Dark days are ahead



One of the things that Donald Trump has done is to rip the phony veneer of civility from the left and allowed them to expose themselves for the vile ambitions they harbor. This is exactly what I expected. Here, here and here.

Chuck Schumer famously said “Now we take Georgia and then we change America.”

America is changing. Quickly. And not for the better. Fascism has reared its ugly head. The events of January 10 are merely a vehicle for the left to implement the iron-fisted control of the US they have so assiduously sought.

I read every word of Donald Trump’s January 6 speech and nowhere does he call for the invasion of the Capitol. He did lay out the case for election fraud. Trump asked for peace and following the rule of law. We don’t know for a fact who made the decision to go into the Capitol and why. The verdict has been handed down without a trial and Trump is guilty.

And so are any of us who supported them.

And as I have written, the left lauded violence endlessly for the last nine months when it suited them. When cities were being burned, businesses looted and destroyed, traffic stopped, people’s cars were smashed, restaurant patrons were being harassed it was Donald Trump who was demanding that the rule of law be enforced. He was ignored. 30 people died, 700 cops were injured and nearly $2 billion in damages resulted.

Now following the election the Masters of the Universe have taken control of the country. Perhaps I should say the Monsters of the Universe. Bezos, Pinchai, Cook, Zuckerberg, Dorsey- they are the new government. They now replace the Constitution. They are the arbiters of truth. They determine what you can think and say.

And there is punishment for those who dare cross them.

Donald Trump was banned permanently from Twitter, and then from a flock of other platforms. It was almost like collusion.


It was the first salvo in the war on free speech. Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell were shut down. CNN wants wrong thinking news outlets (i.e. Fox News and Newsmax) shut down.

“Fox and Newsmax, both delivered to my home by your company, are complicit,” NJ state Assemblyman Paul Moriarty texted a Comcast executive on Thursday. “What are you going to do???”
“You feed this garbage, lies and all,” Moriarty added to the executive, according to a screen grab of the texts he provided me. Moriarty was referring to the fact that Comcast’s cable brand, Xfinity, provides a platform to right-wing cable networks that have for weeks been disseminating disinformation about the November election results to audiences of millions.
Moriarty has a point. We regularly discuss what the Big Tech companies have done to poison the public conversation by providing large platforms to bad-faith actors who lie, mislead, and promote conspiracy theories. But what about TV companies that provide platforms to networks such as Newsmax, One America News — and, yes, Fox News?

Mozilla says they have to go way past deplatforming

Mitchell Baker, Mozilla’s CEO, wrote on Friday on the company’s official blog that they plan to go beyond deplatforming in combating what they consider “harmful speech.”

Mozilla is the Big Tech company responsible for the development of the Firefox web browser, whose revenues are financially bound with Apple and Google. Upwards of 80% of Mozilla’s revenue, which ranges in the hundreds of millions, is derived from its partnership with Google.

Simon and Schuster shut down publication of Sen. Josh Hawley’s book.

In an effort to heal and unite the country, Joe Biden likened Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz to Nazis

But simply ending free speech isn’t enough

ABC’s Rick Klein wants Trump supporters “cleansed.”



Project Lincoln plans to ruin the lives of everyone in the Trump administration


AOC wants to be sure Donald Trump is completely destroyed

“In addition to removal, we’re also talking about complete barring of the president – or rather of Donald Trump – from running for office ever again,” she said. “And, in addition to that, the potential ability to prevent pardoning himself from those charges he was impeached for.”

AOC wanted to ban Twitter users from citing her Tweets supporting violence.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s communications director asked Twitter to bar users from sharing one of the New York congresswoman’s previous tweets in support of protests that make people “uncomfortable,” saying it was being used as “misinfo.”

That’s pretty funny stuff.

All these actions to strangle free speech are justified because the elite left has decided that Trump supporters are cultists


What? You don’t approve of all this? Start your own platform, said the Masters of the Universe.

OK, said John Matze, CEO of Parler.

But no you can’t, say the Masters.

Amazon is cutting off Parler’s servers tonight.

Amazon is booting social media platform Parler off its web hosting service Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will knock the platform offline on Sunday until it can find a new host.

Amazon says that c0ntent on the social media site violates its terms of service, adding that it does not believe Parler has a good strategy for cracking down on speech on its platform, according to an email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

There’s no room in the left wing digital world for free speech. Matze says he plans to rebuild from scratch.

And the queen herself, Michelle Obama, wants all conservatives censored.

