee jerk, faux conclusions based not on fact but “malarkey.”
Demorats, you are the chaos and the crisis for this dilemma. AS always, the demorats take no responsibility for their actions and ask the “slaves” to bail their dead beat asses out of trouble.
Remember what this looses did to this country on NOvember 8, 2022.
In closing, to be discharged from the military with a dishonorable discharge as the asswipe, pedoplile wants: a felony must be committed, refusing he bogus vax is not a felony, a formal court-martial must be convened, a verdict renders and judgements filed against the individual followed by discharge.
the donepezil infused pedophile is lucky to crawl to a podium or mumble a few incoherent words or sentences of malarkey .

Even heroes have to follow the rules of their employer.

Even employers have to follow the Constitution.

they are hero’s because they do not follow the herd. the vax is corrosion by another name. Medicine today is a sham and loaded with bullshit medial reports and reparative research that offer nothing. there is a nerve injection in the knee for pain. 56 journal reviews talk about the same procedure and the same outcomes +/- 2% variability.

They’re being fired because they pose a greater risk to uninfected patients and because infected patients pose a greater risk to them.

But they are wearing MASKS! Yet, they pose a risk to COVID-infected patients?

You know, you might consider running some of these stupid replies by someone with a brain before you hit “submit comment”.

690 thousand Americans are now dead as a result of COVID-19.

Of course, the numbers cannot be trusted, but now idiot Biden is responsible for killing 240,000. Right?

Now, address how your phony-ass Democrats went from praising health care workers as heroes to calling them scumbag criminals that should be fired, denied insurance and unemployment. You can also explain your beloved idiot leader being in the back pocket of those who infected us with the virus?

They should get their vaccination, as 95 percent of their critically ill COVID patients should have.

Those refusing vaccination are costing the taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars, and will make health insurance much more expensive.

From June through August 2021, preventable COVID-19 hospitalizations among unvaccinated adults cost over $5 Billion –

Unvaccinated COVID-19 hospitalizations cost billions of dollars

Why don’t you or your butthole-buddy AJ provide your data proving Republicans are refusing the vaccines?

With everybody supposedly either on some version of Obamacare or Medicare, why should you be worried about cost now?

I can’t help but wonder if the pro-COVID MAGAnuts or those insisting to keep this country infected with it realize that around 8000 republicans are dying each day which is about 80% higher than democrats dying from it.

And amazingly, it’s predominantly Democrats who are trying to save your sorry asses.

Psycho Ward at it again. I didn’t know party registration or political support was noted while getting a shot. I’ve never heard of toe tag with party affiliation on it either. Just curious, is Robert F. Kennedy Jr a Trump supporter? He sure has a public platform. Did you not notice we have some NBA players who resist that I doubt are Trump supporters. How about the many people of color who resist as dementia Joe has mentioned due to the remembrance of the Tuskegee experiments.
Anecdotally I personally don’t know anyone who has not gotten a shot and pretty much all of the support Trump.
Go shopping today, buy a clue.

Is mandating that health care workers be fired a way of Democrats trying to save lives? How about bringing in hundreds and hundreds of thousands of COVID-infected illegal immigrants and spreading them, WITHOUT vaccines, without testing and without tracking, throughout the country… ESPECIALLY in red states.

Do you realize that blacks lead the nation with unvaccinated people followed closely by Hispanics? Oh… no you aren’t, because those are facts.

….with a Republican-made Vaccine.

Even if the vaccine helps (and I believe it does), you cannot force US Citizens to take it.

That’s not how our Constitutional Republic works, and it’s predominantly Democrats who have been eroding and replacing our form of government with something totalitarian.

“8000 republicans are dying each day?”

The latest 7 day average is 1984 deaths, you twit.

This pandemic, if it ever was one, is over.

You got me. That should have been 8000 a week but on FA where you guys vomit nonsensical lies and unhinged conspiracy theories like most people breathe, what does what is real and what isn’t have to do with anything?

Kinda like you suggesting there never was a pandemic or Deplorable saying the other day that FA and GatewayPundit were more credible than CNN or NYT.

Regardless, the Trump plague took out a bunch of unvaccinated gullibles while those that were selling Clorox, horse dewormer, and shoving a blow dryer up your ass were pretty much all vaccinated.

Thing is, those gullibles were and are occupying the hospital beds and hogging all the oxygen while decent Americans are dying from other issues.

