Antifa are Media Supported Domestic Terrorists


Portland is a  city out of control. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is allowing Antifa to take over his town and silence dissenting voices with violence that is sanctioned by Wheeler and the police standing down. This is not the first time this has occurred. In June of 2018, the ICE office in Portland was surrounded by protesters refusing to allow ICE to enforce immigration laws.

Calling themselves anti-fascists, they use the same organizational mobs of white thugs dressed in black to attempt to intimidate any who disagree with them, and damage or steal property. They are no better than the shock troops during Hitler’s regime and will meet the same fate. In any confrontation, the masks must be torn off, and those behind them exposed. They wear masks the same as the KKK did in days gone by because they are cowardly and don’t want anyone to know who they are. It allows them to move freely and do what they want, what they want most in the same trash that anarchists have always wanted. They don’t consider that many people disagree with them, and if there is disagreement, you will be beaten down. That is because Antifa considers those that disagree with them to be a non-person. It doesn’t matter whether you are confronting them or not. If you are walking by you stand just as good a chance of being set upon like a pack of rats by Antifa.

There are large swaths of the education and celebrities that have been  taught that the U.S. is an evil nation. Racist, homophobic, xenophobic. That is why Antifa along with other anarchists are keeping pressure on our government and the citizens themselves to tear down statues, destroy paintings, and do whatever violence they deem necessary to destroy the history and culture of this great country. They are incapable of original thought or action and only parrot what they have learned as theory. They have been convinced that they are the romantic nobility of the revolution who are the only ones who can save us.  It is not the ruin of the present President that they want. What they want is the destruction of culture and the rule of law that our country is built upon.

One of those rules of law is 18 U.S.C. 241 which prohibits any conspiracy to “injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in the exercise of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Another law 42 U.S.C. 1983 states that if two or more persons conspire or go in disguise for the purpose of depriving any person of the equal protections of the law, the party injured my recover damages and any or all the conspirators. Combined with 42 U.S.C. 1986 which creates liability for anyone having knowledge that wrongs have been done or are about to be committed and fail to prevent them is also liable. These rules of law put Mayor Wheeler directly in the sights of a federal RICO lawsuit and fines based on federal law. Wheeler says that he didn’t foresee the violence; it has happened in the past many times. Antifa has blocked roads, attacked pedestrians, and beaten anyone who they feel could disagree with them.

The media are willing accomplices, inferring the Antifa is far right. The Mainstream media continues to inflame the political violence and division that makes Antifa possible.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have found Antifa to be an “anarchist extremist movement” who are “ the primary instigators of violence at public rallies.” DHS formally classified Antifa activities as “Domestic Terrorist Violence” as far back as April 2016.

Antifa has learned organization and tactics while Trump was running for President.  Both Antifa and the MSM blamed right-wing Trump supporters for the violence at his rallies, knowing full well it was the far left anarchists of Antifa that were responsible for the violence. After Charlottesville, CNN’s Don Lemon compared them to freedom fighters while CNN’s Cuomo compared them to the battle of Normandy. Once again the limp-wristed, slack-jawed bobbleheads babble on without any idea of what they are talking about. And politicians are just as bad. On C-Span2 today, Sen. Ben Cardin rattled off the talking points about Charlottesville that have been debunked months ago. But when you are progressive socialist and have nothing but garbage, then garbage is what you put out.

Let’s go back to Portland Mayor Wheeler. If the Mayor does not do the job he was elected to do, there are only two alternatives. Both sides will escalate the violence until the members of Antifa are extinguished. I have found that unless they are in a group and outnumber their target, they will do everything in their power to cause harm. They appear to think that ordinary citizens are with them, allowing whatever they feel is necessary to stifle dissent.