Now is the time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior—and go even further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.

Some are fearful that the Masters will seek control of not just the US, but the world.

We’ve survived democrat dominated government before but this time it’s different. There is a growing cancer in government in the form of the squad, there is a desire to “change” America and there is a marionette for President who is owned by China. This kind of government has no interest is equal justice for all. democrats will only act to aid the suppression of dissent. Dark days are ahead.

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If you keep getting your “truth” from Epoch Times, you might wind up living in the Falun Gong compound.

An update to my #153. A big surprise that they actually indicted him and issued an arrest warrant. We’ll see if they let him off again. This means the demokrats flat lout lied during the hearings when they said there was no Antifa or BLM involvement.


@Greg: Well… how about providing the inciting statements?

Jim Jordan is a Trump tool. He and Lauren Boebert are a couple of populace nitwits who couldn’t manage to reason their way out of a paper bag.

What Jordan did was use FACTS to PROVE the lying hypocrisy of the Democrats. It doesn’t matter if he’s a tool or not or who’s tool he is, he spoke the TRUTH. It was a FACT that Democrats contested the 2016 election for no reason other than they lost and were butthurt. This election had serious, documented, PROVEN issues that need to be reviewed, not written off by saying asking questions is unconstitutional. Was it unconstitutional in 2017?

Yeah, you hate Jordan because he shoved your goddamn lies right in your face.

The state election and certification processes are what establish who actually won.

Just like Stalin said. The election didn’t matter, just those that count the votes. Typical Democrat.

assuming delusional armed extremists don’t turn up over the next few days, hellbent on playing out America’s Götterdämmerung.

I saw a great meme, wish I could share it here. It says, if you need 20,000 troops to protect the inauguration from The People, Then you probably weren’t elected by The People. I think that pretty much tells it all.

Dead Capitol Police Officer Suffered Medical Condition, No Evidence of Getting Hit By Fire Extinguisher – National File

Dead Capitol Police Officer Suffered Medical Condition, No Evidence of Getting Hit By Fire Extinguisher

No evidence of shots fired into the chambers, as reported by ABC.
Who was the owner or renter of the vehicle found with molotov cocktails? Boy that has a pillow over it tightly was it someone the vice whore bailed out?

There’s certainly evidence of one mob member hitting a Capitol Policeman from behind and knocking him over a concrete wall, immediately followed by a second rioter throwing a metal fire extinguisher that hits a Capitol Policeman who has lost his helmet squarely on the back of the head. Whether or not this was the same incident is unclear, as the narrator of the video states, but that would be one way to get a fatal cerebral blood clot.

@Deplorable Me, #160:

The flag waving sons-of-bitches who violently assaulted the Capitol aren’t We The People, nor do they represent them.

@Greg: Chucking it into a crowd like an empty beer can hardly a swing and a hit.
The back hitter, what a coward!
The officer talked to his brother made no mention of being hit, only sprayed with mace. Dude had a stroke, horrible ,but thats what happened.

The officer talked to his brother made no mention of being hit, only sprayed with mace.

I would draw no conclusions from the text message Officer Sicknick sent to his brother, as he may have been downplaying what had happened so that his family wouldn’t be worried.

Patrick Howley’s report has the tell-tale signs of political spin:

The U.S. Capitol police officer who died following the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion is believed to have suffered from a pre-existing medical condition that contributed to his death.

How original. Howley has probably used that in an article about the misrepresentation of COVID-19 deaths.

This fact complicates the mainstream media’s narrative, which seeks to pin the officer’s death on supposedly violent pro-Trump protesters.

Supposedly violent? Supposedly pro-Trump?

Brian Sicknick was reportedly “injured” during the Capitol protest and media and activists ran with the story that Trump protesters hit him with a fire extinguisher.

Yeah, he also reportedly “died”.

ProPublica also noted Sicknick’s blood clot and stroke and use of a ventilator, according to Western Journal.

That, presumably, was a consequence of being “injured”, which resulted in “a medical condition”.

Howley is a right-wing propaganda hack.

@Greg: How about those flag-burning left wing terrorists that attacked police, attacked innocent citizens, burned businesses, burned court houses, burned police stations? Those are who YOU regard as “patriots”, but they are standing for anarchy, Marxism and fascism. SOME (not all, as BLM and ANTIFA were there to make sure it happened) in the Capital stood against election fraud, abuse of power, trampling the Constitution and serving a foreign government. To what degree they were accurate can be debated, but they weren’t, like YOUR people, seeking to destroy the government.

