The mendacity of Dr. Anthony Fauci


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The left wing media has pounced upon something Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview yesterday

Tapper said, “Do you think lives could have been saved if social distancing, physical distancing, stay-at-home measures, had started the third week of February instead of mid-March?”

Fauci said, “You know, Jake, again, it’s the what would have, what could have. It’s very difficult to go back and say that. I mean, obviously, you could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives. Obviously, no one is going to deny that. But what goes into those kinds of decisions is complicated. But you’re right, I mean, obviously, if we had right from the very beginning shut everything down, it may have been a little bit different. But there was a lot of pushback about shutting things down back then.”

Slate put it this way

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, characterized it as a no-brainer to assume that if measures would have been taken earlier to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus lives could have been saved. “I mean, obviously you could logically say that if you had a process that was ongoing and you started mitigation earlier, you could have saved lives,” Fauci said on CNN’s State of the Union. “Obviously, no one is going to deny that. But what goes into those kinds of decisions is complicated.”

Fauci made the statement when he was asked about a bombshell New York Times report that revealed how Fauci and other top officials had been recommending that social distancing guidelines be implemented back in February but it took Trump’s administration until mid-March to actually announce them. “We look at it from a pure health standpoint,” Fauci said. “We make a recommendation. Often, the recommendation is taken. Sometimes, it’s not. But … it is what it is. We are where we are right now.”

Sounds great. Hindsight always does. Fortunately, we have something called the Wayback Machine. It can show us what Fauci was saying at the time. Let’s have a look:

Jan, 21 Anthony Fauci

““…..This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.””

During the time Fauci says he was recommending social distancing guidelines to the President he was publicly saying this:

Fauci Feb. 17

Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands

“Now, in the United States, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask.”

Fauci doesn’t want people to worry about coronavirus, the danger of which is “just minuscule.” But he does want them to take precautions against the “influenza outbreak, which is having its second wave.”

Fauci Feb. 29: No need to change lifestyle yet

“Right now at this moment there is no need to change anything you’re doing”

“..the risk is low but that could change”

Is Fauci saying that he intentionally lied to the nation in February? It’s hard to interpret this any other way.


Mar. 29

Dr. Anthony Fauci said based on modeling of the current pace of the coronavirus’ spread in the U.S., “between 100,000 and 200,000” people may die from COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

Fauci vs. Fauci on travel bans

Now you might think that the “press” would do a little research and look into what Fauci was saying back then versus what he said yesterday as we have done here, but you’d be wrong.

I have reluctantly come to a conclusion- Fauci is as much a politician as he is a scientist. Maybe more so. He doesn’t want anything to dirty himself up- not even with his own words. If Trump relieves him of his position, Fauci will have earned it. The country does not need another “Not my fault” politician screwing with this pandemic.

And do pay attention to the left wing media as they blast Trump for Fauci’s mendacity. One cannot help but wonder if Fauci is playing into these hands– intentionally

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he would investigate what warnings from the intelligence community and health organizations that President Donald Trump ignored in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor. I had hoped that would not color his efforts on the Task Force. Fauci is also a staunch supporter of the Chinese puppet Communist maggot at the head of the World Health Organization, who is responsible for countless deaths worldwide.

I am very disappointed in Fauci. He proves that too long a tenure in the limelight tends to make one act more and more politically. Fauci is now a political animal more than he is a doctor.

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His ties to Gates is more concerning
Gates Admitted That He Stopped President Trump’s Planned Vaccine Safety Commission With Robert Kennedy Jr. in the Early Days of the Trump Administration.

Buried behind news headlines screaming about social distancing, ventilators, and death counts is the timeline and origins of the Chinese coronavirus in America. At the daily task force briefings, media dimwits seek only to play “gotcha” with the president, begging him to take responsibility for anything and everything and quibbling over which governor asked for how many ventilators and when.

China, working with the World Health Organization, downplayed or suppressed news from China, leaving the rest of the world to play catch up. Fear mongering from the media and inaccurate models not reflecting the early origins of coronavirus lead to most of the world shutting down their economies for weeks or months.

Best estimate is that the virus entered this country early to mid November of 2019.

I have to say, thus far I don’t have a problem with Dr. Fauci. I think, for a liberal, he is doing a pretty good job not being a liberal. However, as a liberal he probably has a tough time not getting sucked into the liberal web of deceit in those interviews. He DID still say that China misled them all.

To say we could have reacted sooner and done better is an absolute fact… IF China had not lied but had provided honest information.

Now, if Schiff gets to run his “investigation” the way he conducted the impeachment “investigation” he will no doubt forbid any mention of China, WHO or allow anyone’s statements before the middle of March besides Trump’s. However, as many of the chronologies of what Trump was saying and what others were saying and doing and what the actual conditions were at the time show, Trump never “downplayed” or under-emphasized any aspect that was not based on the “experts” and information available at the time.

