The CIA spy in White House identified- Updated



Since the day Donald Trump was elected, democrats have been plotting to take down Donald Trump.


Collusion, obstruction and more have all failed. Recently they have made a yuge deal of the so-called “whistle blower” and have bet the farm on it. Little by little information has been dribbling out about the so-called whistle blower and it grows more apparent every day that he was a plant tasked with finding something that could be warped into a tool to overthrow a sitting President.

There were many shenanigans ongoing between Adam Schiff and the WB but sooner or later we were going to find out what was really happening.

We learned quickly that the WB complaint was based on hearsay.

We learned early that the WB had a political bias.

We soon learned that the WB was a male CIA agent tasked to the White House.

Now we learn that he worked for Joe Biden

Democrat presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden had a “professional” tie to the CIA Whistleblower, according to a report from the Washington Examiner, which includes statements from intelligence officers and former White House officials.

After two separate reports from the New York Times, the Washington Examiner has established the whistleblower “is a career CIA analyst who was detailed to the National Security Council at the White House and has since left.”

A now-retired CIA officer told the Washington Examiner, “From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president.”

Not only that, he worked with Biden on the Ukraine

The Washington Examiner noted:

As an experienced CIA official on the NSC with the deep knowledge of Ukraine that he demonstrated in his complaint, it is probable that the whistleblower briefed Biden and likely that he accompanied him on Air Force Two during at least one of the six visits the 2020 candidate made to the country.

A former Trump administration official also spoke with the Washington Examiner and claimed Biden’s work on foreign affairs put him in the whistleblower’s circle either at the CIA or at the White House.

“This person, after working with Biden, may feel defensive towards him because he feels [Biden] is being falsely attacked. Maybe he is even talking to Biden’s staff,” the former Trump administration official stated. “Maybe it is innocent, maybe not.”

This CIA agent wanted the convenience of overthrowing a duly elected President of the Unite States without getting his hands dirty:

WASHINGTON—Lawyers for the CIA officer whose whistleblower complaint helped ignite an impeachment inquiry into President Trump have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person, according to people familiar with the matter.

The request reflects concerns about whether the whistleblower could testify to Democrats and Republicans without revealing his identity, and fears that doing so would lead to it being publicly leaked, jeopardizing his personal safety. The intelligence committees haven’t yet responded to the inquiry about potential written testimony, the people said.

This is laughable. The cloak of anonymity of the WB is now apparently being shredded.



If this is accurate, then Eric can testify about his secondhand hearsay and biases in public. There are many questions to be asked. What we need to know above all is exactly who (brennan) assigned him to the White House to spy on Trump.




Here’s proof that it was a plot from day one

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff recruited two former National Security Council aides who worked alongside the CIA whistleblower at the NSC during the Obama and Trump administrations, the Washington Examiner has learned.

Abigail Grace, who worked at the NSC until 2018, was hired in February, while Sean Misko, an NSC aide until 2017, joined Schiff’s committee staff in August, the same month the whistleblower submitted his complaint.

The whistleblower was an NSC official who worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and who has expertise in Ukraine, the Washington Examiner has reported.

A career CIA analyst with Ukraine expertise, the whistleblower aired his concerns about a phone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to a House Intelligence Committee aide on Schiff’s staff. He had previously informed the CIA’s legal counsel’s office.

Schiff initially denied he knew anything about the complaint before it was filed, stating on Sep. 17: “We have not spoken directly with the whistleblower. We would like to.”

But it later emerged that a member of his staff had spoken to the whistleblower before his complaint was submitted on Aug. 12. The Washington Post concluded that Schiff “clearly made a statement that was false.”

The rest at the Washington Examiner

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The people that support these Democrats are like dogs chasing a ball. The Democrat elite have the ball and the dog anxiously awaits the joy of running and catching the ball. In this case, the Democrats keep doing the fake-throw, and the dog dashes off a few steps in momentary ecstasy only to halt and gaze in confusion in search of the promised ball. They look back and the Master still has it! OH BOY!! Then they fake-throw it again, with identical results. And again. And again. And again. And the dog never gets tired of being fooled because of the promise of the ultimate anticipation of finally getting that ball.

Dumb animals. They are so funny and entertaining.

You know, keeping all witnesses, evidence and testimony totally secret and controlled by only one party is how credibility and confidence is established. Isn’t it?

