Well What do you Know – Hillary Was Right!


You may or may not have caught Hillary’s latest efforts to prove that one of the presidential candidates from the 2016 election is mentally unfit for office and would need to be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. Luckily for America, it turned out to be the candidate who lost! After making the mistake of amplifying Hillary’s claims that Tulsi Gabbert is a “Russian Asset”, the media learned from its mistake and chose to bury Hillary’s latest bout of dementia from late last week. This time, she proclaimed that:

“I think it’s going to be the same as 2016,” Clinton said. “I’m going to show you in these flashing videos that appear and then disappear and they’re on the dark web and nobody can find them, but you’re going to see them and you’re going to see that person doing these horrible things.”

Yep, now it’s the fault of those dark Interwebs! As easy as it is to join the massive dog pile on Hillary’s mental state, the Conservasphere largely ignored the more interesting point from the interview featuring Hillary’s attack on Tuslsi:

Clinton then flat-out labeled Stein a “Russian asset.”

“And that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian asset,” Clinton said. “Yeah, she’s a Russian asset — I mean, totally. They know they can’t win without a third-party candidate. So I don’t know who it’s going to be, but I will guarantee you they will have a vigorous third-party challenge in the key states that they most needed.”

A bit indirect, but Excellent point! To be clear, I don’t believe that Jill Stein is a supporter of the Russians. But it doesn’t take a jet fuel genius to see why the Russians would support the Greens here in the US:

“Documents that the American social media companies produced for the Committee confirmed that Russian agents were exploiting American social media platforms in an effort to disrupt domestic energy markets, suppress research and development of fossil-fuels, and stymie efforts to expand the use of natural gas,” explains the report, headlined “Russian Attempts to Influence U.S. Domestic Energy Markets by Exploiting Social Media.”

Among other findings, congressional investigators uncovered almost 10,000 social media posts or tweets regarding U.S. energy policy or an energy-related event across three of the largest online platforms. That propaganda came through almost 4,500 separate accounts linked back to the Kremlin, the report found.

Ah, but let’s not just blame those pesky Russian Bots! How about if we follow the money trail:

In July 2014, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee released a report describing how a Bermuda-based company, Klein Ltd., “was set up for the sole purpose of funneling anonymous donations to Sea Change.”

Bermuda law permits Klein Ltd. to conceal foreign sources of funding, the report explains.

“It appears that Klein exists on paper only, as it does not have an internet presence, and was set up for the sole purpose of funneling anonymous donations to Sea Change,” the report says.

Subsequent investigations building on the findings of the Senate committee—including that of the Washington-based Environmental Policy Alliance—established a connection between Wakefield Quin, the law firm that set up Klein, and top Kremlin officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lawyers and others at Wakefield Quin have been associated with Russian energy companies and worked with Leonid Reiman, a former Russian minister of telecommunications and longtime Putin ally, these investigations found.

But hey, don’t trust the rants of some random blogger like me. Let’s hear from who might be the foremost expert on how easy it is for American politicians to be corrupted by Russian money:

We [the State Department and the U.S. government] were up against Russia pushing oligarchs and others to buy media. We were even up against phony environmental groups, and I’m a big environmentalist, but these were funded by the Russians to stand up against any effort, ‘Oh that pipeline, that fracking, that whatever will be a problem for you,’ and a lot of that money supporting that effort was coming from Russia.

And who is this mystery sage who gave this brilliant insight – none other than Hillary Clinton herself, back in October 2016! So for however much insanity may come from the mouth of this retired criminal, let’s give credit to the stopped clock for being right twice a day!

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Hey, these liberals that make accusations of horrific crimes Trump has committed don’t do so frivolously. They try them out themselves first to make sure they look terrible enough before they accuse Trump of doing it.

It still gives me chills to think THAT woman could actually be President right now. Talk about a Halloween horror tale…

Didn’t Hillary quit Twitter to use a disappearing messaging social media type like Snapchat, Telegram, Dontalk, SpeakOn, Wickr, Confide, Hash, or Bleep?
If anyone knows about disappearing messages Hillary is the expert.

What percent of Pres Trump’s 63 million voters/supporters, use such apps?
What percent of them use the dark web?
Even 4chan and 8chan are mysteries to most of us.

But, if you are Hillary, using such sites to secretly communicate then disappear those notes, you “project” that others are doing the same.

Hillary is starting to earn her image of a crazy lady.
It will not be a successful defense should the hammer ever fall on her for any of her crimes.

@Nan G: Maybe she plans on using insanity as a defense.

@Brother Bob: I believe none other than Barack Obama told us she was the most capable person to ever run for President. Was he doing a “parody”?

It’s Halloween scary, but there are a dozen or more Dems who are as crazy and corrupt as Hillary running for president, and many more insane Dems in Congress. Sooner or later, they will gain enough power to destroy this country. And you know they will do it by any means necessary.

Trump has done better for this Country and all we get from the Dirty Democrats is IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH frankly its the Democrats who need a nasty surprise

@Brother Bob: I notice that as long as Obama is telling them what they want to hear, they follow him and praise his “class” but when he admonishes them for eating their own with their “woke” and “cancel” cultures, they ignore him lie the ignorable idiot he is. Not a one of them can look at the withered, alcohol soaked sack of bones he called “most capable ” and evaluate his honesty and judgement. They aren’t that smart.

@Brother Bob: Oh, yeah. After accusing her of racism in 2008, she became “most capable” in 2016.

@Brother Bob: We wait for Pajama Boys endorsement. He is still sipping cocoa in moms kitchen jobless.

This wretched old woman is so evil it oozes out of her pores…But do not underestimate the left. They are wicked yes…but unlike the decent hard working Constitutional Americans…they are funded and they are organized.