To the surprise of no one, this crisis shows how dangerous the left is. If only hydrochloroquine would work to make them honest.

Dr. Fauci is imperfect? That’s inexcusable. He needs to be absolutely perfect.

Back when HIV/AIDS was just getting started in the country, public health officials insisted all bath houses be closed, all infected homosexuals be quarantined, and complete sexual partner histories be take of all those who got sick.
But none of that was done and hundreds of thousands died because of it.
Politics and optics were why back then.

Today, China lied and more people died as a result.
If Dems were honest they’d admit their pushing Americans into contact with national Chinese in stateside Chinatowns all over during Chinese New Year in Feb.
Of course they are not honest.
Politics and optics have gotten in the way.
So, now they are pulling the 20-20 hindsight ploy.

Fauci was asked a hypothetical.
If he’d been a savvy politician, he’d have known better than to touch it with a ten foot pole.

@DrJohn: Honesty may not be the question immunity from being misinformed where Trump gets nailed as a liar.
Relying on models that havent been proven to be correct yet, but drive decisions on how tyrannical the State governments can become, now models show a rebound should they take their boot off our necks.
How long will it be before we can get medical care outside of 1 virus, how many will die of underlying conditions let get out of control?

@Nan G:

Fauci was asked a hypothetical.
If he’d been a savvy politician, he’d have known better than to touch it with a ten foot pole.

As a liberal, though, he didn’t detect (or care about) the down side of answering a hypothetical that would, undoubtedly (and has) be taken out of the context of the hypothetical and issued as a resounding criticism of Trump’s response.

@Stephen Zegal:

Dr. Fauci is imperfect? That’s inexcusable. He needs to be absolutely perfect.


@Stephen Zegal:

Perfect? No
Honest? Yes

Honesty demanded from the top man in charge of it all? Not at all.

Fauci’s honesty vs competency is perhaps arguable. With Trump, neither are.

A Quinnipiac University survey last week found that 78 percent of Americans approved of Dr. Fauci’s handling of the crisis compared with 46 percent who approved of the president’s response. And as R lawmakers, the WSJ, et al warned last week, Trump’s press conferences were failing spectacularly while more Americans were turning towards Fauci, something clearly disturbing to Trump’s ego (which okay for the sake of argument, it was really Trump who rose from the dead on Easter Sunday to save us sinners but Trump’s ego is a weakness).

Now that Fauci’s loose lips on CNN (which remember, Trump is still the man in charge and simply doesn’t just “work here”) exposes the slow response was deadly, we have the entire right wing propaganda machine going in full blown damage control and working to build a case to point blame at Fauci while somehow exonerating the incompetence and dishonesty of the man in charge.

Trump kills people and the followers defend and blame others. Nothing new here.

An interesting opinion piece.
What Trump doesn’t get: Americans want to hear hard truths.

Democrats (which includes the media, of course) are absolutely DYING for Trump to fire Dr. Fauci.

Forget, I guess, that we have a major crisis on our hands; Democrats don’t want to do anything to help, just play stupid political games. Thank GOD they aren’t running the country right now.

Of course, AJ/Ward presents the Washington Compost, as radically left wing as the NY Slimes, as proof of Trump’s failures.

With a candidate that is quite obviously senile, or at least in the early stages of dementia, and whose family has profited mightily from his past offices, those like AJ/Ward, and the radical left wing press, have to try to destroy Trump for their candidate to stand even a ghost of a chance.

@retire05: @retire05:

Of course, AJ/Ward presents the Washington Compost, as radically left wing as the NY Slimes, as proof of Trump’s failures.

@Ronald J. Ward:

An interesting opinion piece (from Washington Post).

You no longer even try to make sense.

@Ronald J. Ward:

FYI, you have nothing of value to add to any discussion. Your Trump Derangement Syndrome has made you nothing more than a purveyor of hate, and just another angry “person of color.”


Yet for some reason, you seem to have a need to respond to my “nothing of value” and once your rebuttal has been exposed as false, always come back with something like, “you have nothing of value to add to the discussion”.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Wouldn’t you be happier over at HuffingtonPost where you can be surrounded by like minded Trump haters?

Are you just too stupid to understand that no one here gives a tinker’s damn about your hatred for Trump and conservatives?

@retire05: Probably be happier at a bath house or roadside rest stop.

@DrJohn: Exactly. Honest!

Well, today’s White House Coronavirus task force briefing started with a mea culpa by Dr Fauci!
He apologized quite profusely for even taking a hypothetical question.
As a result he probably will never make that mistake again.

@Nan G: I wonder if he resented getting used by his beloved liberal media?

@Ronald J. Ward: Shut up, moron. No one cares what you’re babbling about. Get bent.