Trump has them on the Defensive. Being on the Defensive does not win wars or games. Trump is a quarterback. They have no Quarterback.

@Tom C: I’m not sure you can comprehend this, but Trump is the one being attacked. However, the REASON he is attacked is because he IS on the offensive in getting to the bottom of collusiongate, servergate and 2016 interferencegate.

Just putting together all the clues he and his so-called friends had leaked out had to lead to the process of elimination that led to this name.
It still might be some other guy who fits all these clues, tho.
I noticed the link included on to dox him, his address, his phone # even his emails.
That’s just cruel.
If he’s not hiding in some hole like Hunter Biden, perhaps he’s been ID’ed by mistake.
People out-of-the-loop ought to be cautious.

@Deplorable Me: Trump is being attacked but they are the ones on the Defensive. Trump is a Quarterback. Quarterbacks win games. They have no Quarterback in the game. Their whole game is falling apart. This impeachment/Kangaroo Court BS won’t even get to the Senate. It is going to fizzle out.

@Nan G:

I noticed the link included on to dox him, his address, his phone # even his emails.
That’s just cruel.

If it’s a mistake, it’s cruel. If not, it’s playing by Democrat rules.

@Tom C: I misread your post. “Trump HAS them on the defensive”. Sorry, my mistake.

Indeed, they really don’t even HAVE a game plan and getting a leader for something doomed to utter failure is going to be difficult. They are all positioned to take credit for success or distance themselves upon eventual failure.

It won’t fizzle out, though. It may revive under the pretext of a NEW false accusation, but this will continue until the end of Trump’s second term. Possibly through his third.

No problem. Thank you.

I have to agree that attacks against him will continue forever.. He and his family and key allies will be in great danger now and for the rest of their lives. I mean danger. as in “killed”.

Our enemies are pure Evil.

Here’s your lying cult leader.

There was no $1.5 billion, idiots. IT’S A DAMN LIE. TRUMP IS A DAMN LIAR.

@Greg: Oh, yes there was. Naughty, naughty.

The claim that Hunter Biden received $1.5 is ludicrous. Do you really want to believe ludicrous things?

$1.5 billion was the 2014 goal for the Chinese investment pool Rosemont Seneca hoped to raise and manage.

Trump and Giuliani are knowingly repeating a lie. Do you like being played for fools by these two shysters? Apparently most people don’t:

General Election: Trump vs. Biden

@Greg: Maybe we should have an investigation?

@DrJohn: Of course a special prosecutor would have to be a Trump zealot/Biden hater and the staff would all have to be Republican zealots with a history of hating Democrats. That’s the only way to assure a fair outcome. Aren’t those the new rules?

Compare this dirty, self-serving action with what President Trump’s sons do:

March 7th, 2018, the Trump organization donated $151,470 in profits earned from foreign government patronage at its hotels and other businesses in 2017 to the U.S. Treasury, a move not required by law.

@DrJohn: Nice thought but I have a feeling it would lead to an endless slow run investigation that would peter out in a couple of years after people have forgotten the bidens. I am sick to death of endless “investigations” with NO results. I may believe if I see some actual indictments but not until.

@DrJohn: Dr John, Greg is very familiar with ignorant people having great knowledge in complex topics. For example, Greg is an expert on the Constitution, Climate change, mind reading of executive branch minds, and many other things that he writes about here.

Democrats hold “closed” hearings, then leak what they want leaked.

All Democrats are trying to do is build popular support for their impeachment coup. They don’t have any impeachable offenses and they know they WON’T have any, so they want public support to act un-Constitutionally… not too difficult when dealing with liberals.

All this because, you know… Trump is so “guilty”.

@Greg: T

he claim that Hunter Biden received $1.5 is ludicrous. Do you really want to believe ludicrous things?

There is no such claim, thats perhaps what your “news” sources are puking into your brain. Bidens Kid did not personally get 1.5 billion, thats the Chinese portion in the shady firm Biden and Kerrys kids are scamming a paycheck out of.
Thanks for the link, Trump sure knows how to make you and other brainwashed libs dance on his strings.
Still spying on the Prez, dont you fools have any new tricks?

@Deplorable Me: And who’s on the offensive investigating Spygate? Oh yeah. Bill Barr the AG and whoever else he assigned. Can’t wait and Republicans hope for collusion and every other bogus charge to go back to HRC and her people.