Maybe you leftists should start collecting up some facts before you cynically exploit a tragic death for political gain. You should, but it goes against leftist nature, so you won’t. Also, you don’t have any experience mourning the death of a cop; practice more.

@kitt: So then, it’s not the officer that the flags are at half-mast for; it’s the death of the 1st Amendment.

@Deplorable Me, #166:

How about those flag-burning left wing terrorists that attacked police, attacked innocent citizens, burned businesses, burned court houses, burned police stations? Those are who YOU regard as “patriots”, but they are standing for anarchy, Marxism and fascism.

You repeatedly claim that I’ve said such things, but I never actually have.

@Greg: BREAKING: CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it.
To make this clear. CNN was embedded with BLM/Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters videoing them incite a riot. This is freaking huge. If CNN is allowed to maintain its press access anywhere in DC there needs to be a serious overhaul of our entire system.
According to sources she was working on a CNN project, but she’s done a lot of work for NBC and NPR.

@Deplorable Me: Greg thinks this isnt evidence in a court

@kitt: Here’s the video, not that video evidence is proof to the Reds. Just think of how ironic this is- the Commie dems in Congress hid in the bunker from their Commie Antifa thugs who were accompanied by their Commie propagandists at CNN. I’m sure the script will be flipped soon and we will be told that breaching the Capitol Building is okay just like their summer riots were okay.

HUGE! CNN-NPR Contract Photo-Journalist Jade Sacker was Embedded with Antifa Leader John Sullivan During Siege of US Capitol – Cheered “We Did It!” After Inciting Riot (VIDEO)

@another vet: From the affidavit
The United States obtained a video of SULLIVAN, posted on YouTube, in which,
while attending a protest in Washington, D.C., SULLIVAN can be seen telling a crowd, over a
microphone, “we about to burn this shit down,” “we got to rip Trump out of office . . . fucking pull
him out of that shit . . . we ain’t waiting until the next election . . . we about to go get that
motherfucker.” SULLIVAN then can be seen leading the crowd in a chant of, “it’s time for a

Sound like he was shouting to Trump Supporters to you?

@kitt, #172:

It sounds to me like Sullivan could be spending time in court, possibly followed by time in jail. The Capitol Policeman at 10:23 looks like he’s been hit in the face. They should charge everybody they can identify.

“Is this going to be the best film you ever made in your life?”

Whatever Sullivan might be, besides a jackass, the mob he’s with isn’t Antifa or BLM.

“We want Trump! We want Trump! We want Trump!”

Yeah? A huge majority of the voters DIDN’T.

“Stop the steal! Stop the steal! Stop the Steal!”

A well-known ANTIFA chant? I don’t think so.

It’s the mob that killed the woman going through the window, not the officer who fired his pistol.

@Greg: Read the affidavit the guy was not a Trump backer.
Yes anyone that they can identify inside should be charged with criminal trespass at the least.
There was an area outside that had a permit for the gathering and thats where they should have gathered.
More and more is coming out.
I still hear no chatter from the normals the FBI must be listening to Marxist and Antifa. This time, SAVE THE STARBUCKS AND THE LIMOS!
Careful you could look as dumb as when you said they dont want to defund the police.

@Greg: Yes you have. You have supported the terrorists and you support the Democrats that support the terrorists. Biden is one of those, refusing to denounce those actually committing the violence. You are always quick to accuse “white supremacists” of causing the violence when they aren’t even a factor.

The Capitol Policeman at 10:23 looks like he’s been hit in the face. They should charge everybody they can identify.

Mostly peaceful protest.

Whatever Sullivan might be, besides a jackass, the mob he’s with isn’t Antifa or BLM.

He is BLM. And he is NOT peaceful.

Yeah? A huge majority of the voters DIDN’T.

All indications are they did.

A well-known ANTIFA chant? I don’t think so.

ANTIFA, being a Marxist organization, will chant whatever it takes to attack their opponents. Pretending to be “Trump supporters” would help them promote their cause.

It’s the mob that killed the woman going through the window, not the officer who fired his pistol.

Really? So do you now declare that it was the left wing mobs that killed 30, injured 700 officers, destroyed thousands of businesses, burned police stations and court houses? Your positions are beginning to utterly fall apart. But, that’s what hypocrisy and constantly supporting lying criminals will do to you.

@kitt: CNN has been, along with other Democrats, inciting violence all along. It’s only logical they would be in the vanguard of riot.