I guess ABC is afraid CNN will get all the liberal accolades for lying and wants to make sure they are in the competition.

Remember when so many liberals would get mad when they accused video of being edited? I guess they’re over that now.

@Deplorable Me: You don’t have a problem with him lying? That’s just dandy with you huh?

@Bill in ILL: With who lying?

@Deplorable Me: Dr. Fauci

@Bill in ILL: What was his lie?

@Deplorable Me: What wasn’t? First, he said, along with the idiot Pelosi and the drooling moron AOC, that it was nothing to worry about, it didn’t affect the US and to carry on. Then he said it was bad, bad! Need to go on lockdown. Then he went on CNN and claimed Trump ignored his advice, if Trump had only listened to him back in January, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Not to mention he is a lifelong bureaucrat and a deep state chump.

@Bill in ILL: I guess you would have to put all that in the context of what was the data at the time. When the WHO (China’s mouthpiece that we pay for… or did) says it is impossible to transmit from human to human, then it would stand to reason that the risk is low. No, he didn’t say Trump ignored his advice; he said, hypothetically, that of course, in hindsight, different things could have been done that might have had better results… like not taking the advice of the WHO. He actually said, specifically, that whenever they have presented Trump with a plan of action, he has listened to them and taken it.

No one has performed perfectly and the Democrats trying to undercut everything that is being done definitely doesn’t help.

@Deplorable Me:

I am impressed by how reasonably you have grasped the temporal relativity of this question. “Time” is everything, and time does not stand still.

In the first weeks and month of the COVID-19 outbreak, it was just that – an “outbreak.” Not yet an epidemic much less a pandemic, and neither Trump NOR Fauci NOR anyone else who mattered had enough evidence to distrust what China was reporting about it, much less any reason to see it as an immediate threat to American citizens. Fauci even qualified his characterization as “we don’t see this as a threat…NOW.” Neither did Trump. Neither man was lying. Fauci MAY have arrived at the correct epiphany hours before Trump did… days at the most… but it was HIS job to keep an eagle-eye on that, not Trump’s.

A good measure of an honest man is his willingness and comfort level at admitting that he isn’t perfect and that he DOES make mistakes. Over the years, I have heard Fauci freely admit his flaws many times, and I know that he works tirelessly to do the best he can, which in the context of his many decades of service to our country is unequalled among his peers. On the other hand, Trump is a politician thinking about reelection, and he KNOWS that admitting mistakes is deadly to political ambition, so he is perhaps a bit more reluctant to admit imperfection which, from that perspective, is forgivable. All the same, we see his mistakes, remember his misstatements, and occasionally cringe at his personality flaws, and those too may be forgiven, because we know that Trump has one eye on the history he is writing today and knows that historians will judge him fairly. He KNOWS that if he screws up royally, that will be his legacy. So he is doing the best he can.

@George Wells: Even if Trump makes a mistake, we do not, sadly, have a media or Democrat party that can appreciate an honest error based on faulty information. I have seen this morning people blaming Trump because financial institutions are taking part or all of the stimulus checks of people who are in arrears on accounts. A lie is propagated that Trump is holding up checks because he wants his signature on them. If any of you want to see Trump be more humble, you are your own worst enemies. We have seen, however, how easily they can totally forgive (and expect everyone else to forgive grievous Democrat errors). Unfortunately, we do not have an opposition that can appreciate honesty and openness, particularly since they can’t practice it themselves.

Trump is doing a FINE job.

@Deplorable Me:

Even if Trump makes a mistake…

Even if…????

I have bent over backwards forgiving both sides equally, and the best you can muster falls short of “When…”?

I’M talking to you, NOT the Democratic Party, NOT the media. I SAID I appreciate honest errors in so many words, so why throw the media and the Democratic Party back in MY face?

I WILL question how you equate Trump’s order to put his name on the stimulus checks with humility. Putting those two on the same page, much less in consecutive sentences, suggests you might not be an impartial judge of character. A man who announces to the world that his power is absolute, and that he could get away with shooting someone on Fifth Avenue, and who brags about grabbing women’s pussies is neither modest nor humble nor discrete.

@George Wells:

I WILL question how you equate Trump’s order to put his name on the stimulus checks with humility.

He put a message from the President of the United States to the citizen. There is nothing wrong with that. Was it wrong for Obama to put up billboards, at taxpayer expense, bragging about one of his “shovel ready” jobs actually existing?

If you are trying to suggest to anyone that you maintain some level of honest objectivity about the performance of “Orange Daddy”, let me save you some effort; you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell making anyone believe it.

This very site has provided chronology after chronology of the rollout of Trump’s response. It’s been as good as could be expected, considering the Chinese and WHO lied about very critical aspects of the virus.

