Indian genocide by White Europeans Responsible for Global Warming


What absolute rubbish and nonsense:

European colonizers’ mass killing of Native Americans caused change in climate: study

European colonizers who arrived in the Americas caused death and disease to the point that it sparked what some have called the first major human-induced change in the Earth’s climate, a new study has found.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University College London (UCL), found that the arrival of European settlers killed nearly 56 million indigenous people over the course of roughly 100 years, causing large areas of farmland to go abandoned and reforested.

The study said the new swath of vegetated land, which CNN reported was roughly the size of France at the time, caused a massive decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Levels of carbon in the atmosphere had changed so much that it caused the planet to experience a global chill in 1610 that is now known as the Little Ice Age, researchers said.

“CO2 and climate had been relatively stable until this point,” UCL geography professor Mark Maslin, one of the co-authors behind the study, told CNN on Friday. “So, this is the first major change we see in the Earth’s greenhouse gases.”

Maslin told CNN that he and the team of researchers conducted the study by examining archaeological evidence and historical data and analyzing Antarctic ice, which can trap atmospheric gas and reportedly reveal the quantity of carbon dioxide that was in the atmosphere long ago.

He said a combination of all of the above showed researchers how the reforestation that was brought on by the mass slaughter of indigenous people in the Americas led to the global chill.

“The ice cores showed that there was a larger dip in CO2 [than usual] in 1610, which was caused by the land and not the oceans,” Alexander Koch, the lead author of the study, told CNN.

“For once, we’ve been able to balance all the boxes and realize that the only way the Little Ice Age was so intense is … because of the genocide of millions of people,” Maslin added.

“Genocide” has a specific meaning- the intentional slaughter of a group/race of people.  It was never the policy of the U.S. government to exterminate Native-American tribes.  90% of the Native American population were wiped out by disease (and no, there was no “biological germ warfare” carried out by the British or the U.S. government, via smallpox blankets).

So then what about the Black Plague?  What about the Mongol Invasion(s) and the 40 million slaughtered due to Genghis Khan?  How many were killed by the Persian Empire?  Warfare under Alexander the Great?  What about the 40-62 million by Stalin?  The 45-75 million under Mao?  What effects did that have on “climate change”?

But no, let’s find a way to tie together the issue and politics of climate change with the Howard Zinn/Ward Churchill worldview of America’s white man’s guilt of founding a nation based upon imperialism, genocide, and slavery.

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Just when you think the left could not become any more stupid….

stupid only get stupider, and what about the millions of people the muslin religion murdered under jihad in the conquest of NOrther Africa, all of Europe, the peninsula and Russia. There is a very good book Sword and Scimitar by Raymond Ibrahim, you should read it. addresses the 14 centuries of Islamic butchery. have all of you forgotten that jihad came to this country to kill Americans.
a very vicious predator sleeps at your door every day. the American Congress is jihad.

So, to solve global warming all we have to do is murder 56 million people?

How did they repeat this to determine scientific fact?

@kitt: How about ideologically convenient guess?

@Deplorable Me: Consensus, thats real science
There are communities on the internet that the consensus is the world is flat, the moon is hollow and filled with aliens.

So the Eco-Wackos something happens their toast is burned their bike gets a flat tire so they run into the forests and sit there lotus style arms hanging at t heir side their thumb and index fingers forming little O’s and they meditate to the tree spirts and soona bear comes along and its meal time for the Bruin

If you are any part “Native American”, BE PROUD, you survived, Go north to the land of the DENEE. I’ll meet you brothers and sisters. The truths of the First Peoples has gained in validity given or Mother Earth’s slow and dramatic death. Find out who we are, we are not white , we are not brown, we are not red. We are the color of the rainbow ! Yahatsay

Have these people even studied the lifestyle of the Plains Indians? They weren’t farmers. They were hunters and warriors who moved on when they’d used up what was around. No one left fields to go fallow as they fields were fallow to begin with.
Too much weed and too many fake crying Indian (he was Italian!) ads. Libturds will believe anything.

@Greg: Can you answer this, how does taxation solve climate change? Are you willing to allow those that couldnt get 1 prediction correct not 1 climate model, the go ahead for geo-engineering?
Real engineering, the thumb drive has saved more trees than the Sierra club and Al Gore and all those in private jets gathering to figure out how to steal more money for their hot air combined.
Where are all the scientists grand inventions after billions have been granted to them, where is it?

@Greg: The Titanic did’t stay stuck in the iceberg it struck. Is that meme like your global warming data, altered to make your predetermined result more realistic?

@Deplorable Me: See all the life boats of normal tax payers, nope they are locked below deck as the elite get the resources for their survival.

Black Death killed between 1/6 and 1/3 of world population.

World population increased between 1500 and 1600 AD
Also the Maunder caused little ice age Greenland evacuated in early 1400s

The claims get wilder and wilder. Soon hang nails will be caused by global warming.

I thought reforestation was a good thing. Now it is a bad thing? Could y’all make up your minds? It seems like a mini ice age is moving in upon us and thus a little global warming might be a good thing.

American Indians were either hunters (some tribes) or hunter/gatherers (other tribes.)
Utah has many hunters and gatherers.
People are encouraged to collect wild growing berries, apples, pears, veggies and herbs.
Trust me, as I’ve gone berry gathering, these are NOT “farmlands.”
As Bookdoc pointed out, the land was wild, not cultivated.
Howard Zinn would have loved to see his students coming up with such hogwash as this latest theory.

There were no large numbers of Plains Indians until the introduction of the HORSE by Europeans. That happened about 1503 or so, and with the horse natural breeding cycle of 3 years/4 years, it took maybe 50 years for there to be horses up the ying yang all over North and South America.

About the middle of the 1500s the Indians in Cahokia mounted their horses and rode off to the vast prairies of the American Mid West!

@DrJohn: f There had been a vast plague of unknown nature underway since the early 1400s ~ before Columbus ~ and it worked it’s way North from the tip of South America to New England where it ended in the winter of 1646/7 ~

It killed about 50 million people ~ maybe even more because it also killed Europeans, Asians and Africans who’d managed to come to the Americas in that period.

One hypothesis ~ that works very well ~ is that it was HANTA VIRUS doing the job.

About 1402 a large plague of unknown origin almost exterminated humanity in West Africa.

About 1350 a large plague we call the Black Death wiped out anywhere from 25% to 95% of the human beings in a broad swath across Europe through Central and Southern Asia and Tartary and China ~ this is the period when quarantine was refined and shown to work quite well to halt the spread of PNEUMONIC PLAGUE (the stage of yersinia pestis that is communicable from human to human).

Before that there were other plagues. One in 541/42 is called Justinian’s Plague ~ the emperor of Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire) caught it, survived and it was named after him. Elsewhere it destroyed Western European civilization, much of Southern Europe, much of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, India, SE Asia, China, NE Asia, etc.

20 years ago they estimated the deaths in 10s of millions. Now more thorough analyses yield estimated deaths in the 100s of millions, and may well end up showing over 1 billion deaths.

The reason we don’t know more about this plague is very simple ~ almost everybody died. Two important areas ~ Cornwall and Arabia ~ had large numbers of survivors. As a result the stories about King Arthur and Mohammad are the best known literary works of the time ~ they went on to provide the leadership elite that reset the world….

Large plagues do more damage than the worst human conquerer ever imagined.