This would be the same lot that were lying to Americans a few years ago about “death panels” and now, actually creating death panels right before our eyes.

Fine class of people these gullibles puppet masters are.

The fact that you evade all pertinent questions that expose the lies you believe only goes to prove you EMBRACE the lies knowing you worship a failed ideology. You get CAUGHT lying and, like idiot Biden, you just move the goal posts.

So, how about those infected illegal immigrants? Is distributing hundreds of thousands of them throughout the country an effective way to save lives and stop the spread of COVID?

The “infected illegal immigrants” argument you present is another product from your propaganda inducing puppet masters, the sellers of the “great replacement” theories they’ve indoctrinated you with.

You cannot see beyond their Southern Strategy on steroids because you’ve a)been forbidden to even look at factual news or reporting, b) have been programmed to reject it if you accidentally read or hear it, and c) travelled down the rabbit hole of delusion to the point that you have no control of your very own thought process.

Here an interesting take from Paul Walkman on today’s so-called conservative leadership and them playing to the basket of gullibles.

It’s one of those reads that you’ve been told not to view and immediately reject in case you do.

When Joe Biden ran for president in 2020, he predicted that once Donald Trump was turned out of office, the Republican Party would become more reasonable. Republicans would have an “epiphany,” he said, even asserting that the GOP Senate would become “mildly cooperative.”
It’s unclear whether Biden genuinely believed that or simply found it useful to be seen expressing a hope for bipartisanship. But the common response at the time was that he was being naive. The GOP would not change.
Yet today, we can see that Republicans have — but in the opposite way. They’ve gotten more radical, more determined to create destruction and division, more willing to set the country aflame if they think the conflagration will burn their opponents.
Here’s what they seem to understand: Being in the opposition offers a kind of liberation. Those running the country are the only ones for whom accountability comes calling — which means the opposition can be as reckless, as extreme and even as hateful as it wants.
It has always been true that political accountability falls most heavily on the president; it has been said for decades that he gets more credit than he deserves when the economy does well and more blame than he deserves when it does poorly. But ever-intensifying polarization means the opposition need no longer worry that it will be held responsible for what it does, because only the president and his party will be judged.
Or at least that’s the theory the GOP is operating from. Just look at what it has been doing of late.
Senate Republicans just filibustered a bill to keep the government running and suspend the debt ceiling so the United States does not default on its obligations. Judging them by their actions, there’s every reason to believe they’d be perfectly happy to allow either or both outcomes, plunging the country into crisis and potential economic catastrophe.
Their entire party seems determined to make sure that a pandemic that has killed nearly 700,000 Americans will go on as long as possible.
In the states and the courts, they’ve set the stage to overturn Roe v. Wade, a spectacularly unpopular outcome that will snatch reproductive rights from tens of millions of American women. They’ve embraced lunatic conspiracy theories and are determined to overturn any election result that doesn’t go their way.
And in their immensely influential media outfits, naked white supremacism is now nightly fare.
In 2017, it was a scandal when then-President Donald Trump said there were “very fine people on both sides” of the Charlottesville rally where neo-Nazis chanted “You will not replace us!” But in 2021, “Great Replacement” theory— which posits a conspiracy to replace White people with dark-skinned immigrants — has become standard conservative rhetoric.
Let there be no misunderstanding: The Great Replacement is an idea created by white supremacists and promoted for years by white supremacists. Today you can hear it invoked on Fox News.
Its roots go back decades, but the term comes most directly from French writer Renaud Camus, whose 2011 book “Le Grand Remplacement” argued that White Europeans were being overrun by non-White immigrants from Africa and the Middle East. The term Great Replacement soon become a watchword for violent racists around the world; before killing 51 people at two New Zealand mosques in 2019, a homicidal racist posted an online manifesto titled “The Great Replacement.”
It is simply mind-boggling that in the past few months, the idea and the slogan have become just one more thing Republicans say. Tucker Carlson uses his nightly cable news program to explicitly endorse it: “This policy is called ‘the great replacement,’ the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from far-away countries,” Carlson has said. Even the most simpleminded viewer knows exactly what Carlson means by “legacy Americans.”
Meanwhile, the rest of Fox News programming is brimming with hosts and guests warning viewers that the Biden administration is carrying out a secret plan to flood the country with immigrants who will overwhelm and disenfranchise them. Elected Republicans insist that immigration is a plot to change the demography of America so their own supporters will be shut out of power and oppressed.
This is a terrifying acceleration of conservative radicalism, and it’s happening precisely because Republicans know their party is unlikely to suffer for it at the polls.
They do have a recent memory of being held responsible for their misdeeds. Becoming the party of Trump cost Republicans the House in 2018, the White House in 2020 and then the Senate as well. But all that happened while Trump was president. He and his party were the target of voter displeasure and the focus of accountability.
But not anymore. Democrats might hope the 2022 midterm elections resemble 1998, when voters punished Republicans for impeaching Bill Clinton, but the political landscape is very different today. The number of voters who will cross party lines has grown smaller and smaller. Republicans are convinced that fear and hatred — amplified by the presence of a Democrat in the White House — will mobilize their base.
So they have clearly decided there is no line of recklessness or radicalism they should not cross. And we’re all suffering for it.

