Another foiled terror plot. Can you guess which religion?



A 29 year old former Army infantryman:


Federal authorities say they have thwarted a domestic terror plot targeting several locations in the Los Angeles area, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The suspect, described as a U.S. military veteran, was reportedly the target of an online sting operation involving federal and local law enforcement and was arrested by the FBI, according to the Times, citing a law enforcement official.

The Justice Department said the suspect is Mark Steven Domingo of Reseda, Calif. The DOJ said that he received what he believed to be a live bomb from undercover law enforcement.

The man, a convert to Islam, reportedly had several specific targets including one in the Long Beach area, according to the Times. “It sounds like he tried to connect with other like-minded folks online,” a law enforcement source told the Times.


I wonder how the Southern Poverty Law Center wants to classify and tally this up.  Should it be filed under “hate crime”?  “White Christian supremacist domestic terrorism”?

Yet 2/3rds of U.S. terrorism is tied to right wing extremists, huh?


How many terror plots aimed at the U.S. and U.S. interests have been foiled over the past several years after 9/11?  Those should be factored into the equation.

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White supremacist motivated by Trump.

W., you throw around the word “terrorism” with no respect for its true meaning. suggest that you read Hoffman and Martha Crenshaw’s work on terrorism. Van Hip’s work would help you understand to a limited extent what the word engenders.

What religion? Gee… I dunno. Ramadan Rangers? Bacon balkers? Mecca facers? Crescent crazies? Ham haters? Who was it?

“It sounds like he tried to connect with other like-minded folks online,”

He needed to learn Arabic (insert a babbel commercial here) I hear twitter is a nice place to jihad your lil heart out. Just dont be anti liberal anything.

Thank God Muslims are so stupid.

Must be those danged Mennonites again!

Interesting compare & contrast.
When a Muslim from a Muslim family commits a criminal act the family follows the advice from CAIR to not cooperate with FBI.
BUT I just saw how the non-Muslim family reacted when the FBI came calling in this case:
They cooperated fully.
In fact the terrorist’s brother said, “Of course we cooperated! We were as surprised as anyone.”

Domingo will now join the ranks of Hassan and Bergdahl as the type of Vet the left admires the most.