Bolton leak designed to boost book and blunt GOP testimony




You will never convince me otherwise.

Last night the NY Times disclosed an alleged draft of John Bolton’s new book.

WASHINGTON — President Trump told his national security adviser in August that he wanted to continue freezing $391 million in security assistance to Ukraine until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats including the Bidens, according to an unpublished manuscript by the former adviser, John R. Bolton.

A couple of things. First, this is an interpretation of what was allegedly written. Second, it says “until officials there helped with investigations into Democrats.”  That’s rather murky.

Then there’s this:

But Mr. Bolton and Mr. Trump soured on each other over several global crises

That’s called motive. But here’s the critical portion:

In his August 2019 discussion with Mr. Bolton, the president appeared focused on the theories Mr. Giuliani had shared with him, replying to Mr. Bolton’s question that he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton in Ukraine.

“until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton”

If this quote is correct, than the above refers to what Ukraine already had (i.e. regarding the 2016 election) and is not asking for dirt on the 2020 election. The media is not reporting this accurately. Not. at. all.

But with all the news from the Senate trial, the headlines everywhere were



Fox News (Chris Wallace was having an orgasm)


It was the shiny object. It was the distraction dems so needed. It also was timed to make sure Bolton’s book got as much publicity as Earthly possible.

Bolton denies that he did conspired with the NY Times

John Bolton denied Monday that he, his publisher or his literary agent coordinated with the New York Times on a bombshell report that his forthcoming book says that President Trump explicitly told him that a freeze on military aid to Ukraine was tied to an investigation of his political opponents.

Note how it’s phrased. Again, murky.

Bolton’s transcript was given to the National Security Council for clearance.  Bolton’s lawyer denied giving the manuscript to anyone outside the NSC, contrary to NY Times reporting.

As a spurned lover, Bolton just might be fibbing here.

Then again, who at the NSC was in charge of clearing such manuscripts?

Yevgeny Vindman, the brother of Alexander Vindman. Given the animus of both toward Trump, it’s no giant leap to buy into the twin being the leaker. The NSC (Ciraramella) has a history of being a knife in Trump’s back. It appears very likely this was all orchestrated to blunt the impact of the devastation visited upon democrats today.

Schiff subpoenaed Bolton. Bolton balked and Schiff withdrew his subpoena. Now you know why. Bolton wanted you to buy the book first and me made sure it was going to get exposure and Schiff didn’t want the impeachment to drag out for months. I want to know for sure what the actual text is. It makes a very large difference. The book might not sell as well once people actually learn what it says, especially if the Times report is accurate.

For the record, the aid frozen did NOT include the lethal aid– Javelin anti-tank missiles.

So where in the world is John Bolton now? Looks like he’s in Qatar

Guy’s gotta make a living. No one here would trust him again.

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@retire05: For the record—-The Senate impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson in 1868 included live witness testimony and Clinton’s trial in 1999 included video recorded depositions shown to senators, the trial’s jurors,
You’re welcome.

Kitt — Senators impeached?–read 05’s comment in #45
Talking heads–you seem to favor your own.
Do you prefer the commercials over the game–easier to understand for you perhaps?

@Richard Wheeler: All gathered deposed prior to the senate trial, thankyou. No new unheard witnesses ever, 05s comment had nothing to do with senators being impeached.


Wheeler’s getting testy again as he continues to avoid answering my questions.

But then we know what a misogynist he is and that has to be stressfull.

Maybe he doesn’t realize Senators can be impeached.

@retire05: The Senate decided in 1797 that Senators can not be impeached—only the Prez, Veep and all Civil Officers of the U.S. may be impeached–agreed?

Kitt—Read slowly 2nd paragraph #45

Testy? lol

@Richard Wheeler:

Well, well, well Wheeler. It seems your party leaders just brought in Barney Frank to head the DNC rules committee. Barney immediately brought on board John Podesta. Together they will now change the rules so they can give Bloomberg debate privileges. Nothing like repeating the system that screwed Bernie Sanders last time, right? (It takes crooks to run a crooked process)

And poor old Uncle Joe? Well, he’s going to be fed to the wolves now that his usefulness as “Trump’s opponent” is used up.

So rumors say.

You must be so proud.

@retire05: Testy? just the same ol lunkhead bigoted coastal progressive as always.

@kitt: Thank you very much–you are much friendlier than nasty05—enjoy the commercials—any questions about the game I’ll be available at halftime-
Do we all agree Senators can’t be impeached—not so hard

O5—Talk about changing the subject (from impeachment)–You’re becoming a master at it.
Barney Frank ?? lol—

Where is Red Team?

@retire05: I wonder if there is some plausible reason why they didn’t decide to change the rules until all the blacks and Hispanics were flushed out?

@Richard Wheeler:

“nasty 05”?

Hell, Wheeler, no one can out nasty you. You wrote the book on nasty.

Yeah, Barney Frank. And let’s not forget Perez putting Alex Padilla in a tony committee slot. MoveOn is going nuts over the appointments demanding Perez resign.

Thought you were on top of all things political. Guess not as much as you pretend.

@retire05:Know em all but what do those folks have to do with the subject at hand and whether Senators can be impeached?
You.the self proclaimed Congressional expert—got that wrong.

Kitt You ladies are the perfect disciples of our insulter in chief. Actually Retold5 could certainly teach Trump a few new tricks when it comes to insulting people.

@Richard Wheeler: The chaos and incompetence rife in the Democrat party is why they have to invent an impeachment hoax to try and damage Trump enough so one of their nincompoops can have a chance to defeat him. They made a decision early on to try and destroy Trump instead of offering better ideas.

@Richard Wheeler:

You accusing me of changing the subject is laughable, Wheeler. You’re the king of changing the subject.

You really should stop projecting. You’re way too obvious.

@retire05: Rich keeps trying to dog paddle to the middle while echoing the leftist rhetoric, Greg is openly fascist, the other guy Ward just a case of 4th stage TDS antifa nonsense of empty threats.

If the Supreme Court doesnt give them the Taxes build an ark for the liberal tears. 40 days and nights of the Russians have taken over the Supreme court.

Good insiders view, podcast concerning this impeachment farce . Called Verdict with Ted Cruz . Episode 10 will perk up your ears.


Episode 10; excellent.

@retire05: Oh I am glad you enjoyed it.

@kitt: NICE PICK—-who ya got in Iowa?

@Richard Wheeler: Mr Peanut reborn!
They are all losers in Iowa.

@kitt: Think Bernie wins Iowa—-Tulsi working hard in N.H—Think she can pull 6% there to stay in as conscience of Party

Bloomberg counting on Super Tues—-3 way race with Biden and Bernie—my pick is Bloomberg to win and beat Trump in battle of insult tested New Yorkers—UGLY
Klobachar Veep

@Richard Wheeler: Heard Kerry is thinking of a late start, he must be afraid of charges too.

@kitt: He says he knows what it takes to win the Presidency. No, he knows what it takes to come in 2nd.