“The “infected illegal immigrants” argument you present is another product from your propaganda” Really. Well, Mr. Uninformed, not only has a 20% infection rate been confirmed by CBP but Mayorkas himself cited a 22% infection rate of illegal immigrants coming across our border by the millions.

So, now that you can’t deny the truth, is that helping controlling the spread of the virus or hurting it?

Also, where is your data showing who is refusing vaccines?

Well…you want my country?

Come and get it, boy

RJ, if unvaccinated people who get sick from any thing will not be treated by medical personnel, isn’t that decision made by a death panel.

My bad Randy. Knowing you guys only intake of news comes from the QAnon approved, I should have elaborated more on death panels.

It’s a talking point circulating about how some majorly hit COVID areas having to make decisions on who to allow needed surgeries and such due to being out of rooms, the rooms the unvaccinated are occupying.

The very same people who sold the “lie of the year” about Obamacare “death panels” are now the very ones creating death panels by sabotaging efforts to get past this virus.

A “death panel” would be those who decide to deny medical treatment to those who need it, something you are promoting.

Love the “you guys” talk. Who exactly are “you” talking too, anyway?

Those phantom “Trumpists” and toothless white hillbillies out killing cats and black people aren’t real. You know that, right?

Your notions of what “you guys” are are on the same level of what Nazi’s told the public who Jews were.

You’re ignorant, hateful, the usual rabble used to commit genocides.

Qanon is primarily a Leftwing concept and has been sold to angry people like you to dehumanize people you don’t know.

Get a clue before things really get ugly.

Hey there Psycho Ward. That QAnon and white supremacy is just non-sense here. Do you know the race of those who post here? You are being played by the media.
The same for Trump’s comments at Charlottesville. Go read the full transcript of what he said and you’ll find he did not call “good people” the extreme violent groups that were there. Again you’ve been played.
As for people taking horse medicine, referring to Ivermectin, it won a noble prize in 2015 for use in HUMANS. It is being used across the world in HUMANS. There are many studies on it pertaining to HUMANS. GO LOOK IT UP. It does have equine use as well. You’ve been played by the media you follow.
Stores are open all day today. Go shopping buy a clue.

I got the vaccine as soon as it was available to me, as did my entire family. I voted for Trump twice, and will vote for him again if he runs.

Hell, Trump’s resolve and leadership is the reason we have this lifesaving vaccine.

That said, you little Hitler’s are using this crisis for the usual stick: power.

Hydrochloroquine, ivermectin, and now monoclonal antibodies are all being suppressed as treatments because they don’t make big pharma rich.

It’s far too easy to destroy the argument that the unvaccinated are somehow killing people.

Rigged elections, Federal overstep, rule by decree, and a borderless country.

The Republic has fallen.

I think it’s time you got a job with the capital police and went out and started enforcing your hatred and psychosis rather than pretending you’re a stable human being.

We know exactly who you and people like you are.

Marxism doesn’t work, but weak failed people like you always need somebody to blame.

Just remember your former boss Jeff bezos got rich because of the pandemic.

Thank you ever so much for your concern, Ronald, but I don’t need you to save my sorry VACCINATED ass. Do note that with vaccination, with which I was allegedly 100% unlikely to catch or spread a case of Chinese Bat Soup Flu, I now refuse to wear masks, and you can stuff that so-called booster up your ass.

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun

Mao Zedong