Biden’s Day


Joe Biden again claims Russia is in ‘enormous decline ...


I see a day in the life of Joe Biden going this way. They wake him up around 7:30 am. They shower him, and dress him. Then he’s fed breakfast and given his Aricept, He’s handed a script and told what it says and is asked to read it out loud several times.

Then he is taken by the hand and escorted to the basement bunker where he holds forth:

If elected, Joe Biden will not be the true President. He will treated as he is- a dementia affected elderly person. The VP selected not by Biden, but by the DNC, will be the real President so pay close attention to who is selected.

After not too long a period of time Biden could be removed as President with a simple majority of his Cabinet agreeing that he is no longer fit for office. They’ll also likely “discover” his past racist comments.

That’s how it’s going to go down.

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My guess is HRC is patiently waiting for the #2 spot, that will quickly become #1. Sad.

I saw yard signs for “Black Lives Matter” yesterday, rather than “Biden for President”.

The Dems aren’t running a candidate, they are running to rough collection of virulent ideologies that already killed millions in the 20th Century. Who they choose to sit in the Oval office is irrelevant, as long as they are the puppet. Like Obama was.

Turns out Black Lives Matter really just another sham front for the Democrat Party machine.

Black activist Ashley Yates:

“Again: please stop giving money to BlackLivesMatter Network. By their own admission they have no staff and no infrastructure. In six years they’ve not produced a single community program, sponsored a single piece of legislation or financially supported a single chapter.”

BLM does have a website with a DONATE button. But that button links to Act Blue. It donates its collections to DEMOCRATS, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, Amy McGrath. note they are mostly old white ones.
Biden sucks off the BLM teat.

The DNC is a true example of terrible leadership. They made their decision to push Biden into the candidacy but cannot address their mistake in light of the obvious and ongoing examples of his incompetency. They will simply refuse to admit a disastrous mistake and try to make the most (money) of the situation.

blm is similar to jihad and isis: destroy, loot, rape, but never once have they set up a community or provincial government in which they destroyed. aricept is uses for the treatment of AD; however, there are now better drugs on the market.

Trump need to declare blm (burglary, murder and larceny) and antif**kup domestic terrorist groups. the landscape will change very quickly. were any of you aware that the mayor’s wife on myc is an active member of antif**kup and blm???

No trolls here…


@Nathan Blue: It’s difficult for them to face the fact that THIS is their candidate.

And all this time I thought “Weekend at Bernies” was just movie fiction.
Sheesh. Bernie is Biden.