Universal background checks should be required for voting



I know the left does not want to hear this, but there is no right to vote. It is not a right enumerated in the Constitution. Despite that, voting is a powerful thing. It is more powerful than a firearm. The illegal use of a firearm can lead to loss of lives, but the illegal use of votes can undo the will of the entire country.

That is why democrats have lost their minds. Only after 47 years in office is Joe Biden screaming about voting laws being “Jim Crow.”

He claimed the election changes “make Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,” which makes no sense except to suggest he’s got birds on his brain. Biden did it again Friday, after Georgia’s election changes were signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp, saying the changes represent “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”

By then it was clear Jim Crow was the party’s official talking point. Stacey Abrams and Atlanta protesters both labeled the Georgia law “Jim Crow 2.0.” One activist called it “Jim Crow with makeup and cologne.” Another called it “Jim Crow in a suit and tie.”

The list goes on, but you get the point. The left is eager to racialize any dispute and, for shock effect, dredges up dark pages from out history that bear zero resemblance to the current situation.

But one need not probe too deeply to find proof that Biden is mentally challenged:

But as others have pointed out, voting laws in Delaware are stricter than the new law in Georgia, yet Biden never said peep about his home state.

democrats fully believe that minorities are too stupid to be able to procure an ID. Somehow minorities are not too stupid to get ID’s to fly, drive or gain entry to a Democrat National Convention.

There are seven things for which the Federal Jim Crow Government requires an ID

1.Welfare Benefits

2. Registration for Buying Guns

3. Petition Your Government

4. Right of Assembly

5. Right to Marry

6. Freedom of Movement (flying_

7. Public Accommodations (hotels)

There are many more times an ID is required, such as buying alcohol, cigarettes, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps or welfare, applying for welfare or social security, adopting a pet and buying certain cold medications (pseudoephedrine in particular) among them.

All civilized nations in the world require ID for voting. The Supreme Court has ruled that a photo ID does not place an undue burden on voters and does not violate their Constitutional rights.

Mexico requires a government-issued photo ID to vote.

On the other hand, it is difficult for a reasonable person to understand how allowing murderers, rapists and sex offenders to vote from prison makes the country a better place.

The new Georgia Law does not make voting harder. It just makes cheating harder.

Frankly, voting in this country is far too easy. As the vote is truly more powerful than a weapon, it needs to be similarly vetted. A universal background check should be required for voting, along with a Federally issued photo ID. We should raise our standards to at least meet those of Mexico. Voting is a privilege and a degree of responsibility accompanies that privilege. A photo ID is not an undue burden, especially given the myriad of things that require one. If democrats are really concerned about those who don’t have one, they should help everyone get one.

And if you entered this country illegally, you should never be permitted to vote in a Federal election.

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@Deplorable Me:

Oh, but don’t you remember? Ward/AJ claimed to have been a precinct captain in his county in Kentucky. Surely he is an expert on election laws, right?

These Georgia laws are pretty accommodating. If you can’t find a day and time that is convenient for you during two weeks of early voting, then, by federal law, your employer must give you time off to vote on Election Day. Odd, the left never mentions that.

As far as voter I.D. requirements; Beijing Biden wants to make us all have Vaccine Passports so that we can enter certain businesses, go to a ball game, travel, etc. My question is; why does Joe Biden hate minorities? Everyone knows that minorities have difficulty getting I.D.s and in order to get the vaccine, you must show an I.D. Is racist Beijing Biden trying to keep blacks, Hispanics and Asians and especially Native Americans, from getting the vaccine? Seems like it.

@Deplorable Me:

Please provide what differs in what the New York Times reported in the 98 pages of the law of what’s exactly in the 98 pages of the law.

You can’t do that because they simply reported what’s precisely in the 98 pages of the law. The GA law is news. They reported the news precisely and accurately. Nothing they reported is fake. If that isn’t the case, simply point to the page or section that’s inaccurate.

If you cannot do that, you further expose yourself as a brainwashed fraud and a gullible partisan hack, not that that isn’t an obvious reality.