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Well, in both examples you can clearly see the problem. An evil handgun grabbed a couple of fine, upstanding youths, probably on their way to school or church services (or to get instruction on how to possibly get a photo ID so they could satisfy the plantation owner’s demands and vote), dragged them out to those streets and then, against the holder’s will, opened fire on innocent victims. This travesty is repeated thousands of times a day, guns exercising their free will and evil intent and shooting people.

The Idiot in Chief today will, I think, exploit this crime rampage Democrats have fomented and use it for more gun control. No, openly promoting violence is not the problem. Ignoring the political violence is not the problem. Refusing to prosecute violent offenders is not the problem. Disarming law abiding citizens while defunding and demoralizing police is not the problem. Lawful gun ownership, in the twisted, cynical, hateful, anti-American mind of the left, is the problem and THAT will be attacked.

That’s why they LIE about everything. EVERYTHING. The truth and actual facts do not support their ongoing agenda to disarm law abiding citizens left to their own devices to protect themselves, thanks to Democrats and their “defund the police” movement.

You have to LIKE being lied to and having yourself, your family and your community put in danger to support Democrats. They are, apparently, too stupid to realize it and they put the nation in crisis.

the shooters are ALL BLACK. so under the race theory, it is ok for black people to shoot white people, black poeple, asian people?
People, especially the illiterate media, congress, the two black domestic terrorist groups,, the veggie brain pedophile pres., the entitle mellenium, and dummy zero generatation toss around the workd terrorism. to deen an actionas “terrorism” the action must include: be illegal according to the laws of the host country; have political motives: and be intended to imtimidate the public. political motivation must aim at attaining political, social or religious objectives. thus, one defines terrorism as a vioent action or threat against random or selective individuals being cnducted fro politiacal motives to influence the publich through the creation of FEAR.
This term “act of terrorism” applies to the two black terrorist groups in Americ that should be so charged under the RICO act for racheteering. the woke dod,doj, and fbi will do noting but their silence will only encourage this destructive assault on America.

According to most demographers, Muslims from the MidEast are “white.”
According to their own ideology, most Muslims willing to carry out violent jihad in behalf of Islam consider their religion to be VERY conservative.
Granted, they may vote (if they vote) for Dems, but still the lying Biden might lump in their terror murders as
white supremacist acts.