Seriously, why does it even matter if the whistleblower complaint was third hand, second hand or first hand?! The whistleblower complaint has been corroborated many times over by first hand witnesses and the White House transcript. The identity of whistleblower is alleged but not confirmed. Labeling Mr. Ciaramella as the whistleblower is extremely reckless and could endanger him and his family. I wish you all well


Seriously, why does it even matter if the whistleblower complaint was third hand, second hand or first hand?

Well, as we have seen, it doesn’t matter to biased, partisan, sore loser, anti-Constitutional crybabies. However, as evidence, what someone heard from someone who heard heard it from someone else isn’t evidence. Neither is any “corroboration” that follows the same pattern. I guess you missed it, but we actually have the transcript of the call and all the “evidence” and “corroboration” is nothing but fantasy.

The only first hand evidence is the transcript and it contains no crimes.

If Ciaramella is this whistle blower, he DESERVES to be in danger. He deserves to be in prison. But not before he testifies, under oath, and is cross examined by Republicans. I hope he and all his co-conspirators suffer the maximum penalty under the law. Justice should be served.

@Deplorable Me: You really need to breathe Deplorable Me. I notice you acknowledge “IF” Mr Ciaramella is the whistleblower. Again, it is irresponsible to make such published allegations that endanger a potentially innocent person. Furthermore, it is irresponsible to advocate harm be perpetrated against the whistleblower. No one deserves to be harmed. How would you feel if you were published as being the whistleblower? The truth, whatever it maybe, will come out in the public hearings. As a retired law enforcement officer and disabled veteran, I wholeheartedly believe in our Constitution and I love God and our country. We are all Americans and all the nastiness over politics is dangerous and insane. May God bless you Deplorable Me.


Again, it is irresponsible to make such published allegations that endanger a potentially innocent person.

Really. That’s an interesting point of view. Is it as irresponsible as accusing the duly elected President of the United States of being a traitor without any evidence AT ALL? Is it as irresponsible as pretending to bring impeachment proceedings against a President when there is NO evidence whatsoever to justify such a motion?

Furthermore, it is irresponsible to advocate harm be perpetrated against the whistleblower.

Again, an odd point of view from someone supporting Democrats. Are the non-existent (other than in the liberal mind) threats against Ciaramella more irresponsible than the open, elaborate, repeated threats against Trump and his family?

Secret Service Says Trump And Donald Trump Jr Threatened With Death Most

Democrats certainly have a very selective outrage when it comes to threats or violence. That’s pretty irresponsible as well.

How would you feel if you were published as being the whistleblower?

Depends. If I was a legitimate whistle blower (not just a purveyor of rumors and opinion) I would stand by my accusations (by the way, I’ve BEEN a whistle blower). If I was falsely accused, I would defend myself. Making drive-by accusations in secret then scurrying off and hiding is cowardly.

As a retired law enforcement officer and disabled veteran, I wholeheartedly believe in our Constitution and I love God and our country.

Thank you for all your service and sacrifice. However, I recommend you reevaluate your support for this illegitmate process. Our Constitution is under assault and it isn’t Trump making the attack; the endless, unprecedented, unrelenting and unwarranted attacks on him and the Office are an attack on the Republic.

I’m afraid Democrats have destroyed civility until they decide to restore it and act like Americans.

@Deplorable Me: crazy is a lefty alright. He does not believe that dems should be punished no matter the crime. The whistle blower is not a whistle blower. He has committed treason and many other crimes against this country. hanging will not be good enough even when he gives up all of those who collaborated with him. If this country is to survive these treasonous acts, those who did them must be punished severely so this does not happen again.

@Randy: Republicans should call Ciaramella as a witness to discuss leaks. If Schitt blocks it, we know who the “whistle blower” is.

Y’all of your rockers and need professional help. Crazycool2 out. Peace

@Crazycool2: There will be no peace in this country while government officials are allowed to commit treason with out consequences.

What!? Trump never gave out info saying Iran was gifted 1.5 billion
Is that what you are referencing?

@Deplorable Me:
Comprehend this: He’s being attacked because they are trying anything to beat him 2020. He’s attacked with as bunch of made up BS. It’s “Russia Collusion and obstruction part 2.” They are further abominating our country. If the Sergeant at Arm’s invaded thier private basement and paraded them handcuffed into a paddy wagon, I would have a party to celebrate. Why are the “educated Elites,” with degrees and experiences pretending it’s ok to make the rules up as you go? Lack of Common Sense