Joe Scarborough is a world class lying scumbag



Crises bring out the best and the worst in people. We’ve seen a great number of good and kind things done during this current crisis and we’re seeing some of the worst, and most of the worst are coming directly from the liberal media.

This morning,  Joe Scarborough (@joenbc) uncorked one of the yugest lies I’ve seen in a long time.

“Everybody saw this coming in early January”

They did, did they? Let’s have a look, courtesy of Tom Elliott. The first mention of the virus on MSNBC  was on Jan. 24 and it was “don’t worry about Corona”

Joe himself didn’t mention it until Feb. 7

What was he worrying about in January?

Joe Scarborough Asks GOP ‘What Job Is Worth Selling Your Political Soul For?’, Gets Inconvenient Responses

MSNBC’s Morning Joe shreds Lindsey Graham’s ‘shameful’ defense of Trump’s Iran briefing

and this from late January

MSNBC’s Morning Joe uncorks hilarious rant against ‘confederacy of dunces’ defending Trump from impeachment

There are more, but Corona ain’t one of them.

But hey, let’s see who else saw this coming (H/T Tucker Carlson)

Nope. None of them.

And this beauty courtesy of Dan Bongino


None of them either.

Anyone telling you they saw this coming in January is a flamer.

As for Scarborough, he is a lying dirtbag cheap shot artist. It would be nice to show you all of his tweets from January and February but he deleted them all prior to Feb. 27. His constant sniping at Trump is bad enough but this stupid, dimwitted easily disproven BS is appalling.

Scarborough’s willingness to traffic in egregious mendacity makes him entirely unsuited for any kind of mass media. He should be taken off the air, but hey, it’s MSNBC. Their retention of him drags them deeper into the media despair abyss.


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The left (politicians and media) have had but one goal since this crisis erupted and that has been to whip up fear and create panic. They’ve contributed nothing else. I can’t see how any of them an accuse Trump of “downplaying”, not acting quickly, ignoring warnings or not doing enough now when NO ONE ANYWHERE has done anything better (many much worse) and anything the Democrats recommend different from what Trump is doing would make the situation infinitely worse.

In addition, everything Trump does that mitigates this crisis Democrats oppose. If you REALLY want to induce fear and panic, imagine Biden in charge of this crisis. Or even Obama, who would be vigorously blaming it on Bush from the golf course in Hawaii. Hillary would be doling out ventilators and PPE based on the highest contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

I can’t imagine a better person to lead us out of this crisis than Trump and the bigger the left builds it up, the bigger accomplishment beating it will look. So, keep it up, assholes.

All the name Scarborough makes me think of is that song Scarborugh Fair

@Deplorable Me:

Watching MSNBC is like bobbing for apples in a cesspool.

@bobdog: Any network that gives Sharpton or Maddow a platform is nothing but a bad joke.

Yes its true here is Joe at a press conference in early January.
He then asked his doctor for malaria medication.

Joe Scaborough needs a Plexotomy so when he sticks his head up his ASS he can see where he’s going!

Somebody at MSNBC must have a audio/video of the death of the girl in Joe’s Florida congressional office.
Something sick crawled up into joe and died.

MSNBC and CNN are dying infotainment companies. We just help them die by ignoring them as much as we can.


fecal material always rises to the top in a crisis. wonder how long he had been banging his co-host before they went public? the worse part is that idiots and useless decocraps watch his every day.

@bobdog: I don’t know, I’ve never bobbed for apples in a cesspool, so I’d have to compare it to something else. But I do know a lying piece of shit when I hear it and he fits that very well

@MOS #8541: Ain’t she pitiful? She sits there like a dumbass, which she is. I don’t think she knows which end is up

@Commander: crawled up his butt…..that was his head.

joe has shit for brains. Aesop wrote around 550 BCE a line from his work Aesop’s Fables that seems to apply to him: “I don’t think it’s much use your looking for the brains: a creature who twice walked into a lion’s den can’t have got any.” application is so true in the case demented joe. ever wonder if he is joe biden’s love child?

@Nathan Blue: you couldn’t have said it any better my friend

joe is a communist like the sick MADCow