@Deplorable Me:

Was it wrong for Obama to put up billboards, at taxpayer expense, bragging about one of his “shovel ready” jobs actually existing?

Yes, and two wrongs don’t make a right. You just put Trump and Obama in the same trash can, and on the two actions in question, that’s where they both belong. Thanks for reminding me.

This very site has provided chronology after chronology of the rollout of Trump’s response. It’s been as good as could be expected, considering the Chinese and WHO lied about very critical aspects of the virus.

I agree with you.

And regarding that, I tell you like it is. I was sorely disappointed by many let-downs that I suffered at Obama’s hand, AND I SAID SO. I am also disappointed by much that Trump does. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t vote for Obama, and it doesn’t mean that I won’t vote for Trump. I GOT gay marriage on Obama’s watch, and I’ve made more money on Trump’s than I could have dreamed of. THAT DOESN’T MEAN THAT I LICK THE GROUND THAT EITHER OF THEM WALK ON! JESUS WEPT!

@George Wells: Explain what is wrong to print a message from the President, at no additional cost, on the checks? Afraid someone might feel gratitude? I don’t remember you complaining about Pelosi torpedoing the bipartisan deal in order to try and take the process over, dump a bunch of worthless and meaningless pork into it (just so she can say she did) and then go publicly take credit for the entire bill?

I don’t care what you lick; there’s nothing wrong with how this epidemic has been handled by Trump. He (his team) did a great job in light of the FACT that substantial and critical lies were told by China and WHO.

@Deplorable Me:

I THOUGHT we were talking about humility, modesty and discretion. Obama and trump were the opposing-team subjects in that discussion. When did Pelosi get included in that conversation? You might take note that I have refrained from disparaging any Republican politicians OTHER than Trump, as one Orange-Daddy is enough. If it makes you all tingly, we can add every other Democratic politician that you’d like to crap on, but I can’t see that there is any value in that. If you THINK that all Democrats are crap, I’m not going to waste my time arguing the point.
Is there something you’d like to talk about?

@George Wells: Oh, you think Obama was humble? Really?

Pelosi entered to make the point that your values are pliable and you readily jettison them to excuse bad behavior of your “leaders”. For instance, assigning “humility” to they guy who claimed he was going to stop the oceans from rising and the earth from warming (not such a bold claim since it wasn’t happening anyway).

We don’t have to discuss what remorseless garbage Democrats are. It’s not really debatable.

@Deplorable Me:

Oh, you think Obama was humble? Really?

You didn’t read what I wrote.
I put Obama and trump in the same garbage can regarding humility. THEY’RE BOTH THE FREAKIN’ SAME!
And no, neither of them is humble. That was the point. You are making up an argument that doesn’t exist.

I’ve asked you to stop throwing your Pelosi and garbage Democrat SH-T in my face, yet you keep making that same old mistake. All along I’ve been trying to help make Trump better because we can’t get to Making America Great Again without first making Trump better. But you can’t imagine a better World than what we already have. You are stuck in a rut attacking me, as if I make any difference. I don’t. You don’t need me to complain about Pelosi – you can do that by yourself.

@George Wells:

Obama and trump were the opposing-team subjects in that discussion.

I understood that to imply that, humility wise, Trump and Obama were on opposing teams.

Trump is humble enough. He gives credit where credit is due. He also heaps praise on someone that has agreed to work with him, no matter what his position earlier. I find it odd some have so much trouble figuring him out; he will treat YOU as you treat HIM. But, who ever accused Democrats of being smart?

Trump has done a pretty great job without your personality remake. His success has been based on the fact he is not a cookie-cutter politician painted red or blue. He is Trump, he is one of a kind and, truly, no matter what party takes his place, he will be a hard act to follow.

How can anyone believe any so called doc who will lie to you? I don’t !!!

July 11, 2020 – Trump Wears Mask Publicly For First Time During Walter Reed Hospital Visit

Now I understand why he doesn’t want to be seen wearing a mask.

@Greg: It’s not the first time; he just doesn’t make a photo op of wearing a damned mask.

@DrJohn: his comments regarding herd immunity are very dishonest. He knows better. Also to claim to Ron Paul that leading health experts do not share his views and the evidence does not support his views either is bizarre. Especially since Fauci just 2 weeks prior participated in a telephone conference where both himself and Anders Tegnell spoke. Tegnell spoke in great length on herd immunity having a much lower threshold than previously believed, and how the evidence supporting masks is incredibly weak. He also stated that he was very happy with his countries strategy of no lockdowns and that the pandemic was effectively over in Sweden. For Fauci to claim that Ron Paul is spreading misinformation when Ron Paul is echoing the sentiments of the one health expert who has successfully beaten Covid without lockdowns or mask mandates. If that’s not dishonest of Fauci then he is super forgetful.