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Yeah, all that …… and the Muslim girlfriend, Nessa Diab.

*Just as the Ravens were about to offer Kaepernick a job she posted a tweet that compared Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to a slave owner.
Nixed that deal.

*She was raised a Muslim by her Egyptian father and Middle Eastern mother.
Born here but raised in Saudi Arabia.

*Prior to dating Kaepernick, she dated another 49er, Aldon Smith. In August 2015, Kaepernick and Smith had to be held apart my teammates during a fight on the practice ground. The fight was over Nessa. Smith was later cut from the team.

*She and her parents continue to try to get Kaepernick to convert (revert) to Islam.

Kaep has signed a deal with ESPN and Disney for a documentary of his life. If it’s free, I may watch it just for the entertainment value. Like watching “Plan 9 From Outer Space”.

I hope that someday soon colin gets his wig split real good. Statistically the assault will be committed by a fellow black, so there wont be any riots or marches.

I have a young relative who was a truly wonderful person. She was also born of a white mother and black father. She and her mother came into our extended family through marriage to one of my nephews. My wife’s mother and father took to her and treated her as if she was a blood great grandchild. I was adopted so I know how it can be on the bad side when some will not accept you; that was never the case with her. The young lady met her father and went off to college and after 4 years there she became a BLM supporter and said she never was accepted by our family. Her grandfather writing all lives matter after she wrote BLM, she blocked him on social media.The idea she was never accepted is a total lie and one wonders why she would attack her deceased great grandfather and mother who fully accepted her and loved her. That is disgusting and I will be civil but not associate with her, if possible, never again.