Like the direction of the country? Thank a Biden voter



I know Thanksgiving is a ways off but I realized that there is so much for which we can thank Biden voters. Each passing day brings us more. Let us list the items of our gratitude.

  • Inflation jumped a 5% last month

Thank you, Biden voters.

Biden says it’s temporary. You know, like 15 days to flatten the curve. Biden is downplaying inflation, probably because it doesn’t affect him or Hunter.

  • Tyson already raised the price of pork by 39 percent in the last quarter while beef went up 11 percent and chicken prices increased 15 percent.

Thanks, Biden voters

  • Major appliances are expected to see increases from 5-20%

Thank you, Biden voters.

Thanks, Biden voters.

They said Trump was a dictator. Thanks, Biden voters

Thanks, Biden voters

  • Biden is supportive of Fauci’s plan to suspend your Constitutional rights

Thank you, Biden voters

Taliban fighters are going door-to-door and forcibly marrying girls as young as 12 and forcing them into sex slavery as they seize vast swathes of the Afghanistan from government forces. Jihadist commanders have ordered imams in areas they have captured to bring them lists of unmarried women aged from 12 to 45  for their soldiers to marry because they view them as ‘qhanimat’ or ‘spoils of war’ – to be divided up among the victors.

Afghanistan thanks you, Biden voters.

Thanks very much, Biden voters

  • The Southern border is wide open and over 1 million, many COVID positive, have entered illegally

Thanks a lot, Biden voters

  • Biden is purging the military of conservatives and turning the rest into fighters for social justice and pronouns

Thanks, Biden voters

Thanks again, Biden voters.

  • Biden is pushing a version of the Green New Deal, which would devastate the US economy

Biden is pushing to stop domestic mining for rare earth minerals. You know, the stuff you need for electric vehicles. Who’s the biggest producer of these minerals? CHINA

Who produces the most polysilicon (for solar panels)? CHINA

  • Last but not least, Biden (who can’t find his way out of a paper bag)  shut down oil exploration and the Keystone pipeline but now he’s begging OPEC to pump more.


So now we will pay OPEC and the Russians for oil and gas for which we previously paid American interests. Biden also has us dependent on China for the Green New Deal.

Thanks, Biden voters. For all of it. You damn morons.

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I have acquaintances that I have known in one case for 50 years, that voted for Biden because they wanted to stop the fighting. Sadly for me I have decided not to have anything to do with those people anymore. Life is too short to waste time with people who can’t see the reality of what they have done to this country. No matter how bad this turns out they will not believe that they caused it.

greggie and his buddies fits into this category! They are too ignorant to understand. Idealism is great over a glass or 10 of beer, but fails the test of time when not backed up with practical solutions.

I find this true in the reverse. First, they shunned me and my wife because we didn’t support Obama and supported Trump. Now they are simply too embarrassed to face the music for the disaster they helped bring upon the nation.

Before the election, I had a friend tell me they liked Trump…but were going to vote for Biden to “calm things down.”

These are the people that enable genocides, I’m afraid: your well-meaning neighbors.

People like that never understood what the left was upset about. It wasn’t Trump himself; hell, they had to make stuff up to hate him over. It was the fact that he didn’t play the Washington game and felt the government should work for the people, not for personal profit.

No, it was and IS about Trump himself. Trump is about nothing so much as personal profit and self-aggrandizement. That’s fundamental to his personality.

Telling people anything they want to hear, no matter how directly it contradicts something that he might have said before, is how he operates. He exploits the fact that those in his target audience WANT to believe and WANT to be relieved of the burden of questioning and thinking for themselves. They’ve been conditioned to imagine that believing anything he tells them IS a result of being informed and thinking for themselves.

He gets most of the memes and material he works with from his aligned and supporting social media and news outlets. This creates a closed circle of false validation that becomes increasingly persuasive the longer people remain inside it. Everything outside of that close circle is repeatedly condemned as false news, conspiracy, and deception.

This is how every cult and every authoritarian government rises, and then maintains its control over people’s minds.