Yeah, thought it was going to be deleted. Oops. So, how did CNN know there was going to be a riot? Need the time stamp on THAT. Pretty soon, the corrupt liberal media will have to stop calling them “Trump supporters”. Most are turning out to be, as we expected, leftist agitators.

Shouldn’t there be some other charges for Sullivan? Certainly he is violating a bond or some probation as he has been arrested numerous times for being involved in violence and, for some reason, released. Why he was even free to be in DC is pathetic. But there he is, leading the charge. “Trump supporter”.

@another vet: I went on Google and searched for “CNN reporter caught participating in capital riot” and all that comes up is CNN stories about “Trump supporters”. On Microsoft Edge, the first article that comes up is about the CNN reporter being involved.

@kitt, #173:

Read the affidavit the guy was not a Trump backer.

It doesn’t matter what the hell Sullivan was. His personal “ideology”—assuming he even has one—is irrelevant. That’s just him, trying to blend in and be part of the excitement. He’s a poser; he was a “riot tourist” with a camera who seemed to think he was participating in some great historical event. His own excited comments tell us that. He repeatedly refers to “we” in reference to the mob. I would consider that to be his own little delusion.

His presence there didn’t define the ideology of the mob or its objectives. It’s only being fixated upon now as a means of denying what the mob actually was. Their signs, slogans, Trump flags, hats, and chants speak very clearly to that question.

@Greg: His ideology is violence. That’s why he’s a leftist. He was in the lead of the riot. He has a history of rioting and promoting violence and running through the capital and screaming “burn this f**ker DOWN!” is not just a bystander.

@Deplorable Me, #176:

I didn’t say he was an innocent bystander. The authorities are apparently not considering him to be one. I’m saying that his presence doesn’t define the ideology of the mob as some people are trying to claim.

He did record a lot of useful evidence related to the question of mob ideology. I guess now he gets to be famous. At some point maybe it will occur to him that this is no great accomplishment. It matters what a person is famous for.

@Deplorable Me:

I went on Google and searched for “CNN reporter caught participating in capital riot” and all that comes up is CNN stories about “Trump supporters”.

Of course. Goebbels never reported on the concentration camps either. Google and Goebbels share more than just a few letters in the alphabet.

@Greg: Aside from other like minded leftists, his ideology was totally opposite of anyone there supporting Trump. He and others want to burn down and destroy the government and replace it with a Marxist dictatorship. Trump’s supporters want an honest and thorough assessment of the clear and substantial evidence of massive election fraud. If the left had not made violence acceptable, Democrats had allowed swift and effective responses to the violence and actually evaluated the election fraud, there would have been no riot.

He did record a lot of useful evidence related to the question of mob ideology.

BLM/ANTIFA always document their riots. They don’t always provide it to authorities with their voices shouting “BURN THIS F**KER DOWN!” Your anarchists aren’t the smartest of the lot.

@another vet: Another substantial Trump accomplishment: only HE could get Democrats to give a shit about a cop getting killed, even if they wind up being totally wrong.


It matters what a person is famous for.


Trump is famous for being a city-creator, culture-creator, and the 45th President of the United States with a clear record of accomplishments that eclipsed and erased his overblown processor.

These facts alone threaten plutocratic and Marxist paradigms trying to get a foothold in America, thus the need to use MASSIVE amounts to propaganda to say Trump isn’t what he really is: a MASSIVE success and a great President.

You’ve lost, Communist.

The latest demokrat to get arrested. The MSM will bury this one too. For the good of society, hopefully the FBI doesn’t claim jurisdiction over this one so he doesn’t get released without bail like Sullivan.

Antifa Activist Daniel Alan Baker Arrested for Plotting to Murder Trump Supporters and Police on Inauguration Day

@another vet: Obviously, CNN needs to be shut down for promoting violence and insurrection. Baker links to CNN on his call to arms:


Clearly this article is promoting violence and is inspiring the ANTIFA nut to commit terrorism.

Why are people like this allowed to walk free after being involved in events like CHAZ? Oh, that’s right… leftists. They get bailed out with Kamala’s fund.

@Deplorable Me: CNN and the rest of the demokrats have been promoting violence against the rest of us for four years. None of their lies or censorship will change that fact. Did you ever notice that that really teeny-tiny number of military types who come out in favor of Antifa are all military rejects?

@another vet: Inauguration, 2017

Trump probably used the word “peaceful” and incited this riot.