Antifa has a clearly defined agenda that they use to advance the objectives they seek. They must keep the citizens in a state of intense fear and chaos. They have identified the groups of favor by race, ideology, and other esoteric favoritisms. If one of the favored groups suffer a setback, it is always someone else’s fault, usually someone of traditional religious affiliation such as Jews or Christians. If that can’t be made to work, then the overall blame on capitalism always works with those in the media that support Antifa. They will also never admit that they could be wrong but blame everything of the adversary, whether political or not. They don’t care about the small business owners whose lives have been turned upside down, and will scream at any crises that they feel can be used for the cause. They do not understand or allow civil discourse, do not allow government policies to get in their way, and believe that a centralized government, run by them, of course, is the only resolution that they will agree to.

The other alternative is a federal RICO investigation of all involved, including those, like George Soros who finance the violence.  Their tactics are nothing more than intimidation and violent extortion with the sole purpose of shutting down dissent or even engage in constitutionally protected political activity. Perhaps there is not a way to investigate and arrest the perpetrators. After all, the cowardly wear masks to keep from being known.

And it will get worse if nothing is done. Jonathon Soros, the son of George Soros has founded the “Friends of Democracy” which is nothing more than an activist fund to be used to increase civil unrest that will continue to increase until the declaration of martial law. Like in Portland, Antifa looks to own the streets in areas such as Washington, Los Angeles, Baltimore and other progressive socialist urban areas.

But there are ways to identify them. Spray paint is one way. Spray their face and follow them back to the Antifa command. Federal Marshalls should be given more leeway. If attacked by Antifa, don’t continue to back up. Take them on with the full force of the law enforcement protocols you have been given. I was once part of the Provost Marshalls office in the Far East during a riot. The simple response was, as they attacked, we used billy clubs on their shins and knees. As they dropped, we threw them in the truck. It was foolproof. They couldn’t say it wasn’t them with the torn up knees and shins that they caused to occur.

Antifa is nothing more than gullible and highly indoctrinated foot soldiers whose sole purpose is to intimidate those who disagree with the garbage they believe. They have an overblown romantic notion that they are freedom fighters saving our nation when the truth is they are nothing more than domestic terrorists. Between Antifa and the sycophants at CNN, MSNBC, CBS, the New York Times, the Washington Post and others will always attempt to find a way to blame President Trump and his supporters. The media is complicit in the dangers faced by the American families that support our President, and everyone should be charged under RICO and put in jail.

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I’m having a Celebration of Death for the deceased one tonight.

When’s the next attack?

Why won’t OAC and Ilhan Omar condemn this attack on an ICE facility when asked to?

@retire05: Omar won’t even condemn al Qaeda.

The left is desperate. They have lost hope in our democratic system benefiting them. Political violence is the last hope and they embrace it fully. The left criticized Trump because he only denounced the KKK numerous times, not every quarter hour on the quarter hour, yet the left NEVER denounces ANTIFA’s violence. By their own rules, that means they ENDORSE the violence.

Both sides will escalate the violence until the members of Antifa are extinguished.

To quote my Senior Drill Sergeant (a VN combat Vet) in Basic Training, “There is one thing everyone understands regardless of how smart or how dumb they are and that’s brute force.”

Since most of the M.S. Media are leftists and the Communists news Network(CNN)makes up the news then wonders why no one trusts them anymore. Antifa needs to be listed as Domestic Terrorists

Antifa has its origins in Italy and Germany, and like virtually every other narrative inverts reality. The reality is, that only communists are “left” of fascists. In Italy, the battles between Mussolini’s “black shirts” and “ordinary” people (Antifa communists) were a battle for “the left” People supported fascism because they didn’t oppose private ownership, but held businesses to account through labor and employment legislation, and saw improvements to their living standards through that legislation, and universal health care. The communists were losing support.
It was much the same in Germany. The Communists in the Reichstag were popular, but losing members to the NSDAP. The NSDAP’s “brown shirts” are portrayed as thugs and the communist Antifa, with whom they were in street battles are innocent babies. This was the case in Britain, as well, where Mosley’s brown shirts were in street battles with trade union members (and others) who were communists.
Today’s Antifa, wouldn’t know a fascist if one bit them on the arse. They are mindless, indoctrinated globalists who fail to see that globalism is both communism and an extreme form of capitalism/imperialism, where the few have all the wealth and the rest of us will be stripped of not only our right to dissent, but ability to think critically.