Oh… I guess that’s why EVERYTHING you accused Trump of was a lie and even when it was PROVEN a lie, you continued to lie about it. Meanwhile, you support Democrats that are REAL racists, REAL liars, REAL criminals, REAL rapists. Basically, you lost an election and couldn’t take it, so you declared that it was corrupt. Then Trump threatened the corrupt establishment by focusing on the country and the PEOPLE.

How about the major disaster your god, idiot Biden, created at the border? More illegal immigrants, more drugs, more crime and, most importantly, MORE COVID. And it is entirely 100% all idiot Biden’s doing. Disaster. Catastrophe. Corruption. Lies. FAILURE.

President Trump lives rent free in your fu€led up mind

He wanted to be about Trump so that’s why you keep squawking.

It’s not about Trump. It’s about fair and pre-elections of people that are not part of your FBI/CCP complex.

As a student of Mao, you might want to update your tactics.

*You wanted it to be…

The fact that peabrain greg does not defend asswipe biden tells me all that I or anyone else knows about peabrain greg…

Peabrain greg is a petulant little pussy…

comrade greggy poo was the one who wiped the pedophile’s ass a few weeks ago

No paper? No problem! Here, use my head!

Russia is only important when it can be linked to President Trump to implicate wrong doing….

Hunter’s other lost laptops, anyone?

I haven’t found anyone lately who admits voting for Biden. Where are all this white educated suburban women who were his biggest backers?

“Biden will lose Afghanistan. The Taliban is raping 12 year olds”

Remember the left throwing one of their pretend fits, accusing Trump of abandoning the Kurds in Syria (where we should have NEVER been) and that they would be slaughtered? Where are they now?

“The Southern border is wide open and over 1 million, many COVID positive, have entered illegally”

Idiot Biden blames the spike in cases (if we can even marginally believe the CDC, already caught lying about Florida) on citizens for refusing vaccinations (specifically Republicans, of course, though the data shows that’s a lie) and refusing to wear useless masks as he destroys the border security we had and allows hundreds of thousands of COVID infected illegal immigrants to pour into the country and go wherever they want. This itself is an impeachable offense.

“Biden is purging the military of conservatives and turning the rest into fighters for social justice and pronouns”

Not only will they purge anyone that actually SHOULD be in the military out but, if this is allowed to continue, no one that ever posted anything pro-American, anti-leftist will be allowed into the military. Then we can expect recruitment standards to fall as recruitment quotas fall (BLM/ANTIFA don’t want to be controlled by the military and scum like that is all the left would want in the military).

Yeah, a great big thanks to every ignorant lemming that not only voted for this idiot but continues to ignore the fraud it took for his puppet masters to actually grab power. Thanks for destroying this nation. Thanks for the oncoming deaths of millions.

The taliban rapes girls and boy first, than they butchers them. OH! most of the taliban are homosexuals.
ever wonder if epstein and the pedophile biden ever made the trip to his island???

Have you forgotten that it was TRUMP who negotiated the agreement with the Taliban to withdraw all U.S. forces by May 1, 2021?

You have somehow conveniently forgotten, just like you forgot it wasn’t Obama who set the timetable for our departure from Iraq.

No, not at all. Just like with the secured border, had idiot Biden followed Trump’s plan, probably everything would be OK. Trump’s withdrawal plan was conditional; if you remember, idiot Biden was cheering himself because he was betting out ahead of schedule. Idiot Biden, like moron Obama in Iraq, pays no attention to conditions on the ground, upon which withdrawal was predicated. He just barrels ahead without regard for anything… because he’s an IDIOT.

But what about my point? YOU whined and cried about the poor, poor Kurds (who, by the way, were never massacred. Just like your criticisms of Trump’s economy…. WRONG) but you don’t care about the Afghans left to the mercy of the Taliban and ISIS, which Obama made stronger?

Now we are sending 3,000 troops BACK to protect embassy personnel in Kabul (a guess ANOTHER Benghazi might look bad on his already terrible record). Obama lost the war in Afghanistan in 2009, idiot Biden created a disaster (like he did on the border and with the economy) with his headlong withdrawal.

Democrats are incapable of doing ANYTHING competently.

And you forgot that Trump was bringing our soldiers home, and Biden is not.

Trump also built an incredible economy that was destroyed by your planned Covid release and subsequent New World Order.

What’s happening in the world is satanic.