Our Future Leaders and Morality


Is there morality in government? It is expected that our politicians be moral and of good character and integrity. But given the power unlawfully and unconstitutionally usurped by our elected officials, can it be said that any member of Congress fits within a recognized set of moral parameters? After all, it is the moral nature of our legislators which must affect the life, dreams, and hopes of not only this generation but the generations to come.

The amount of power which a lazy and cowardly American public has permitted our politicians to take for themselves is staggering. But what else could be expected from citizens who look to government as mother and caregiver? There are many who no longer assume the least bit of responsibility for their own lives. This leads to the rise of an elite dictatorship which, using the best of excuses, such as “it’s for the children,” continues to take away liberty and manipulate our every activity for “the public good.”  How eagerly these power hungry political hacks grasp at even the slightest chance for additional authority.

As a Constitutional Republic, this nation is not to be ruled by a mob.  The demands of society must align with the best for the country. We can no longer allow those who abuse the system, whether citizens or non-citizens, to continue a life of spending other people’s money.

Euphemisms and the words of propaganda influence public perception. Illegal aliens become undocumented citizens. Everything is spun for the purpose of making the outrageous palatable. If necessary, an outright lie becomes the rule of the day. Does anyone not remember the promises made for Obamacare. And yet, even knowing we were lied to, Americans have done nothing to demand correction of the most expensive boondoggle in the nation’s history. Democrat voters I understand; they are lemmings that will go over the cliff still believing the lies of their party, but what of Republicans? American voters provided the GOP both houses of Congress only to find these feckless frauds siding with the most corrupt past president in our nation’s history.

We must no longer be treated like unwashed peasants by politicians interested only in re-election as they sacrifice our liberty on the altar of big government. There is no glorious Utopia at the end of this government’s promises.  The “national Interest” must no longer mean the politician’s interest. It is not necessary that the people of this country become victims, either of the government or of other people.

Deviant behavior is part of a culture leaning towards paganism, outside the normal, healthful behavior of a stable culture. And today, our elected officials are standing in favor of the perverse because, incredibly, it is easier, offering less risk to re-election. Embrace homosexual marriage and you become an open minded, political hero. Declare it the grotesque perversion that it is and you face attack by the media and by members of your own Republican Party. Cowardice is praised, courage abandoned.

The modernism and socialism pervading our schools are based on a future of collectivism. History, culture, authority are all pushed aside. The state-sponsored propaganda with which we are indoctrinated allows only for the worship of government. Those who believe in the culture and morals of the past are told they are old, their opinion doesn’t matter, that the new is what counts. These new thinkers believe history began with them. Like the children in every age, they do not understand that there is nothing new under the sun, that everything has happened before. History does repeat itself. There is no respect for those who know what has failed in the past and understand what will result in a disaster in the future.

There will be anarchy, there will be barbarity as those of the new, collectivist world attempt to impose their will for the “greater good.” And they will find that history does indeed repeat itself just as they discover that they have embraced a system with no there…there. They have tried to build a future on a mountain of sand. And like all tyrants, they will eventually be overthrown, but only after having created misery and destruction throughout the nation.

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@Deplorable Me, #48:

There’s nothing at all incompetent about Hillary Clinton. She just wasn’t up to the incessant lying, muckraking, vicious character assassination, Russian collusion, and criminal campaign finance tactics that Donald Trump relied on.

Trump’s is the most corrupt, scandal-ridden presidential administration in modern American history. He’s not going to drain the swamp, because he’s been elected Mayor of it. He’s a conman, intellectually and morally unfit for any public leadership position. If he’d been a politician from the start, he would have reached his level of incompetence at the lowest elected level, but his money, shameless self-promotion, appeal to base human emotions, and reality television audience manipulation skills allowed him take advantage of a rare moment of opportunity to leap directly to the top. Once there, the propriety of all our nation’s highest traditions and values have been diminished by him. He truly cares about none of them. They’re only buttons to push, exploitable as a means to an end.

None of this is about Clinton or Obama. It’s all about Donald Trump–who he is, and what he has done. Of all potential candidates, republican and democrat both, he was the worst of all possible choices, and a majority of all Americans who voted didn’t even choose him.

Wow, there are 3 whistle blowers who have been testifying about that for the past year. She also paid for the Steel papers. You are such an ass. What flavor was the kool aid?

Trump is the main one serving the Kool-Aid these days. It remains to be seen whether the metaphor most appropriately refers to Jim Jones or Ken Kesey.

It’s the Trump administration and campaign organization that are under criminal investigation, not the Clinton administration. There is no Clinton administration.
Republicans already investigated Hillary Clinton non-stop for several years, coming up empty. Mueller won’t, because there are very strong indications that there’s actually criminal activity to uncover. There are already numerous indictments, guilty verdicts, and guilty pleas, and he’s only just getting to the main event.

@Greg: I think $51 billion was the original bailout and the $11.5 was what the taxpayers took up the butt from GM.


There’s nothing at all incompetent about Hillary Clinton.

Really? She couldn’t even spellcheck a gimmick button she gave the Russians. She and Blumenthal destabilized Libya with disastrous results, one of which was Benghazi. She botched whatever arms running they were trying to do there and left the consulate totally undefended on the anniversary of 9/11, of all dates. How stupid is that? In addition, they had WARNINGS. She clumsily handled her secret, private, unsecured email server, giving the Russians, Chinese and whoever else all her emails (including the 33,000 she didn’t want our government to see). Her lies about that smacked of incompetence as well, depending on her impending victory to allow her the opportunity to wipe all the evidence out like her emails.

She was beyond incompetence. There was no competence about her.

She just wasn’t up to the incessant lying, muckraking, vicious character assassination, Russian collusion, and criminal campaign finance tactics that Donald Trump relied on.

You must have quite the smirk on your face as you wrote that. Seriously? That’s her way of life and the only colluders with Russians was her, the DNC and Obama. NOTHING shows Trump colluded at all. NOTHING.

None of this is about Clinton or Obama. It’s all about Donald Trump

Yet Trump’s hands are clean and the Clinton’ and Obama are in the middle of this sedition up to their dirty necks.

She and Blumenthal destabilized Libya with disastrous results, one of which was Benghazi.

Civil war broke out in Libya over a month before there was any foreign military involvement. When military intervention came, nineteen nations were involved, not just the United States.

Yet Trump’s hands are clean…

Legal affairs of Donald Trump

@Greg: There are emails where Hillary and Blumenthal are rubbing their hands together over the economic opportunities in Libya after the government is destroyed. She’s dirty. The world is fortunate to have Trump instead of Hillary.

@Randy: Still wasting your time. It’s like trying to debate the failures of communism with Raul Castro or trying to reason with a suicide bomber.

@another vet: Ignoring reality and blaming others for what they are doing or did is an old tired tactic that the communist democrat party has not yet learned is to well known,
Macaroon removed the gas tax and the protests still happening, no great outrage from the left that he is tear gassing his citizens. Guess the French must use the kiddies as human shields.